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Friday, September 16, 2011

Mexican cartel linked to Philly drug network

Weapons and 10 kilograms of cocaine were recovered.

 Authorities said Thursday that they have shut down a direct pipeline into the city by one of Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartels with the arrest of five people.

The arrests were the result of five months’ work, which included wiretaps conducted by the Dangerous Drug Offender’s Unit of the city District Attorney’s Office, the Drug Enforcement Administration in Philadelphia and El Paso, Texas, as well as the FBI.

Authorities arrested three people in the Northeast on Sept. 8, including the alleged distributor for the Sinaloa Cartel, which operates in the Mexican provinces of Sinaloa and Juarez. Two more people were arrested in Texas.

“These arrests have struck a serious blow to the Sinaloa Cartel’s efforts to establish a distribution center here in Philadelphia,” said District Attorney Seth Williams. “This group has become notorious for acts of violence and intimidation of law enforcement and civilians in Mexico, so the impact of the success of this operation on the drug trade in Philadelphia is immeasurable.”

Through intercepted conversations, investigators said they learned that street-level dealers in Philadelphia were re-establishing a connection with Sinaloa. The plan, authorities said, was for Sinaloa to become the exclusive distributor of heroin, cocaine and marijuana to the Philadelphia group.

Officials would not release the names of the defendants, citing the ongoing investigation and possible retaliation against the defendants. The three men arrested here will be prosecuted by the DA’s office.
In addition to the arrests, authorities also recovered 10 kilograms of cocaine, several weapons, computers, houses and $7,000 in cash.



  1. 10 kilograms is really gonna stop them from invading their streets with drugs. That's probably 1 of 10 loads they sent that week. Five months of work for just 10 kilograms of drugs and with the help of the top dogs. That's pretty pathetic.

  2. C'mon....they arrested 3 people and they say “These arrests have struck a serious blow to the Sinaloa Cartel’s efforts to establish a distribution center here in Philadelphia,”.

    Who the fuck are they crappin'? I'd be willing to bet my next paycheck that not only are they already established there, but thriving.

  3. I'm pretty sure there is more than one Sinaloa drug network in Philly I'm guessing at least 5 or 10 $7,000 in cash that's couch pocket change to the Sinaloa cartel

  4. Why even post this article. Mexico has states not provinces. Sinaloa is a state. Ciudad Juarez is located in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Simply bad reporting. The Sinaloa Cartel operates in numerous Mexican states and throughout the world. Ciudad Juarez is home the the Juarez Cartel. Common most people that read this blog and other narco blogs know this. Beside they call this a big bust really.

  5. The Philly police force is delusional.. along with the rest of the USA.

  6. Let drugs into philly it is a trashy place anyway

  7. "Anonymous said...

    The Philly police force is delusional.. along with the rest of the USA.
    September 16, 2011 8:46 PM "
    We are not delusional we are just loaded on all that good dope that you all keep bringing us...

  8. Just more nonsense in this phony " war on drugs"...keeps prices irrationaly high for the good old boys and their pawns at the cia

  9. lol at ten kilograms being small time. You guys think so oddly about this whole thing, you aren't going to catch 600 ki shipments inside the US. They are broken down for wholesale, and then retail distribution. Of course ten ki's isn't going to shut the drug trade down, but it's still significant, and worthy of reporting.

  10. By them calling Sinaloa and Juarez provinces it just shows how out of touch those Yankees are with howthings work in MX and as for as the witnesses go they'll be dead while they are out on pretrial. Philly is a metropolitan area you mean to tell me these morons think Sinaloa is barely setting up shop there cmon.

  11. What's a joke is that they report this kind of stories, saying shit like 10 kilograms is a major blow and that their connection was dismantle in philly. They'll say anything to keep the people at ease and at the same time making them self's look like their doing a good job. Thanks for posting this kind of stories, showing what a joke this drug was is here in the USA.

    @2:50 AM
    Significant and worth reporting, really? 5 month's of tax payers money which was probably in the millions for 10 kilograms. They should be embarrassed.

  12. @ 7:26
    Because they are shorthanded and don't have anyone to translate the articles from BDN

  13. We aren't talking about how tax payers money is spent, or Government efficiency, and this isn't a site for those subjects, exclusively. It's funny, you guys just take an obscure angle from these stories and run with it. In the context of drug cartels and drug operations it is significant and worth reporting.

    Try to look beyond the sometimes grandiose phrasing of the media and look at the story. The pettiness and dismissive nature of some posters is pretty ridiculous sometimes. Beyond the ten bricks is a look at how these networks operate in a city, who they work with, prices, how they live, how they relax, how the drugs get to the city, I mean none of this is in this article, but it's probably there if you look deeper.

  14. Thank you J for saying what needs to be said.

    And what does 2:36 know about spending public funds? Nothing he just repeats what he hears at Denny's at 3:00 am. 2:36 should be embarrassed but stupid mf never are.

    I think most people who post comments like these reveal more about themselves than they want to reveal but they are too ignorant to see themselves accurately. Plus, they can hide behind the anonymity of the anonymous internet poster.

    LOL they really believe they have laid some impressive wisdom on us with these incredibly moronic comments that completely miss the point.


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