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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kidnapped Mayor of Zacualpan found dead

The mayor of a village in central Mexico has been found dead a day after he was kidnapped, security officials say, bringing to five the number of mayors killed in the country this year.

"In the morning, we found a corpse in the town of El Pochote, and we confirmed in the afternoon that it was (Zacualpan Mayor) Jesus Eduviges Nava Altamirano ," a security official from southern Guerrero state said on Saturday.

A report from the state security bureau indicated that Nava "was found naked, with signs of torture all over his body and blunt force trauma to his forehead, which apparently caused his death."

The death brings to 19 the number of mayors killed in Mexico since 2010, five of them this year. Authorities say mayors may be targeted for refusing to cooperate with criminal groups.

An armed group kidnapped Nava and a colleague on Friday. One of the mayor's personal guards was killed during the attack, and authorities in Guerrero said they were still unsure of the whereabouts of his colleague.

Zacualpan, home to 14,000 people, borders the state of Guerrero and is located in an area where organised criminal groups are rife, including the La Familia drug cartel and a break-away group, the Knights Templar.

The Mayor had bruises covering most of his body and burns on his back.
Photos: Novedades Acapulco

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  1. Damn, I wonder what they were hitting him with? Too many cartels! How is a mayor suppose to know who to work for?


  2. Texcoco Mex said

    Is a shame honest people have to die for doing their jobs.

  3. Only in Mexico is there such disregard of human life on such a large scale over money. It's disgusting. Mexico truly needs a revolution but I'm afraid it will never happen as it would appear that greed and corruption are too deeply ingrained into Mexican society at all levels.

    How can a man deserve this? Even if he shipped drugs or worked to stop the shipment why do this to him? Why not just kill him with a gun and move on? The sadistic nature of these cartels in incomprehensible.

  4. Man look at those burns and bruises! he went through hell. Poor soul.

  5. Yeah getting burned is probably the worst pain ever. Mayor Nava's last hours alive were excrutiating. Did this man deserve this?

  6. These cartels aren't just killing people for refusing to work with them. In contested regions they are killing anyone they suspect of getting paid by a rival for services. It's not that all these people getting killed refuse to be corrupted.

  7. What did they beat him with?
    A Red Hot, 500 degree metal rod?

  8. That looks like baseball bats to me. They were probably beating him for information about the cartel he supported. I would think that they got all the information by the forth blow. And do not disregard this event because he may have assisted a cartel. I am sure he was working for one because they threatened him with this if he didn't work for them. Every bone in that poor mans body was broken. I am sure he died of shock or heart attack way before he received the blow to the head. This is a classic example of what happens when you fracture a cartel and rivals go to war with more vicious and less intelligent leaders. Now, guess who the next town leader will support. And then the original cartel shows back up and it happens again until nobody takes the job. It happened in all the rural communities around Juarez but they were not this brutal, the at least used bullets.

  9. The injuries look like the result flogging with flesh ripping ends. The Romans used such a device on Jesus Christ. These are barbaric times in Mexico... all Mexican public servants should be allowed to carry a firearm at all times...AR-15, AK-74u, UZI, etc, etc

  10. Nobody deserves end like this. Some people deserves death, but nobody that way. I guess it was ease to get in hell for him.

  11. did he refuse to work with/for them, or he actually did and wanted out or what was the deal? i guess we will never know.....i guess all i can say is at least he was found in one piece. another tragedy of the daily bread of the people in mexico...

  12. if you are a visitor in one of these towns,dont ask a stranger on the street for directions. if someone in a rivel cartel sees you: you are dead.

  13. 21, 2011 2:17 PM

    Would just be easier for everyone not to go to these damn places I still get baffled why people do!

  14. damn my cousin was in the meeting along with the farmers he was shot poor guy he was only trying to help the community

  15. Shouldn't those photos be under some sort of link? Have some respect for the dead.

  16. the funny thing is the people who done this to this honest man wil more than likley suffer the same fate.its a never ending cycle of madness which wont stop.surely a good man has the right to makes me wonder is there anything good out there after death..

  17. i remember that day i was there i had gone to zacualpan a week before all of that had happen, no he didn't deserve that he was i really nice men, i new him and his family, they kidnapped him because they wanted all his money and he refused to give it to them some say it was the gang name familia but others say it was others .like the other gangs the zetas who play of acting like they were the gang familia but who knows, R.I.P Jose Eduviges Nava you will be missed, and i hope the ones who did this to you will go to hell, and get what they deserve.


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