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Monday, September 5, 2011

142 death reported for the month of August in Sinaloa

 142 executions are reported in Sinaloa during August

 Sinaloa, Mexico.- The month of August was deadly for Sinaloa with a reported number of 142 death in violent acts. The number of victims killed by violence in Sinaloa this year so far totals 1,328. For the most part the state has been immune to the wave of violence that has been striking Mexico the last couple of months in the states of Guerrero, Zacatecas, Nayarit, Michoacan and Veracruz. With most of the executions happening in the border states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon and Chihuahua. Almost every Mexican state is being affected by the violence, but not with the level of the states mentioned.

Here are composed reports of some of the victims in Sinaloa that were found on different newspaper websites in Mexico. Put together for the readers to take a look into the different violent death that have been recorded in Sinaloa this past month, with most of the focus being given to other Mexican states with more executions or even in some states with less executions. 

The victims range from a group of young men that get gunned down while getting ready to have dinner at a hamburger stand to a military man getting killed while turning into a military base. You got a fisherman, welder, accountant, lawyer, commissioner, police chief, construction worker, council man, journalist and a disabled man that was in a wheelchair selling newspapers gets riddle with high caliber weapons at a busy corner street. Nobody was safe from the violence that hit Sinaloa this past August.

Resident of Buenavista Killed
Monday August 01, 2011
Los Mochis, Sinaloa. The victim was a resident of Buenavista, also located in the municipal of El Fuerte, a few kilometers to the west of the recreation center known as the Bocatoma in the town of San Blas. The person in this case is named Luis Alberto Ayala Alvarez of 33 years old. Apparently the victim was running across the paved road when he was hit with a high caliber weapon. He was identified at the scene of the murder by his own father, who said he last saw him on Saturday night at a dance celebrating the anniversary of the community. He went home to change clothes and we never saw him alive again, "said the father."

Women executed and thrown into the water
Elements of the Municipal Police and State Police went along with the prosecutor to the dam of La Primavera which is located south of Culiacan, Sinaloa. In the water remained the dead of a woman floating, was suffocated with a plastic bag and thrown into the canal. The body was discovered by people fishing in the area and immediately gave warning to authorities who confirmed the find.

Two woman are killed in Mazatlan
Tuesday August 02, 2011
Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Bloody month of August in Mazatlan. Two young women were savagely killed at the doorstep of their home in the early morning. Located in the dangerous section of Santa Fe, advise the Secretary of the Municipal Public Security. The victims were identified as Alma Rosa López Millán of 28 years and Noelia Rodriguez Guerra of 30 years. The women were blind folded and repetively stabbed to death with a knife in the neck. A total of 69 women have been killed in Sinaloa this year.

They leave two executed in Sinaloa
 Wednesday August 3, 2011
Two men were killed Tuesday in Culiacan, Sinaloa. The first incident occurred on the streets of the colony February 5, where the dead man remained. The stranger had received several bullets to the body and was also wrapped in a blanket. Forensic Medical Service personnel picked up the remains and took him to their facilities. Then another executed man was found inside a vehicle parked at the northern exit of town. The body was abandoned in the back seat of a gray Jetta car. The gunmen put a plastic bag over the head of the victim and then gave the traditional coup de grace. They also left a narco message where it said the dead man was a thief.

Three young men brutally riddled in Sinaloa
Yesterday was reported the discovery of three bodies in El Tamarindo, Sinaloa. It was a dirt road where they found three young men executed by a group of drug traffickers. The three men were bound hands and feet with their eyes covered with duct tape. They were savagely tortured and shot dead. In addition, Next to the bodies where they are face down were dozens of shell casings from AK-47. Forensic Medical Service personnel picked up the bodies and took them to the morgue in Culiacan. So far they have not been informed of the victims names.

Four men dismembered
A gruesome discovery was recorded during the afternoon of Friday in La Palma Belonging to Navolato, Sinaloa, were they found the dismembered remains of four people. Elements of the Municipal Police, State Police and the Mexican Army arrived at a road leading to Campo Berlin behind a school. At that point there were at least 10 black plastic bags with the remains of four men. Inside of them it had the heads, arms, legs and feet. Unofficially reported that the men had been kidnapped by an armed group several days before. They were identified as Alejandro Sosa, Alberto Nicolás Leyva Medina, Jonathan Uriel Estrada Medina and Jesus Eduardo Beltran Meza. But officials did not confirm the identities.

Person found in Narco Grave
Sunday August 7, 2011
Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The body of a man stabbed to death was discovered in a clandestine grave in the town of Villa Union. The finding was after a military whistleblower alerted the presence of suspicious subjects in an area that leads to Amapa. Physical characteristics according to reports, the man was between 30 and 35 with one front tooth broken, he was about 1.65 meters tall. His killers shot him in the neck and had seven horizontally stab wounds to the chest .

Man appears floating
 Sunday August 7, 2011
On saturday there was the discovery of a body floating in the waters of the Canal Humaya, located in the town known as Coyote and El Alto in Sinaloa. Workers were the first to notice the person floating, so they called the authorities. Fire personnel were the first to arrive and made the rescue. The body was in an advanced state of putrefaction and was still in handcuffs. The victim was wearing an orange shirt and denim pants. Agents for Researchers conducted the proceedings, while the Forensic Medical Service personnel took the body to the morgue, where she hopes to be named.

Gunmen execute five young people in Sinaloa
Sunday August 7, 2011
During last night the five young adult came to a hamburger stand were they preparing for dinner when a heavily armed commando was present and made the slaughter. The incident took place in the community of Coyotito in the municipal of San Ignacio, Sinaloa. In fact the five young men died instantly, the situation caused sadness in the community and an intense mobilization of elements from different police forces. The executed were identified as Jesus Adrian Iribe Astorga, 18, Manuel Astorga Salazar, 18, Saul Zamora, 18, Mauro Andres Ibarra Prieto, 19, and Jose Carlos Lamarque, 18. In addition Mr. Saul Zamora, 50, was taken to a hospital in Mazatlan because of  the injuries in the attack. There were more than 100 shell casings found from AK-47 and AR-15.

Gunmen kills his drinking buddy
Monday August 8, 2011
During the early hours of Monday their was a violent act in front of the Clinic Santa Maria in Culiacan, Sinaloa. One man was killed, the body was left in the corner of Ramon Corona and Francisco Villa in the Heart of town. He was slightly built, about 40 years old and 1.70 tall. The victim had no identification and was taken to the morgue as unknown.

Man killed in Sinaloa
Tuesday August 9, 2011
A man was found executed during the day near El Tamarindo, Sinaloa. According to initial reports, the male person was very close to the Canal Irrigation 37. The man was already in advanced state of putrefaction with three shots in the head. Police elements said that the victim had been dead for three days. Hours later they managed to identify him as Hector Manuel Cuén Flores, 34, who according to unofficial information had been kidnapped by an armed group about a week ago.

Women beheaded in Sinaloa
 Wednesday August 10, 2011
Mocorito, Sinaloa. The decapitated body of a woman so far unidentified, was found Tuesday afternoon in Pericos. The body was found at the edge of  Mexico's International Highway 15 at Kilometer 50, between the communities of Rancho Viejo and Pericos. The victim was wrapped in a blanket with a cooler beside her containing the head. Hands were still tied with rope. Slim, light brown skin, approximately 1.60 tall and had 35 to 40 years. Was wearing blue denim pants and a light gray shirt. The body of the deceased was in a state of decomposition it is presumed that she was murdered about 48 hours ago.

Dead in Navolato
Wednesday August 10, 2011

NAVOLATO.- Two days after having been deprived of his freedom at home by gunmen, a neighbor of Navolato appeared dead. At around 09:30 am residents of Valdez Montoya reported finding a body under an abandoned truck next to the drain of Tio Gary. Police rushed to the scene and located a Dodge Ram Model 2004 with plates from Sinaloa. Under the unit officers discovered the body of a person who would be identified as Roberto Peñuelas, 30 years old who had bullet wounds. Shot under his truck down a dirt road in the municipality.


Two Brothers are executed
The findings were reported in the colony Popular, located in Navolato, Sinaloa. The bodies remained inside the vehicle Nissan Tsuru, it had no license plates. One boy was in the trunk of the car and the other in the back seat. The executed were identified as Javier Alonso Verástica Rios, 23, and his brother Jesus Fernando, 19.

Found a dead person
Thursday August 11, 2011
Choix, Sinaloa. At approximately 10:30 am on Thursday a man was found dead between the communities of La Tuna and el Zataque. According to the police report, the body was in an advanced state of decomposition with signs of torture. The body was identified by some as Tomas Miguel Valdez Robles, 30 years old. Residing in the community of El Zataque who was not reported missing.

Young construction worker found dead
Thursday August 11, 2011
On Wednesday a young man was found dead on highway Culiacan to Culiacancito in Sinaloa, in the town of La Higuerita. Element researchers confirmed the situation. Hours later he was identified as Javier Espinoza, 20. Reports said he had disappeared the day before yesterday. The family said, that the young man had barely move to the city and was working in construction. He went to work in the mourning and never came back. The family took it upon their self to go look for him. First in clinics and hospitals, and after going to the ministerial police to file a report. The victim was found shot five times in the torso and head.

Gunmen execute former Chief
Friday August 12, 2011
Fidel Plascencia Esparza, former director of the Anti-Theft Unit for the Ministerial Police in the State of Sinaloa and Efrain Ibarra Espinoza the legal director of the Ministerial Police were kidnapped by gunmen. Minutes after the action, the armed group freed Efrain Ibarra in the city of Guasave, however Fidel Plascencia later appeared lifeless. Authorities reported that Fidel had his feet and Hands bound. Showing signs of brutal torture and received three bullets that robbed him of life. The finding was reported in the vicinity of the colony Palmetto in the city of Culiacan.

Military clash with hitmen
The Mexican Army clashed yesterday with a group of gunmen in the municipality of Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa. Officials said the soldiers were patrolling when they were able to locate an armed group that was in the Ranch El Indio, Near International Highway 15. The gunmen attacked the soldiers and began a confrontation where part of the armed group was able to flee the scene, however two gunmen were killed and two others were capture. They seized four AK-47 rifles, several handguns, a rifle barrett, a grenade launcher, chargers, cartridges, radio equipment, cell phones, trimmings, marijuana, cocaine, and six trucks.

They shoot two, one survives
Saturday August 13, 2011
In Navolato two men were deprived of freedom and then shot, one died and the other survived the shooting. Two men from Aguapepito a neighboring town of Navolato were kidnapped by an armed group at midnight on a thursday in Laco. In a neighboring town were heard gunshots, but it wasn't until mid morning on friday when the two bodies were found dumped in a field. One of them was identified as Omar Jesus Lopez 29 years old that died, his partner was dying and was rushed to medical attention.

killed when he was getting home
Sunday August 14, 2011
Today another run was recorded in Navolato, Sinaloa. A man who had just come home was surprised by two gunmen who were waiting, then the strangers approached the man and shot him several times. Relatives of the victim called authorities immediately and thus began the corresponding investigations. Forensic Medical Service personnel took the body of Ephraim Ledon, 29.

Gunmen execute disable man
Monday August 15, 2011
The day began and Edelgard Cortes, 35, was preparing to work and never imagining he would receive a tragic blow. The disabled newsboy was in a junction of Highway Chinitos-Angostura, in the town of Guamuchil, Sinaloa. The man in the wheelchair was selling newspapers, however there were unidentified and heavily armed men that fired from a vehicle at the disabled man. The seller was killed instantly, the murderers fled and people called the authorities. Police elements came immediately where the man's body remained in the wheelchair.

Executed in Lomas de San Isidro
Monday Aug 15, 2011
Culiacán, Sin .- A person not identified was found shot to death in an area of Lomas de San Isidro. According to the reports of the investigating officer, the victim was allegedly discovered robbing a house when an armed group shots him in the flight of finishing and dies in the sidewalk. The body was found by authorities around 23:30 saturday on Calle De Las Fuentes, near the corner of Central Park. Eyewitness in the hands of the Attorney General, indicate that the victim was allegedly stealing copper wiring from a residence and was surprised when he was attacked with bullets.

They kill and leave him near his home
Minutes before 20:00 pm yesterday authorities were present at El Carrizo in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. The investigating officers received a report of a corpse and immediately moved to the point reported. Their was a dead man who was face down with his hands tied. The executed had his jeans below the waist with several shell casings near the body. Forensic Medical Service personnel picked up the remains of the man who was later identified as Eduardo Perez Zazueta, 40 years old. He had his home near where he was found dead.

They kill him at close range
Tuesday August 16, 2011
Culiacán, Sin .- Three shots took the life of a man that was a car body repairer and was executed inside the shop where he worked in the colony Rafael Buelna. The youth was identified as Juan Alvarez Moreno, 20, who had his home on Pine Street in the sector above. The attack was recorded at 17:05 hours yesterday at the workshop Buelna located in the corner of March 21 Avenue and Fresno Street. Three armed men descended from the SUV, where employees were gathered in a corner of the workshop. The individuals separated Juan Alvarez from the others and then shot him several times at close range. After committing the attack the subjects approached the SUV and fled the scene without being located.

Baseball player killed
Wednesday August 17, 2011
Los Mochis, ahoms, Sinaloa .- A young baseball player that plays in the league "Clemente Grijalva" was shot in the head while being kidnapped by a group of heavily armed in the outskirts of a bus terminal on federal street. Victims name was Antonio Celia Valdez, 21, residing on the street of Juan de la Barrera 1671 East, in the colony Of Jiquilpan. The young man, besides having played with baseball teams las Aguilas de Ahome and the Semilleros de Cohuibampo in the league of baseball "Clemente Grijalva", was preparing to perform as a teacher of physical education.

Young man shot in the doorway of his home
Wednesday August 17, 2011
San Ignacio, Sinaloa .- A young man was gunned down outside his home early yesterday morning, which is located one block from the base of the State Ministerial Police in the municipal of San Ignacio. Dionicio Vizcarra Palomares, 24, alias "El Michilla" laid in the street of Emiliano Zapata, Colony Río Asuncion. According to reports from the Ministerial Police the crime occurred at 02:00 hours yesterday. The cause of death was hypovolemic shock. Medical examiners found four wounds caused by gunshot in the back and one in the left leg.

Kidnapped and executed
Thursday August 18, 2011
Los Mochis, Sinaloa .- A person was found executed approximately at 8:40 am on Thursday at the old road leading to the town Compuerta. The now deceased was identified as Jesus Ramon Armenta Miranda, 31-year-old who had his home in Colonia Lopez Mateos. This person was kidnapped early this morning at 01:15 hours when unknown individuals arrived at his home on board a green pick-up, which were between 4 and 6 people carrying guns. Upon arriving at the home of the victim they began to yell out his name. However, seeing Miranda Armenta unresponsive subjects were introduced into the house because the door was open, they searched the house and managed to locate him in one of the rooms. After that they beat and took him in the pick-up to an unknown destination. Hours later, Jesus Ramon was found dead at the scene mentioned above and his body showed multiple gunshot wounds.

clash: Two killed in Mazatlan
Friday August 19,2011
Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- An armed commando carrying assault rifles was traveling in three late-model trucks appeared in the afternoon, section Santa Fe, spreading terror among the residents. It resulted in two deaths, one directly attacked while riding his motorcycle and the other trying to escape the bullets. Unofficially, theirs been talk of a confrontation between two trucks and that the victims had nothing to do with it, but were as often happens in the wrong place.

Armed group kills two brothers
Friday August 19, 2011

Man dies that had just been released from jail
A man who just had a few days of leaving prison was surprised by a group of assassins when he was in the Division Chula Vista, located in the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa. The strangers shouted his name, so the man ran several blocks until the gunmen caught up with him and gave him seven bullets that ended his life instantly. Paramedics arrived in the town but it was too late because he was dead. Elements of the Municipal Police also attended the report of several neighbors who observed the crime. Medical Examiner's picked up Leobardo Salazar Rodriguez, aka El Diablo 29.

Brother of the executed appears in La Bocatoma
Friday August 19, 2011

Los Mochis, Sinaloa .- The Deputy Regional Justice in the north reported this morning that one of the missing persons who accompanied the young man last night who was killed in La Bocatoma, El Fuerte, has appeared wounded in a hospital in Sonora. The person was identified as Refugio Arredondo Moroyoqui , who was the brother of Romualdo Arredondo Moroyoqui, the young man who was found executed Thursday night in the vicinity of the community next to a van that allegedly took them to a dance. According to versions of their family, along with them was another young man who still continues as disappeared. The three were allegedly assaulted last night by unknown persons with AK-47, reportedly killed one of them as the other two fled the scene of the shooting for their lives.

Commando enters Culiancan General Hospital
The Attorney General of the State of Sinaloa, confirmed that during the first minutes an armed group on Friday went into the General Hospital in the city of Culiacan. The gunmen arrived at the hospital and got out of a luxury SUV, Immediately went to the young man who had just entered the hospital and who was wounded by gunfire, were he was shot to death. Authorities reported the name of Jesus Aaron Rubio Beltran, 28 years old.

Executed Commissioner in Ocoroni, Sinaloa
Saturday August 20, 2011
Angostura, Sinaloa. Killed by bullets and wrapped in a duvet was found on highway Benito Juarez (La Costera), who was the curator of Ocoroni, Sinaloa. The victim was named Juan Manuel López Bernal, who had 45 years of age and had his home in the community mentioned above. The location of the body was reported to the Department of Public Safety and Municipal Transit Angostura around 06:00 hours yesterday. The deceases body was found today at about Kilometer 115, as authorities said, in a place known as the curve of Tesitos. As an elected official, the now deceased participated in several demonstrations in support of agricultural producers, blocking Highway Mexico 15 and demanded a compensation of 500 million pesos were more than 7,500 hectares were restored.

They find a man executed in a channel
Sunday August 21, 2011

Culiacán, Sinsloa. The body of a male person, not identified was found dead floating in the channel known as Recursos. The body was found in a decomposed state and had signs of torture. This person has no more than 30 years of age, approximately 1.70 tall, dark complexion and wearing blue jeans with an orange shirt. The find was around 08:30 hours, approximately 250 meters north of the bridge on the road known as "Costerita."

Two young men riddle in Cuiliacan
Sunday August 21, 2011
Culiacan, Sinaloa . The early hours of Saturday in Las Quintas, two young individuals aboard a brand new sports car were "riddled" with bullets, one was dead at the wheel and the other a few feet while reaching to get off and run, however was "shot" dead. The intersection of Puebla and Hermosillo, was the scene of a double murder accomplished by at least three gunmen. Only one of the "executed" has been identified as Quentin Valdez Rios, age 21, residing in the subdivision Los Olivos. Rios Valdez was traveling as a passenger in a red Ford Mustang GT with plates of the state of Sonora. The young man driving was dead at the wheel of the Mustang GT, and who's identity is unknown. His companion managed to get out and run to the corner of Ciudad Victoria, but was shot dead in the back.

Two young men were executed and burned when coming back from a Party

Rival gunmen clash

Last weekend, police elements were circulating Avenue Munich at the height of Fraction Las Mañanitas in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The police found a person who had been shot. The place was abandoned and two trucks had also been hit by bullets, in one of the vehicles was the man who was shot. The executed was identified as Genaro Abel Arellano Tirado. Witnesses said, at that point there had been a clash between members of rival criminal groups, which lasted several minutes. People said that several men had escaped, some were wounded and left in two taxis.

Pursued young man gets shot and crashes
Thursday August 25, 2011
Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Pursuit and a bullet wound to a young man by the road Topoto los Mochis. Authorities report that the person traveling in a unit was being chased by armed men along the road leading to the port of Topolobampo. At the height of the junction he was hit by gunmen, they shot him causing a wound in the back and the unit in which he was riding capsized. The young man was called Cristian Regino Atienza, 19, resident of the Colonia Las Margaritas. Upon the arrival of police forces and staff of the Red Cross took him to the hospital.

Journalist executed in culiacan
Yesterday morning an armed group intercepted the journalist Humberto Salazar Millan in Culiacan, Sinaloa. The journalist was on board of a Tahoe with one of his brothers, then the gunmen took him away. It was not until today when they learned of Humberto, as the authorities confirmed that they found him dead. The journalist's body was found in La Cochera which is located in Campo Morelia, Culiacan. The journalist was shot in the head and also had hits in the body. He was found face down and wearing the same clothes when he was kidnapped. 

Murdered a neighbor of Ranchito de Llanes
Sinaloa de Leyva . With a bullet in the mouth that came out his neck was found in the neighbor town of Llanes Ranchito, Sinaloa. Who was killed between the mountains, 500 meters from the village Agua Blanca. The victim of the violence was named Arnoldo Flores Peñuelas, 41. The Preventive Police said they received a report at 9:30 am that on the edge of a dirt road was the body of a person who was identified as Arnoldo Flores Peñuelas.


Gunmen riddled two men

Friday August 26, 2011
Two men were brutally gunned down when they were driving on board a vehicle through the streets of the colony Lázaro Cárdenas in Culiacan, Sinaloa. The driver and passenger were attacked by an armed commando on Avenida Patria. Witnesses said several subjects fired several times against the crew until they were dead. The vehicle was struck against a post. The bodies were inside the car and investigating officers collected at least 50 shell casings. Forensic Medical Service personnel picked up the bodies and took them to the morgue, where one of them was identified as Juan Antonio Cuevas Cervantes, 30.

Attempt to kidnapped and they assassin a welder

Saturday August 27, 2011
Guamuchil, Sinaloa. A welder was murdered with an AK-47 in the city of Guamuchil. Authorities have reported that on the streets of Independencia and Cuahutémoc three trucks arrived and try to deprive the freedom of Marco Antonio Samudio, 31 years old. The man resisted the kidnapped and was killed at the spot, according to the first eyewitness accounts on the site.

A man is gunned down outside his home
Saturday August 27, 2011
Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- A man was shot to death outside his home in Foresta Infonavit. The deceased was identified at the scene by local officers as Guillermo Grande Guzman, 30, residing in the place of attack. In the scene municipal officials disclosed that armed men arrived on a motorcycle, where Guillermo Guzman fell from a van he was traveling in, then was shot several times and the gunmen took flight.

One dead, two injured in a shooting attack
Saturday August 27, 2011
Three youths were killed after a shooting attack in Infonavit Barrancos. The incident occurred late afternoon when the three were talking outside a home between Calle Rosendo Rodriguez arte 112 and 110, one of them was washing a car. Suddenly two men came and began to shoot the three young boys who fell , the gunmen fled. One was dead on the spot and two were wounded so badly they were taken in private vehicles to get medical care but died moments later. At the time Cristian Ulysses Guerrero García that was 20 years of age died, then moments later the other two died that were identified as Nery Osuna Meza 20 years and Ernesto Alfonso Gallardo Uriarte 20 years as well.

A Military man is killed
Sunday August 28, 2011
Los Mochis, Sinaloa .- A Mexican Army lieutenant who was assigned to the 89 Infantry Battalion, was shot dead by unidentified assailants who attacked him from a car. The incident occurred yesterday morning, off the premises of the military town on the International Highway, when waiting for the free passage to enter the unit attached. Who died as a result of the severe wounds inflicted by bullets. His name was Esteban Villa Lopez, 38 years old. The incident caused a massive mobilization of law enforcement agencies and military forces, but the attackers managed to escape.

Three killed in a car to car shooting
Sunday August 28, 2011
Navolato, Sinaloa.- Three men were shot dead in a car to car shooting in the town of La Sinaloa, municipal of San Pedro. The victims were named Sergio Adrian Castro Camacho, 36, who was driving, Juan Ley Ibarra, both residents of the village El Battalion in the same municipal, and Jose Manuel Cervantes Aispuro, also 36yr old, residing at La Sinaloa. According to the version of events the victims were intercepted by subjects traveling in a red Malibu. Meanwhile, Aispuro Cervantes was assisted and transferred to facilities in Navolato Social Security, where he died while being treated.

One killed in clash with military
Monday August 29,2011
Los Mochis, Sinaloa .- A person died after a chase and shootout against the army and police in the vicinity of Praderas de Villa. This person was on board of a Mitsubishi truck L200, white double cab. It appears that elements of the group Urban Mixed Base Operations (Bomu) tried to make a stop, the driver causing the persecution. While being pursued, the person allegedly assaulted the soldiers and police with a firearm. As security forces repelled the attack and managed to mortally wound the individual who was on board of the truck. 

A woman suffered gunshot wounds in attack and dies at hospital

Monday August 29, 2011
Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- A woman died this morning when she was attack by gunmen and shot in the head. The person shot was identified by authorities with the name of Brisa, which apparently had a grazed wound in the head. The facts came at 22:30 hours in the International street corner by la Escollera, Colony Benito Juarez. The authorities said, the young people were outside the home when a motorcycle passed by and fired at them, where the woman fell and was taken to the hospital in a taxi, where she died.

One kidnapped and another killed in Navolato

Monday August 29, 2011
Navolato, Sinaloa .- A native of Navolato was executed and another was kidnapped by gunmen when they were in a business located at the entrance of the community in El Limoncito, municipality of Navolato. The deceased was identified by relatives as Jose Ramon Angulo Soberanes, 35, who had his home in Bachimeto, Navolato. The merchant who was deprived of freedom was called Victor Bueno Ramirez, 37, residing in the subdivision Chulavista in the municipality. The reports said, the incident took place at 19:20 pm yesterday in a business of Oil Filters called The Well, located on the road to Bachimeto in front of the Agricultural Plata.

Acountant dies in hospital after being shot

Tuesday August 30, 2011
Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- An accountant died in a private hospital after being shot yesterday morning. The aggression against the practitioner was reported at 06:50 hours and occurred on the street Belisario Dominguez, near the corner of Mariano Escobedo in the center of the city. Ministerial Authorities identified the victim as Armando Paez Osuna. He was 61 and lived in an apartment building located in that sector. The version that leaked at the site, said the accountant was walking towards his office which is located on the ground floor of a building down the street of Belisario Dominguez and a few meters before, was beaten and shot to death by a hitmen.

Council worker murder in El Fuerte
Tuesday August 30, 2011
Los Mochis, Sinaloa. The Coucil Director of the City El Fuerte was found murdered inside his vehicle in Colexio, Choix. He answered to the name of Gilberto Felix Navarro, known as "black", 41, residing in the colony Infonavit in El Fuerte. At first the body was not identified but upon requested data from the truck they found that the owner was Gilberto Felix Navarro. The gunmen shot him to death while he was in his Ford lobo truck Choix municipal authorities were reported to El Fuerte, where relatives confirmed that indeed it was the public official.

Coupe de grace in El Salado
Wednesday August 31, 2011
Culiacan, Sinaloa.- The individual was found executed with a coupe de grace in a plot of land, between the towns of La Palma and La Higuera in the municipal of El Salado. When authorities arrived they found him with a shot to the head. Their was a single casing that was found next to body. The victim did not have any identification. He was wearing blue denim shorts with a cap of the same color, an orange shirt which was next to the body and white tennis shoes. The deceased was of dark complexion, slim build, medium height and 40 years or so.



  1. After reading these reports it seems the majority of these murders are taking place in Culican. Culican has always had a reputation for violence. I can remember the reputation the city had and it was over 25 years ago since I have been back. The murders in the Mazatlan area have taken place in the barrios and campo areas but the city is suffering. Tourism is grinding to a standstill. Not only is the narco war impacting tourism in the beach front cities but also inland. Tourism has taken a hit in San Miguel de Allende and we are seeing the exit of Expats in droves. Real Estate is selling but being bought by fleeing Monterrey residents. Will the government ever be able to control the gangs here? Doubt it but perhaps after the elections in 2012 things will quiet down a bit. We can only hope and move forward.

  2. It is all crazy stuff, but today I read something on Blod del Narco I don't know if it is true or not but here it is for you to read it.

    Thanks to the wave of violent that grows with no end, Jaime Rodriguez Calderón, mayor of Garcia's, Nuevo Leon, began a program directed to the citizens who have weapon on hand to learn to use it. The people must have a weapon that is not used exclusively by the Mexican Army, the mayor initiated this program in order for the people to be alert in the situations which may put them and their love ones at risk. Today Sunday the advanced training courses have finished, many people of the municipality of Garcia participated and received information from how to registering their weapon, in addition they did shot practices in the Club of Hunting and Fishing. The citizens indicated that they feel more secure having a weapon in their hands, since the violent situations are more frequent, Jaime Rodriguez has lived several attacks in his life.

  3. Chamuko213 its cool that you reported all this and it must of took alot of time and effort so thank you for that, but next time cut it short. It was kind of pointless, as a reader I got the message that Sinaloa was being impact hard from the drug war from the first paragraph. Your post took up the entire first page of BB but anyways good job!

  4. @Texcoco Mex:

    It IS true...Mayor Jaime Rdgz is, or will be offering courses to citizens with LEGAL registered weapons on how to use them...I believe a couple similar programs have been started in Chihuahua which include a new firing range for civilian training and practice.

  5. To the person that took all the time to put this article together THANK YOU! I appreciate every article posted on BB. To the clown that thought the article was to long, go take some ritalin, just because your reading attention span is limited to one sentence..doesn't mean ours shut your mouth and go to blog del caca if you don't like the posts at B.B

  6. I am finding it difficult to become overwhelmed with sympathy for this state. If you go back to 2007 (count them, 5 years, not 1 as Sinaloa has experienced) and move forward from there, the city of Juarez (one city) has averaged 8 murders a day with the primary cause, a greedy El Chapo from the state of Sinaloa. I know first and second hand the horror he has causes the people of Juarez. I am planning on going to see the documentary "8 Murders a Day" soon. El Chapos' people need to understand that he pissed in everyone else's yard for years and sooner or later, they will shit in his. My only questions are; how much of this is El Chapo, and how much is Calderon and the federation that El Chapo leads for him? Now that being said, who caused the beginning rifts in Nuevo Laredo, and in Tijuana? El Chapo !!!!!!!! He and Calderon have several things in common, greed, a need for power, and the love of war.


  8. @6:23, you are exactly right. Supposedly reservations for expats in RV parks in Mazatlan are at 8-10% versus a normal 70% for Winter at this time. Parks are thinking of closing down if things don't improve.

    This summer every resort had openings unlike previous years. Many Mexicans did not vacation in Maz for the summer, they stayed home, which is not normal. Maz has been grafted into the perception of violence and tourism is taking a hit. This of course makes the problem worse and the cartels more powerful as honest may turn dishonest when pushed to support families.

    Malova was thought to be a savior, but he is not. It has gotten worse under him, even with the appearance of the special police. Sinaloa, I suspect, is getting ready to erupt in the near future.

  9. I can only say to all the reporters on BB thank you for the news, I'm addicted to read on Borderland Beat and I don't care if the post is long or not so thank you very much.

  10. This is wholesale carnage, appears to be random murder-- WHY-- who can come up with any logic,is this a Mexican thing?? If Drug gangs are responsible for this,what is the point?? Once again the Authoritys show up in time to count shell casings and take pictures. Why can't Mexicans declare war on Criminals kill them, their kids,pets,girlfriends,fathers,mothers, hell they need to do something other than sit on their lazy asses and blame the US.

  11. Great job Chamuko, I appreciate the work you put into this post..

  12. Thank you so much for this posting. The last fragile illusion I had had when I was a Latin American studies student was that at least this was in the past. that the constant terror, disappearance, and terrorism (state or otherwise) simply was not hapening on that scale anymore. I knew I was wrong, but thank you for proving I was wrong.

  13. Thanks to everyone that likes the post, but sorry for such a long and half ass post. Got a little over my head with all the reports that were translated. I went back and fixed what was wrong with some of the translation and the post.

  14. Chamuko213 I know translation is not easy and I think you did a good job so thank you for your hard work, and thanks to all the other reporters on BB too.

  15. This article is real and ambitious. So many deaths. Just one after another. It's never ending with no discrimination or no limits. Each murder has it's own little story. You don't get this type of news on cnn or the new york times. Raw and uncensored to the bone.

    Great article.

  16. Calderon should read this article. Maybe it would OPEN his eyes.

  17. the picture of the knife stuck in the woman's neck is crazy. too much reality man. mexico is one tough country to live in. i feel sorry for the mexican people.

  18. They all look alike.


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