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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Juárez police commander ambushed, killed in hail of gunfire

by Alejandro Martínez-Cabrera / El Paso Times

The municipal police commander for the downtown district in Juárez was killed Saturday morning after an ambush near the Bridge of the Americas.

Juárez municipal police spokesman Adrián Sánchez said Víctor Nazario Moreno Ramírez, 32, died around 8:20 a.m. after two trucks and two compact vehicles closed down and opened fire against his vehicle while driving on Cuatro Siglos Boulevard, almost below the international bridge.

Another officer who served as one of Moreno's personal guards and who wasn't identified was seriously injured and taken to a local hospital, Sánchez said.

State authorities said they recovered 420 bullet casings caliber 7.62x39 millimeters -- rounds commonly used with AK-47s -- at the scene.

Sánchez said the incident marked the first fatal attack against municipal police officers this month.

He said Moreno had been previously in charge of the Delta tactical preventive team, a special unit in charge of high-impact crime response and special operations.

Moreno was named commander of the downtown district on June 29.

The police downtown district was overhauled more than a month ago with the purpose of increasing patrolling and crime fighting in an area overrun with drug dealers and once considered off-limits to police.

Sánchez said downtown officers conducted several drug-related arrests and seized large amounts of marijuana and heroin under Moreno's leadership.

"Everything seems to suggest it was a direct attack against him," he said.

The gunfire was heard at the international bridge, where officers stopped incoming traffic for about an hour until the commotion calmed down. Regular traffic flow resumed around 9:20 a.m., Border Patrol officials said.


  1. Texcoco Mex said

    This is an example that not everyone is corrupted in Mexico.

  2. A respectfully brave man, where was his back up?

  3. Doesnt exactly instill much for having the feds leave

  4. This is terrible. For lack of a better word. Even when steps have been taken to try slowly to change the situation, it continues to be so out of control. And the number keeps climbing.

  5. Being such a high value target for gangs, how come he wasn't equipped with a bullet proof vehicle?

  6. For all the racist PUTOS, high school dropout, low rent computer lard ass warriors on this board, that constantly generalize, calling all Mexican cops corrupt, when it is obvious that there are also men of principle who put their lives on the line, even though they have families too, like these guys getting shot at. It's so easy to be a quarteback in the comfort(?) of your trailer, bragging about what you would do to the sicarios or how you would build a higher wall. Stupid motherfukers, your own government is contributing to this carnage with it's double dealing and betrayals, like hiring informants within the cartels or letting 1000's of weapons thru while at the same time calling Mexican cops incompetent for not stopping drug shipments. No wonder we're getting our comeupance as a broke former empire with nothing to offer to the world except more weapons and more wars. People get the governments they deserve and we Americans are no exception !

  7. How about the authorities do counter ambushes on the narocs and weed out the corrupt people in their police force. Release select information that can be traced to the people who leak it and then act. Run this type of sting in every police force multiple times a month.

  8. This happened about a mile and half away from bowie high school right a cross the border in el paso. It was on the local news.

  9. The "downtown officers made several arrests and seized large amounts of marijuana and heroin." La Linea has had a strong hold on downtown Juarez for as long as I can recall. I haven't been there for 4 years but I suspect it is still the same. There is a lot of walk across business in that area by small time dealers that cross it themselves. It is a bread and butter operation. It probably generates a lot of money for salaries. What is implied in my opinion in the article is just that. Their message was, back off.

    @ 9:37 AM...My friend, you are the racist. What in the hell does this mean, "people get the governments they deserve." People have to live under bad governments everywhere with little or no choice. "We" are no exception and I am trying to figure out why you are trying to put shame and blame on people that recognize our government has taken a bad turn. You need to see a therapist about those anger issues and racism. You are "merely" a lowly a blog blaster.

  10. Where does mexico get its government from? Do they import them from other countries?

  11. 1:37 PM...The Mexican Politicians are from the wealthy elite, most are directly linked with Spain and other European countries. They really do not view themselves as connected with the Mexican ancestry, and think they are doing common Mexicans a favor serving them and ripping them off. Just ask Calderon and the last few previous presidents.

  12. this guy sign up to protect and to served this is what you call duty,and he protected all of the juarences and he served with honor his country.the guys who kill him they may be celebrating right now but,with an eye wondering if the cops or army may be lookin for them right now this might be a big lost but,we won a new hero who gave his very own life for what he believed was right.

  13. 7:33 PM...His fellow officer in the photo is a perfect model of true disgust and despair which reinforces what you say of his commander.

  14. ok so what happened to the line of propaganda that if el Diego the almighty DEA/CIA/EPA/USA enemy was eliminated that the violence in Juarez would die?

  15. so what about the chavala migra calling out a helpless and confused mexican citizen woman that just happened to ride upon this grotesque show of force. why didnt these "trained" officers secure this lady but instead call her out from the distance behinf the "fence" so that she might possibly get shot or better yet possibly get "picked up" by police before their very eyes with no report of her whereabouts by mexican officials.

  16. hey, hey there's some one in the weeds!!!!! Y la yerba se movia se movia se movia

  17. publiquen la verdad pinches gabachos, sus migras culos delataron una inocente en vez de protegerla y darle asylo politico

  18. @August 8, 2011 11:59 PM

    Killings will be continuing as long as there is crooked cops and military.
    I think most of described "armed commandos" or "masked commandos" etc in news are straight from military force. And they "clean" Juarez from their enemies and their enemies are same as Chapo's.

    When they're ready (if they never will be), Juarez is in one cartel's hands and of course violence lowers. Until next cartel tries to take it over. And so on.

    I'm reading now Charles Bowden's Murder City. It's about Juarez, I recommend it to read.

    Quote from that book (part of conversation between Charles and one of Barrio Azteca's ex-sicario):

    Who is killing all these people in Juárez?
    He says, "Now the military is killing people who are no longer useful. If there is any dispute over drug money, they kill."
    He has no idea what the Juárez cartel is up to. "Such information is only available to the highest-ranking police officers."
    The meal is over.
    He has one more thing to say when I ask him about the late Amado Carrillo, the fabled head of the Juárez cartel.
    "He is a god."

    This book is written 2010.

  19. Texcoco Mex said

    What's up BorderlandBeat no more news to report?

  20. What going on? the news articles have stopped :(

  21. When will this shit end? It's a never ending cycle of killings where no one is safe except fucken Calderon.

    I bet you it was the pinche Sinaloa cartel and the policia federales who were involved. So now, this war in Juarez has become: Calderon, the Sinaloa cartel, and los policias federales. VS. the mayor of Juarez, Leyzaola, the Juarez cartel and los policias municipal?

    This has gone way too far.


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