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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sources: Zetas set off grenade in Reynosa, injure six

The Monitor

People in city of Reynosa underwent moments of terror when an explosive device thrown at a busy bus stop from a highway overpass injured six civilians and caused several others to have panic attacks.

Mexican officials were not available for comment. Various sources, including state law enforcement officials not allowed to speak to the media, confirmed the attack.

The attack occurred about 6:40 p.m. when an explosive device was thrown out of a vehicle driving over the Alvaro Obregon Bridge.

The device went off over a public transportation bus stop, injuring at least six civilians, including a teenage female. The victims were quickly rushed to two different local hospitals. Their conditions were not immediately available.

The Mexican military and authorities arrived and sealed off the scene in order to conduct their investigation. Authorities also conducted a manhunt as they searched for potential suspects, the sources said.

A source outside of law enforcement said the grenade attack was conducted by a group of Zetas who had managed to move into Reynosa under orders to heat up the plaza. The source also said several trucks containing Gulf Cartel members were used as they conducted a manhunt looking for the Zetas who had entered their turf.

This was the second recent grenade attack.

Last Sunday, an explosive device was detonated inside Cinemex, a Reynosa theater, while an audienced watched the movie “Green Lantern.” Mexican law enforcement officials initially thought the explosion was a prank involving fireworks, but later determined the attack involved an explosive device and that some seats caught fire. No injuries were reported following the first attack.

Photos:Amigos de Tamaulipas

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  1. i bet these zetas are already dead. many zetas die when they enter reynosa metro tres is in charge there and is very good in what he does.

  2. They will soon be caught its a suicide mission to go in to reynosa or matamoros and the z know it if they are caught by cdg the would wish they were never born if they are caught by police they will be handed to cdg

  3. The Zetas are no longer viable, they have been weaken by the majority of the cartels and the military. There are a few of them left, I suggest they melt back into the mexican society. As for the Cartels, El Chapo and others, why do you need so much money? You can get all the bread-8 money can buy. Turn yourself in to the USA and the USA will give you assylum just like Noriega.

  4. if they die or not less zetas to worrie about

  5. @ 2011 5:50 PM

    I dunno dude I thought the Zeta's were the second or 3rd most powerful going by what many here say and reports? I thought they had also been pounded hard by other cartels and military and weakened but seems they are still a powerful force.

  6. 2011 3:32 AM

    Yes if they are trying to infiltrate this area then they are pretty stupid to bring attention to themselves by throwing explosives out their car I mean if they just went in quietly they may have a chance but now the CDG and federal police are onto them. Narco's are a dumb bunch.

  7. 11:19

    they dont have a chance at all. if the zetas even send like 40-100 suv's to moros/reynosa they still fail to take over their plazas.

  8. Is it me, or has it been pretty quiet around these parts since the botched incursion the z's attempted into Matamoros? Some incidents have been reported (like the blockades in Mats on 7/14 and 7/7), but nothing major in over a month.

    Its a good sign that the "all or nothing" attempt by the z (out of San Fernando) hit the fan.

    There's no difference between a z and a rat; not even the buck-teeth.

  9. lol Metro 3 must not be that good if these Zetas manage to enter and raise hell in their stronghold.


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