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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Los Zetas Forging an Alliance with La Resistencia in Jalisco

There is official confirmation and evidence of an alliance being forged by criminal organizations in the state of Jalisco. This information was revealed through an investigation conducted by the office of state attorney general during a recent arrest of several sicarios in Jocotepec.

The arrest of five sicarios, among them a woman, admitted ties to organize crime, and said they belonged to La Resistencia. Through other confessions from sicarios that have also been recently arrested in Jalisco, they have said that the Zetas have formed alliances with La Resistencia or Milenio Cartel and the Zetas are funding these organizations with weapons and training.

There has been an increase of violence in Jalisco related to organized crime, and it mainly comes from a feud between the Milenio Cartel and their rival Jalisco Cartel-New Generation or CJNG. Milenio Cartel has placed numerous narco banners where they have threatened CJNG that they will turn Jalisco in to another Tamaulipas or Guerrero, the two states that have seen a huge increase in violence recently.

This new alliance could escalate into a new wave of violence in the region. The Milenio Cartel had initially forged a strong alliance with La Familia Micoacana, where they formed La Resistencia, formed specifically to stop the Zetas from moving in to the region. It has been rumored for some time that certain factions of what is left of La Familia Michoacana is attempting to survive by uniting with Los Zetas against the Gulf Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel of El Chapo Guzman.

If true, Los Zetas are very ambitious in their attempt to grab territory in Tamaulipas from CDG, Chihuahua from CDS and now Jalisco from LFM or La Resistencia/Milenio Cartel.

The Milenio Cartel, or Cartel de los Valencia, was an organized crime gang originally based in Michoacán, Mexico. The group splintered from the Juárez Cartel in 1999 and it is currently operating as a branch of the powerful La Familia Michoacana, and has relocated to Guadalajara city.

Luis Valencia Valencia took control of the cartel after the arrest of Armando Valencia Cornelio on August 15, 2003. The cartel operates in at least six Mexican states: Michoacán, Colima, Jalisco, Mexico City, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas, where it produces marijuana and heroin. Another relative and close associate is Oscar Nava Valencia.


  1. Mexico needs to do more to stop the flow of guns.

  2. hope gdl doesnt heat up, but it will. I lived there for a year and loved to go to jocotopec and chapala on the weekends, also used to party at that club they shot up a year ago in gdl. This place always used to be an area of truce or tranquility, but dont thinks so for the future. Zetas stir up shit as always, Should just go back to the way things were.]

  3. This is totally true. I live in Guadalajara (born and raised Mexican), and there's been A LOT of killing lately, on the city as on the surrounding areas (None of these crimes EVER appear on TV, hell, i don't see this stuff even on the "Blog del Narco" website. Sadly, i think they're on their way on turning this city into another Tamaulipas. Excuse my english.

  4. Believe it or not zetas have alot of supporters in mexico,not only by criminal organizations.To take them out it will take more then rival cartel Mexican and USA goverments,it takes TIME.Alot of it.Its funny you would think since Sinaloa cartel is the most powerful why cant they beat the second most powerful cartel,Los Zetas? Maybe the first is alittle exagerrated.

  5. Old news. Everyone in Jalisco and Colima has known this for months. I truly doubt the zeta/resistencia/familia would take this state, people have no interest in paying "plaza" and they would most likely get shot and burned up by the citizens. This is the reason CDS and CDJNG operate so freely in this state from north to south, no quotas are charged to any citizens by them. Ordinary people in Mexico don't care about the drug market (most take the if your a dumbass and want to use drugs then thats your business), they just don't want to get killed, robbed, raped, extorted by zetas/familia/resistencia and it sucks when your own government can't find and prosecute those doing harm and other criminal groups are the ones killing zetas, ect. It is what it is.

  6. @ September 22, 2011 5:16 PM Absolutamente its old news. But the new word on the Zetas’ new alliances is aimed to gain the pacific route. BLs have agreed to share Acapulco, that is not a rumor anymore. What isn’t clear is how. I’m assuming this alliance with Michoacan (MilenioValencias) will set up staging from Acapulco to Michoacan, Resistencia /Sonora Leyvas will take ground/air transport (where, who knows?), and the BeltranLeyvas will take to the water into BC– and thus the Zetas coalition will move into the Pacific to BC into TJ by 2012. If that is true, and I believe Chapo is taking it as truth, then expect this all out assault on Zetas to come to it’s climax very soon Side note, Ensendada’s new port is said to be started in 2012 – Chapo’s ‘ghost’ companies are said to have invested heavily in its 10millionUSD asking price – this means shipments from SA can now come directly to port city, close to the US. So Chapo has everything to gain or lose here. I don’t think he is getting much sleep these days. So it seems that Chapo’s gathering of a new coalition (Jalisco, Colima, Caballeros, Guatemala, etc) will be for the purpose of fighting against Zetas. Plus, the BLs will eventually lose Acapulco to the Zetas under this alliance – dumb move.


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