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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blood Continues to Flow in Acapulco

Authorities on Wednesday confirmed that two bus drivers and an assistant driver were executed in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, demonstrating that armed groups continue to conduct violent acts against people who work in the transportation industry.

The first incident occurred in the Acapulco-Mexico highway at an area known as La Llave de Agua. At this place a bus driver and his assistant were executed, their bodies were found inside the bus along with several shell casings.

The men executed were identified as Johnny Reyes Salgado, 25, and Israel Cristian García Sánchez, 19.

Later in the Avenida Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, another driver was also the victim of an armed commando. The body was also found inside the bus next to the seat she had occupied. Members of the Municipal Police said they were not able to locate those responsible for the murder.

Minutes later, another driver was attacked by gunmen while he was on Avenida Cuauhtémoc, but survived and Red Cross paramedics were able to render aid.

In the past people who operate buses or taxis have been known to be Halcones.

Dismembered Body in Trash Bags
In what has become a common scene, the gruesome dismembered body was found inside two trash bags in the port of Aca.

At around 0600 hours several people walking on the street Coral del Fraccionamiento Farallón, in Acapulco, Guerrero, discovered two black plastic trash bags abandoned on the side of the road with blood spilling out.

The Municipal Police secured the area where the bags were found. Inside the bag they found the remains of a man who was dismembered and next to the bag was a narco cardboard with a message that content was not disclosed.

Detectives confirmed that in one of the bags was the torso of an unidentified man and the other bag contained the rest of the body parts.

Remains in Coolers for Tourists to see
On Wednesday an armed group again conducted more macabre acts in Acapulco, Guerrero, this time they left human remains inside several coolers.

In the one of places the gunmen arrived at the busy Avenida Miguel Alemán, opposite to the main entrance to the Cici Water Park, and left several coolers that contained the head of a person, an arm and a foot.

Tourists who were in the amusement park were suddenly found in moments of panic and terror when they witnessed the grim scene. The municipal Police immediately cordoned off the scene to shelter tourist from viewing the gruesome scene.

Hours later, gunmen showed up in front of Edificio Pineda in the Heart of Acapulco. In that place sicarios also left three coolers with the remains of a torso, leg and other human pieces.

The remains of the victim have not been identified.

Man Executed in front of Witnesses
On Wednesday another execution took place in Acapulco, Guerrero. The public expressed concerns for the recent rash of violent incidents that have been taking place in Aca. This new incident occurred on the street Presa Miguel Hidalgo, in the community of Del Pacífico.

A slightly built man, dressed in black shirt and jeans, was found executed at the scene.

Witnesses said armed men arrived in several luxury SUV's and got the victim out of one of the SUV's and shot him several times in front of the public. The gunmen then fled undetected by authorities.

The unidentified man had his hands tied and his shirt covered his face.

Thursday afternoon the targeting of taxi drivers continued when a group of armed men attacked a taxi stand serving a market square in the 20 the Noviembre neighboorhood.

The attack resulted in the murders of 3 more taxi drivers and an 85 year old man and the wounding of an innocent bystander, a young woman.

A wave of panic spread through the market as shoppers and residents tried to find cover from stray bullets behind stalls or indoors. After the attack ended the people emerged in a state of shock and hysteria.

The crime scene remained tense as relatives of those killed arrived at the scene and in their grief confronted the police and media. A semblance of order was maintained, and a riot was avoided.


  1. Texcoco Mex said.

    I don't why congress don't let Mexican President bring all the military out of the barracks to fight crime. I'm sure it will be a lot faster.

  2. I really don't know what I'm doing here day in and day out reading all these articles. What good is it doing? I do nothing, can't do anything really. It doesn't look like things are gonna get any better. Why should I keep coming back here? What's the point of this website? Does anybody actually use this website for anything? I guess it could highlight hotspots but I'm guessing nobody here really uses it like that. I just don't know if I should ignore all this mess.

  3. Maria is an idiot. Al Jazeera needs to tell their reporters to shut up and report, and not inject their personal opinions into the reportage. Because if we listened to Maria, the government would kiss the ring of a cartel, allow them to control the region and do whatever they want, all for the sake of stopping the violence.

    So instead of fighting the cartels, Mexico would join them and become a Narco-state. Idiot.....

    Here's the deal. You keep attacking and keep killing these cartels. Divide and conquer. But also focus on basic police work. The key here is Mexico needs to kill and take out the bad guys, and still remain the good guy to the people.

    It is also a basic tenant of COIN operations. Win over the people's trust, and they will support you as you eradicate this scum. Mexico has the moral authority to do what it is doing, and these criminals are the scum of the earth.

    I also think Mexico should arm the people to defend against these thugs. Get your population more involved in destroying this menace. Viva Revolution!!

  4. Well Anon August 18, 2011 11:17 PM I don't understand why people play video games all the time, why people get on facebook so much there's nothing but gossip all the time why people watch tv so much...... Maybe we just do it for entertainment.

  5. Which cartel is paying Mariana to put their spin on things?

    Or is it that she can't stomach the violence and wants to give up and let the criminals run everything?

    I don't know why we should trust aljazeera reporting any more than any other media.

  6. If you are looking for some good to come out of this site and others like it, I can point out something useful. This site has convinced me' to avoi d travel in Mexico at all cost, regardless of having relatives there. It has also been a sours for exposing our own corrupt government officials who are in collusion with the bad guys. The third and final reason that this site is good is because it has inspired me' to put together information from my own area that I will turn over to the authorities in hope of reducing the U.S. drug activity that drives a lot of this mess. Read the blog then call crimestoppers.

  7. the key is not that mexico needs to kill and take out the 'bad guys'. your solution to the problem is delusional. mexico has been stepping up efforts to 'divide and conquer'. all it has gotten them is more death and violence.
    and it kind of hard to do what you suggest, and somehow take it to another level, when half your army, government and police are paid off by the cartels, and the other half are in fear for theirs and their families lives.

    no, the key is to legalize drugs and remove the prohibition that causes the black market, the obscene profits associated with it, and the drug cartels who will stop at nothing to get those profits. plain and simple. we have been trying this 'war' mentality and approach for 40 years. and look where it has gotten us... and mexico.

  8. Why are the cartels always using pink posterboard for their messages?

  9. Why can't they just set up a sting operation at an arts n' crafts store and arrest any grown men buying florescant neon poster board :-)

  10. OK ceanf, we got it, legalize drugs and all your troubles will go away. OK we got it, we got it ok? we got it. Thanks for the brilliant analysis. Nobody ever thought of that before. Now will you and all the "legalize dope" advocates stop beating us over the head all day every day with your simplistic remedy for a very complex issue?

    We got it ceanf. We understand. Many of us agree, many of us don't care either way but we all got the fucking message.

  11. There is no simple solution. This is largely an economic problem, where the have-nots turn to where they can make money. Cops, for the most part, are have-nots, and make little, so why risk life and limb? No need to....when decent jobs and pay are available, the cartels will lose their influence.

  12. If weed was legal, they would stop throwing grenades off bridges!!

  13. As long as drugs are illegal in the us there will be violence in Mexico, unless say u throw more money at the problem then users of drugs in the us and UK give to the cartels, what 300 billion a year.

    I just wish more people knew of what was happening south of the border, its insane what the media considers priority to show on national news.

  14. Texcoco Mex said

    Legalise drugs is not a solution it will just create more health problems. Tobacco is legal and people are still smuggling tobacco.

  15. In the video it says beltran leyva cartel split into three cartels,thats insane!! and i thought it was one of the smaller cartels,imagine if they kill chapoor mayo the sinaloa cartel will split into so many cartels.

  16. Saying legalization wouldn't fix the problem is like saying illegal alcohol is causing as much problems now as it did in prohibition, not even a 10th of a percent as then.

  17. Yep, legalize everything and everyone will go back to being good law abiding productive citizens in the community. Half of this is drugs and the other half is extortion, kidnapping etc.....legalization will do absolutely nothing

  18. LEGALIZATION...WILL NOT WORK! Your not dealing with back woods "moonshiners!" Your dealing with hardcore criminals. You think all of these DTO members are just going to transform into law abiding citizens, if drugs are made legal? You don't go around fucking torturing, dismembering and beheading scores of human beings and all of sudden stop..just because a fucking law, legalizing drugs is passed? These motherfuckers don't care about the law..they are fucking CRIMINALS!!!! Although, drugs are the main source of income for these animnals, they do commit other crimes like: extortion, kidnapping for ransom, theft on a large scale (like oil), gonna leaglize that shit too? Of course not!! Btw, you pro-legalization idiots, need to stop comparing the alcohol prohibtion days of the 20's and '30's to the modern day drug war..apples to oranges..two different animals, time periods..The simple fact is more people (U.S) die from alcohol related accidents and disease..than all other drugs combined, including the drug war! It's something like 79,000 deaths a year in the U.S. Wow! I guess legalization hasn't stop people from dying!

  19. @08/19- 3:31PM
    A 10th of a percent? Really? Did you make that bullshit up? Sorry my friend, you need to get your facts straight. Alcohol is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. after tabacco use..and we are talking preventable you can go on with that bullshit, alcohol kills far more people than drugs..75,000 a year consistently, not including criminal offenses like DWI, you can add another +10,000 yearly (U.S.) I don't know what the death toll back during the prohibition days..but I'm willing to wager it wasn't 85,000 people a year!!! So, much for ten percent..

  20. Prohibition is a huge business, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Keystone cops, they all receive a paycheck,Probation makes millions of dollars to local coffers. so lets all just keep focusing on the death that prohibition causes and keep spending money keep drugs out of our neighborhood, ROFL. wait, prohibition doesnt do that either.

  21. When the tobacco industry is still making a profit when selling a carton of cigarettes for $12 it is profitable to smuggle when the state and federal taxes raise the price to $68-72. The first tax Obama raised when he took office was the tobacco tax!

  22. Alcohol consumption is now being used as motive for income. It is income for the lawyers, the government jails, the private jails and prisons, the judges, the state in general, etc.. Soon, if they are successful the legal boc will be 0.04% and you will not be able to have a glass of wine with your meal. Already any boc will destroy the livelyhood of any commercial driver.

  23. Prohibition does'nt work. The first prohibition given by GOD himself was disobeyed by Adam and Eve. The only drug that should be legalized is marijuana. Cocaine should NEVER be legalized. That drug is a low-life drug. It only destroys lives and makes people miserable in the end. But marijuana is harmless so LEGALIZE IT!

    and F@#K Obama too! and Go to Hell Tea Bag Party!

  24. Btw the 10th of a percent meaning the problems of illegal alcohol now compared to illegal alcohol then. Illegal alcohol is almost nonexistent. The cartels could still extort and kidnap but how long could that last w/o there big money maker.

    also the us prisons are filled with ppl whose only crime was usi drugs, and we tax payers pay between 39000-44000 a year for ea person in prison

  25. During Prohibition in the States things got so bad there were gangsters shooting it out with Tommy Guns in downtown areas. Americans finally had enough, and repealed it.

    I think Mexicans have a greater pain threshold.

  26. Texcoco Mex said.

    @ajulio I do agree with you marijuana is not as bad but it does represent a health risk, and people should not use wile operating machinery or vehicles.

    @August 20, 2011 6:32 AM I'm not saying you are lying but I don't believe the U.S will spend 39 to 44 thousand on an inmate a year when many people out there don't make more than 18 thousand a year, it makes no sense to me and I don't think U.S will be that stupid.

  27. People would still buy the untaxed version vs the taxed version for obvious reasons.

  28. @ Anonymous: August 20, 2011 1:23 PM

    You're totally right:

    Most everyone I know buys moonshine in order to avoid those damn taxes.


  29. 08/20 3:47PM,

    The reference to "moonshiners" was meant to be sarcastic! But obviously your not bright enough to figure that out nor are you able to comprehend the rest of the comment. You should be careful, when you use the word "moron" unless your referring to yourself...because it's obvious you don't have a clue..


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