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Monday, August 1, 2011

Five Sicarios Killed by Federal Police

A group of heavily armed men confronted members of the federal police on the road Uruapan-Los Reyes in the community of San Lorenzo-Angahuan in the state of Michoacan.

The deadly confrontation lasted just a few minutes at which time police managed to kill five of the gunmen. The area was immediately secured and the scene was turned over to authorities of the ministerial public.

The armed men were travelling in a blue station wagon with Mexico City plates and a Toyota with Jalico plates. Police managed to seize four AR-15s and one AK-47 with loaded magazines and numerous rounds of ammunition. The dead men were not identified.


  1. I'm from Los Reyes so this hits home for me. This isn't the first time I hear of a shooting taking place on the outskirts of Los Reyes, but I have yet to hear of one taking place in the actual city/plaza itself. I hope it stays that way. Glad to hear only the bad guys got hurt.

  2. 5 less low lives. Good work police!


  4. Anonymous August 2, 2011 1:25 AM said "Glad to hear only the bad guys got hurt."
    I'm with you on that but how can we really tell if they were all bad guys? The Federales are every bit as scary as the cartels (sometimes one and the same) and have been known to plant evidence. I hope they got the right folks but with Mexico you never know, the corruption and lack of transparency is too deep.

  5. It would not be the first or the last time police or military plant weapons to cover up the fact they fucked up big time.

  6. That's a little the first pic..the AR-15 laying next to the dead sicario gunman, the hand guards are missing (exposing the barrel and gas tube). Without the hand guards, firing that AR would be difficult because there is no way you could properly hold the rifle with two hands. The barrel and and gas tube get extremely hot, after firing just a few rounds. The pic just looks staged..

  7. @11:51 yeah its most likely staged, the fact tthat 5 men armed with heavily armed men were killed so quickly and the federal police received no injuries or deaths makes it seem like the FP pulled them over and killed them then handed it over to the municipal police, now people wonder why LFM and CT kill federal police

  8. The hand guard is still there, whats left of it.
    seems like a bullet took most of it off.
    dont believe me?
    take it into photoshop and up the resolution.
    its clear as day.

  9. @8:02/12:47PM Huh..that's okay..I'll take ur word for it..I don't care enough about this article to over analyze (photoshop..really?) the pic to verify your claim..Lol

  10. Though I'm not trusting of the authorities down there, lets give the benefit of the doubt here. I reckon as stated they were fired upon and took these "kids" out. Regarding the photo, they probably laid the bodies in the truck with the guns afterwards for photos?


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