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Friday, August 5, 2011

Were kidnapped Mexican pollsters mistaken for undercover agents?

by:Ken Ellingwood
La Plaza

Nine polling workers who were freed by unidentified captors this week after disappearing on the job in western Mexican may have been mistaken for undercover police agents, a top-ranking state official said today.

Rafael Melgoza Radillo, government secretary for the state of Michoacan, said all signs pointed to “some confusion” on the part of criminals who seized the pollsters, who work for separate polling firms.

Melgoza said similar confusion may also explain the disappearance of five other people in the same area Monday while distributing Yellow Pages directories. The five distributors have not been found, though their car turned up today about 15 miles from the city of Apatzingan, where they and the pollsters had been working.

Melgoza told reporters in Michoacan that authorities assume the captors mistakenly thought the workers were undercover agents trying to glean information on criminal activities in the area, a hotbed of drug-trafficking and the site of clashes between hit men and Mexican security forces.

When the captors realized that the pollsters were not agents, Melgoza said, “they finally let them go.”

The two groups of pollsters — six employed by the Consulta Mitofsky firm and three with Parametria — were freed Wednesday within hours of one another. The Mitofsky workers vanished Saturday and the Parametria pollsters went missing Monday.

None has spoken publicly about what happened to them.


  1. Whatever ,Mexico is the most screwed up place and is bordering the USA which is worshiped by most of the world,FACT, now go figure, how did this happen??

  2. Anon 7:55
    Did you say the "USA is worshiped by most of the world"? Where do you get that from? Are you so badly informed, or poorly educated? No wonder China is taking over World's leadership with folks like you. You are the future of this country. A trash can.

  3. As per 7:55 PM the United States is worshiped by the rest of the world. Has anybody bothered to tell the rest of the world this? Hope those poor phone book distributors turn up like the pollsters did.

  4. My thoughts exactly, how the hell did Mexico get to be the armpit of the world being right next to the U.S.? Mexico, as a supposed modern civilized region is much older than the U.S. yet they're all ass-out. What is it that the Spanish and all the rest of the colonizers in this part of the world did wrong? It's almost as if the plan all along was on what not do to make a country work. I just hope that one day the people wake up to their miserable existence and decide that they no longer want to be the laughingstock of the world or else there really will not be a country left of their own.

  5. 8:44 The Indians were killing each other on a daily basis when the Spanish showed up. Nothing new for the last 500 years.

  6. AA+ credit rating is not worshipped. France is higher and they plant trees for invading Germans to rest under. The US is an armpit, nothing more.

  7. Dont get proud americans with our falling economy and debt we are not far behind ending up like this

  8. I think Mexico should pull their heads out of their butts, grow some gonads and kick all the corrupt people out of office and kick some drug cartel butt!!!


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