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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Besieged Mexico Border Town Takes to Arms to Confront Cartel Thugs, Mayor Says

One small northern Mexico community, surrounded by Cartel thugs, is taking matters into their own hands.

The people of Uruachi, Chihuahua have begun to arm themselves in a last attempt to protect themselves against a group of 12 armed men surrounding the community, Mayor Aldo Campos said.

"They have us surrounded. From here you can see the armed men that are in the mountains and the danger of it all is that the town's people are arming themselves to confront them," Campos said in a press conference.

The mayor said that the community's young people are supposed to look for more weapons to fight back against the group of cartel assassins that have posted themselves in the hills surrounding the community.

Campos explained that last Friday around 12 armed men arrived and since then they have been involved in a series of skirmishes and attacks against other groups that have left various homes damaged.

"We are worried that the men have blended into our community. We aren't afraid and we know what to do. The young people are already looking for weapons," he said.

The mayor lamented the fact that the presence of soldiers and police investigators has not put the situation under control and "it has not scared off the assassins."

A spokesman for the Attorney General of Chihuahua, Carlos González, told Efe that the armed group arrived at the village on Friday looking for several people, but he denies that the men continue to besiege the place.

González reiterated that once the soldiers and police investigators arrived the armed group fled.

The spokesman for the agency said that the mayors statements could be "a reaction from his own fear," and noted that everything is "under control."

As of now there are no reported deaths or injuries since the alleged presence of the armed group, González said.

The Chihuahua hills have served as a hiding spot for armed criminal groups that work for rival cartels Sinaloa and Juárez, both of which are continuing to fight for control of Ciudad Juárez, near the United States border.

Chihuahua is considered to be the most violent state in Mexico. The state also accounts for nearly 30 percent of the more than 40,000 assassinations that have taken place in Mexico over the last four and a half years.

Mayor Aldo Campos in a pre-election interview June 2010.

Apparently this is not the first time this has happened in Uruachi, this video is from 5 months ago.

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  1. the rebellion against the cartels will begin in the small towns and hopefully will spread. the cartels rule an entire country and yet they make up about 25% maybe of the population? what the hell do they get from a small town anyway?

  2. What a novel idea ALLOW THE PUBLIC TO DEFEND THEMSELVES what is this world coming to, Just how politically incorrect will Mexico get?? Whatever you may call the halfassed law enforcement branch of the worthless Mexican Govt. the denial of guns to the public is just one more example of just how paranoid, stupid ,self centered , inept, the ruling class in Mexico is. They all profit,change will cut the profit, they all resist while claiming to cooperate with reform. MEXICANS IN CONTROL ARE HIGHLY CORRUPT. Bravo for someone in Mexico doing something actually productive(arming the public).

  3. Sorry did I miss something. Twelve guys took over a town? My god give these poor souls some training and fire power.

  4. If them arming themselves keeps the thugs at bay then it is because the cartel sees no reason in starting a fight with the town. Not because they wouldn't win but because there would be no need.

    From the cartel's perspective they can let the town arm itself with weak weapons and little training and let the people think they've won when the cartel doesn't need the tiny town itself.

    If the cartel does want to take the plaza then these people are fools to think that a small town of villagers with Mx legal weapons could stop either GN or LL if it decided to conquer the plaza.

    The mayor talks tough now but he'd learn a new meaning of tough when dozens of vehicles in a convoy ride through town and waste him and the police leaders.

    Not right but that's the way it is. The cartel takes what it wants and whatever it doesn't take it probably doesn't need.

  5. Arrest these criminals

  6. This is the GN just so you people know and you could stop making guesses claiming its la linea because of their history!!

  7. @10:07 PM

    How do you know? If you have a link that would be good. There has been a lot of rumor and cheerleading for LL.

  8. 11:01 because everybody knows in chihuahua knows!!I'm not cheerleading i just came on here and said it because i know people are gonna say what they don't know!and what about you did you get offend when i said something about the gn??it's funny how you people get their backs so much when you don't even work for them!

  9. ajulio in response to your question "what the hell do they get from a small town anyway?"
    The cartel's are looking for staging areas for drugs and human traffic going north as well as drug profits and weapons going south. many areas out of site out of mind from big city scrutiny are being secured all along the mexico US border.

  10. @ 5:29 am

    Interesting. The cartels know how to use every square foot of mexico.

    They are smart, greedy and anyone who stands in their way gets destroyed.


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