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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shootouts, blockades reported throughout Matamoros

Photo via Twitter / @Rz40

by Sergio Chapa
Valley Central
Action 4 News

As Mexico prepares to celebrate its September 16th Independence Day, life in Matamoros has come to a standstill.

Matamoros residents used the social media network Twitter to report gunfire and blockades around noon Thursday.

City officials confirmed a "situation of danger" was happening on the highway to Reynosa.

Residents posted several pictures of buses being used to block streets throughout the city.

The first reports came from the city's westside where blockades reported of Avenida Rigo Tovar and near the Soriana Laguneta.

More reports of blockades came in from downtown and one even took place several blocks away from the American Consulate.

Matamoros city officials had planned to hold festivities to celebrate Mexico's "Diez y Seis de Septiembre" or September 16th Indpendence Day.

The "El Grito de Independencia" or "Shout of Independence" at the Plaza Hidalgo is planned for 11 p.m. tonight.

An Independence Day parade is planned for 9 a.m. Friday.

It's not clear how the shootouts and blockades would affect those events or their attendance.

Photo via Twitter / @Rz40


  1. wow, its getting harder and harder for me to go see my husband. i go into mexico through there, if its gets more dangerous i will have to stop, breaks my heart

  2. Comeven putos Zetas quieren entrar!! Aqui el C.D.G rifa cabrones! Attn: CDG R53 Un 111 pal R1 Coss Diablo X20 Poli I todo el CDG!!!! Casi limpiamos Tam que corran Los contras a otros estados!!

  3. Mexico's independence? Or the DTO's independence from more like it! Not much to celebrate..after all these years Mexico has fallen victim to the DTO's, who roam around unabated and with some areas! I can't see how anybody..these days..would participate in any large public celebration, in areas plagued with drug cartel violence, it's just to risky!

  4. My cousin wnt therefor dental wrk Feb.3 2012... We hve not heard or seen him sence. Still praying for hos return and hopefull:(


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