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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Jefe de plaza" killed in Nuevo Laredo

Unconfirmed reports from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas state that the Los Zetas plaza chief in Nuevo Laredo, Jorge de la Peña alias "El Pompín", was killed in a shootout yesterday with Mexican Army soldiers.

The shootout, in which another gunman and one soldier also died, occurred at the intersection of Maclovio Herrera and Alvaro Obregon in downtown Nuevo Laredo, approximately one mile south from the International Bridge #1 that links the city with Laredo, Texas.

Two gunmen survived the shootout and were taken into custody. All four men were travelling in a white late model pickup when they were intercepted by an Army unit at around 12 noon.

Minutes after the late morning shootout, "narco" blockades were reported throughout the city.

The local newspaper in Laredo, the Laredo Morning Times, reported clashes in different areas of the city. The Morning Times quoted a Mexican federal source saying that some "halcones", or lookouts that provide early warning and intelligence functions for criminal gangs, were also killed by Army troops.

The name of Jorge de la Peña,"El Pompín", appeared in the Mexican press in May of this year after parts of the Marine interrogation of Sergio Mora "el Toto" were made public.

El Toto was the Los Zetas head of operations in the state of San Luis Potosi when the attack on ICE agents, in which agent Jaime Zapata was killed, occurred in that state in February of this year.

El Toto was swept up in the dragnet of Zetas from San Luis Potosi after the attack and was arrested in Saltillo, Coahuila.

During the interrogation El Toto identified "El Comandante Pompin" as the local head of the plaza for Los Zetas in Nuevo Laredo. El Toto also identified El Pompin's second in command as Ramiro Rojas "El Comandante Rama Rojas" and Juan José González "El José" as the principal in charge of drug distribution in the city.

Sergio Mora "El Toto"

El Toto confirmed that Heriberto Lazcano is the leader of the Los Zetas organization and that Miguel Angel Trevino is the head of operations and second in the chain of command.

The third position in the Los Zetas hierarchy was identified as a person with the last name of Zamudio and known as "El Samurai" or "El Samy" who serves as the chief financial officer for the organization and supervises all Zeta "accountants" and "supervisors" from his base of operations in Nuevo Laredo.

El Toto recanted his statements made to the Marines after he was transferred to the custody of the PGR, Mexico's Attorney General's office, saying that the confession was forced under torture.

Halcones in Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa, Tamaulipas.



  1. It is well known in the colonia victoria is full of Halcones from the bridge until parque viveros

  2. I live in laredo texas I used to go daily to the turf club and cadillac bar their gambling casinos making sports bets winning bout 300 daily loved it but ever since the war started in nuevo laredo I neva crossed again I know true horror stories firsthand I don't think ill eva set foot in nuevo laredo ever In my lifetime very sad story my family still lives there but I can't visit I know nuevo laredo like the bak of my hand I hope god lays his hands on dat once beautiful

  3. The picture of the first halcon is a block away from bridge number 2.

  4. Good job. Its about time their startin to clean up nuevo laredo of these mierdas. The army should have confronted those narco blockades with concentrated gunfire n killed as many zetonas as possible n the 1s who surrender get watever info u can from them then put a bullet in their head. Then follow up on ur leads aggressively till u kill that piece of shit 40 ...hijos de su reputa madre perros zetonas rateros mugrosos lol.

  5. get rid of the little piece of shit halcones ..and the battle is half won

  6. @6:11
    The blockades are actually burned cars, trailers, and buses and are not manned by sicarios (only used to block off law enforcement) thus there being no point in the army shooting at them. Trust me the army hates the Z as much as everyone else and takes prisioners only as a last resort.

    Viva el ejercito y marina

  7. Another Zeta buys the farm. Yesssss!

  8. Isnt the real jefe de la plaza of nuevo laredo,Z-42???

  9. I don't think it will be long until Nuevo Laredo is just like Monterrey, CDG will probably use this arrest to move into the plaza. Or try to gain some traction there.

  10. You are right these fuckn homos hijos de su puta madre, chicken faggot zetas aint shit. Killing innocent people.i would literally put them aside and just kill shot.hope this message gets to these zetonasrats i

  11. Haha you know they run nuevo laredo so go and say it to their face!hahaha Muchos webos por la computadora!

  12. Die zetonas! Die you fuckin pigs! Los zetas son la mierda de mexico along qith their supporters ahhhhhahahahahahaha. Pura raza pesada de michoacan q-vo. Lol

  13. Me la pelan ustedes pinches lacras cara de panochas. Ponganze a trabajar como hombres no como jotos pinche lambe huevos. These cartel cheerleaders need to be told to go fuck themselves when they come here and post their bullshit. You don't intimidate anybody because we all know you're cowards and only talk tuff from behind your faggot-ass squirt guns.

  14. its called "organized crime" thats why they control the places they control

  15. It's too bad Nuevo Laredo has gotten so F--ked
    up; gone are the days when all the Gringo's went
    there for Good Cheap Food and Entertainment.With
    out the Gringos spending their greenbacks the
    legitimate Mexican buisinessman starves because
    they could charge the Gringos enough that they could Discount the same products to the Locals
    and still make a decent profit. Not Now, no one in their right mind will go back to Nuevo Laredo
    until all these mini wars Stop! As far as I can see that will not be anytime soon. Ahh; For the Good Old Days huh? What a Beautiful Place gone to s--t! and all because of some punks who think thier Bad Asses; take away the weapons
    and let's see how Bad they Are!

  16. From the halcones to the mas chingones. They are all a part of the same network. I say, cut of the head and the body dies but it's okay to cut off the hands and feet too.

    El pompin, say "hi" to Lucifer for me. Ya no eres el jefe de la plaza.


  17. A mexican millitary chopper crossed in to laredo texas no news on da beat?

  18. purooo zetaaa

    akii sii es vdddd

    el ejercito dejense de hacer los babosos
    y ponganse de modo y dejar trabajar a la gente

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    venganse a hechar vergasoso si escriben mamamdas
    y kuando los topamos estan todos llorones q no les hagamso nada jajaa ni pedo tumbaron al pompin
    pero hay mas comandants pinches estados unidos putos todos

  20. @ idiota August 25, 2011 9:47 AM

    you can't even spell in spanish fucktard


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