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Saturday, August 27, 2011

For Three consecutive days, Narco Canvases have `appear' in Michoacán

Friday August 26, 2011,

Morelia, Michoacan. Several narco canvases with photos of a criminal group were offering a reward of up to $500,000 dollars for whoever gives information on their whereabouts. They started appearing Friday morning on the distributor road and pedestrian bridges, exits to Quiroga and Ciudad Universitaria.

Authorities were alerted by motorists traveling these areas of the city, so immediately the appropriate law enforcement prepared to travel to this places and remove them.

The narco canvas verbatim said: To the general population, we inform you that were offering a reward to the person who provides timely and accurate information for the location of El Terry and El Torito.

Added, they are kidnappers and traitors who have joined the enemies Los Zetas. Were also giving rewards for those who are following them, here are their names and photos. We gave an ultimatum to everyone that continues to have communication with those who are following these traitors.

It also reveals, that there's no more opportunities and punishing those who didn't believe we were going to find out your continued support with information to these traitors and kidnappers.

At the end of the narco canvas are five pictures with the names of Antonio Mendez Vargas, El Toño, they offered a reward of $500,000 dollar, Martín Rosales, El Borrego or El Terry, $ 300,000, Otoniel Mendoza, Montana, $100,000, José María Chávez Magaña, El Pony, $100,000 and Froylan Guzman Cano, El Chimino, $ 10,000, while for Paredes Rodolfo Cardenas, El Bofo, $300,000.

On one side of the canvas appears the narco shield of Los Caballeros Templarios, "the Knights Templar."



  1. Looks like the zetas is gonna take over michiocan once again,along with La Familia Zeta aka La Familia Michiocana.

  2. i just love the comments they hear a lot of shit and never go out to the states to actaully see who is wining and who rules there

  3. 6:32 What are you talking about?It sounds like you live in michiocan and knows everything thats going on haha yeah right.Im only stating whats going on La Familia Michiocana and Zetas against Los Caballero templarios in Michiocan.

  4. @6:06&7:14
    Exactly if you don't live their you don't know I was vacationing there and LFM members either joined CT or stopped trafficking drugs and killing people there is no such thing as La Familia Zetas only Chango Mendez and a small percentage of LFMs went with him, Los Caballeros Templarios run Michoacan not Michioacan

  5. 9:49 A Vacation is not living there!

  6. No, but you get an idea and CT is definitely running shit there. You can talk all safe from your mama's house, but go down to apatzingan, el ahuaje, uruanpan, la ruana, morelia, pretty much any city in tierra caliente talking that zeta shit, you wont come out alive. Your regular joe citizen in michoacan hate the zetas and people are quick to let someone know. Because they know if those zetas get in its gonna be worse. Those scumbags where their before and people dont forget the hell they gave them.

  7. Ragardless zetas are going to take over michoacan eventuallly...CT can't compare to zetas... zetas will stomp them in a second.... suks cuz zetas are evil!

  8. 1st(?) of those supporters found executed:

  9. Stomp them out. They havent been back since they got kicked out. they try to on the limits of jalisco bordering michoacan but they aint doing shit. \

  10. @2:02 and Luciferkilla did you guys even read the article LFM is now with the Zetas.Im pretty sure theres Zetas are in michoacan.Luciferkilla your ignorance is obvious.

  11. oh shit, just because you read an article that makes it true and were the ignorant ones, lol. Yea those guys are clicked up, but so? they got ran out of mich, plus all the familia went to CT. The only faction that stayed in LFM was el chango's people. HInt Antonio Mendez Vargas, el Tono pretty sure is el chango's brother. Plus that faction got ran out of tierra caliente also. Thats why most of the fighting is in the jalisco and michoacan border. and this source is from different family members in michoacan, from uruapan, apatzingan, el ahuaje and la ruana. So im suppose to believe your lil article,

  12. 7:07 is fucken stupid!"All La Familia went with CT" hahaha ooh ok.So thats why their still fighting against each other?Nice way of contradicting yourself.

  13. Jaja zetas wont take over michoacan they try once and got kik out and family member ether join the CT or the Zetaz theres no more family in michoacan cuz there in ether side but CT running michoacan


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