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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Veracruz update: A hero's death

Tha last post on Veracruz mentioned last Sunday's grenade attack against the public outside of the city aquarium. A family from Texcoco, EdoMex, suffered the full force of the explosion and shrapnel.

The grenade was tossed from a vehicle that was being pursued by military authorities through the Villa del Mar area of Veracruz. The men in the vehicle were suspected of participating in the shootout in Boca del Rio earlier that afternoon.

It has come to light that in a heroic act to shield his loved ones, the father of the Sanchez Bonilla family threw himself on the grenade. He died while his wife and children were wounded.

The children Christopher and Joselyn Sanchez Bonilla, 5 and 6 years old, have been stabilized in an intensive care unit in Veracruz.

Christopher suffered wounds to his jaws and Joselyn suffered head and neck trauma. In an interview yesterday the Secretary of Health for the state of Veracruz, Paul Anaya Rivera, said both children are out of danger with stable vital signs and no immediate complications and are breathing normally.

The mother, Magdalena Bonilla Santos, who suffered superficial wounds, has been discharged.

What at first were rumors from witnesses that the dead man, whose name was not released, had thrown himself on the grenade has gained strength as fact.

According to Anaya Rivera, the wounds suffered by the deceased male support the fact that he was shielding his family and if he had not taken the full force of the grenade blast the family would have been much more seriously hurt.

The deceased may have thrown himself on the grenade or was attempting to grab it and throw it away from his family but his body took the brunt of the explosion, said state Health Secretary.

Today his wife and children, and all good people, mourn his sacrifice.



  1. Absolutely heartbreaking that a family going about their business on a nice day can have an ending like this. The value system in Mexico and around the world for that matter including the USA has gone down so much in the past few years.

    This father represents the finest in Mexican society and the family deserves what ever the Mexican government is capable of providing them for their loss.

  2. How can anybody associate themselves, take bribes or work for the cartels knowing how ruthless/evil these people are?

    In the U.S. the drug campaign shouldn't be "say no to drugs," rather it should emphasize how many innocents and those who cannot protect themselves have been tortured/killed by these thugs. It would probably have a much greater impact.

  3. He has more balls then then dumbass sicarios who were fleeing ftom the soldiers. Hope his fam make a full recovery

  4. The Mighty El Chapo strikes again as the Almighty Calderon turns his head. God Bless the Innocent of Mexico.

  5. My family and I walked by that very spot a few months ago. I would hope I would have the bravery to do the same as this father. Nice walk, nice town, so sad.

  6. I can express in words how proud, impressed and admiring I am of this man. I agree with the above statements that this man is far braver than the gunmen will ever be. I salute you Family Man! And I'm saddened by the loss of your life.

  7. Brave man and a true loss to both his family and the country, if there were more people like him then perhaps the situations in mexcio would be different.

  8. Mr. Sánchez Bonilla was a hero long before that fateful day. He proved his mettle day in and day out by working honestly and honorably to provide for his family. Being a supportive Father and Husband is awesome. Then to take his family on vacation shows that he wanted to give his family a practical education and to have an enriching experience. Within seconds he took immediate and appropriate action to save his loved ones. Mexico needs more heroes like him on all counts. The losers who tossed the grenade only show that they lack any sort of upbringing by their inadequate parents. Rest in peace, brother. You have secured a place in Heaven. Please watch over your family and all of us from there.

  9. Texcoco Mex said

    Mi mas grande pesame para la familia de este gran hombre.

  10. All those people killed that week in that same town, who do you think made it to heaven? Those shit eating "macho" cartel guys should send a few hundred thousand dollars of that dirty money to his wife. All these lives lost to live the tacky life of a Mexican drug lord.

  11. @2:07 If working honestly and providing for your family and making sacrifices for your kids and loved ones is "heroic", then I must be a flipping saint along with a whole lot of others in this world. All that you mention above is called being a responsible parent and spouse. Throwing yourself on a grenade to save your family, THAT IS HEROIC. Let`s make a clear distinction. He is a HERO for protecting his family in clear and imminent danger. Hat`s off to him for that.

  12. This just angers me. A great man lost his life, while the scum live another day. Another hero lost to this so called "war on drugs" which turns out to be more like a war on "Mexican families, and society"

  13. Lets be real this man wouldnt of lost his life if it wasnt for chapos greedy ass,trying to invade every plaza even if it doesnt belong to him.Chapo doesnt give a fuck about who gets killed by his ambition.He hasnt taken one plaza from his enemies,just alot of dead ppl,and Calderon still allows him to keep doing the same stupid shit.Shame on you chapo,and calderon.

  14. Hmmmmm I first thought the narco's intended to throw the nade at the innocent family but I actually read that the grenade was not intended for the family but for the military convoy that was chasing them which does relieve me a little bit knowing the narco's did not actually intend to kill the family but still its pretty fucked up. Talk about the family being in the wrong place at the wrong time where that grenade happened to land.

  15. Chapo what the hell are you doing in veracruz! First you should try to control Sinaloa and durango chapo isidros, nacho González, Juan Pablo Osuna el 100, el pecas, el guero manguiver and Samuel lizarraga are still roaming around Sinaloa with their flag in the air, Beltrán Leyva.

  16. This man did the right thing by sacrificing his own life for his family. I would have done the same thing. At that point, there is no other option.

    Mexico is a CRAZY place. one minute, you're with your family walking in public on a peaceful day and then suddenly, you're laying on top of a grenade.

    fookin' crazy

  17. @3:52 Chapo's fault? You kidding me? Its all of these greedy ass drug pushers, human smugglers, and piece of shits fault. ALL OF THEM! Every single person involved, from Chapo, to the guy selling it on the street. Everyone has blood on their hands! Hell, EVEN THE INOCENT WHO LET THIS SHIT GROW AND DO NOTHING! How about there not be a Plaza, anyway? Oh, yah. I forgot that its better to make a quick buck and sell drugs (and kill and enslave your own countrymen while you "smuggle" them out), than to make Mexico into a powerful and prosperous country. Mexico has more natural resources than any other country, but it's stuck in the mud while trying to make a fraction of the money it could. I guess everyone likes living in cardboard houses, while the rest buy gold plated rooster medallions. Typical beans! If Mexico stoped importing drugs at dirt cheap prices, most would get cleaned up and there would be no need to waste all this money on a "drug war". Then you guys could concentrate on FIXING YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!!

  18. Honestly this guy died a good honorable death how many people die in car accidents every day.I admit it is tragic but he sacrificed himself for his family, he did what a father and a husband should do. He had the balls to meet death on his own terms.


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