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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sicarios and Military Confront Each Other in Nayarit

The Ministry of Defense issued a press release on Wednesday where they confirmed that there was a confrontation between the military and sicarios in Ixcuintla Santiago, Nayarit.

Officials said a group of unidentified armed men attacked elements of the military at an area known as Heroico Batallón de San Blas, prompting the military to returned fire that resulted in a gunfight.

In the shootout four gunmen were killed, the bodies were taken to the Forensic Medical Service where they have yet to be identified.

At the scene the military managed to secure two million pesos in cash, four long rifles, three handguns, three grenades, 28 magazines, 152,000 rounds of ammunition and two vehicles.


  1. I wounder if someone counts all the ammunition? or if its just a guess...

  2. U have to count it to sell it

  3. I think someone had already counted the ammo in Arizona couple of days before the confrontation in Mexico. They have to count the rounds of ammo before they sell them.

  4. good job Mexico! keep up the good work. keep taking out these dirty rat sicarios. it ain't easy but much props to the mexican military.

  5. The ammo, no doubt, is packed in ammo containers with quantity/amount stamped on the outside. So, it's not that hard to tally an amount. It would be impractical for the ammo to be "loose." Your taking 152,000 rounds! oh so they say..

  6. To Boderland Beat, I want to see more pics on this confrontation...

  7. Wow, who ever shot one of those guys deserves the Congressional Medal of Ugly! (Full Metal Jacket reference for those who don't get it)

  8. Also you count any thing you like with suitable scale (not expensive). You put 10 cartridges on scale and hit 10x button and voila, put rest of cartridges on scale and it tells you amount. Who the fuck would count them by hands. :D


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