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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cartels unite in the fight against Los Zetas

 Coalition Anti-Zetas

Distrito Federal, Mx The revival of violence in Zacatecas for the control of routes to Jalisco and central parts of the country.

According to federal government sources, The Zetas, who has dominion over 80 percent of the territory in Zacatecas, intend to take the south routes bordering Jalisco and Aguascalientes, to take over the corridor in the central parts of the country and for the control to carry out their illegal activities. 

Organizations that have blocked the entrance of the Zetas into Jalisco and other states in the center of the country is the association called Cartels Unidos, United Cartels, which includes members of the Gulf Cartel, La Resistencia (The Resistance), and el Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion (The Jalisco Cartel New Generation). 

According to officials of the Security Cabinet in the federal government, alliances reshape these criminal groups to maintain a partnership of convenience, like after  the death of Ignacio Coronel Villareal, Nacho Coronel, one of the leaders of the Pacific cartel

The United Cartel are made up of former members of the Milenio cartel, a reminiscence of the Valencia and the Amezcua Contreras Cartels, La Familia Michoacana, and the Gulf Cartel. Who make criminal groups like The Resistance, Jalisco Cartel New Generation, and the Gulf cartel, which after its break from their executive arm The Zetas, maintain an internal struggle that seeks the destruction of both organizations.

 Executive Arms

The group called The Resistance, and the so called Matazetas, Zeta Killers, are the executing arms of the association of cartels, who in a "joint" effort are trying to destroy the criminal organization of The Zetas, carrying out a strategy in Central and Gulf states of the country, like in Veracruz, Tabasco, and Campeche.

The Resistance, was created by La Familia Michoacana to counter the attacks of criminal groups such as The Zetas.

According to government authorities of Jalisco and Zacatecas, the killing of drug lords like Nacho Coronel, has in many cases fragmented criminal groups that have spread through out the Mexican territory creating criminal cells.

Disputing Roads

According to federal government data, nearly 30 cities, both in Zacatecas and Jalisco, are disputed by criminal organizations for control of routes.

In Zacatecas, the municipal's in conflict are Juchipila, Apozol, Tabasco, Huanusco, Mezquital del Oro, Jalpa, Villa Gonzalez Ortega, Pines, Tlaltenango, Tepechitlán, Florencia de Benito Juárez, Chimaltitán, Villanueva, Teúl Gonzalez Ortega, Momax, Tepetongo, Monte Escobedo, silver Joaquin Amaro, Villa de Cos, Santa Maria de la Paz, Atolinga and Trinidad Garcia de la Cadena.

In these municipal's there have been constant fighting, the execution of people, and the permanent presence of armed groups in trucks, many of them Bullet proof.

Dispute in Jalisco

In Jalisco, the municipal's in dispute are Huejucar, Santa Maria de los Angeles, Villa Guerrero, Totatiche, Huejuquilla Mezquitic and El Alto.

According to federal authorities, the rate of violence in Zacatecas will increase to the extent that The Zetas will try to penetrate the route of drug transfers to the states in the center of the country and the Pacific.

While in some areas they're present armed forces, both federal and local, and the continued presence of armed groups who move in convoys to keep their territory guarded.



  1. Please explain, so the armed groups are allowed to sit in the open but their criminal cartel members? So why does the goverment forces take them out?
    Do they want them to engage the zetas?

  2. This is about the 10th time different groups "unite" to fight los zetas. Not gonna work...give'em a few days before they start killing each other

  3. my cousin went two zacatecas @ two weeks ago he was born their so he thought nothing of takin a trip down their even though he knows of the situation in mexico.he went in a new truck with 24" rims from the get go i told him it was a bad idea but since he had went in dec. and had no problem he figured hed be ok.1 week into the trip the zetas already had him spotted they wanted his truck ,1 of the zetas from the town where were from told him to lend him the truck for a couple of days so his bosses and other zetas would c him in it and then their would be no trouble with the truck circulating the area .cousin didnt really sit to well with this idea so they threatin to pick him up "levanton" so he stashed the truck and flew back .hes back in the U.S. lucky 2 be alive ,yet alone to still have his truck.ive been updated on mexico for a while now and never thought somethin like this could happen to someone close to me its sad how penetrated them scumbags have become !!!!!!!!!!

  4. 10: 49 its not so much that the armed men are allowed to sit @ its the fact that their is so many its like a subtitute teacher trying to teach a whole school shit just aint gonna work!

  5. I have plenty friends from Zacatecas and I concurr of the Z stronghold there and how much of a nuisance and problem they have become. I remember being there several years ago in Zacatecas ,Zacatecas and what a beautiful place filled with great food and people. Some of the nices churches filled with a European flavor. But that was 6 years ago before the violence broke free. CDG and Z's were still one but now it seems CDG wants that plaze back so Gente Nueva and CJNG are willing to fight that war. Another state which will see alot of violence.

  6. This sounds much better: "Una Coalicion Anti-Narcotrafficante"

    "CAN" sounds better. "CAN" = Mexican Govt. DEA, CIA, NSA

    "CAN" contra CDS, Zetas, y United Cartels

    The funny thing is that the "united" cartels arent that united.

    They are a LOOSE coalition of Greedy Cutthroats that cant hold down a real job.

    Chapo is on borrowed time. His day of reckoning will be met just like Pablo Escobar.

    The law of probability and fate is against him.

    Bin-Laden was found and Chapo-Bin-Laden is next!

    Esto suena mucho mejor: " Una Coalicion Anti-Narcotrafficante" "CAN" sonidos mejor. "CAN" = Govt. Mexicano, DEA, CIA, y NSA "CAN" el CDS contra, Zetas, y unió cárteles La cosa divertida es que el " united" cárteles arent que unieron. Son una coalición FLOJA de los asesinos codiciosos que biselan mantienen un trabajo verdadero.

    Chapo es en tiempo prestado. Su día de cómputo será resuelto apenas como Pablo Escobar. La ley de la probabilidad y del sino está contra él.

    ¡Encontraron a Bin Laden y Chapo Bin Laden es siguiente!

  7. Damn 11:06 is spot on!!!! Mis Respetos to you!

  8. Some of this information is wrong. I'm from southern Jalisco and I know exactly what's going on over there. La resistencia/cartel del milenio/la familia are now allied with the Z. This happened when cartel de Sinaloa didn't support them in their war take Jalisco from CDJNG (nacho coronel's people). Instead CDJNG became a cell of CDS just like los pelones, gente nueva, los antrax, ect. It's an all out war against Los zetas and their new alliance in Jalisco now. CDJNG/CDS tell locals not to pay any quotas and to report any suspicious activity to them. It's more of a problem up north with zetas coming in from Zacatecas than in the southern portion (la familia is mostly gone and are trying hold onto their few plazas in michoacan and GTO, they don't have the resources to keep on fighting CDJNG). If you don't believe this look up articles on blog del narco/mundo narco involving zetas, milenio, la familia, la resistencia. La resistencia members have been caught/killed working alongside zetas (mostly up north). I'll leave you with these links.

  9. @11:06am
    Unfortunately if they ever get Joaquin Guzman or even ismael zambada that won't be the end of cartel de Sinaloa. It's well structured with plenty of lugartienetes that can take over leadership. The cartel wouldn't give up simply because chapo/mayo were gone, there's too many idiots on this side of the border who need their meth,coke,mj, ect.

  10. @5:17am
    The way to move in Mexico now is in a small compact car, with Mexican plates and with no stupid shiny wheels. I never have any problems.

  11. Maybe this time the cartels will be able to get rid of the Zetas. This undisciplined group is the main source of violence through out Mexico. People keep saying that they are trained by the U.S.. That was true about 6 years ago. Now all the original SpecOp deserters are now in prison or dead. It's just a bunch of trigger happy thugs claiming the title of Zeta.

  12. That's funny! I thought 11:06 was you Regio until I noticed you followed!

  13. @2:01pm
    Not really. Those scumbags still work for the Z and for lazcano.

  14. @1:20 PM
    If you really believe that, then you need to stop listening to those corridos. The same thing that happen to all the other cartels that have lost a leader, will split up. Its a known fact, just read back to all the leaders that have been arrested or killed. Read what it did to their cartels, they either join the enemy or the different cells become 3 to 5 new cartels, ends up with them becoming rivals fighting for the same plaza.

    So what makes the sinaloa cartel different?

  15. @1:00 PM

    From what i read up there, that its mostly in the border with Zacatecas and jalisco, which is in the north of Jalisco.

  16. @5:04pm
    "So what makes the Sinaloa cartel different?"

    Greed, power, sufficient funding, and over 30 years of experience. Chapo and mayo have not always been the bosses of CDS. They worked for miguel angel felix. Felix is now in jail and what happened? The cartel restructured. It didn't split when chapo was arrested, mayo took over. The new cartels you see being split lack all of the above and have only been active for a few years. No corrido on earth can give real solid facts that exist and are in writing. Do some research kid.

  17. I've been wanting to go visit my family in tatatatamaulipas, they tell me the way to go is in a damn donkey jaja. Those fuckers are waiting to see u cross the border in a nice truck so they can take it from u. I've worked really hard to get what i have. Making an honest living for me and my family. Its a pitty how beautiful mexico is, yet we can't enjoy it. The cartels are always gonna be there so lets just get rid of the scum. Los zetas. Y saludos a todos aqui en el beat. H-town

  18. This is going to get crazy again with the new allies , it seems you can either ally yourself with the rich connected cartel but end up in prison due to them or ally yourself with the ruthless murderers and become powerful but destroy your state/city

  19. @12:01 AM
    Ah man. Theirs some stupid people on here and your argument is hilarious. All the leaders from the different cartels use to work for miguel angel felix and when he got arrested, thats when the tijuana cartel, juarez cartel and the sinaloa cartel were made, they were all the guadalajara cartel before he went down. But that isn't a split, its a restructure? lol Read up on him pendejo.

    Their not the only ones that have been in the game for 30 years plus, just because you have not heard of them in your corrido doesn't mean they don't exist. Theirs a lot of people out there that have been doing the same thing and that are just as greedy, powerful, and have sufficient funding, so your argument isn't valid. Read back to see what happen to all the cartels that lost a leader, you cant argue with facts.

  20. And for you buddy the cartels were not just created after Felix died.. There was other cartels still in existence.. Get ur facts straight dumbass

  21. if el chapo hasnt defeated los zetas its because before he didnt have much interes but know hes coming in to zacatecas alot of little towns no longer belont to zetas, know el chapo is in contro. for ex in florencia el chapo know has permanet check pints and know his spreading to jerez and later to fresnillo and son on. but i u talke a close look after the battles chapos are wining most of them

  22. I was in Jerez, Zacatecas two years ago. Every time i went south i would see C.D.S people and they would say what's up and shit. But Los Zetas couldn't even see you or they would take your vehicle away no matter what you drove. Cartel De Sinaloa is taking over Zacatecas and soon things will be like how they use to be 5-7 years ago. Puro Cartel Sinaloense!

  23. Haven't been able to go to Trinidad Garcia De La Cadena:) Too much violence!!!

  24. Fuck all ZETAS! I live in Cuernavaca and its all messed up here with this bullshit narcos. How many people must die before goverment makes a change.


  26. Really, you ask when is the government going to make a change? They are the MAIN Cartel...

  27. In reality mexico in all it beauty is now a sad place to live. no matter what your view point might be in this war.


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