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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Marines dismantle Los Zeta communications network in Veracruz

The Mexican navy says it has broken up a sophisticated communications network used by the Zetas drugs cartel in the eastern state of Veracruz.

The navy said it seized mobile radio transmitters and encryption equipment that the gang was using to coordinate its criminal activities.

At least 80 suspects have been arrested over the past month.

Founded by former army commandos, the Zetas are considered one of Mexico's most violent cartels.

Last month, the gang was blamed for an arson attack on a casino in the northern city of Monterrey which killed 52 people.

The Mexican navy said the operation against the Zetas in Veracruz was carried out by marine special forces after months of work by naval intelligence officers.

It said the gang had installed secure radio communications systems in at least 10 towns in Veracruz.

Command 'disrupted'

The network was being used to coordinate drug trafficking, kidnap, extortion and murder across much of the state.

The equipment seized included high-powered transmitters, computers, radio scanners, encryption devices and solar power cells.

The immediate result of the operation was the disruption of the Zetas' "chain of command and tactical coordination" in Veracruz, navy spokesman Jose Luis Vergara said.

The Mexican navy has been playing a growing role in the Mexican government's campaign against drugs gangs, and marines have captured or killed several of the most wanted suspected drugs barons.

In recent months Veracruz state has seen an upsurge in violence blamed on a struggle between the Zetas and its rivals, the La Familia and Gulf cartels, for control of drug smuggling routes.

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  1. Good. The mexican military is bad ass. They are relentlessly attacking the cartels. Especially the dirty rat Zetas.

  2. Why does it seem everytime they show pictures of "Los Zetas" they are always like 17 year old punk kids or skinny looking drug addicts? How can they possibly be responsible for all that is attributed to them when they look like a bunch of kids and meth freaks?

  3. Looks like a bunch of Junk Equipment - Wal-Mart or Flea Market stuff , What a bunch of Low life drug addicts

  4. Looks can be deceiving

  5. Thanks for posting, BB. Why does most everything look brand new in the photo? Good timing, I guess.

  6. zetas they will be out of jail in a month, the Mexican marines got nothing but, Junk Equipment.

  7. Mexico lower your flag and then we will send the D Boys in to clean the trash

    we'll get em

  8. September 8, 2011 8:19 PM Thank you for the offer, but we need to see the Afghanistan war over first before we can be confident of your abilities.
    Afghanistan war is an ongoing war and this country has only 28,395,716 people and they make $27.361 billion dollars a year and remember Mexican cartels sell 20 to 45 billion dollars a year.

    About the junk equipment. I did a little looking around on the Internet and I can tell you this equipment is top quality.

  9. This is not junk at all and shows their continued evolution.

    I dont really know what do people expect radio transmitters to look like.

  10. those punk ass kids are the Zeta's IT department. rather then pay them with cash; they get paid with meth or coke and that might be the reason they look the way they do.

  11. the Afghan war is about over ..the tribe members are talking it down on their media outlets ...and they are talking Mexico up......get ready

  12. Come on "L"B how can it be about over when August 2011 had 81 coalition casualties and this month so far 13 coalition casualties and this year has had 429 so far.
    We have to remember
    2001 had 12 casualties,
    2002 70,
    2003 58,
    2004 60,
    2005 131,
    2006 191,
    2007 232,
    2008 295,
    2009 521,
    2010 711,
    2011 429

  13. W'sup Lito?

    Me and buela were just talking about you on the BB forum. I don't think that the cartels could handle us not even El Chapo. How bad are we to send army rangers or navy seals to destroy Bin Laden in Pakistan with no casualties on our side. Don't mess with the U S.!

  14. "L"B & ajulio I can always admire brave men and I will love to see the U.S go to Mexico to fight the cartels with you two up front. Don't send someone else to fight for you.

    How bad are we to send army rangers or navy seals to destroy the enemy with no casualties on our side.

    Iraq 4792 casualties Afghanistan 2710 not bad.

    What about war veteran suicides?

    2006 I think was the lowest 3,198 suicides

    2009 was the highest about 6000

    and heres a little more

    Don't mess with the U S.!

  15. Very good point. Nobody likes to talk about the suicides of war veterans. 6000 is a very big number. Too sad.


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