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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Border Wars: Murder Capital

Sunday, October 2, at 10 PM ET/PT
El Paso is under constant threat due to its close proximity to Ciudad Juarez, the murder capital of the world. CBP agents face constant challenges from the spillage of Mexican drug cartel violence and human trafficking into the United States. Agents track down two illegal immigrants hiding in a school parking lot, discover a gas tank filled with 45 pounds of marijuana and catch two Guatemalan brothers crossing the border illegally.

Two officers leading away an apprehended man. Customs and Border Protection agents must be ready to arrest suspects who may be conducting smuggling operations or human trafficking. El Paso, TX. (Photo credit © NGT and Kevin Cunningham)

Video: Juarez Murders


  1. que tristeza que america latina no haga honor a lo que nos representa. solidaridad. lucha. perseverancia. trabajo. apoyo. libertad. musica. colores y amor....

  2. I love this show! It should be mandatory for all people in the non-border states, to watch this show every week. How can anyone claim to be for the environment, and do nothing to the thousands of tons of trash they leave on our lands, and the damage they do while smuggling drugs. I'm all for an easier way to come and work for a period of time, and a way to background check these people. At least we would re-coupe some of the lost tax money. But the way they bleed us dry right now will have to stop one way or another because the tit is just about dry!

  3. Anon 6:26 Thank you for sharing this clip. It is what I will always remember from Latin America. Genuine authenticity. Not what the Mexican beast is displaying lately. Be safe.

  4. Yet el paso is still ranked one of the safest cities in the us. I live in el paso there is no spillage over here

  5. Yet el paso is still ranked one of the safest cities in the us. I live in el paso there is no spillage over here
    September 27, 2011 8:37 PM

    Moron stop boasting that el Paso is the safest city we know that thats because any country or state thats a drug hub will always be safe because its the transport hub to the Guinea pigs Americans who smoke inject snort the drugs and send them back to Mexico, as long as the American media is showing black people and poor white people getting arresting for drugs there is no problem, but when the police and FBI, dea start going to the rich neighborhoods, suburbs, wall streets, and arresting important people thats when we, Americans realized we have a drug problem it happen with crack no one cared until it reach the suburbs, and now meth anyone can make meth its the easiest drug to make

  6. @Anon 1:00 AM

    agree with your statements except for the fact that you have to admit that the media tries to exagerate the danger in american cities.

    Look at Detroit. It is ranked in the top 5 cities for murder rate. I know a few years ago it was ranked #1 US city, along with St Louis.

    I bet the murder rate in Detroit )considerably far from the us/mexican border) is higher than el paso.

  7. You guys want to know why Ciudad is so violent? because is always under dispute, now is cartel of Juarez la lineaand zetas vs cartel de sinaloa, and los mayos,xxx, torres felix etc the reason.... For Juarez you can move tons of drug to USA pretty easy, and is tthe easiest frontier south from USA to smuggler assault weapons, granades launchers, believe me the easiest border where cartels can move drug, weapons and money, i can't say nothing more....

  8. Detroit is considered the most dangerous city in the US
    With 14 murders that's nothing compared to any little town in mexico


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