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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ex President Fox proposes truce with organized crime

Xochitl Alvarez/El Universal

Given the levels of extreme violence that Mexico is experiencing, former President Vicente Fox proposes the creation of a liaison group of international experts to mediate a truce with organized crime, and the creation of an amnesty law.

In reaction to the attack of the Casino Royale in Monterrey, the former Mexican President announced his decision to become "a voice that calls out for Mexico to follow the path of peace, harmony and nonviolence."

Fox described the attack on the casino as a crime against humanity and called for urgent and exemplary measures against the criminals involved. He said that events like those that occurred in Monterrey have overwhelmed and pummeled the nation.

At the close of a course on public safety in the Fox Center, a combined presidential library and academic center located in Rancho San Cristobal, Guanajuato, the former president called for “decision makers” to review "what is not working, why we are not advancing, why there is a lack of a sense of urgency in the work that lies ahead. "

He called on all political actors and the government to seek new creative solutions through alternative means in search of harmony and the restoration of peace in our society.

Fox pledged his efforts in this "process to reach solutions through an alternative route to restore peace and harmony in our society and to restore the image of our country, confidence in the future and the long-awaited hope."

He added that these events show as that you do not combat violence with violence, which lead to the levels of cruelty that we are seeing and experiencing.


Vicente Fox launched five ideas for discussion and public scrutiny.

"We must analyze the legalization of drugs at the highest level”

“Reinvent and reform our institutions of security and justice, devoloping a professional police force that is respected and supported.”

“Accelerate all policies that lead to income opportunities, employment, education, sport and culture."

"Establish exemplary measures against criminals that commit a crime against humanity."

"Convene a liaison group of experts at the international level to provide ideas and solutions, to call on violent groups to establish a truce, and to assess the suitability of an amnesty law.”

Fox called out to Mexicans to sacifice their comfort and tranquility, and work to restore civil peace and harmony in the country.


At the Fox center, Assistant Secretary of Public Security Alejandro Rubido spoke against the former president’s proposal to negotiate with violent groups.

"From my point of view I do not share the vision of having any kind of truce with criminal groups, they are enemies of the Mexicans, they are attacking and hurting citizens," he said.

He noted that crime is combated with the lawful use of force and the application of energetic social programs.

"We must be firm, we must fight them, any country that has attacked the levels of crime that we are seeing in Mexico today has done it through the use of force, but also with social programs, prevention programs. This is not only violence against violence.”


  1. Shame, shame, shame Mr. Fox.

    All I can say is. Viva Calderon. My new hero

  2. None of your proposals are going to work mr. Ex presidents fox. Just admit that mexico is f**ked and it will stay like that. There is only one solution and that is for the us and barrack obama to send soldiers but that will never happen. With all the crazy ass killings going on you swear. Those gringos are to scared to go in and end up in peaces or without a head. Just saying.....

  3. Finally, a voice of common since, not ego. I said after the act at the school in Juarez the other day, that was the beginning of a revolt. Then the casino event occurred. There will be several more assaults on the innocent because President Calderon will not see anything but his vision of Mexico which includes handing Mexico to El Chapo on a silver platter. There is way to many players involved at all level form cartel members to politicians, military personnel, to police at all levels. One cartel and one political circle cannot have it all. Until a voice of reason takes charge, we can expect more of the terrible acts against citizens because acts against political figures, cartel members and police no longer get anyones attention. Fox laid out a very good beginning. Alejandro Rubido needs to go back to smoking dicks. He looks like he would be very good at that.

  4. Wow! What a real piece of work..Senor Fox your idea of an amnesty law is is your legalization solution. For one, the United States is not going to repeal any of their criminal indictments against any of the "targeted" drug lords. Two, legalization is never going to happen in the United States. Third, what a slap in the face to the countless family members of the innocent victims, who have died at the hands of these criminal terrorist DTO's. No, Senor Fox you should stay retired and continue to live off that bribe money you received, while you were president!

  5. Truce! are you fucking kidding me! How is the police going to gain respect, when you just proposed the most violent of criminals (Narco-Sicarios) be granted amnesty. Geez, this guy must be smoking and snorting the same shit he wants to legalize!

  6. Texcoco Mex said.

    No truce will work and legalizing drugs will be a victory for the cartels. In Mexico killing is negotiating and with out government victory it will be no peace.
    The violence in Mexico increase thanks to the negotiations the cartels have had with corrupt officials in the Mexican government. They were allowed to deal drugs but the bast amount of money from drug dealing was not enough they want it more and the add it theft, kidnapping, piracy, extortion, and murder for hire and I don't know how many more illegal activities to fulfilled their appetite for money, no matter what they will always want more. I KNOW THIS WITH OUT GOVERNMENT VICTORY IT WILL BE NO PEACE

  7. Fucken idiot and what forget that 40 thousand people killed

  8. Texcoco Mex said.

    @August 26, 2011 11:22 PM There is only one solution and that is for the us and barrack Obama to send soldiers.

    No disrespect dude but please don't start with that shit U.S have not defeated Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and it has already been ten years. Many people had said that war is over but 2010 had 711 casualties and 2011 412 so far and I'm talking about only coalition casualties not all human casualties. If you ask me I think the Mexican cartels have a lot more power than Al Qeada.

  9. To the my dumb ass friend that wants to send troops to mexico. You are a fucking retard for thinking the US should solve every fucking problem. YOU want to send our american troops and waste OUR money, to fix something that cannot be fix. YOu are the idiot!!!

  10. Seems that Fox is now regretin his decision to ally himself with Chapo. Don't be surprised that sometime in the future ist is revealed that it was El Chapos sicarios who commited this act in order to exert international pressure on the Zetas since at the present rate it seems that the Zetas have not lost any ground even though they are being contest in nearly every state. This is akin to the tactic that he is accused of employing by La Linea who accuse him planting narco messages threatening the DEA. I would not put it above El Chapo to be the mastermind of all of this since he has constantly exhibited his flexibility in using every situation to his advantage.

  11. Calderon appears to be the hero president that they've never had. After almost 70 years of one party dictatorship rife with bold faced corruption full of look the other way pay-offs. The poor citizens of Mexico haven't seen a government attempt to operate by the rule of until the PAN began to take power. Calderon is a transformative leader and everyone with a stake in the old system is going to fight him. I think Calderon is the bravest Latin American leader since Columbian National Police Cheif Col. Andres Etupinan who helped bring down Pablo Escobar.

  12. @11:56pm(No disrespect dude but please don't start with that shit U.S have not defeated Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and it has already been ten years. Many people had said that war is over but 2010 had 711 casualties and 2011 412 so far....)

    these numbers are for the whole country you think only 711 murders in 2010 is bad compared to what's going down in Mexico???


  13. I agree calderon seems 2 be the most bravest mofo president since the revolution..... keep taking out these animals calderon!

  14. Jesus the Moose, Colombian National Police, not 'Columbian National Police'. When you can at least spell the name of the countries you talk about then maybe your opinions might be worth listening to??????? Maybe then??????????????????????????????

  15. In the worst case scenario, I think that American troops would be sent to Mexico if a coup took place to install a narco state. No one wants a narco state on its border and I don't think the US would tolerate it. If you think Mexico is bad now, as a narco state you would have a worse neighbor than Castro or Chavez -- think about that, you Peace-nics. The resulting threat to US citizens could conceveably go up exponentially in the US itself. A narco state may even fund Mexican separatist groups in the US. Time to think ahead and not by the seat of pants, people.

  16. Who exactly does he want to have a truce? Zetas and gulf? CIDA & borreador? Good luck with all that. And what is legalization going to do? Make it easy to transport from port to border? Make the narcotiendas run a little smoother?

  17. I was in Mexico during the 2000 election night when Fox won. My grandparents (PANistas) really believed in him maybe he was different not like the PRI. Now he is just like a PRI politician wanting to negotiate with los narcos.

  18. Fox is a moron and his old lady keeps his balls in her purse.

    He didn't come up with this bullshit on his own. These words come from Marta and from Chapo.

    Think about it Mexicans, the next time you criticize Obama. Mexicans elected this fucker to get rid of the PRI. He sold the farm to Chapo and some others and the whole thing went straight in the toilet.

  19. jajjaaa....a truce..thats funny...and the cartels would be happy with only a partial victory ?...Fox is a real payaso

  20. @ Jesus the Moose

    So tell me how Calderon is better than Salivas de Gortari. I sure would like to hear that from you because correct me if I am wrong Salinas left the country in the economic shitter just like Calderon is managing to do. At least Gortari didn't accumulate the ridiculous public body count that Calderon currently has one year prior to his leaving office 50,000 give or take. As for your rule of law assessment about his presidency hhhmm I didn't know that in order to enforce the law the military and the Federal police are given the discretion of breaking the law to achieve this goal of enforcing the law, as evidenced by the PFs and militarys horrible human rights record against innocent civilians who claim among other things rape, murder, pillaging etc. etc. Great guy huh... so like Salinas he leaves the country (literally) in economic ruin but with his hefty profit while in office except Salinas couldn't boast quite the officially sanctioned death toll of Calderon.

  21. What a stupid, Pinche, Pendejo!!! What's he been smoking???

  22. @ el_spaceio

    I will give you this for you to compare.

    Mexico Drug War
    697 Police and prosecutors killed
    138 Army soldiers killed
    14 Marines killed
    318 Federal Police killed
    58 reporters killed
    39,392 organized crime
    I don't have the numbers of innocent people killed.

    Casualties in Afghanistan:

    Afghan troops killed 8,587
    Afghan civilians killed 8,813
    U.S. troops killed 2,693
    Other coalition troops killed 772
    Contractors killed 298
    Journalists killed 12
    Total killed in Afghanistan 19,629

    Casualties in Iraq:

    Iraqi troops killed 30,000
    Iraqi civilians killed 864,531
    U.S. troops killed 4,792
    Other coalition troops killed 318
    Contractors killed 933
    Journalists killed 142
    Total killed in Iraq 900,338



  24. WTF?

    This article should be a revealing image for all the US citizens that read this blog and are unfamiliar with where the Mexican political center is; this is the kind of conservative you get when you open the PAN cellophane wrapper. Leftists (like me) need conservative loyal opposition; but this isn't it.

    Fortunately, these aren't conservative thoughts, they're just musings that mostly reveal a good man at a painful and vulnerable moment (we are all in). Pobrecito.

    We are in a state of emergency; but this is no time to loose hope or your head. There is no negotiation to be held with domestic enemies of the state. There is no alternative to dukin it out with these bastards.

    The more and more this happens (Casino Royale), the more it pushes the monied and political elites to realize that their traditional smug, aloof attitude toward the plight of the poor and middle class is at their own peril. The flippant attitude the narcos have toward the Mexican state (which says that "the government is an incidental aggravation between me and what I am going to take from it") is the same attitude the elites have had toward it for ages: "Fuck Mexico, as long as I get mine...y luego me voy a MaCallenear o a la Isla del Padre." No longer will they be able to drive their new SUV's by the slum colonias and forget the shit they've allowed their country to become. Rightly so.

  25. Of course he would say that, after all he is the one that let El Chapo out of prison for a fee!!!

  26. Fox should stick that proposal up his ass.
    We know who the real enemy is, the senators and federal deputies that can not and will not pass any laws that will help win this war. They need to come up with a new constitution because the one they have now only favors the pri party that ruled Mexico for 70 years. Give Calderon six more years and he will finish these cartels off. The people need to pull their thumbs out their ass and start defending themselves at the local level.

  27. Insanity! trying to make peace with the devil, instead Marshall law should be declared in all major cities overcome with crime, next, public executions of guilty criminals along with corrupt government officials and politicians, should immediately should be implemented

  28. TRUCE! BAD IDEA. Mexico is already a deeply corrupt nation where the rich have ruled for generations. The casino incident is hitting the rich and powerful... This class is feeling threatened and this is part of the reason for the politicians' reactions.

    Corruption of all kinds pervades Mexico from the lowest taco vendor to the highest official ..EVERYWHERE. Many years ago we traveled in Mexico and experienced dishonesty, cheating and corruption that had nothing to do with narcos.... it was just the people were.

    In more modern times, drug cartels and all the variety of things they do is but a "natural" outcome of a "failed" state.

    IMO: Mexico needs a revolutions of many kinds (economic, social, moral, educational, religious). But this won't happen... it is too much and impractical... so:

    How about the formation of "RED Guard" type of vigilante groups? The locals know who the deliquentes are.

    The fact that the USA has a huge drug addiction problem is a related topic that must also be addressed.

    Mexico Watcher

  29. @ Anonymous
    I think its funny that you use statistics to avoid the pressing issues behind the Narco war. Next time forego the cut and paste posting and try to elevate the discussion to solutions. By the way, I can't see how you lay all the deaths on Calderon and on Mexico's brave defenders - can you be specific in laying blame with your numbers? Hmmm, maybe when you show figures you can give a worthwhile analysis?

  30. @ bobbay
    Ditto, to bad Mexican presidents can't be reelected.

  31. It sure does seem that most of those responding to this are acting as if their very employment could ride on legalization issues.

    @ Texcoco Mex... If the US legalized and regulated it at the same time, there would be no need for any drug trafficking. Then Mexico could focus on the criminal acts.

  32. I dont know why everyone so suprised by this proposal?Its the one thats been going on in mexico for a long time,until Calderon had to kill everything,why couldnt Calderon have been inside that casino?.

  33. Legalize everything and everyone goes back to being law abiding good people. Heck, maybe they will even pay tax to the government.

    3 words to describe this guy...Putz, Schmuck and Pendejo

  34. Calderon don't back down now. FUCK FOX!!! Ese puto only care about the money the cartels bring in. I am A MEXICANO and I LOVE MY COUNTRY. I would hate to see it burn down. Legalize MJ and the right to bare arm thats what we need.

  35. Fuck Calderon!!!He needs to stop betraying his own country by supporting chapo Guzman.Im for a new president that is there to serve his country,not chapo guzman.We need Fox Back!!!!!If you lived in mexico you would agree.

  36. There are also thousands of soldiers who were born, or their parents were born in Mexico who would gladly go to Mexico alongside those rednecks and fight the cartels and this way help both countries at the same time. Thanks and God bless.

  37. Shut up are part of the problem also. What is your take on the payroll?

  38. Too premature for a truce. Too much bloodshed has been spilled already. And for as long as Los Zetas exist, there will always be violence.

    I think at this point, even though I hate to admit this because I hate El Chapo, is to secure the Sinaloa Cartel at the top. Let them be the ruling cartel like the Guadalaraja Cartel in it's prime. It makes sense that almost every major cartel leader has come from The Golden Triangle, where El Chapo is from. He's the smartest of all the leaders and has the most power and money and the Sinaloa Cartel has the best structure.

    Get rid of Los Zetas. They are a disease. Force them to retreat to Guatemala and let them deal with the Z's. Send back all the Guatemaltecans who are Z affilliated back to their country and secure the southern border the best they can so the Z's stay out of Mexico.

    Seperate the cartels from the street gangs. Squash all of the smaller violent gangs, CIDA, Mano con Ojos, etc. Sounds bad but give more freedom to the cartels that behave themselves more and attack the ones who are the most violent like Los Zetas.

    When the Sinaloa Cartel is last standing, then a truce can be made with the last of the surviving cartels.

    A Truce MUST be made in the end.

  39. Both Calderon and Fox are bad leaders but Calderon is a pendejo and Fox is actually smart. Fox is wiser than Calderon.

    Calderon is naive and impatient and should ha ve never been president. Let's not forget that this war started during Fox's term with The Sinaloa Cartel vs The CDG and the AFO and Fox did'nt do shit. Now that Fox is'nt under the responsibilities of being president, he's rambling at the mouth. Plus, right now, he's trying to get publicity to promote his newly released book. Fox is a big slimeball. He does'nt really give a shit about Mexico. He talks a lot but does'nt back it up.

    At least Calderon has balls.

  40. typically who ever asks for a truce is losing..remember LFM asked for a truce ..right before they were wiped out...well... is Mexico next...seems like it

  41. Excuse me Texcoco - I usually agree with your views. I think you have it right. But - you don't think US troops could defeat Mexican cartels based on Afghanistan? The two situations are hardly comparable in any way.

    In Afghanistan the US is fighting al qaeda, taliban and tribal leaders that fight on both sides at once. The citizens are loyal to their tribe only and they side with whoever is paying. AND they have been this way for centuries.

    But answer me this Texcoco - why does Calderon and Mexicans in general not blame any Central American or South American countries for contributing to the problem? Cocaine is produced in South America but no Mexican condemns Peru or Colombia.

  42. they come up with the stupidest ideas crazy former president


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