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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The rising influence of paramilitarism: "Mata Zetas" issue a new communique

The campaign for the hearts and minds of Mexican society by the country’s drug cartels is apparent in the latest communiqué from the “Mata Zetas”, a paramilitary organization also known as the CJNG, Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion, which reportedly operates as part of the Sinaloa cartel.

This is the latest evidence of the rising influence of paramilitary groups, as drug cartels increasingly resemble insurgent armies in response to the militarization of the drug war, and the role of drug cartels in society increasingly resembles that of a parallel state.

And maybe with this video communiqué we are beginning to see an attempt by a criminal organization to legitimize itself into a “movement”.

Is there a rising danger that militarized drug cartels will attempt to influence the outcome of Mexico’s 2012 presidential elections by targeting the civilian population with violence?

Only time will tell, but what does not bode well for Mexico is that what the attack on civilians in Monterrey’s Casino Royale that resulted in 52 deaths and the terrorizing of the people of Veracruz with this past week’s bloodbath or the murder of up to 200 innocent victims pulled from buses in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, tells us is that drug cartels have lost all respect for Mexican society.

In a video staged with spartan yet powerful theatrics the Mata Zetas/CJNG issued a new communiqué to the people of Veracruz, and more than likely a national audience.

An obviously educated and effective orator uses themes of patriotism, nationalism, morality, and respect for families and institutions to explain their role as protectors of the Mexican people.

Translation of the CJNG communique

Good afternoon, on this Saturday, 24th of September at 4:00pm we deliver the following communique.

To the federal, state and municipal authorities and society in general. As it is apparant to all of you the plight of insecurity that the country is experiencing is reflected within the nation's politics, economics, society and military.

In accordance with the above; we, the most vulnerable because of the circumstances of our way of life, want you to understand what is our role in this problem.

As an ethical principle we do not extort, kidnap, rob or oppress or in any other way disturb the national, familial, mental or moral well being.

Motivated by our personal experiences, we the members of this force that is the paramilitary arm of the people and for the people state that our only objective is the Zetas cartel, with all due respect to the armed forces that we understand cannot act outside the law, which we encourge.

We condemn the evil public servants whose support allows this scourge to continue against society, particularly in the communities of the port of Veracruz, Boca del Rio, Cardel, Xalapa, Poza Rica, Tuxpan, Panuco, Cordova, Orizaba, Perote, San Andres Tuxtla, Martinez de la Torre, Minatitlan, Acayucan, Alvarado, Coatzacoalcos and other municipalities in the state of Veracruz.

We do not avoid our responsibilities, but only fighting under equal terms will we succeed in eradicating the Zeta cartel from the roots up. To accomplish this we ask that that the functionaries and authorities who support the Zetas stop doing so.

That the armed forces be confidant that our only objective is to finish off the Zetas and that all of society be confidant that we, the Mata Zetas (Zeta killers), do not extort, do not kidnap, or in any way damage your personal or the national well being.

We respect the federal, state and municipal executive powers in their fight against organized crime, and we understand their position of not negotiating which obligates us to act covertly but always to the benefit of the Mexican nation.

We are anonymous warriors, faceless, but proudly Mexican.

We must not fall into the trap of external enemies that wield maliciousness, discredit and wickedness for truely predatory ends.

Shielded by the respect for God and democracy, we reiterate to the federal and local authorities that our fight is against Los Zetas. And if our actions have offended society, the Mexican nation and the federal authorities, we, as representatives of the force that we are part of, ask your forgiveness.

Our intention was to show the people of Veracruz that this scourge against society is not invincible, and that you stop letting yourselves be extorted

To each his battles and his fears, to us a single heart.

Thank You


  1. I don't know......I pray for you all in Mexico.

  2. is it true that CJNG does not extort or kidnap? a cousin of mine from Jalisco says they don't.

  3. NEED SOME FEEDBACK- I wanted 2 know if Poza Rica, is dealing with all this violence going on? Cuz i have family down there and i want 2 visit them. alias- EL BARBAS

  4. @11:38 Idk the rumor is that some of the 35 people that were killed in Veracruz,some were inocent,and had nothing to do with zetas.

  5. why do they have water bottles

  6. All of them all scumbag...Who do you think we are? Ignorants? You think that by posting a video will make you a hero! Bola de PENDEJOS!
    Matazetas=Los Protectores? No MAMEN!!!!!

  7. I don't believe your analysis of where this death squad group originates for a single moment, Gerardo.

    You say that ....'The campaign for the hearts and minds of Mexican society by the country’s drug cartels is apparent in the latest communiqué from the “Mata Zetas”, a paramilitary organization also known as the CJNG, Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion, which reportedly operates as part of the Sinaloa cartel.'

    The rhetoric of this group suggests that it is rather a semi official death squad adjunct to the Mexican military itself, and not anything having to do with any rival cartel mob.

    'We respect the federal, state and municipal executive powers in their fight against organized crime, and we understand their position of not negotiating which obligates us to act covertly but always to the benefit of the Mexican nation.'

    How in the world does this sound like anything the Sinaloa Cartel people would ever be saying? This pretense of the government's death squad paramilitary assassins that they are merely another cartel group simply is an effort of Calderon's government to hide what they are actually doing. I doubt seriously that this is going to fool any but the most gullible for very long, Gerardo. Those that go along with this line are actually mainly serving the Calderon government and the Mexican military which have not condemned these killings at all. And they won't because they are solidly behind these new death squads and probably covert Mexican military people make up the masked posers for the cameras..

  8. I like the water bottles......nice touch, like they're at a zeta killer convention or something.

  9. water bottles are sooooooo funny. Very dry Mexican humor, I have no doubt.

    They left out the mandatory penicl and paper, plus of course, a bowl of candy. Without a bowl of candy, they just look like they stages this. Where is the flip chart and the projector!!!

    I expect a cleaning lady with a trolly of coffee to be just out of view.

    Very funny. The annual dinner dance of the local serial killer organization. Only on Mexico.

  10. Water bottles for what amigos ? You need to take your mask off in order to take sips of water, or cut around the mouth area.

  11. killing those filthy zeta pigs builds up a thirst.

  12. These guys are clowns. Who cares if they are declaring war on the Zetas? They are still selling drugs, murdering people, and committing crimes for profit. All of them have a place in hell, and all of them deserve death and or imprisonment. What we need are some hard core Mata Cartels.

  13. This is nothing more than a polished version of how La Familia tried to brainwash their state to get support. "We want the public to trust us and tell us where the enemy is so we can sneak attack them. After we are through, we will extort you and make you like it.

  14. That reminded me of the videos that the basque separatist group, ETA, would put out in Spain ( euskadi ta askatasuna)

  15. So these guys are Mexico's version of " Los Pepes"?

  16. I will bet you the CIA is behind this. Psy-ops.

  17. Is this an advertising of a new mineral water brand?


    What they say is nice, but holds no weight. Keep up the work killing zetas though

  19. 2:52 Right on. Same old cartel PR.

    I really cant comprehend how some people even here still buy it. 'Oh yes we are the nice cartel we only trafic and kill bad dudes from the rival cartel, never and innocent! We give back to the society while we are at it too!'

    Even if they somehow manage to eradicate Zetas which wont happen people wont even notice a thing apart from letter Z changing to CJNG in the narcomantas.

  20. Well this is just another flank for the Zeta's to worry about which is good because they gotta go first!

  21. Hahaha, yeah looks like a post game interview!! "yes we will now open it up for questions"...."mr. Mata zeta, after such a productive operation are you guys going to Disneyland to celebrate?".....

  22. This is the end result of years of institutionalized raw naked corruption, no respect for law and order by government official in positions of power and influence, delegitimizes the Mexican governmental system. Only conscience or a bigger sword ( more power ) will hold people from doing evil.

  23. Why is it that the cowards of "Mata Zetas" won't show their faces? They are nothing but pimps. Real patriots don't hide. Real men don't get involved in drug cartels. Real men don't hide their faces. Real men don't hide behind patriotism to murder innocent people.

    To the Mata Zetas pimps: Your day of reckoning is coming, be assured of that.

  24. The Zs are going to let their presence be felt...
    I believe that Zs going to do.some more gruesome shit before the halfway point of some targeting family shit of the CJNG

  25. @ Ardent 12:30 AM,I agree with you. Perhaps these Zeta killers are also allied with a cartel and perhaps they are also allied with certain interests from north of the border, but your analysis that they're tied to the military is spot on. This would also be in keeping with the strategy the CIA has employed in other settings - undercover supporting of paramilitaries who act out of the bounds of all law and ethics. And another favorite tactic of war is to commit atrocities and blame it on the enemy. So in the current situation, it is very difficult to know who is doing what. But this rise in paramilitarism and atrocities - it would be a mistake to pin the blame on narcos alone, and you people who see more US involvement as a solution are incredibly naive.


  27. @ 2:52 qoejyS2wxZQ


  29. @ 9:49 AM...Your right. This ploy is so simple. I don't see the public falling for any of this. They really are far smarter than their government and the cartels give them credit. Juarez does not even pay any attention to the propaganda and in fact , laugh about it in private. That is exampled by most of the city wanting Calderon to leave when he comes to make his showing in the city.

    I agree that thing this has PAN and CIA support. An attempt to boost voter support in some way. A PRI majority and president makes a drastic swing for all the players currently in favor so they are making their good guy platform so they can let the public know that the government is actually behind these good guys that kill those nasty Zetas. The propaganda has always been comical.

  30. Kill the Zetas off and that will reduce Mexico's violence by at least 50%.

  31. If you guys had read the memorandum or attended the pre-meeting, you would know why the water bottles were provided. Killin' is hard work and a killer has to stay well hydrated. You wouldn't expect any of our esteemed colleagues to transition to hell in a state of dehydration. Would you?

  32. Todos ustedes son unos idiotas! Gritan y gritan "levantensel pueblo Mexicano, defiandanse" y ahora cuando un grupo lo hace y en manena organizada los critican! Arm chair quaterbacks

  33. @Ardent I think Gerardo is reflecting the rumors and sentiments in the narco (loosely) world from even a couple of months ago, when the 'coalición' of Sinaloa, Jalisco, Colima, Golfo, & Caballeros began to form. There was alot of recruiting in Culiacan a couple of weeks ago for a new war against the new Juarez cartel. It was supposed to be fought in Navolato, but the Carrillos left to Juarez and presumably forged alliance with Zetas for the Juarez Plaza. The Zetas have in fact, made the pact with Beltran Leyvas to share the pacific routes from Acapulco to Michoacan, which is what is being said is prompting this urgent war against the Zetas. CDS does not want to get surrounded by the Zetas to the east, south and now presumably the west. And, with the Zetas alliance to Juarez, Michoacan, la Resistencia, BLs, & Milenio - it would make sense to send out an all out attack by Chapo and his 'coalition' cartels. The word is these MZs are from all walks even Nacho Coronels old guard and M's militant wing (the ex military ones) pulled from Durango. It's possible the mexican government has developed death squads, even though all parts of the current government consider themselves above that. But what do they expect to gain by a show of brutality and disregard to human dignity - the people's hearts? On the other hand, this is definitely payback for the Zetas. However, it is most likely that CDS Chapo has told the govt to step out of the way, like they have been for a few months. If you recall, the DEA has pacts with Chapo’s CDS, so the Mexican govt looks the other way constantly. In fact, the Mexican govt ACTS on CDS information to capture or kill other cartels. In 2002, it was CDS that gave up the Arellanos up to the authorities and had Ramon Arellano killed in Mazatlan by Mexican police. And again in 2006 via a DEA tip from CDS on el Tigres boat in Intl waters. It was the CDS that gave up el Mochomo (Beltran Leyvas) in 2008. La Barbie gave to the DEA Alfredo Beltran’s in 09. It was the CDS that flooded the streets of Tijuana with Meth, lowering the Tijuana cartel’s ability to recruit and fight, effectively winning the war – which now controls Tijuana. So why wouldn’t the CDS go after the Zetas – their greatest threat yet- in such a show of force and brutality? The real question is, who is on the other front of the war against the Zetas? The Mexican government has had great (and easy) success lately capturing and dismantling communication HQs, command post, 20-50 Zetas at a time. Mexican forces success has come at a time when the Zetas have been killing US agents, threatening embassies, etc. Who is providing them this info? We should recall the US made drone that crashed in Zeta territory, or the fact that the MZs are carrying M203s, US military issued, now given to the Mexican military. So again, who is helping the CDS? Clearly, they have some aid, but government death squads – more likely the aid would be supportive, something the DEA is very good at.

  34. The idea of eradicating of los Z is pretty good and worth trying for. The question arises - which is the character of such forces as los MataZetas?! If they would be the united citizens who are tired of the current situation - it is the reason to be proud of them. But the reality is - they are pinches bolas de mierda que reciben dinero del Chapo

  35. If this group will only operate for the function of killing Zetas, then good for them. However, how many of these hit squads are built for noble reasons and easily corrupted by the power they hold.
    Their holiness will not last, it may begin good, but it will always end bad.

  36. They are the anonymous warriors lol cool!

  37. what's more... what happens when they are done killing Zetas? Will they simply pack up and go away? Doubtful. Once the greed takes over, then you'll have a new cartel, the MataZetas Cartel, killing even more Mexicans. Ridiculous.

  38. Wait what happened to like the 50 CDJNG members that were shown in the other video?haha damm it looks like those were already taken out by zetas haha poor CDJNG your trying to hard stop being hipocrites and just do what you say.Dont say it just do it! Haha well it kinda looks like you guys tried that since the last video but lost alot of people.Not Impressed.

  39. @ sbrvivi

    Excellent comment. This war is gonna really blow up now that these mega alliances have been made, orchestrated by the two biggest power structures mexico has ever seen. The preparations were made for a huge battle for complete domination. Hopefully this will be the climax of this war. But who knows how much longer the people will have to suffer.

    In the end, it can only be The Sinaloa Cartel or los zetas. In the end, I can't imagine both cartels coenciding together peacefully.

    I put my money on El Chapo.

  40. Good job guys , keep up the good work , keep cleanning mexico , I have not visited for a while , because of all this violence , hopefull u guys clean house in the next 10 years so I can go and visit some historical sites , vivan los mata zetas apollo total , for a clean mex

  41. NICE work guys , keep it up make sure u are well hydrated and eat well , and train hard , and u will win for sure ,:)

  42. It is hard to take this seriously with the ski masks and water bottles. Give me a break! Well, it's not like anyone is gonna stop these guys. So, go for it!

  43. The second guy on the left brought the wrong mask. The memo said to bring the mask you use for kidnapping, not the one you use to shake down retirement homes! At least there wasn't a chainsaw beheading.

  44. I'm with the first ... my heart is with the people of Mexico. Prohibition is the problem and Mexico has to stop being our (The USA's) puppet and end this non-sense. And the US needs to legalize. Without those two things happening, there is no end game. None.

  45. @ardent I agree with you, they have to be a right winged Nazi Mexican group, I mean who else can it be ?, oh yea, I bet it's the Mexican Tea Party, oh the shame those evil Tea drinking Mexican people. lol

  46. Hey, maybe Ardent has a good point, lets all tell the Government that these cartels are using Boxes made from wood that comes from Madagascar to ship their drugs in and the Government will kick in their doors and arrest them for selling illegal wood.

  47. @1:59pm
    I think we would've heard of such killings if your theory was correct.

  48. todos los carteles son bola de pendejos y pendejas

  49. Zetas are not alligned with Beltran Leyva anymore, because they started moving into there turf to kidnap so thats why you dont hear sinaloa or golfo mention beltran leyva anymore. They know the Zetas pretend to align them selves to gain access to more kidnapping territory, eventually they take over because they dropped there guard. La familia had no choice because Knights Templar were taking over and needed help but the Zetas will eventually engulf that organization.

  50. The water bottles, combined with no mouth-holes in their ski masks, is a riot!

    And, I agree with @Anonymous that the 2nd dude from the left apparently didn't get the mask-memo, lol.

    All humor aside, the situation with the Zetas reminds me of WWII: Stalin was the devil incarnate until Hitler came along. Suddenly (despite the fact that nothing had changed about Stalin) the evil Soviets qualified as acceptable partners for the West.

    In modern-day Mexico, CDG desired to take ruthlessness to whole new level by forming the Zetas. Once CDG succeeded in this endeavor, Dr. Frankenstein couldn't control the monster he created. In fact, his monster subsequently turned against him. As a result, the very creator of the Zeta-monsters (along with Chapo) are now being billed as the "allies" of the people in their fight against the Zetas.

    As we all know, the West's alliance with Stalin did work in eradicating the Nazis. Of course, we also know that a 40-year "Cold War" with the Soviets ensued.

    So, should the Mexican government/public partner with the likes of CDS, CDG and CJNG against the Zetas? Maybe it's the only realistic option. Was partnering with Stalin worth it? Maybe so, as well. Will Mexico be better off over the next 40 years if CDS/CDG/CJNG succeed in eradicating the Zetas? Who knows...

  51. Mata zetas is a group from the Sinaloa cartel called Gente Nueva, and they dont care to kidnap or extort, they just want access to the largest and most active port in mexico.

  52. It appears this group is more determined than the Mexican government to seek justice for victims of ruthless crimes. They are applying the death penalty saving the Mexican public millions of pesos. Furthermore, dead people doesn't harm or kill the innocent. Perhaps, in their efforts to prevent crimes against law abiding citizens they will tag a few corrupt politicians and police officials along the way. If I lived in Vera Cruz I would welcome them with open arms.

  53. To the dumbass that says areas controlled by cds are safe,
    CDS control most of sonora and sonora is dangerous because of them , CDS extorts just like every cartel , CDS is the #1 producer of meth and heroin , THAT IS JUUNK! It destroys families and lives mora than any other drug


  55. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  56. El Chapo and Mayo Zambada have enough paper and influence to get rid of the Z's and they will because they are stepping into their territory with no regard or respect. True CDS members have no real necessity to extort or kidnap their stonghold has always push weight north due it succesfully. Lower fractions of CDS have extorted and kidnapped and for that they have been punished. Z's on the other hand are a different breed with no regard for innnocents at all.

  57. "As an ethical principle we do not extort, kidnap, rob or oppress or in any other way disturb the national, familial, mental or moral well being."


    You murder and mutilate 40 people, 12 were women and 2 were just CHILDREN and you dump the bodies in public, WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT BEHAVIOR?

    You are nothing but another armed wing of the Sinaloa cartel answering to Chapo Guzman and you are also working for the governor of Veracruz DUARTE! You are as criminal and as violent as any cartel in Mexico and people need to not allow themselves to be fooled by these manipulative words spoken in these videos!

  58. They look like the hamburglar from McD's. LOL whats with the one 2nd to the left, he couldn't find a matching ski mask....looks more like zoro!

  59. 7:03 Thats weird because I thought Zetas and Beltran Leyvas were allies,I have been hearing rumors that areas in Sonora and in Acapulco are being shared by BL and the Sinaloa Cartel.

    Wait so does this mean Zetas an BL are on bad terms? I also read an article about how a convoy of armed men were pulled over in Jalisco and admitted to working for the Beltran Leyvas,they mentioned that their job was to prevent Zetas from entering their territory,but then you hear about how their working together in Nayarit against the Sinaloa Idk this is all confusing.

  60. these guys are probably bought out and days you just dont know (SMH)

  61. Kill all zetas. Ha ha ha

  62. Hey guys, I "accidentally" wandered over here...

    Yes, the water bottles cracked me up too, as did the candy bowl/etc. comment. As for the mouth area being covered, well, maybe that's how they do filtered water in Mexico. Ok ok, sorry...

    A video of the Mata Zetas was mentioned on a meta-humourous/serious show on YT, called Stimulator/Submedia TV, and I was curious to know what it was all about and what they were saying. I'm pretty ignorant about what's going on in Mexico, but maybe I shouldn't be, we are all fellow humans...

    Anyway, while I don't claim to know much, I'll just throw vague bits and pieces out to you and, who knows, maybe some more ideas can come of it...

    Good work here by the way...


    - Michael Ruppert, I think an ex-LPDA narcotics cop, back a few years ago broke a story about his own officers dealing drugs. That might be a story to look into, if only for historical insight into the present.
    - I am also reminded of the Iran-Contra affair.
    - I seem to have heard something about the US leaving a whole lot of weapons for/in Mexico. Maybe drugs too. That makes me think about how another country, like Mexico, might be deliberately sociopolitically destabilized-- such as a setup and then excuse to invade it and "do something".
    - The US supposedly has a Mexican immigration "problem" (and a wall? is it finished being built?)
    - Apparently, and soon, the US will be over half hispanic. This will influence the vote and the country's future. People are power. So perhaps current politicians may be concerned about that.
    - The US is the world's number one arms dealer in the world. Thus, it seems to be in their interest to destabilize it for profit.
    - In 'The Fog of War' documentary (probably watchable somewhere online) an old US president-- Eisenhower I think-- warned of the military industrial complex and its potential to get dangerously out of control.
    - Immigration to the US, when it is over the table is taxable. When it is under the table, it is not. So it is in the interest of gov't to get its people busting their asses over the table.

    FWIW, in the opinion of many thinking folks; tax is theft and nation-states are generally illegitimate structures, and viewed as glorified prisons, and, by way of the police and para/-military, large-scale terrorist organizations.

    One last point. If our species becomes increasingly violent, and kills the more peaceful, I wonder if, over time, what is left are the most violent and if, ultimately we kill off ourselves through them.
    ...Well, we're doing a "good" job with the environment, via the money system, greed, corruption, and so forth.

    My heart to the Mexican and all people who have a right to be truly free and safe.

  63. Im starting to really like this website.Its day two and Im back for more gore..

    Coffee is hot and I ve just poured through the comments above and where do I start..

    Well ,like Ive mentioned in another post "I hope corruption doesnt spread through the MZ ranks"

    A,I read more and more, finding out that the MZ are sponsored by another criminal group ,but there we go with the start of corruption ..its almost as inevitable as the sweet and low in my cup of Joe.

    If the MZ's were formed out of the hearts and minds of the Mexican public and not from another gang , a video like this wouldnt be necessary. You have them ( IN the video ) trying to convince the viewer of their intentions .

    On the surface their intentions sound Righteous, and honest ..

    Mexico is going through a turbulent time and you ARE going to see units like this on the rise ,make no mistake .

    As my coffee steams ,they are procuring M4's with 40mm grenade launchers and semtex. High end military hardware of every sort( as Im sure every single bullet and gun came from the US).

    I hope their hearts/minds and bodies stay pure from the poison they choose to exterminate .

    MZ -stay the course ,hold fast. See your Mexican country returned to the Mexican people and not the criminals who run it at the moment .Your time in the sun will come .

    When your government chooses not to do anything because its easier not to,when the streets are no longer safe like they are now .You will know when the time is right to strike hard and strike deep at this sickness that has taken over your land.

    Have a great day!

    Cheers/ Lex Talionis

  64. Obama-related.

  65. For our ever-lasting friendship, send sincere blessings and warm greetings to my friends whom I miss so much.


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