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Sunday, September 4, 2011

55 people arrested during anti-drug operations in Colombia

A joint operation between U.S. and Colombian authorities has dismantled two drug organizations which were sending illegal shipments aboard submarines and aircraft to Central America, Mexico and the United States, officials said on Saturday.


Colombian attorney general Viviane Morales said at a press conference in Bogota that one of the operations called "Aguas Profundas" (Deep waters), authorities managed to immobilize submarines which were used to send up to 10 tons of cocaine to the United States. Nineteen people were detained.

In another operation named "Vuelo Final" (Last Flight), twenty-one light aircraft, used to deliver drug shipments to Central America and the United States, were seized. A total of 36 people linked to this organization have been arrested in recent days.

The operations were carried out jointly with the United States where all of the suspects were wanted for extradition on indictments handed up in Miami, Florida.

According to Colombian Chief Police Oscar Naranjo, the operations achieved the capture of four important members of the drug organizations, along with the confiscation of $1.5 million in drugs.

Naranjo also said that the drugs were being sent to Mexico's Sinaloa cartel. Therefore, these operations represent a significant contribution to Mexico's fight against organized crime, which has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

Naranjo further said that the ultimate goal was to capture Daniel Barrera, also known as El loco, who is one of Colombia's most wanted traffickers for whom authorities are offering a reward of more than $2 million for him.

Wilfredo Ferrer, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, who was present at the news conference in Bogota, pointed out the "extraordinary" level of cooperation between the United States and Colombia and praised the Colombian authorities as their allies and world leaders in the battle against drug trafficking.

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  1. Cute little psyop photo shoot and false story to convince the sheeple that they are " taking it to their boy chapo "....we all know by now that the U.S and wreckxico have picked the sinoloa to deal their drugs for them...this works out real good simce we now have taken the heroin trade away from the afghanis and put our bodygaurds (troops) in their to protect the elite's greedy billion dollar business...

  2. Hmm... They move 10 tons of drugs a month and authorities only got $1,5M worth captured. I guess someone is getting still rich, one side or another.

    Anyway, good job!

  3. What kind of submarines were "immobilized"? And how did they get them?


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