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Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Cartel in Chihuahua?

It appears that a new drug cartel has emerged in Chihuahua named Carrillo Leyva.

Authorities on Monday discovered three narcobanners on several bridges south of the city of Chihuahua, where criminals were invited to join the new cartel, and at the same time they accused the government of protecting a criminal boss and they questioned the opening of Drive Inn "La Cerve."

The listed narcobanners appeared on the bridges Avenida Pacheco and J.J. Calvo; Avenida Fuentes Mares and Francisco Villa and Avenida 20 de Noviembre and Lombardo Toledano.

One of the messages written on the banners read as follows:
"Why is the government so brazen in protecting Hugo Gutierrez Ensinas while he was in the hospital that was shot and the boss of El Flaco Salgueiro and who you give a reward and why do you insist on opening La Cerve so that the Los Picados Malandros knock out people inside. Atte Hermanos Carrillo Leyva."

The other two banners proposed to members of criminal groups to join the new cartel and at the same time it provides evidence of corruption from local authorities.

The narcobanners were immediately removed by local police and the area was well guarded by law enforcement.

Source: Political Real


  1. El Viceroy's(Juarez Cartel Boss) name is Vicente Carrillo Leyva, so I think it refers to the Carrillo family and not a new cartel.

  2. but what brothers, or is it a postmortem reference to Amado, as far as I've seen Vicente is the only brother. Is this a Juarez Cartel sub group, or just more confusing banners, the anti GN/corruption propaganda speaks to the latter, if it was a new group I'd expect more of an announcement, probably something about stopping extortion and kidnappers.

  3. N--
    Lol, new cartel? Yea right, more like new name and new recruiting effort. Come on guys, I'm pretty sure there is more important stuff to watch...

  4. El Viceroy's name is Vicente Carrillo Fuentes.

    Amados's son name is Vicente Carrillo Leyva AKA El Ingeniero. Maybe he has more brothers.

  5. If Mexico police investigators had an IQ they would post banners claiming to be a "New Cartel" and asking for criminals to join then have a interview process listing what crimes prospective applicants have been a part of and at the end arrest them all... Mexico could do so much more to get rid of the cartels but they have become their own worst enemy and the good people are suffering for that... One they desperately need to implement the death penalty and because they will not do that it shows just how corrupt Mexico really is... If you care about your life stay as far away from Mexico as you can get...

  6. They need to turn around and walk away.. By the way, couldn't this mean that theres a faction between JL and la linea with the Carillos? Who knows, but they are in the losing side..

  7. This is a carrillo leyva faction that remained loyal to the Juarez Cartel,after Vicente Carillo Leyva got locked up.Vicente is Amados son and one of the leaders of the Juarez Cartel.

  8. @ J...When the Senora plaza was heating up last year, Juarez sent heavy back up to the Beltans' there. They are next door neighbors. The Beltrans' had that plaza when they were affiliated with El Chapo. As far as I know, they held on to what they were protecting there. They sent the Sinaloa boys back to El Chapo to say, "Daddy, those boys are too tough." They killed like 50 of them in one shoot out. They reported every vehicle in the area had Juarez plates. Lol, the police were even saying, all the sudden, everybody here is from Juarez. Carrillo has always been tight with the Beltrans. It's the snitch snake they don't like.

    The Z has been active in Chihuahua City. They have posted some anti Chapo stuff and there has been reported a recent alliance with CDJ, Z and Beltrones. We all know this. This is probably more of the same.

    I was in Juarez a couple of times in 2007. A friend very knowledgable about the Juarez Cartel showed me a hospital with police protection for powerful cartel people that were hit but failed to die. There were 20 officers just outside. This is what the banners are pointing out, Federal corruption. That's all. And also, The opening of a drive in, The Cerve. It is probably nothing more than a retail drug outlet but it has Federal protection. CDJ was pointing this out. The Feds support Chapo's people in that area and they want a piece of the money too. That is all this is.

    Chapo cheerleaders, don't take your skirts off yet, CDJ owns Chihuahua and always will. That plaza has cooled down, probably because Chapo's federal protection there is exhausted throughout Mexico. Lol, Z is wearing his ass down, the greedy bastard.

    And about Juarez recruiting, they all do it on a regular basis. The plan to have all the golden mansions centered only in Sinaloa will never fly. The Juarez boys own that plaza. No matter what support El Chapo gets (USA and Mexico), in the end "You can't take Juarez from those boys." The are for real.

  9. If the Juarez Cartel owns the plaza why are they extorting money from local businesses? If they own the plaza why are they helping kidnappers? If they own the plaza why are they letting Aztecas do whatever they want? They dont own anything! Diego was their last hope, and the last one with a normal IQ. Cumbias, Rikin, Pedro Sanchez, and everyone that controlled Chihuahua are no longer in charge. If you think that having a bunch of thugs terrorizing the community is owning the plaza then you are on a big surprise.
    THe plaza is owned by the person that is transporting it shipments across the US, not by who controls the picaderos..
    I understand that it was a dick move by Chapo, but as long as Chapo controls the military, the federales, and MAYBE the president, Juarez Cartel will continue to be a group of low level thugs fighting for small drug sales..

  10. El Chapo owns Chihuahua. CDJ only had a little control on CD. Juarez and Chihuahua city. Saying CDJ owns Chihuahua its like say CAF owns Baja California. You are the only cheerleader here, posting bullshit. No one belive that crap.

  11. 11:24 AM...You are right too. It is what it is. They allow the BA to do what they want so that a very strong enforcement arm gets paid. Look, the CDJ was not a bunch of nice guys when the had the plaza solely. But they certainly will go to any lengths to keep it. Them like many other cartels are in survivor mode until the election. But my point is, they are not giving up the plaza, they have the staying power, and will be there in 2020. El Chapo knows this but Calderon, I don't know.

    Did you see what El Chapo did to the lower valley when Rakin was snitched out. He took over farms, business, homes, and warned all that if they didn't leave the area, they would be killed. Now that is fucked up. That is what you get when an outside cartel takes an area. They have no investment in the locals. The Juarez cartel is bad, they are rough, and run things with an iron fist. But it is the lessor of 2 evils. That is what I know.

    And so many readers are behind El Chapo because they don't truly understand he has provoked 90% of the conflicts through his greed. And so many readers do not understand that these federal interventions are not for the betterment of Mexico but for the financial benefit of an elite circle. The feds in Mexico are really trying to disempower local cartels but also local people. That is why the people of Juarez hate Calderon. They have always been the step children of Mexico and that is why they support their cartel. I stand up for the things I believe best for that area because it is close and nobody in all the rest of Mexico cares about Juarez.

    Anyone with knowledge on the subject, and an IQ above 110 knows that there is no way to win the "War on Drugs" and clean Mexico of its DTOs. I get a little tired of the Chapo Cheerleaders and voice my opinions a little strong at times. I hope he does't come and cut my toe off.

  12. One more point. There are players involved with CDJ with old money that is longer than we can imagine. They will use it to protect what is theirs but if the money can come from criminal activities, so be it. They didn't get it from giving it away. There are 1.4 million people there and no jobs. Recruiting is easy because everyone is hungry and they hole city knows to look the other way and remember, you didn't see a thing. That is the culture of Juarez. Hell, 10,000 troops and the CDS haven't done it yet for the past 5 years. You are not going to sent a band of Sicarios from another state to dislodge them. But this is only my opinion and maybe I am wrong. I am afraid the Z is the same way in their plazas now. Things are going to get interesting before they get better. I wish Amado were still alive because there wouldn't be a Chapo or cartel wars.

  13. @1:18
    I am aware of the Calderon backing, and if it wasnt for his one sided war, none of this would have happened. If you go after all groups, with the backing of one, you will get this. But at the same time, it is time the CDJ to cut their loses and back away. They are only destroying the area by fighting this unwinnable war. Thousand are dying and they are only pissing off the people of Juarez, the CDJ knew about the Juarez Femiscides and they never tried to stop it, they were in it. So to me they are a bad group, I am not siding with Chapo either, but when one of the groups has the backing of the Z. I want that group to go away, this is a group that has killed innocents, have made a business of kidnapping immigrants, and just burned 50 civilians inside a casino. Come on! you think the people of Juarez are going to welcome the Z with open arms?

  14. This isn't a new cartel but gente del cartel de Juarez. Loyal to Carillo-Leyva. Certain areas of Chihuas belong to certain people. Juarez I believe is still up in the air to who might own it outright. That plaza may be a war zone for years unless someone cleary wins it or there is a truce somehow. Which doesn't seem to be in the works anytime soon. But Chihuahua, Chihuahua has gente del Chapo and CDJ scattered around as well still trying to control that area. Parral and la sierra pegado a Durango, El Senor Flaco pretty much has that area on lockdown. The whole war on drugs has been started by greed and not just Chapo is to blame as all the present day Narcos have no regard for anyone's interest but themselves and not limited to them either as the public and goverment have turned a blind eye since the late 80's. The rules have changed in the underworld of Mexican drug trafficking and criminal activities that is for certain. But what was planted years ago in corruption has now exploded into a cavity no one can control.
    Dios nos cuide....

  15. @1:18 PM

    CDJ/LL are the bad guys. They're the ones doing extortions and kidnappings and shootings of birthday parties and clinics.

    They're a smaller cartel past their glory days. Their power comes from the oversized and overpowered enforcement arm La Linea. They're running an enforcement arm sized for a big cartel when they're a small cartel which means they've got a bunch of sicarios with nothing to do.

    CDJ/LL were brutal to the women of Juarez and that didn't stop until Chapo began cleaning the plaza.

    I am no fan of Chapo but with CDS in and CDJ weakened that is good for the normal people. The whole plaza would cool down if CDJ could be eliminated but that won't happen. LL is too strong even with Diego out of it.

  16. No, the people of Juarez would not welcome them. But I don't think CDJ would subject Juarez to that either. I am just saying, they won't walk away and having seen how Chapo treats the people there, I am not sure I want them to. I, just as I suspect you, would love a truce. There is just too many coked up egos involved to get it. You are right about the women, and they were involved in it, and could have stopped it if they cared about the city. I am afraid this one never ends because they will not let it go. You and I could have 20 visits at the coffee shop on this one and probably never totally disagree with the other. It just sucks for the beautiful people trapped in Hell, a place called Juarez. It is nice exchanging thoughts with someone that does not respond with derogatory name calling. Respect sir.

  17. 2:31 so whats all this that la gn is killing innocent people and not paying the growers up in la sierra??

  18. @3:04 PM

    I didn't mean welcome like they want them. I think what all the normal people want is honest police to take control of the plaza whether its in Cd Juarez or in Zeta infested areas. Since that won't happen hoping for Gente Nueva to wipe out LL is the next best option for the people sick of being in the firing line. If all of CDJ were cleaned out then Chapo would be busy sending loads north....not good, but it isn't doing the same damage as when Diego was throwing grenades or liquidating birthday parties. Same in Tijuana how everything cooled down when Teo was taken out of action.

    I think you're right. CDJ won't stop as long as the money is coming in. And between their loads and the rampant extortion the money isn't going to stop. They might not be the big dogs but they will have enough money to keep things hot for a long time.



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