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Friday, September 16, 2011

Car bomb disrupts Diez y Seis celebration in Tamaulipas state capitol

The explosion of a car bomb was reported tonight in the state capitol of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

The incident occurred around 11:00pm in the colonia 7 de Noviembre on Avenida Palma in the city’s west side.

Security officers who were at the scene reported that the car that exploded was a Nissan Stanza, white and without license plates.

The explosion was heard over an area of several blocks around and caused a state of near panic among neighbors who were celebrating Mexico’s national independence day at home.

Although there has been no release of an official report, there were apparently no injuries or deaths.

Ciudad Victoria has been a plaza under dispute between Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel, and on March 15th of this year a car bomb exploded about a hundred feet from a municipal police installation, injuring 5 people.

In 2010 car bombs exploded outside of the state Department of Public Safety, the Televisa television station and a Transit Police office in Ciudad Victoria.

Army troops and State Police cordoned off a square block area around the explosion site while investigators arrived from the State Attorney General’s Office.

The incident occurred almost simultaneously with the celebration of the Cry of Independence made the Governor of Tamaulipas, Egidio Torre Cantú, at the Plaza Juarez, located about two miles from where the explosion occurred.



  1. This cartels need to go now. They are mutating to terrorist MATELOS EN CALIENTE.

  2. "Poor United States so far from god so close to Mexico"

  3. Was NOT a car bomb. Look at how the the car's body is entirely intact. It was probably a small pipe bomb or a grenade at most.

  4. I'm just glad nobody was injured or killed unless of course narco's were then I would be laffing my balls off!

  5. @4:53 Ah, another expert. Wonderful. I'm so happy to be reassured that it was ONLY A GRENADE AT MOST. Next you're going to tell us that the dead people are not dead, they're just resting. Taking a nap.

    Thank you Mr Expert, your knowledge is just fucking priceless.

  6. i agree with 4:53 AM
    that wasn't a car bomb it would of been split i two at least. More like a grenade or pipe bomb. Most of the damage on the car looks like it was from fire.

  7. Car bomb? Hahahaha! The stinky ass mother fuckers need to go to Iraq or Afghanistan for some training. By way the car looks you can only come to the conclusion that some dumb ass Zeta or Golfo fell asleep while smoking a joint. Car bomb! Hahah looks like if it was close to a barbecue pit and got smoked.

  8. Can we come to conclusion that the cartels are more ruthless and dangerous than the Taliban and other insurgent groups in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  9. @ September 16, 2011 2:06 AM That was a Porfirio Diaz phrase and it was the other way around.

    " Poor Mexico so far from God and so close to United States "

  10. @11:49

    no, car bombs don't "split cars in half"

    if you've ever seen a real IED, the frame of the vehicle is usually intact. Have you ever seen a humvee that drove over a couple 155 mm rounds? The frame is still there, but the insides are gone.

    I'm not saying this was a powerful blast, but it looks like more than a grenade.


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