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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rescued from the PGR, 4 gunmen

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In a unprecedented event, an armed commando siege last night the rear of the sub-delegation in the Attorney General's Office and rescued four men who had been arrested by the army during the morning of Thursday in the division of La Foresta. The alleged gunmen were natives of Culiacan and with them were seized high power weapons,  nearly a thousand rounds, grenades and various war materials.

According to military sources, during the arrest, the suspects were identified with the names of
Jesús Néstor Francisco Evangelista Mata, 22, Victor Arturo Rojas Camacho, 21, Christopher Corrales Lazcano, 24, and Juan Salais Sanchez , 41. 

>Arrests. Official data stated that at 10:30pm on Thursday, elements of the Eighth Infantry Battalion were alerted by an anonymous call that along the avenue of Manuel J. Clouthier and Avenida del Sol in the San Fernando section, were several heavily armed gunmen on board a gray Chevrolet pickup, Captiva, with license plates VLP-4371 from the state of Sinaloa. Before the report, the military forces were near the site conducting routine patrols, as soon as the report came in they rushed to the area previously mentioned.

The suspects, realizing the presence of the military, began to flee on board the pickup, which was reported as stolen on April 8, 2011 in Culiacán. Strategically, the officers managed to close off a few meters ahead, but one of the suspects dropped the vehicle off and fled toward the street of Eucalipto, in the section of La Foresta.

Given this reaction, the soldiers fired several shots into the air, the crook was pursued and attained on Cedros Street, at the height of a vehicle bridge.

> Information. From the natives of  Culiacan were seized three AK-47 rifles, a R-15 rifle with grenade launcher attachment for 40mm, four hand grenades, three grenades for a 40mm grenade launcher attachment, 970 cartridges of different calibers, a disk magazine for AK-47, 13 AK-47 magazines, 10 magazines for R-15, 3 black tactical vests, ski masks and 900 pesos in cash. 

During the operation, the military cordoned off the area where they started the capture. 

Municipal police arrived minutes later to verify the information provided by the control base of C-4, where they reported to have heard detonations caused by firearms. They also mobilized Red Cross paramedics aboard two ambulances, but they were returned, after confirming that there were no
injured people. 

The detainees, weapons, cartridges, and the truck were made available to the Attorney General's Office. Minutes before midnight, they were rescued by a large group of armed men who
submitted a security guard and entered the cells of that corporation.



  1. It's an old article that was being translate, but never finished it, till now.

  2. The first paragraph doesn't really make sense, but way better than anything outside of a food order that I could do in Espanol. Were these bad guys rescued from other bad guys or from the army?

  3. Thanks for posting. The computer translation is cool, kind of like a puzzle. Nice. Its my understanding that in the media there often uses "armed commando" as code for the military. Does this mean one part of the military took the prisoners from another branch?

    The high level drug dealers in the US and Mexico and their governmental tentacles are reaping a terrible havoc.

  4. Its worrisome to find that narcos have M203s and rounds for them. I sure hope that they never get a hold of a MK19. Lord knows, they already have Barrett and M2.50 cals as well as RPGs and LAWs thanks to the corrupt folks in Central America.

  5. Most of the guns comes from US dumb but! LoL and their getting their hands on stingers to.they have the same arms as the us military suckas know how I know cause I'm R53 CDG!!...

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