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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Acapulco: Severed heads found near elementary school

by CNN

Five severed human heads were found near an elementary school in Acapulco, Mexico, in an area where some schools had already canceled classes because of lack of security.

The heads were found Tuesday inside a sack that had been placed inside a small wooden crate, the Guerrero state public security secretariat said. Officials gave no further details other than to confirm that the heads had been found.

Photos of the scene showed a board with a message that had been left with the heads. The note, in an apparently sarcastic tone, told people to thank the governor for continuing "this war."

Teachers this month held protests over threats they received, presumably from drug cartels.

The calls threatened harm if teachers did not pay a portion of their salaries to the drug gangs.

Schools that refused to pay the kickbacks would be attacked, the threats said.

Late last month, right at the beginning of the school year, teachers fled from about 75 schools after receiving threats. Administrators and other personnel also refused to go to work and many schools were left empty and padlocked from outside for two weeks.


  1. Right on Calderon, you the man !!!! Look at this awesome "We Don't Negotiate With Criminals" strategy.

    How about facilitating a truce before there is nothing to salvage of the Mexican Culture.

  2. Where's the gov't (military and police) on this one? Is Acapulco abandoned? These are children and their teachers that need protection.

    Who's responsible for this..Zetas or someone else? Seems like they could use some Mata-Zeta protection down here...just sayin..

  3. Wow...just wow. Women and children at a freaking school being extorted. I mean come on if this crap was even attempted in any other country their leaders would not allow it to happen. Do something or your country...well what used to be a country will be 100% devoured by the scourge that is already causing massive issues throughout.

  4. Yea, Mexican culture!!! Now the only things to come out of Mexico are violence and Capulina movies. I don't know which is worse.

  5. @Layla...Not Zetas, maybe CJNG because it is their territory I think. You know, those good guy Mata Zetas. It is sad that Felipe chooses to protect El Chapo rather than the kids and teachers. What a president !!!!

    Damn, the destruction that has occurred during this EVIL mans presidency could possibly never be rebuilt. The pain the children and common people of Mexico experience is overwhelming.

  6. they will never be head of state

  7. Local Acapulco gangs, described as 'cartels', self and otherwise, but operate more like street gangs. Knights Templar, are going to contest the plaza/state too, Zeta's haven't made their presence known, but they might be around too. As far as cartels/'organized' crime Acapulco/Guerreo is a mess. Disaster zone.

  8. Zetas already maid presence along with BL.They came to clean up.CIDA is the one doing most of this mess.Guerrero and Morelos are home to Los Rojos the former guys in charge of the states for the Beltran Leyvas,who now operate with LFM,but are being dusputed by CDG and Sinaloa Cartel.The war is getting deadlier and more sickening,specially in Guerrero,in Morelos Beltrans have the upper hand.


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