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Friday, September 2, 2011

DNA results confirm death of Reynosa's top Gulf Cartel leader

by Sergio Chapa

DNA results have confirmed that a body found on a highway outside Reynosa is that of a top Gulf Cartel leader.

It all happened at Kilometer 188 of the Monterrey-Reynosa highway early Friday morning.

Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) officials confirmed that authorities found the bodies of two men inside a Ford Lobo truck.

Both men had been shot.

One of them was identified as Eloy Lerma-Garcia, a Tamaulipas State Police officer who worked just west of Reynosa in the City of Diaz Ordaz.

The other man was identified as Samuel Flores-Borrego, the Gulf Cartel leader for the City of Reynosa who went by the nickname “Metro 3” or “M-3.”

Authorities initally told Action 4 News they are waiting on DNA results and confirmation by family members to see if the body is person as Gulf Cartel leader Samuel Flores-Borrego.

The Mexican Army and Mexico's Attorney General's Office (PGR) released a joint statement confirming the body found in Reynosa as that of the Gulf Cartel leader.

The U.S. State Department’s Narcotics Rewards Program has been offering a multi-million dollar reward for Flores-Borrego and other top cartel leaders since July 2009.

Personal del Ejército Mexicano en coordinación con la Procuraduría General de la República localizan el cuerpo sin vida de SAMUEL FLORES BORREGO (a) “EL METRO 3”, Jefe de la plaza de Reynosa para el Cartel del Golfo.

Se informa a la opinión pública que en el marco de la Estrategia Integral del Estado Mexicano en contra del Narcotráfico y la Delincuencia Organizada, con en esta fecha, personal militar jurisdiccionado a la 8/a. Zona Militar, en coordinación con la Delegación de la Procuraduría General de la República en Tamaulipas, localizaron a la altura del kilometro 21 de la carretera Reynosa – Monterrey dos cuerpos sin vida, los que fueron trasladados al Servicio Médico Forense de la ciudad de Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Ahí se identificó a uno de los cuerpos como SAMUEL FLORES BORREGO (a) “EL METRO 3”, jefe de la plaza de Reynosa para el Cartel del Golfo y el otro como ELOY LERMA GARCÍA, agente de la Policía Ministerial de Tamaulipas.

Ambos cuerpos presentaban disparos de armas de fuego y se encontraban a bordo de un vehículo el cual fue abandonado en dicho punto. Los primeros indicios apuntan a que los hechos derivaron de ajustes internos del grupo delictivo.

El Gobierno Federal continuará con las investigaciones necesarias para esclarecer los hechos y combatir a todas las manifestaciones de la delincuencia organizada, en beneficio del pueblo de México.

Additional link:

Confirma Sedena muerte de capo


  1. its not like this is a blow to the cartel he will be replace by someone who wanted his job the same day, these guys need to be captured alive and sent to the us for interrogation so their cartels leaders capo can get busted

  2. word has it orders were just boss has been named...X20..Mario Pelon, ex AEI/ ministerial police..Mario Rmz


    This is the new boss...

  4. What about noe el comandante

  5. What about noe hinojosa el comandante

  6. Payback for tocayo and r1's brother? Did cdg find out it was metro tres that gave up tocayo? Was it r1 losing his brother and his right hand man? I think metro tres was booted then executed for a reason. A man like metro tres has 30 men wit him at all times. I bet he was being hunted by el cosses main security guy, that diablo and his men. Those guys are heavy. Hope that new guy x20 can do the job and.clean up tamaulipas.

  7. Otro truco de genaro para ayudar al chapo

  8. Do you think they are purging their own ranks? Sort of strange that he wasn't heavily gaurded being the jeffe and all...?

  9. wow i just heard the cano and blunt song about him to weird

  10. Descanse en Paz Metro were the only hope to eliminate Los Zetas.This guy was 100% with El Chapo

  11. The Zeta's are probably dieing from heart attacks from laughing so hard.

    1. Finally some did a good comment nice bro

  12. I have read a lot of comments about this guy, and many people have mention he was almost like a Rambo type of guy.
    Can someone explained to me, if he was so good, so fearless, and a real bad ass MF, why is he so fucking dead?

    Maybe payback is a real bitch, and is not the same as me and 30 guys killing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 people as to have 30 MF killing me and my friend. Rambo was a real bad ass MF he will kill 30 people all by himself.

  13. Rambo is fiction you idiot

  14. On this link you can see the picture of the truck of the dead capo, the truck is full of bullets.

  15. This guy was a bad.ass with this guy down zetas probably gonna move in.Who knows about the new boss not everyone is gonna want to be under him

  16. El Coss learned from the best how to handle internal disputes, death to frieds!

  17. Ovemex, I don't think that is the real picture. The area south of reynosa doesn't look like that. It's brushy almost desertlike. Also notice the soldier, pine tree and palm leaf, looks photoshopped.

    Could it be that el Negro was talking? I've noticed a lot of cdg capos have gone down since he was captured last yr. Any word to rumor el diablo and his team took him out? I saw a couple of peoples on a Mexican blog saying el diablo from matamoros executed metro tres under orders from el coss.

  18. @ jack shaw

    I'm going to hold on posting the picture until I get more info..but on a side note, I have both small pine and palms on my property..

    I've heard and seen the rumor about El Diablo being sent to kill M3, but have no idea whether it is true or not..more info is still trickling in..hopefully we'll be able to get a little more insight throughout the day.

    It is also being RUMORED that Z and CDG may be wroking out a deal..but this has been going around for quite sometime..the rumor comes and goes.

  19. Ovemex, I meant the single palm leaf and soldier and pine tree look photoshopped. It'd like guerrero area as noted the background. I'm a retired ICE agent and my job was in brownsville where I monitored these cdg guys. That diablo first came on the radar when beto fave was killed. Ever since then he's been the most brutal killer. He was the guy that killed all those zetas and left them on the highway. He was the guy in that video where they hacked that guy up with an axe. Diablo works close to el coss. I don't doubt for a minute that diablo killed metro tres. Word is m3 had his pants pulled down. That tells me he was working for DEA who in turn gave the info to their counterparts in Mexico. Tocayo, r1, r2 were close to el coss. R1 I'm sure had something to do with persuading el coss to eliminate metro. R1 and metro tres didn't like each other. El coss is the top leader of the cdg. He had tony tormrnta s eliminated by not helping him. It's rumored he gave up his location. Diablo took his spot under el coss. I wonder if this has something to do with a truce with the zetas?

  20. Jack..

    my sources mentioned the pants down around his ankles as well: betrayal, talking to who he should have been.

    Said his guard had been picked up alive and taken to Matamoros where he will be killed (this was yesterday).

    Thanks for commenting, and please, keep it coming..What a pleasure to have someone with your background sharing insight on BB..!

  21. @ jack shaw

    Very interesting comment. Valuable information.

    So much backstabbing.

  22. Wow it is funny how things really work. You never know who you working for, I don't know much about CDG but I wonder what happened with Mario Cárdenas Guillén and his son Mario Alberto Cárdenas Medina?

    @ Ovemex I'm sorry about the picture, but there was no way for me to confirm the authenticity of the picture.

    @ jack shaw thank you for the info, it is a pleasure to have someone like you commenting on BB.

    @ September 3, 2011 8:02 AM C'mon men it was a sarcastic comment of mine. I know Rambo is a movie.

  23. People don't understand. The guys in matamoros are way more powerful. The zetas were made up of 30 ex special forces guys. The escorpiones or los diablos as they're now called are made up of over 100 ex special forces and kailiables. These guys look special forces and aren't the ed hardy wearing 18 yr old punks fom reynosa carrying an AK 47. That el diablo is a very dangerous guy. I just heard it was diablo and his men eliminated metro tres for unconfirmed reasons . It was a call from el coss.

  24. Why aren't we seeing pictures..?? This story is garbage without pictures...they showe pictures of every two bit cartel halcone that gets killed, even show pictures of innocent bystanders and then when "the metro 3" gets killed all we see is a pic of his ugly head mugging for the camera...I say show us his ugly carcase riddled with bullets!

  25. CorrePorElBosque Said...

    You can see the pictures here:

    Any updates?? i wonder if there going to be a truce, i hope not

  26. Texcoco...

    I am always be suspect if Asia has it and no narco blogs or mx media as it.

    in this case I checked w/reuters the owner of the pic and they were not running it with their story of M3.

    @Jack Shaw...excellent..thanks

  27. Trying to figure out who this el diablo is. Anybody know his name?

  28. I don't know his name.but supposedly hebposted on here as CDG. I could be wrong but if.u look up.his.old posts, he sounded legit. I spoke to my brotherinlaw from matamoros and he says diablo runs the plaza there and is in charge of los escorpiones the main hit squad of the cdg. I think he protects el coss.

  29. The photo is real but it is not in is in Michoacan. Check it out yourself on

  30. I heard this is el diablo

  31. El diablo is a badass who is a really good sicario leader we have no violence here in matarmoros for like 1-2 months these pinche ratazz dont even try to take over the plaza anymore jajaja saludos cdg

  32. Source has just said a meeting for Tamps CDG is underway in Matamoros....

  33. Ese wey el diablo tiene la camisa bien puesta. Al Chile. aqui en moros no pasa nada.

  34. El coss better do some explaining because metro tres was more popular and more revered by the entire cdg clan. Metro tres should have taken out el coss when he had a dos centavos. I think there will be a huge split like what's happened before with the zetas. If that meeting fails, they'll be huge bloodshed. Not even el diablo and his men will be able to save el coss if that meeting falls thru.

  35. I need to clarify that R1 and R2 are not blood brothers, only "brothers within the organization"

    R1's brother, Romeo Eduardo Mejía González, was arrested with El Tocayo in May.

    This info has been passed onto me and is unconfirmed.

  36. i wonder for what purpose they need those ID..

  37. A few months ago I ran into some people who told me Metro3's son (13 years old) was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The rumor was his kid was being treated by the best doctors in San Antonio. At the time I thought it was ironic considering the amount of power/money the father had, yet still could not buy health for his child. Never followed up on the rumor or inquired on the kid; then I hear this.

    BTW, I do not believe in Karma.

  38. Metro tres only had the plaza for a couple years. He was nowhere as powerful as El Hummer. The story how him and El Flander executed Valentin elizalde is awesome. They should write a book sicario executions.

  39. Jack shaw,

    How do you know if El diablo did the gruesome executions months ago? It was El toro and his men who we're behind the gruesome executions in montemorelos, and how could you know if it was el diablo who chopped the zeta in april?

  40. jack shaw wrote: "R1 and metro tres didn't like each other."
    Mr. Shaw, I have to disagree with you on this one because you are way off. These two you named were very close partners/friends.

    Reports are saying that Tres had a truce with Lazcano but Tres was the one taking the fight to the Z's. Who's knows what is the truth but Tres no doubt was one of the most beloved leaders of CDG.

  41. That tells me he was working for DEA who in turn gave the info to their counterparts in Mexico. Tocayo, r1, r2 were close to el coss. R1 I'm sure had something to do with persuading el coss to eliminate metro. R1 and metro tres didn't like each other. El coss is the top leader of the cdg. He had tony tormrnta s eliminated by not helping him.
    Mr. Shaw, you are just basing your comments on opinions that are not even true. Tres had R-1 be his 2nd in command in Reynosa so how does your opinion even make sense? Tocayo and the R's were always loyal/close to TRES.

  42. Wow how can Tres with out a doubt was one of the most beloved leaders of CDG if CDG was the one who kill him.

    Is a thin line between love and hate.

  43. The most common story that seems to be going around is that M3 was killed by R1 on orders from Costilla for selling out R2/Tocayo and making a pact with Lazcano. Like it's been reported before X-20 is the new head of Reynosa and R1 controls Miguel Aleman. I've not seen any mention of el Diablo being involved in any of this, I think when it comes to this event his importance may be overstated.

    Anyway if the story is true does that mean that 40 and Lazcano are now officially not working together anymore? The pact seems to have been between M3 and Lazcano only, leaving out all other parties. If the pact was real, what could they have hoped to accomplish with it?

    Also R1 used to be a Zeta. Anyone have a more detailed history on him? Would be interesting to read since it seems he's moved up to the number 2 spot now. I read somewhere that he is somewhat of a protege of Costilla and that is why he was mistrusted by Lazcano and held back from higher leadership positions within the Zetas and went with the CDG? Probably just another far fetched rumor but it's all rumors so might as well put it out there. If anyone has something else it'd be interesting to read.

  44. I find it interesting that metro was found dead with that cop from diaz ordaz and that's where r2 was captured. Maybe metro tres set up r2 and that's why he was killed?

  45. New info...

    Looks like M3 was killed by a dude known as JR. And it was because M3 disagree on JR on how to run the Cartel. Also the msg says JR is always stoned.

    Cartel del Golfo siguen las traiciones como las implemento el mata amigos el jr. Mata a su gente por que no están de acuerdo en sus malas maneras de manejar el cartel y así con varios jefes de plazas del CDG tiene grandes diferencias ya que se la pasa bajo las drogas y rodeado de wurcos miones

    La muerte del metro3 no es obra de la SEMAR ni la SEDENA y menos de los zetas, Los Zetas ellos lo habrían hecho de el un gran picadillo y lo hubieran descuartizado y a demás ya habríamos visto el video, paso lo mismo que el BF y EL TIO Y AL CARAMUELA Y DEMAS GENTE.

  46. word coming out of Reynosa is that 7 of M3's guards were killed as well..

  47. M35? Was he killed? He was loyal to metro tres and his right hand man.

  48. @anon 12:40 pm

    I'm not sure who M35 is..but EL Comandante Terco/ Comandante Amuleto was killed as well..

    There is info coming out from the San Fernando area that police shut down the highway to do a "clean up" of 15 bodies that were the result of an "internal" cartel shootout..Im waiting to hear more on when it happened. (supposedly it was around 6am yesterday)

    CDG group in that area (San Fer) are said to be
    M3 people.

    again, this is just info being passed to me.. I'll update as it comes in.

  49. Ovemex, have funeral arrangements been made for metro tres? Do the cdg show up? Ur obviously from Mexico and was curious how things are done.

  50. @ 4:36

    I haven't heard anything about a funeral, to be honest, I don't even know if his body has been released yet from SEMEFO..I know his body was originally taken to SEMEFO Reynosa, and from there it was supposed to be sent to SEMEFO in DF, but I never thought to ask or followed up on that.

    As for funerals, I don't know about capos, but I do know, or have been told, about several funerals of CDG sicarios in Tamps...they were said of been heavily guarded and filled w/ cartel members....

    I'll let you know if I hear anymore.

    As for funerals

  51. @commandante magana,

    Please tell the story...

  52. @September 4, 2011 10:14 PM

    Here is one story:

    Ends with mention about rumors.

  53. The original video posted by them say To the Zetas by your father (el chapo). In youtube is where supposedly members of the Sinaloa cartel and gulf cartel are threatening each other. Valentin Elizalde should not gotten involved in all the stuff, or maybe he never knew of the video, you decide, the video is also on google, at the end of the video that man with the M16, hes El Chapo the main head of the Cartel de Sinaloa.

    I don't think Elizarde knew about that video. For one I think it was some fucker want it to take out his anger on someone other than his enemies.

  54. Wo now this is interesting if u guys recall the zetas wanted metro 3 for the murder of el concord 3 this is the reason the war broke out so now metro 3 is dead not chopped up meaning zeta execution could the gulf n zss be callin truce after all that's all the zsss wanted in da firstplace or can this be the beginning of something more violent and shit wonder why the gulf hasn't put up a video or message expalinig wats happenig cuz they always posting shit I need answers this is hella interesting I wanna know the truth borderlanbeat start investigating!

  55. Ovemex today I come across the pictures of M3 on Blog del Narco here is the link.


  56. Looks like they shop at the same store those two. Rest in peace. I want to know why and who killed metro tres. It must have been bad as he was a top highly respected leader.


  58. his sons not 13, hes about 18 or so, he still has his people and is well protected in tamaulipas, i know who he is. metro was one of the hardest leaders ever to control reynosa. things might get a bit nasty, just give it time, theres always revenge.......


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