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Monday, September 12, 2011

First Female Zeta Boss Arrested in Nuevo Leon


A woman suspected of being in charge of the Los Zetas drug cartel's operations in San Nicolas de Los Garza, a city in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, was arrested by marines along with another suspect, the Navy Secretariat said.

Veronica Mireya Moreno Carreon, a.k.a La Vero and/or La Flaka, is the first woman linked to the Zetas leadership who has been arrested by authorities, the secretariat said.

Moreno Carreon managed drug sales in San Nicolas de Los Garza, a city in the Monterrey metropolitan area.

She apparently took over from Raul "El Sureño" Garcia Rodriguez, who was arrested by marines last month in Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo Leon, the secretariat said.

Moreno Carreon was arrested in the Colonia Santa Fe Oriente section of San Nicolas de Los Garza, thanks to "intense intelligence and urban operations work," the Navy Secretariat said.

The suspected drug trafficker was armed with a revolver and driving a stolen vehicle at the time of her arrest, the secretariat said.

Moreno Carreon, who was carrying six cell phones, was transporting a powder suspected of being cocaine and marijuana, the secretariat said.

Jose de Jesus Molina, alias Chuy or Mr.Chip, suspected of providing communications equipment to Los Zetas members, was also arrested in the operation.

Monterrey, Mexico's most important industrial city, and its suburbs have been battered by a wave of drug-related violence since March 2010, when three rival cartels reportedly went to war with Los Zetas, considered the country's most violent criminal organization.

Los Zetas has been battling an alliance of the Gulf, Sinaloa and La Familia drug cartels, known as the Nueva Federacion, for control of the Monterrey metropolitan area and smuggling routes into the United States.

The most brutal incident in the turf war occurred on Aug. 25, when suspected Zetas gunmen set fire to Monterrey's Casino Royale, killing at least 52 gamblers and employees trapped inside, most of whom died of smoke inhalation.

Additional information:

La Vero, when arrested, was in possession of 100 individual packs of cocaine, 50 of crack, and two of marijuana as well as a.38 Special revolver.

What is interesting, and has not been reported, is the fact that a San Nicolas de los Garza police officer with the same name was given a Community service award after suffering injuries during a confrontation with kidnappers in April 2009.

An April 2009 photo of the wounded officer shows a remarkable similarity to Veronica Mireya Moreno Carreon, aka "La Vero".

Additionally, San Nicolas de los Garza government public records from July 2011 show an active city employee by the name of Veronica Mireya Moreno Carreon registered in a "training program" in the Fall of 2010 and Spring of 2011.

Coincidence??? You decide.

Photos: Telediario

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  1. Bosses don't have little baggies they deal in weight!!!!!

    1. Right???? Stupidest shit ive ever heard. Is rosario tijeras based on a true character?

  2. After tweeting this info most of yesterday, a report has finally come out confirming La Flaka WAS indeed a San Nicolas cop (according to NL security Spokesman Jorge Domene) but states she was relieved of her duties "approx. 1 year ago" for failing proof of confidence exams. (not sure why she was still shown in Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 if she was dropped a "approx" year ago)

    It is also states she took over as Plaza Boss after the arrest of her boyfriend (doesn't state boyfriend's name, but one could guess it to be El Sureño)

  3. Yes she just to be a cop.

  4. September 12, 2011 3:19 PM Bosses don't have little baggies they deal in weight!!!!!

    The ones who deal in weight are capos, the boss of bosses.

  5. They caught a pretty one but don't get excited. That was at most $1,000 worth of drugs retail at 5 or 6 dollars a bag. A boss? Maybe of a 6 block area of 5 or 10 street dealers and taxi drivers. But damn, check out her body in one of the films, not bad. And she looked real cute in the uniform on the stretcher. She didn't do anything wrong, let her go. Come on!!!!!!!

  6. Is it just me but she looks like a dude.

  7. I have to disagree with you horndogs that think that she is do-able. The absence of fugly does not equal, pretty. Her thunder thighs look O.K. In the video but I'd definitely double bag the face. And remember that she is currently young and thin. Time will not be kind to her. As for the little baggies? Maybe she was delivering them to one of her minions or they may have been her co-conspirators stock. There could be a million explanations. I do agree with the comment that says "bitch".

  8. Ugly beeyatch selling twanks she aint shit if she a boss then im a capo

  9. pinche vieja pendeja y di que te fue bien pero me las vas a pagar de todos modos

  10. She is a small timer. And yes she is hot. She should be swinging on a pole and making more money. Amnesia will bail her out and put her up on the table.

  11. @ 5:20 PM...Damn, some of y'all need to lighten up. Damn cops are so straight and narrow that you can't even put a little humor about someone being kind of cute without one of them crawling up your ass about it. Go back to your law and order program.

  12. September 12, 2011 8:32 PM Thats a good one.

  13. "boss" lol my frat house had more coke than that

  14. Of course everyone here thinks with their dick. Fuck it, shes a 6(maybe)but really who the fuck made her the boss of anything? Rookie mistake promote who your fucking.

  15. lol now days anyone is called a boss, or commandante, or sicario! lol Bunch of low life douche bags is all they are. This chick was no boss...

  16. What`s with Mexican women and the thin, drawn in pencil eyebrows?? Is that supposed to be attractive? It looks ridonkulous!! She don`t look like no stone cold killer, but then again, give a fool a gun and a pack mentality............let the wolves howl.

  17. this puta aint shit, i guess she is already replaced get z-40 el lucky z-42 z-3 etc idiots

  18. The 21 comments I have read on this thread are illustrative that BB is sadly becoming COMPLETELY a totally idiotic website for Right Wing morons to chit chat among themselves. Sad, because this site once had some potential to be an important news source for Americans about Mexico. Now I am able to read more and more excellent articles elsewhere about the Mexican political situation and the Pentagon mandated international 'drug war' and never see most of them show up on BB??? They don't fall into the category of US 'law enforcement' puff pieces though.

  19. sooo... ardy...share these otras with us..

    enlighten us O great one

  20. I have in the past suggested multiple stories to BB and have not been seeing any of them republished when they come from sources more to the Left than what is deemed acceptable here. I have gotten rather tired of even writing to BB with them at this point, Brito. For just one example, google on Tom Barry and get his latest comment from this weekend. This is a guy who never gets republished here on BB. But why not?

  21. Tom Barry...

  22. Ardent lacks testicles and therefore does not understand tongue in cheek locker room talk.

  23. Thank the Lord for that fact Ardent. Oh sorry, I forgot Liberals don`t believe in that sort of thing. My bad.

  24. The truth is this site serves no purpose other than to keep yall internet wannabe critics busy talking shit. This whole site along with all the people across are straight up garbage. Fuck the drug war. Who cares!

  25. 3 things

    1.yes, i would bang her!
    2.what kind of boss is caught with a shitty amount of drugs?
    3. @ 8:09 hey, i use the word "ridonkulous", its the thing that i say!

  26. If women want to join the cartels and become zeta leaders, then they should be treated the same as a guy criminal if they are down and they prove that they can hang with the boys. But they should also be punished the same way. No chances. They should get killed and tortured the same way too. I don't care if they are mothers or if they are pretty with nice asses. You choose this lifestyle, then you suffer the same consequenses. I love women to death but I can't stand the one's who try to prove that they are just as bad as men, then when they get locked up or realize that they're going to die, then they cry like lil' bitches.

    A woman can never be as tough or as mean as a man.

  27. Speaking of "bitchy", Ardent are you on your period again?

    Why can't you ever accept all of us BB posters? We all accept you.

  28. Here's an idea. If they wanted to see if the cop and the zeta chick were the same person, just have her lift up her dress and match the bullet holes with the chick on the stretcher. If that don't work, just call her work cell phone and see if you hear a phone ringing in her cell.

    PD: I'd do her, but then again I've been in Calexico for a couple of weeks. My standards have sunk.

  29. Cheezus will you losers stop talking about if you'd do this chick or not this ain't some rate-a-woman blog or something!

  30. Ajulio, I didn't start reading and then commenting on BB to be accepted by all you Right Winger US 'law enforcement' herd of swine. In fact, I was trying to basically just ignore you and get some info from the website in spite of itself and the owner's political leanings. But these days I see a deliberate intention to NOT discuss the 'drug war' about its validity, or not?

    Left sources tend to assume that the drug war is total bullshit while the Right Wing news sources simply just cheer the 'war' on. If BB management insists on simply ignoring the more Left sources of reporting and info then it has made itself into basically just another Right Winger site, and not a news source for the general US public.

    I realize that it is hard to use Left and Right sources both and balance things out some, and BB certainly wouldn't be the first place to fail to do so. At least BB has not resorted to blanket censure of all views that it finds counter to being supportive of the drug war. That's to its credit. To its discredit it has made itself a site for Right Winger chit-chat that basically amounts to just nitwit cheerleading and clapping for each and every murder done by the Mexican State, with the US State standing directly behind it.

  31. Ardent : you are the nitwit. You really -- in all your postings that I have seen, shown no knowledge or effort at anything that resembles an apologetic. You could benefit from coursework in philosophy and critical thinking. Apart from that, you are a high schoolish culero with dreadlocks who lives with mommy.

  32. @ ardy

    No matter how [much]power America mobilizes to combat transnational crime, the power of the market and human desire will prevail.

    i agree with this

    i am an NPR junkie...i live off the grid most of the time ..and it is the best radio station i get

    it is decidedly biased though..i also am a coast to coast addict

    we agree on many things ard...but i am totally convinced that the international money lenders ..IE the worldbank and IMF boys are the real culprits...not our , or any other occupied , controlled puppet government...our politicians are mostly fools ..and tools..they comply ..or are toppled ..JFK paid the price for tampering with the fed reserve

    i think you are kicking at at the dogs and not the masters

    i love my is the only one i have ..but i deeply distrust my government ..i also deeply distrust people who talk revolution and such...they can be as power mad as the people they seek to replace ..i have a lot more experience with hippy liberal political activists than you could imagine..not my favorite more trustworthy to me than dick bush and george chaney

    you have the passion...the experience ..the persistence ...but i think you should look further and identify the true criminals..follow the money goes way past our government

  33. @ ardy

    "Ardent said...

    Ajulio, I didn't start reading and then commenting on BB to be accepted by all you Right Winger US 'law enforcement' herd of swine."

    this is unnecessary...if you want respect give it are not above anybody .that attitude is endemic to liberals...they think they are the only people who know anything...sort of archaic/paternalistic ...exactly the kind of shit they accuse conservers of ..ironic

    i mean really ard...just exactly why are you any better than any of the rest of us "swine"...

    prithee sir, do tell

  34. @ Ardent

    Come on, you know that i'm not a right-winger. Neither am I on the far left. I like to be in the middle. I see both sides of the arguement. But you see everyone else as being all the same while you are the only true liberal on BB, or the world. But you know in your right mind that my way of thinking is more liberal than conservative. Man Ardent, sometimes you are articulate, knowledgeable and sharp. Then other times you're just plain predictable.

  35. lB, I am so very sorry if I called the law enforcement personnel eating donuts and chatting way on this gun toting BB site... 'swine'. No pig though was actually injured in me doing that though.

    Back to the them of this thread though. I sincerely doubt that 'La Flaca' headed up anything of the Zeta organization.

    Veronica Mireya Moreno Carreon, a.k.a La Vero and/or La Flaka, is the first woman linked to the Zetas leadership who has been arrested by authorities, the secretariat said.'


  36. @ ard

    why are you so nasty? you equate that with being tough minded or intense...abusive abrasiveness is passe,lends neither force or clarity and actually interferes with and obfuscates your message

    do you really think all cops are pigs , or swine?

    interesting perspective ...reminds me of my Beavis and Butthead days

    do you listen to a lot of rap music, or death metal

  37. Brito, I am not particularly 'nasty' to you, even though your constant anti-Jewish comments definitely grate on me. Actually, I listen to joropo music from Colombia a lot. Do you like Cholo Valderrama?

    'do you listen to a lot of rap music, or death metal'

  38. Bitchy little Ardy gets reflective -- how cute is that?

  39. hmmm....pretty cool musica...the harp brought alive

    i am not anti- jewish...i am anti-international moneylender though..

    the constant accusations of anti-semitism are ridiculous.. funny whenever i say.... follow the money trail , it will lead you to the real criminals , it always comes up..typical programmed reaction...there is even one ninnymouse that keeps a file on me...... i don't care if it is blues, gnus or zebus...wherever the trail leads....

    with all your concern about the policys of the US government...don't you ever wonder who the government is really working for ..the international business/banking community, they are the financiers of the death and destruction

    being a bitter nasty guy means are not the only one who has concerns...and especially coming from an American comes across as a little trite..

    the USA is not the savior of the world , neither is it the destroyer..our time of travail will come soon enough it has to all other empires..i am not impatient for it

  40. I do agree with you on one thing, Brito, that the international financial institutions are bigger than just the US government all by it's own lonesome self. That being said though, the biggest banks are the Japanese, Western Europeans, and the US ones who have their governments cooperating with them in an alliance headed up by the US's military and policing establishments.

    This means that other governments, like the Mexican and Colombian ones, cannot really act as real independents away from this giant colossus, and cannot formulate their own ways of dealing with drug trafficking independently of the US government. They are pretty much bullied into line.

  41. She was most likely just in charge of local petty drug sales. Lucky she wasn't picked up by the CDG and dismantled, cause that is the risk you take when involving yourself in drug sales in Mexico. Your life could be taken away for some small petty shit.

    Nothing new in Mexico, women are used for hits, drug sales, prostitution, look outs. But few have been Drug bosses. Just a missunterpretation of news broadscasts trying to blow things up more than what they most likely are.

    Drug pusher or not she joined the Z's and for that you assume the consequences. I don't care if she is a woman, she would hardly care if she had your life in your hands. Sadly the mentality most of these criminal outfits have right now.


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