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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zetas Butcher Some Apparent Golfos

A few days ago a group of unknown criminals detonated a grenade in front of a business in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

The following day five men appeared executed, some were decapitated, while others were dismembered. Placed next to the remains was a narco-message written on placards signed by the criminal group of Los Zetas.

The various cards had the same message allgedly by Los Zetas, it said that the victims belonged to the Gulf Cartel.

Translated text:
"Keep sending more of these fucking shit of Golfos (Gulf Cartel Members), come out and fight you fucking pussies. Stop throwing grenades against the people fucking shits. Attentive; Zetas."


  1. For crying out loud! Heads up! I was in the middle of eating some carne adovada burritos, please!

  2. @ Aug 27, 20011 8:34 pm........
    Dont worry youll get used to it. I now eat cereal or dinner while reading and seeing these types of butcherings.

  3. I sincerely appreciate the publication of explicitly graphic pictures .... I am doing academic research on violence in Mexico as it pertains to issues of PTSD and other consequences.

    Mexico Watcher

  4. @August 27, 2011 8:34 PM

    They do pozole too!

  5. Damn some warning signs please. I too was eating something haha.

  6. These Zetas are such cowards! Uneducated kids running around with guns and knives, playing tough guys. Fuckn idiots!

  7. Well, there goes my cheese and pepperoni pizza.

  8. what the hell i thought ciduad victoria was gulf cartel.

  9. Awww poor little murdering Narco's.

    All of them will have something like this happen to them eventually.

  10. I don't think there's nothing funny or gross about this, it is actually very sad, but I understand our brain has to deal with it somehow.

  11. Texcoco Mex said.

    I don't know if you people remember the two girls that were killed and dismembered Katia Cavazos Castillo and Kendy Cavazos Caballero.

    Well I think the person who killed the girls was killed.

    Early reports indicate that El Loko, who was considered the leader of the Zetas in the streets of Allende and Cadereyta, State of Nuevo Leon was responsible of the execution of two youths, found dismembered on 2 August.

    The characteristics of one of the gunmen shot dead matches the El Loko, a sturdily built man of about 90 kilos, wearing green shirt and bermuda.

    Well I hope is truth.

  12. borderlandbeat it almost seems like we should feel sorry for the golfos. like they were innocent.

  13. Rest In Hell Narcos

    We will all miss you

    Say HI to Satan for us

  14. Well its the choice they made with the lifestyle.

    When I see pics of what happens to Narco's I just think of all the others, maybe innocent people too they have done the exact same thing to or worse.

    Karma don't fuck around.

  15. Lol karma dont fuck around? dude theres no karma, it depends on the situation Karma doesnt exist. And by the way i thought that ciduad victora is CDG terrority. Kinda weird.....

  16. How do you people know that they were narcos?? Only because a piece of paper saids so??

    Dam, you people dont know shit about Mexico.

  17. @ 10:59 Am...If I ever intended to return to Mexico, I am sure of one thing, I would never say out loud, "These Zetas are such cowards."

    They are for sure the underdog. Two years ago they weren't given a chance to survive because everyone was after them. Everyone still is but they keep growing and are a formidable opponent to the CDG and CDS which I see as ok. They have the CDG painted in a little corner and mighty El Chapo on his heals trying every dirty snitching trick he knows.

    Psycho, aggressive, usually fearless, sneaky, deadly, move unseen, unpredictable, ruthless, constantly setting precedence, and they don't seem to fear anyone. They commit horrible acts, have no boundaries, and they really are hated by everyone. Every vile act in Mexico is explained off as, "those damn Zetas." Maybe this is what gives the organization fuel.

    I hate their vile acts toward the people. I despise their kidnapping and extortion. I wonder if these things would be necessary if there were a truce and Calderon wasn't trying to give Mexico to El Chapo on a Sliver Platter.

    They mutate better than anything I have ever seen. They are everywhere.

  18. I'll second that sentiment, Anony 6:48. Heck, the USA idiota crowd doesn't know jack about its own government, for that matter. All they seem to know is how to blow off their own heads with their own highpowered toys, both figuratively and literally. And that only that because it is always an 'accident'.

  19. I'm not even in Mexico but I feel how the people feel at this point. At first I used to be shocked and even had nightmares. Now, it's just an everyday thing to me.

  20. Let me tell you something; You people have No Idea what it's like down here. Real EZ to make all these remarks like these SCUM BAG This and SCUM BAG that. Do any of you live in Mexico??
    Hell No, I bet not one of you's have the balls
    to even cross the border for 24 hours and go out
    drinking?? Hell No! When you can walk the walk
    then and Only Then: You Can Talk the Talk! Until then Listen and learn mi amigo!

  21. Just leaving mexico. Got a tan, spoke my mind and had a few drinks in town.... No problems? What I noticed the most is while I have no problems speaking my mind., those who would listen seem to be just gripped with fear. How will Mexico fix themselves when for the most part ( no offense ) it's filled with ( sorry;) pussies? I'd say the zeta's are a bunch of teens controlled by a few slightly retard grown ups.

  22. Anon 2:09 PM I have walked to walk and I can talk the talk. I not only say scumbags but dumb-asses too. Stupidest bunch of people on the earth. Barely above retarded. Im not exaggerating. These folks would use a flyswatter to flip the eggs. I've seen these monkeys tear pieces off their own house to build a cooking fire. (because some other retard stole the propane tank.)Saw a bus driver watching a movie while driving a busload of people. They will drive an 18 wheeler or bus until the brakes literally fall off in the street. You want more examples? I have PLENTY! If you live in Mexico you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

  23. 'Stupidest bunch of people on the earth (dem Mexicans). Barely above retarded. Im not exaggerating. These folks would use a flyswatter to flip the eggs. I've seen these monkeys tear pieces off their own house to build a cooking fire.'

    This overt racist nonsense seems to be what passes for 'think tank' in Border Patrol circles. The Border Patrol is a welfare program for the dumbest of the dumb out of the Pentagon web and 'Think Tank' is in his heaven if he's part of that crowd?... which he most likely is.

    BB, why you attract these nuts so much?

  24. Its not racism Ardent, it is fact. I have seen all of this and more with my own eyes. Can you deny anything I say?

    Mexico is a country, not a race. Maybe I'm nationalist???

  25. I have been reading all the comments about the crime and violence in Mexico, it is so hard for me to realize Mexico is never going to be the same anymore. Unless there is another revolution. This kind of news are horrifying and I am just amazed of how cruel and evil these criminals can be; but what really makes me angry is that the government is involved in all this. If I was already dissapointed with the government, now I have no words to describe my anger against it. It's a shame that Mexico is going downhill and I hate when all you can hear about Mexico is related with violence and terrorism, it's so sad that all these crimes are on the news all over the world. I am so glad I don't live there anymore. On the other hand, for all those people that say that all mexicans are retarded, just FYI Not all Mexicans are retarded. There are a lot of good educated mexicans that don't want to be related or compared with the criminal or lower level kind. These criminals don't know better, they probably never saw the inside of a classroom in their whole lives, so how can you expect that an uneducated person with no family values can be able to make the right choices in his/her life?. Of course they will take the easy way, the job that will give them more money quickly. That's why we have to look at the root cause of the problem: The Mexican government, which has failed in give the people what they need in order to help them have a decent live and suceed starting for giving them the proper education. It is better and convenient to keep them watching soap operas and stupid/retarded TV shows all day long to be able to control them. That's the perfect formula. People: You all know that corruption is the bottom issue of Mexico's problems. Calderon: I understand that part of the blame is for the US to take for selling weapons to Mexico, but you can't deny it is also your corrupted government that keeps all the money for itself and underpays people for their jobs are some of the reasons that lead for them to get involved into the world of violence and drugs and eventually commit horrible crimes like these. You know this is been going on for years, but now it had turned into a real terrorist catastrophe that has gone totally out of control, these criminals are on the open and they LOVE to be on the spotlight. So, I just have a few questions for you: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO GET A HANDLE OF THE COUNTRY? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GROW SOME COJONES AND SHOW THESE CRIMINALS WHO'S THE BOSS? DON'T YOU SEE MEXICO IS FALLING APART? If you can't help Mexico, just be honest for once and let the US Troops do the job for you and get a handle on this. I am sure they will be glad to help.

  26. I don't think Mexico is falling apart this is all bs I went to Sinaloa and tijuana and its way clam over there Sinaloa really chagned its nicer than ever everyone is fixing there houses and so is tijuana people are driving new cars a lot police is everywhere

  27. I'm flabbergasted by the ignorance found on this page. Most of you just need to expand your knowledge and understanding about what is going on in Mexico beyond what you read about the drug war.

    I'm a white green eyed man living in San Antonio and I have been driving through Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey at least once a month for years and I've never been kidnapped or even seen a gunfight (although I was a witness to a robbery while filling up with gas south of San Antonio enroute to Laredo). I also fly to Leon and Mexico City at least once a month and I have a vacation home in Mazatlan, and do business in Culiacan about every other month. GUESS WHAT.....Mexico is functioning very well and there is much, much more to Mexico beyond the drug war. All over Mexico there are still family gatherings in the park, tourists at the beaches from Canada and America and all over Mexico, restaurants are open and people are working, children are still waiting for the buses to go to school, etc.

    Mexico does not need a revolution, and Think Tank's (very ironic name) perception of Mexico and hence, Mexicans is not even worth commenting on. People - there are many positive things going on within Mexico as far as business, education, and modernization. Explore and read beyond the bubble your in so you don't make such ridiculous and unfair comments about a country of people who for the most part are hardworking and who only want to take care of their families.

  28. I'm saddened by the lack of knowledge about Mexico that I am reading on this website. Mexico is still a wonderful country today, having done business in Mexico and spending 10 to 15 days per month in major Mexican cities since 1994; I see that the middle class has grown exponentially over the last 15 years and that corruption is becoming less rampant while modernization is taking effect throughout the government (both municipal, state, and federal).

    I'm a green eyed, blond, gringo living in Texas and I drive through Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey monthly and I've never been accosted or seen anyone else accosted in Mexico. I also drive my blond family from Texas to Mazatlan (driving through Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, Saltillo, Torreon, Durango, and ultimately Mazatlan) and we have never had problems or been a victim of any crime. Likewise, I spend a week or more a month in Mexico City and business is vibrant, people are working, and Mexico is a functioning society with functioning institutions.

    Although I won't comment on "Think Tank's" comments because his ignorance is readily apparent, I will encourage other BB readers to explore and read outside the narco news and better yet, travel to Mexico beyond where El Golfos are fighting Los Zetas in the North East and you will see that Mexico is functioning fine, its still the beautiful place it has always been, and the large majority of people are just working hard to feed their families and improve their lives just as we do here in America.


  30. I am dying my hair blond and wear green contacts to avoid being kidnapped or be a victim of a crime lol Wake the hell up you people! Crime is everywhere in Mexico, in some places more than others but still persists.

  31. Damn wheres my chile and tortillas I love this sick shit Im mean it s fucked what going on but if its from one part of the world or what there are plenty of sick fucks like us that keep looking at this stuff oo yeah some of you complian but your still here and going back and for the see more admit we re all sick fucks we like violence. So Tighten up


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