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Friday, July 22, 2011

Zetas Continue to Heat it Up in NL

At around 0550 hours on Thursday police found two bodies of a man and a woman that had been killed in the city of Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon. Both victims were estimated to be around 20 years of age and were left on the street Ricardo Rodríguez not far from a major highway. Both had the last letter (Z) marked on their back and were found with a poster signed by Los Zetas, where they also send threats to members of the Gulf cartel.

It was learned that both victims were brutally tortured, they appeared to have been killed from blunt trauma, and did not appear to have any wounds from firearm. Both victims were not identified.

At the same time, not far in the town of Allende, police found the dismembered body of an unidentified man, authorities are not certain if both cases are related.


  1. so killing 2 ppl is "heating" it up???

  2. Butt-ass fools in the street...Just another day en mi lindo mexico.

  3. Only 2 murders? And their heads are still attached?? Pshhh.....I've seen little kids in mexico with more killings under their belt! That's nothing

  4. Zetas will always be fuckin low life Hood rats. Trying to craw into any fuckin hole.

  5. @ 8:55 pm and 10:28 pm... according to El Norte, there were 15 killings on Thursday night alone (for some reason Thursday's are generally pretty bloody in NL)...these last 15 pushed the state drug related death toll to 1003 from Jan 1-July 21....610 more than the same period of time in 2010.

    according to new released reports, Nuevo Leon is 2nd in drug related killings for this time period..Chihuaua leads with 1154.

    Note these death are only the reported deaths and body "pieces": a head, torso, legs here and there do NOT count and are not included in these numbers.


  6. I was kidding ove! Mad respect. NL is a warzone. I know out here in Cali, Thursdays is a big college night, lots of ppl go out and party. Maybe Thursdays in NL are kinda like that. Except with killing.

  7. the picture of that man face down looks confusing to looks like there is a dead dog on top of him, and under the sign, but then it appears like there is a child's foot between his legs...
    this is sad, they died of blunt trauma, that has got to be the worst...nothing but internal bleeding and sad.

  8. Its safe to say those 2 were probably involved in crime someway because of the fact the notice was directed at the Gulf Cartel which they would not have done if the people killed were not involved with them somehow. If they were just random innocents or random kidnap victims the Zeta's would not be stupid enough to think the Gulf Cartel would care if they were killed, not that they really care anyway that 2 of there members bit the dust but I guess the point is the threat.

    Sad they were both so young at 20 but that is the what you risk happening when you get involved in drugs.

  9. @ July 23,2011 11:32

    If you noticed, the story said a man and a woman....That foot belongs to the woman that is partly under the man's body. Yeah, can't even imagine (or want to imagine) what they went through before they died...sad that young people still think that it won't happen to them. I suppose that's the reason so many youngsters in Mexico become fodder for the cannon...stupidity attributed to their age and greed.


  10. One who gets killed by narcos is probably a narcomenudista or tried to be.

  11. His pants are down and his belt is hanging off. There is no dog. Her body is tangled up with his.

  12. Okay,,thanks for explaining the picture..I did read the young lady was also murdered...I just had a difficult time deciphering the picture sad, that these and other younger and older individuals are losing their lives in such a gruesome way. Sad that they don't grasp the severity of getting involved in these kind of things..sad that maybe they saw it as an only way to make a little money.....and sad that they are so desensetized and don't mind having to hurts others to make that little money, and lose their lives this way...or even worse, maybe they did not even do anything to deserve this and were just beaten because they happen to see something incriminating or looked at someone the "wrong" way...

  13. these are only 2 people they reported, in allende, morelos, and cercado people are getting killed daily!

  14. @9:46 LMFAO! You my man have the funniest comment on BB so far it still makes me crack up


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