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Thursday, September 1, 2011

5 Zetas arrested in San Fernando, Tamaulipas

by:Ildefonso Ortiz
The Monitor

Five Zetas were arrested and a small weapons cache was seized earlier this week in San Fernando, Tamps., some 80 miles south of Brownsville, Mexican authorities announced.

A police convoy conducting routine patrols spotted a suspicious green Chevrolet Malibu with no license plates, according to information released by Mexico’s Federal Police. Authorities stopped the vehicle and — after a search revealed weapons and military-type uniforms — arrested its occupants.

The five were identified as:

>> Ricardo “El Miky” Villanueva Lumbrera, 26

>> Manuel Israel “El San Jose” Calletano Olivares, 25

>> Jose “El Dakota” de Leon Robles, 22

>> Maria Guadalupe “La Negra” Alejandro Garza, 19

>> Martin Alfonso “El Sarten” Rosas Fonseca, 18

Once the suspects were taken into custody, authorities confirmed with the PFP Intelligence Center that they were members of the Zetas.

Inside the vehicle, authorities found an AR-15 assault rifle, an Uzi submachine gun, a .38-caliber pistol, ammunition rounds and magazines of different calibers, one bulletproof vest, and several types of military and tactical uniforms.

The suspects were turned over to Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office in Matamoros for further investigation and prosecution.

SSP (Secretary of Public Safety)Report

Photos: SSP


  1. Anyone arrested in Sinaloa today?

  2. @Anon September 1, 2011 9:57 PM "Anyone arrested in Sinaloa today?

    Well i don't think so,and i dont care.I just agree the Zetas should be the first target for authorities since these scum bags are killing innocent people,burning casinos,mass graves in San Fernando,extortions.I dont know maybe thats why,catch my drift ???

  3. So el milky and his hombres get to keep their heads for now, they will be out soon like everyone else and sooner or later it's on again, it's not like new trades are being learned in prison.

  4. OK, I'll be the first to say it. Who in their right mind would ride around with all of that and no tag on the car.

  5. Whats the over / under on when these guys will be out? Think they'll be home for christmas? How bout halloween?

  6. Who is the person that identified the weapons quoted in the article? THat is not an Uzi but a variaton of the Mac 11, most likely 9 mm. Nor is that a .38 caliber pistol, it is a semi auto either a 9mm or a .45 cal colt clone with the clip making it look like a 9mm. If they cant get basics right how are we to believe the rest of the details.

  7. They should take these Zetas and tie them to trees and burn them to death to teach thier partners a little lesson, but the tree does'nt really deserve to burn with them so maybe not. Throw them in a pit and burn them and it will pollute the ground with thier filty corpes, its the better of both ways.

  8. I heard about a big shootout in nuevo padilla between zetas and federalies but no details. Anybody know anything?


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