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Friday, September 23, 2011

Amado Carrillo's nephew Executed in Navolato, Sinaloa

By: Cinthia Valdez, Milenio

Culiacan • A group of men armed with AK-47 shot and killed Francisco Vicente Castillo Carrillo, the nephew of the late drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes, known as "The Lord of The Skies."

The attack happened on Highway 15 in the vicinity of San Blas, in the municipal of Navolato, Sinaloa. Ministerial police sources confirmed it.

According to preliminary information, the incident took place at around 9:00pm, when the young man was traveling in a Cherokee SUV, were he was attacked by a commando who shot dozens of times at the vehicle with 'Ak-47 '.

The shooting caused the vehicle to catch fire and roll off the asphalt, were the unit was positioned from east to west with the body of the 18 year old still inside. The victim had a residence in the colony
of Alcanfore, a sugar cane town.

It was established that
his mother Berthila Luz Carrillo arrived at the scene who then identified the body.

The area was sealed off by elements of different state corporations and Mexican army troops.

Unofficially reported, that in recent days an older brother of the victim was picked up by a group of armed men, but was released hours later.



  1. The kid still had to be connected que no? The nephew of one of the biggest drug lords of all time, you would think he would roll with some type of security, involvement or not. The Carrillo family is from Sinaloa and rumors are they have family that still reside there, so admist all the violence and full out war between CDS and CDJ there seemed to be old school we will respect your family truce. Was it involvement over something related or not? That is the question, that is Viceroy's nephew and I assume he isn't happy to hear one his own was wiped out this way. More and more violence to come. But the Carrillos are billionaires in Mexico their pockets are deep stil, the influence might not be the same but they aren't chumps either.

  2. Could it have been a warning from within the family? Vice-Roy taking out the young up comer's vying for his position? Wasn't there a story a few days back of a faction of the Carrillo's trying to take over in Juarez? Narco Banner's being displayed with Carrillo-Leyva's name? Please verify?

  3. The first appearance of the banners was made on August 26 in various parts of the city were they placed banners signed by Cesar Carrillo Leyva, who apperas to be the son or close relative to the late drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes, founder of the Juarez Cartel. ”Hermanos Carrillo Leyva”


  5. Cds probably feels threatened that the carrillos are still around and know more about cdj than the public maybe that's y they're after em.

  6. September 23, 2011 2:50 PM The kid still had to be connected que no? The nephew of one of the biggest drug lords of all time, you would think he would roll with some type of security.

    Well thats what we will think. Joquín El Chapo Guzmán son Edgar Guzman was killed and he didn't have security, he was killed with a cousin and I think a friend or an uncle.

    Marcial Fernandez the son of Manuel Fernández Valencia was killed driving a Ferrari, he was confused with Alfredo Guzmán the son of el Chapo Guzman who drives a Lamborghini of the same color. Marcial and Alfredo were friends.

    Soon after Arturo Beltrán Leyva died his son Saltiel Beltrán was kidnapped never to be seen again.
    According to what I read Saltiel Beltrán was kidnapped by people from Nacho Coronel as a personal favor to el Chapo Guzman, maybe as a pay back for the killing of Edgar Guzman.

    Alejandro Coronel M the son of Nacho Coronel was kidnapped never to be seen again from a party on some apartments, were him and his cousin were having fun.
    He was kidnapped by el Pepino, el Pepino was killed in turn 15 hours later by Nachos people.

    Hector Beltran's wife was kidnapped by Nachos people hoping Hector will show his face, but of course that never happened, eventually she was release with a narco message calling Hector a coward for not showing up to rescue his wife.

    I don't think many people in reality are safe no matter how much money or friends you might have.

  7. More than 100 shots and you know there's gotta be payback for that. We may not hear about it but it's almost certain they're gonna retaliate. What I don't know is why him besides the logical reasons if any.

  8. This kid was just killed because of a name and nothing else, but if he was connected then this is just part of the business. If it's true that El Viceroy is sending a message to the family; then I can see a Z type brake from the JC. Como le dejo Arturo al El Guacho, estas con nosotros or con ellos... time to make some hard decisions for the boys in the JC...

  9. I saw the first pictures of the vehicle and first thought it was a station wagon. i thought, why in the hell would he be driving that. then scrolled down and it looked more like a suv. sorry about that , just had to say something about it..

  10. Once again it goes to show you how low Sinaloa Cartel has become.Why kill a nephew of the person you really wanna kill?This is embarrasing even for the most powerful cartel in the Americas.Sinaloa Cartel has shown to not respect family twice,first killing Rodolfo Carillo who was involved in the buisness but this 18 year old???If they really wanted to make a statement,why not kill Vicente Carillo?Most likely chapo guzman and mayo zambada cant.This looks like a stupid,or desperate action done by the Sinaloa Cartel,despicable.I wonder what the mom felt when she saw his 18year old son dead,ambushed by the cowards of the Sinaloa Cartel which is executing kids now.

    There all the same.

  11. What's up with the title? Dont you think that instead of putting Amado Carillo,you should put Vicente Carillo.Amado Carillo was insanely powerful but now hes dead and now currently its his brother Vicente Carillo and its his nephew who got killed,since its present and I know Borderlandbeat could do better then that,yea its a silly mistake,but when done to a tittle of the story,idk what im trying to say is it was a silly mistake that should not be repeated,or the respect I had for this site will change,or decline.

  12. @6:53 PM
    It was translated how it was written, just check the link. Their not writing the articles, just translating them how they were written by the Mexican media. If you want to contribute and help them out with translations, then you can put the coolest title you want. Us the readers will really appreciated.

    Thanks to all the contributors, from a loyal reader

  13. Here is something for you people to see, a decapitation video of two sicarios from el Chapo Guzman one was decapitated with a chain saw and the other one with a knife.

    Be careful this video is bloody and crazy.

  14. I'm glad you killed, it does not hurt ... on the contrary it makes a lot ....... that people enjoy their fortunes and addicting killing innocent people who could be someone of value in Mexico.

    Very soon begin to fall more and more drug junniors .....

  15. Do u guys remember when mayos sister was kidnap was the ppl from tijuana who did that I think it was either el caf or teos ppl el tigre

  16. @10:02

    El sillas kidnapped El Mayo's family in Tijuana. That gus is lost now, no one want's him in Tijuana now.

  17. The cost of being involved in the DRUG/Criminal business? You have to wonder if any of these idiots think about what they are getting into (NO) the key word is think,foresight,maturity. These drug crime wars come and go country after country liberals whine conservatives want to kill them all,in time people realize THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH go back to a normal peaceful secure life raise their children, we reap what we plant.Sorry kid had to die but he was probably doomed anyway.

  18. Oh well. He came from a family bred from dirty street whores. His uncle was a flea infested dog as are other relatives of his. These things happen when you are close to the assholes who shit you out in the first place. Its no loss for society. Its a good thing. May more of that filty clan meet the same death. These are children of the devil. No one cares about them.

  19. I guarantee you Ivan archivaldo Guzman chapos first son definafely fled the country after this,also what I find weird is that alfredo Beltran the son of alfredo beltran leyva lives in Culiacan,why havent they taken him out,,
    I mean theyve tried a couple times but seem to not be able to.Alfredo Beltran Loera is son of el mochomo and nephew of joaquin Guzman Loera,of course after the separation the kid stayed with the Beltran Leyvas instead of going on chapo side which was also an option since his mom is chapos sister,he is said to be a high ranking member of the cartel,and is said to keep in touch with his uncle hector.Either way chapos sons are not sleeping for a while cus vicente carillo is a crazy mothafu and they know.

  20. To the poster about El Sillas and Tijuana, yes, everything I've read indicated Sillas isn't wanted in Tijuana, or elsewhere, and was put aside by El Inge. But, I've also heard that he is still in good graces and just laying low. He's been a fairly high profile target for awhile now, surprised he hasn't been detained yet.

  21. @September 24, 2011 10:30 AM<<<thats crazy!!! i never knew that!!! is his sister hot??? lol


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