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Sunday, July 31, 2011

US Court Documents Claim Sinaloa “Cartel” Is Protected by US Government

Deal Allegedly Gave Sinaloa Bosses Immunity in Exchange for Providing Info on Rival Drug Organizations

By Bill Conroy
The Narcosphere

The son of a heavy hitter in a powerful Mexican drug trafficking organization has filed explosive legal pleadings in federal court in Chicago accusing the US government of cutting a deal with the the “Sinaloa Cartel” that gave its leadership “carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago and the rest of the United States.”

The source of that allegation is Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, the son of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada Garcia — one of the purported top leaders of the Sinaloa drug-trafficking organization — a major Mexican-based importer of weapons and exporter of drugs.

The top capo of the Sinaloa drug organization, named after the Pacific Coast Mexican state where it is based, is Joaquin Guzman Loera (El Chapo) — who escaped from a maximum security prison in Mexico in 2001, only days before he was slated to be extradited to the United States. Chapo has since gone on to build one of the most powerful drug “cartels” in Mexico. With the death of Osama Bin Laden in May, Chapo (a Spanish nickname meaning “shorty”) jumped to the top of the FBI’s “Most Wanted” persons list. He also made Forbes Magazine’s 2010 list of “The World’s Most Powerful People.”

Zambada Niebla, himself a key player in the Sinaloa organization, was arrested in Mexico City in March 2009 and last February extradited to the United States to stand trial on narco-trafficking-related charges.

The indictment pending against Zambada Niebla claims he served as the “logistical coordinator” for the “cartel,” helping to oversee an operation that imported into the US “multi-ton quantities of cocaine … using various means, including but not limited to, Boeing 747 cargo aircraft, private aircraft … buses, rail cars, tractor-trailers, and automobiles.”

Zambada Niebla also claims to be an asset of the US government. His allegation was laid out originally in a two-page court pleading filed in late March with the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago.

The latest allegations being advanced by Zambada Niebla, who is now being held in solitary confinement in a jail cell in Chicago, are advanced in motions filed late this week in federal court. Those pleadings spell out the supposed cooperative relationship between the US Department of Justice and its various agencies, including DEA and the FBI, and the leaders of the “Sinaloa Cartel” — including Zambada Niebla.

That alleged relationship was cultivated through a Mexican attorney, Humberto Loya Castro, whom Zambada Niebla claims is a Sinaloa Cartel member and “a close confidante of Joaquin Guzman Loera (Chapo).”

From Zambada Niebla’s court pleadings, filed on July 29:

[Humberto] Loya was indicted along with Chapo and Mayo [Zambada Niebla’s father] in 1995 in the Southern District of California and charged with participation in a massive narcotics trafficking conspiracy (Case No. 95CR0973). That case was dismissed on the prosecution’s own motion in 2008 after Loya became an informant for the United States government and had provided information for a period of over ten years.

Sometime prior to 2004 [when George W. Bush was president], and continuing through the time period covered in the indictment, the United States government entered into an agreement with Loya and the leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel, including Mayo and Chapo.

Under that agreement, the Sinaloa Cartel, through Loya, was to provide information accumulated by Mayo, Chapo, and others, against rival Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations to the United States government. In return, the United States government agreed to dismiss the prosecution of the pending case against Loya, not to interfere with his drug trafficking activities and those of the Sinaloa Cartel, to not actively prosecute him, Chapo, Mayo, and the leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel, and to not apprehend them.

The protection extended to the Sinaloa leadership, according to the court filings, included being “informed by agents of the DEA through Loya that United States government agents and/or Mexican authorities were conducting investigations near the home territories of cartel leaders so that the cartel leaders could take appropriate actions to evade investigators.”

In addition, the pleadings allege, the US government agreed not to “share any of the information they had about the Sinaloa Cartel and/or the leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel with the Mexican government in order to better assure that they would not be apprehended and so that their operations would not be interfered with.”

More from the July 29 pleadings:

Zambada Niebla was a party to the agreement between the United States government and the Sinaloa Cartel and provided information to the United States government through Loya pursuant to the agreement.

… Loya arranged for Mr. Zambada Niebla to meet with United States government agents at the Sheraton Hotel in Mexico City in March [17th] of 2009 [after the Obama administration took power] for the purpose of introducing Mr. Zambada Niebla to the agents and for the purpose of his continuing to provide information to the DEA and the United States government personally, rather than through Loya.

Loya’s federal case had been dismissed in 2008 [while Bush was still in the White House] and the DEA representative told Mr. Loya-Castro that they wanted to establish a more personal relationship with Mr. Zambada Niebla so that they could deal with him directly under the agreement. Mr. Zambada Niebla believed that under the prior agreement, any activities of the Sinaloa Cartel, including the kind described in the indictment, were covered by the agreement, and that he was immune from arrest or prosecution.

Zambada Niebla claims, in the court pleadings, that he attended the meeting in March 2009 at the hotel in Mexico City as scheduled, with Loya present, and while there, even though he was then under indictment in the US, was told by US federal agents that he would not be arrested and that arrangements had been made “at the highest levels of the United States government” to assure his immunity from prosecution in exchange for his cooperation in providing information on rival narco-trafficking groups.

However, Zambada Niebla contends he was double-crossed, despite the assurance of the US agents.

He alleges in his pleadings that government agents “were satisfied with the information he had provided to them” at the meeting at the Sheraton Hotel on March 17, 2009, and that “arrangements would be made to meet with him again.”
"Mr. Zambada Niebla then left the meeting,” the court pleadings assert.

“Approximately five hours after the [hotel] meeting, Mr. Zambada-Niebla was arrested by Mexican authorities.”

Fast, Furious and the House of Death

Zambada Niebla’s pleadings also reference the controversial U.S Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) weapons-trafficking interdiction program Fast and Furious — an operation, now the subject of Congressional hearings, that allegedly allowed some 2,000 guns to be smuggled across the US/Mexican border under ATF’s watch. Zambada Niebla contends that Fast and Furious is yet another example of the US government’s complicity in the carnage of the drug war.

From Zambada Niebla’s pleadings:

The United States government considered the arrangements with the Sinaloa Cartel an acceptable price to pay, because the principal objective was the destruction and dismantling of rival cartels by using the assistance of the Sinaloa Cartel — without regard for the fact that tons of illicit drugs continued to be smuggled into Chicago and other parts of the United States and consumption continued virtually unabated.

Essentially, the theory of the United States government in waging its “war on drugs” has been and continues to be that the “end justifies the means” and that it is more important to receive information about rival drug cartels’ activities from the Sinaloa Cartel in return for being allowed to continue their criminal activities, including and not limited to their smuggling of tons of illegal narcotics into the United States. This is confirmed by recent disclosures by the Congressional Committee’s investigation of the latest Department of Justice, DEA, FBI, and ATF’s “war on drugs” operation known as “Fast & Furious.”

As a result of Operation Fast and Furious, the pleadings assert, about “three thousand people” in Mexico were killed, “including law enforcement officers in the sate of Sinaloa, Mexico, headquarters of the Sinaloa Cartel.”

Among those receiving weapons through the ATF operation, the pleadings continue, were DEA and FBI informants working for drug organizations, including the leadership of those groups.

“The evidence seems to indicate that the Justice Department not only allowed criminals to smuggle weapons, but that tax payers’ dollars in the form of informant payments, may have financed those engaging in such activities,” the pleadings allege. “… It is clear that some of the weapons were deliberately allowed by the FBI and other government representatives to end up in the hands of the Sinaloa Cartel and that among the people killed by those weapons were law enforcement officers.

“… Mr. Zambada Niebla believes that the documentation that he requests [from the US government] will confirm that the weapons received by Sinaloa Cartel members and its leaders in Operation ‘Fast & Furious’ were provided under the agreement entered into between the United States government and [Chapo Guzman confidante] Mr. Loya Castro on behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel that is the subject of his [Zambada Niebla’s] defense [regarding] public authority.”

The Zambada Niebla pleadings even reference the infamous House of Death case, so named by Narco News, which has published an exhaustive series of investigative stories on the mass-murder case dating back to 2004.

From the pleadings:

Mr. Zambada Niebla also requests … that the United States government produce material relating to the … “House of Death” murders, which took place in Juarez, Mexico, and were committed by United States government informants. As confirmed in the Joint Assessment Report [JAT] prepared by government authorities investigating those murders, agents of the United States government had prior knowledge that murders were going to be committed by their informants but did not take any measures to either inform the Mexican government or the intended victims, because government representatives determined it was moreimportant to protect the identity of their informants.

The informants were assisting the United States government in the investigations of major drug traffickers and the government determined that the killings of over a hundred Mexican citizens was an acceptable price to pay for enabling them to continue their narcotics investigations.

The Great Pretense Unmasked

In its response to Zambada Niebla’s claim that he was working under “public authority” as an informant or confidential source, US federal prosecutors don’t claim outright that he was not a US government asset. They argue, instead, only that “the government denies that defendant [Zambada Niebla] exercised public authority when he committed the serious crimes charged in the indictment.” In other words, even if Zambada Niebla was offered some type of deal in exchange for his cooperation, that deal did not extend to the specific acts he is accused of in the indictment against him.

Federal prosecutors also ask that the court order Zambada Niebla to produce, prior to trial, “evidence that a specific American official or officials with actual or apparent authority expressly authorized [him] to import multi-kilogram quantities of cocaine and heroin into the United States, as charged in the indictment, or expressly assured [him] that these acts were not criminal, and that [he] reasonably relied on these communications.”

Narco News spoke with several former DEA and FBI agents about Zambada Niebla’s contention that he worked, in essence, as an informant for the US government. Not one of those former agents, who asked that their names not be revealed, considered it out of the realm of possibility that Zambada Niebla might have cut a deal with the US government.

In fact, one former DEA agent said that by making such a claim, Zambada Niebla was essentially putting his life in jeopardy by outing himself as an informant, an extreme move that would seem to indicate that at least he believes he had a deal in place.

But, in the end, all of the former federal agents agree that unless Zambada Niebla has proof of his allegations that passes legal muster, he has little chance of prevailing — and at least one of those former agents said prosecutors would not likely have challenged him to produce such proof if they did not have a high degree of confidence that it does not exist.

A former FBI agent explained it this way:

The U. S. Attorney General Guidelines for Informants requires that there be a written document called an “otherwise criminal activities memo” signed by both parties. This document spells out exactly what the informant is authorized to do and tells him that he may be prosecuted for any other illegal activities. This should be provided to the defense in discovery; however, it does not always happen. Some attorneys are not aware of this and do not ask for it in discovery and the government does not willingly give it up.

I suspect that the government did not provide this document to the defense and that is why they are demanding that he provide proof of his status. ... It would be very easy to prove what he was authorized to do by having the memo. [So] this may be a case of where the memo was never done….

The former DEA agent, who has extensive overseas experience, added:

My instincts say he was an informant. It’s [Zambada Niebla’s pleadings are] an effort to “scare” or “frighten” the government to dismiss or reduce charges. Posturing, as it were. But there is a substantial risk for him. It’s pretty much a last ditch effort. Were it otherwise, the defendant would not want to be exposed as having cooperated with the government agents. However, he will have an enormous challenge proving his allegations.

… An agent [or US government agency would approve such a cooperative relationship with a narco-trafficker] … so the agent can snag a higher-level trafficker and garner the resulting awards, commendations and promotions. Sometimes, there is outright bribery or gifts of value. It’s a win for the criminal informant because he may earn more money from trafficking and at the same time receive cash payments from the government for arrests he orchestrates. And that isn’t all: the informant’s own fear of arrest is reduced and he has a unique opportunity to effectively destroy his unwanted competition or archenemies.

And yet another DEA agent points out that “there is such an animal called an Attorney General-exempt operation, where the Attorney General of the United States [in the Zambada Niebla case, which allegedly dates back to at least 2004, it would have been the Bush administration’s Attorney General] could authorize that laws be violated [by an informant to advance a case].”

“This is usually done in money laundering investigations, however,” the DEA source said.

The other possibility, the former DEA agent adds, is that Zambada Niebla was tricked on an even deeper level, and was, in fact, not dealing with US law enforcement agencies, but rather a CIA intelligence operation.

“This would not be the first time CIA has used an informant and led them to believe it was an FBI, ICE or DEA operation,” the DEA source said.

If that is the case, the former DEA agent adds, Zambada Niebla’s case is sunk, since even if documents and other evidence exist to prove his allegations of US government complicity, that evidence would almost certainly be deep-sixed under claims of national security that would be invoked by that very same US government.

Stay tuned …..


  1. Good strategy honestly. Theres always gonna be drug trafficking. Less violence if you let one cartel control it. Besides, they can use the info to make busts & look good to the community, and anytime they want they can still turn around and fuck the sinaloa cartel if they should decide to.

  2. Has this guy ever watched Law & Order? Every petty thief who gets busted knows that when you get an immunity deal you ask to get it in writing

  3. Well if any of this really IS true, they can kiss the "protection" by. The US gov would almost have to target them hard if it is true, to show they weren't.

  4. He also made Forbes Magazine’s 2010 list of “The World’s Most Powerful People.”

  5. You are assuming that the U.S. has the power to target the Sinaloa cartel if they wanted to. They are like the Saudi Arabia here - they may be worse than Libya, but we can get Libya, so that's who we attack. You find the most powerful guy, help stamp out his rivals, and then make some kind of accommodation with him. Can't go after all at once (but it would be nice not be arming any of them).

  6. Sinaloa cartel is nothing but rats, snitches, and back stabbers. Watch your steps when your around them. Can't be trusted in the drug business they got no honor. Just look how they did the Beltrans and the whole country of mexico bringing war to all the border towns because they feel like that can with the help of every level of government in mexico and the usa. No wonder they never take any of their top dogs down.

  7. Everything I next is IMO and most of you may disagree that:

    + The US Government does not want Drug Trafficking to go away. They do as many busts as necessary to please the public, fill the courts/jails to decent level, and eliminate drug dealers who also commit other crimes (violent gang members ect)

    + The US Government has the best technology, and they use it (duh), with or without court orders. Some examples are wiretaps, camera/satellites ect. They know more about people than we think, and if they want them, they can get them in a short time. They can tap any phone in the world, something that used to be against constitutional rights of americans...

    + The US Government grossly overstates the dangers of drugs, also used to prescribe these drugs (even the hard ones) to patients and soldiers.

    + The US Government uses Media scare tactics to start wars, cover up details, and pray on peoples fears to achieve the desired results..

    Everybody here knows that the most of the drugs make it to the end user or street level. They bust some, but most drugs make it through.

    And at the same time they can tap into any phone in the world? All they have to do is gather information and word it correctly on an affidaivide (spell?) to get a warrant. And who knows if they even get a warrant. They could tap into somebody's phone and listen on them, pull them over with a taillight out, and never reveal the wiretap as evidence because they already have them caught and don't need to.

    Now I realize that it's impossible to watch everybody, but with all this technology, why can drugs easily make it down to the user, at the quantity and rate that they do?

    The answer is simple. War on Drugs provides jobs for police, probation officers, judges, counselors, prison guards, government officials, DEA, SpikeTV (who made a reality tv series called DEA) ect ect... You think they are going to drop a nuke like they did in World War 2? No way this war has to go onnn and onnn.. for the money, baby! Oh and the coke, because you know there is at least 1 white house worker who snort some blow (or "used to").

    The bottom line is, our government knows that drugs will never go away. They also know right now if they eliminated every illegal drug right now there would be a lot of people with nothing to do.

    The depressing thing (as an american) is that most of the citizens of the USA are gullible and they can heard them around like sheep. The other sad thing is that most americans are too stupid to realize or consider the fact that maybe sometimes our government does illegal things because they have to.. but most would say our president would
    never do something like that". Come on, he is a person too, he takes s****, laughs at nasty jokes, and deep down wants to slap the S*** out of morons but he can't...

    As I've always said, drugs are here to stay, they know that, but they have to keep people happy. How do you fight a war that is impossible to win? You manage and balance it.

    sorry for the rant, if you disagree just ignore me I'm just paranoid.

  8. At 10:30 pm. I agree they are all of the above.Just look how Chapo did the Carrillos and let's not forget Oscar Martinez for those who know about the VCF organization.There you go for all the Sinaloca Dick hoppers.

  9. I smell bull shit

  10. @10:38 your totally right that cartel is nothing but backstabbers at its best with the biggest bitch of them all El Chapo . The BLO LFM VCF CT CDG some AFO and even the Zetas have more balls than that cartel

  11. If drugs were to stop in the US today the entire economy would collapse. Thats what happened when the Taliban burned all the poppy fields and cut the heroin supply, the US was like "O'Shit we need to get back in there and re grow those fields" which has been done and the heroin is once again flowing... Prisons are BIG business in the US and drugs are a key to that job security. The U.S. founding fathers are rolling in their graves...

    As for this little punk rat calling foul on the U.S. if his story was true then why is he in jail? lol... Nice try but he will get no sympathy from ANY American, I hope he rots...

  12. 1. If it's not in writing it doesn't exist.

    2. This guy has his balls in the squisher. He's looking at some serious time in a US joint. Not the country club, the one way up in the Colorado mountains.

    3. Conroy is one of the most virulent, anti-US "journalists" in the world and he is obviously buying the story completely.

  13. The very reason this has come to pass is because Chapo himself opted to reliquish Zambada Niebla to the authorities in exchange for further assistance from both the Mexican and US governments. Much like Amado did to Chapo when he gave him up to the authorities to reduce pressure from the US government after the assasination of the Cardinal. Guess what, in essence Chapo betrayed Amado right back by laying out all of the structure of the Juarez Cartel and assuring himself the possibility to be the king himself at a future date. Guess what, essentially Zambada Niebla is ripping off a page from Chapo's book and doing the same thing to his betrayer. Guess what, look for the future leader of the New World Order underworld Mexico to be Zambada Niebla as this case falls apart before the very eyes of the American justice system and he is eventually released after a few years of legal battles, of course, and after the waters in turbulent Mexico clear, and the US government has had a long debriefing and layed out and ingrained their plan for his proximal reign as the boss of all bosses in Mexico. stay tuned....

  14. 3:28 I dont know what your smoking but in no way is that ever going to happen. They arent going to let a drug kingpin debunk the justice system and get off free. He is going to end up like every other capo in supermax. By going public he as ousted every chance he had of them backing him now he is fighting two fronts. His reputation back home and his freedom here both of which are fucked.

  15. Yup Sinaloa is full of snitches. Dats how they got to the top. They must be so happy for being little bitches.. jaja

  16. The only way Chapo has survived so long HAS to be because of a relationship as an informant otherwise how else? he would had been taken down long ago if not. Many think the reasons are that he has the government on his payroll but no not all of the government are corrupt and owned by him. The honest cops who want to do good do want to eventually get this guy or let another cartel waste Chapo but what they are of course doing is like what they did with that crime boss James Bulger in Boston who was recently caught but was never taken down before because of his use as a crime boss snitch who knew everything going on in the criminal underworld. Information too was valuable to the authorities to just sling Bulger in prison or kill him and get no info from, Chapo of course is a much bigger boss than he is but its an example of the same process.

    Many also say the government don't know where Chapo is. BULLSHIT! they know EXACTLY where he is but just pretend they don't so they can keep talkin to him to get valuable intelligence on other Cartels.

    It seems no war is dirtier than a Narco war.

  17. Gotta laugh at the comments implying there is honor in the drug business but only if you are a Zeta or some other scumbag. I guess the hearts and minds campaign from the cartels is working.

  18. the zetas are being used to fuck all the other cartels up

  19. I kind of believe Zambada actually, I mean look at the facts, it seems that every one who gets alligned with Chapo falls, El Teo, Tony Torments from CDG, La Familia, Nacho Coronel, Los Beltran.......

  20. @11:21 Yeah man true Nazario from LFM was killed by the army due to an anonymous call which was most likely from the CDS and many other allies have been snitched out watch out for that little bitch Chapita

  21. Mr. Zambada Niebla, I think your daddy is not happy with you.

  22. You guys are ridiculous who say there is absolutely no one who can be trusted in the drug business. Now, I agree MOST of the people in the business are just looking for the next opportunity to get over on you. However, there most definitely people who can be trusted and who WOULD spend the rest of their life in prison rather than betray their friends. I can give you numerous public examples and many more that are not public, have never been arrested, and been in the game more than 20 years.

    Public examples:

    *Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory, leader of Black Mafia Family
    *Salvador Magluta and Augusto "Willy" Falcon, two of most significant drug traffickers in South Florida history -- estimated to have sold over 75 tons of cocaine.

    Magluta has a 205 year federal sentence; Augusto has 20 year. Flenory has 30 to life sentence in federal prison. All of them had opportunity to snitch and did not despite knowing it would cost them many decades of their life if not their entire life.

    Again, most people in drug business are petty, backstabbing low lifes. But there most definitely are people out there who consider loyalty and honor more than just words.

  23. Who cares if somebody keeps it real? They're fuckin scummy lazy-ass retards chasin lame pipe-dreams. I just laugh at these fools when they get caught or clapped. Just keep postin more pics of these herbs gettin wet-up by the military. And for all you corrupt government officials on both sides of the border....KILL YOURSELF!

  24. LOL that made me laugh someone said that the government would never let a criminal off the hook...


    It's the Red White and Blue baby! We never lie or twist the truth or kill innoncent people. Never has happened.

    God people are like sheep. Baaahhhh.

    They can just heard them around how they want.

    I know there is real cops out there who try their hardest, while the government lets guns walk to mexico.

    No drug dealer can be trusted? No government can be trusted because they are all corrupt.. at least somewhat corrupt. They have to cover some things up (aka lie) to keep the country running smoothly.

    No offense, but why should the USA worry about another country? We have our own problems. You think if we get in a bind that Mexico is going to help in anyway? Hell no.

  25. @LucifeKilla

    Yean, look at Nacho Coronel, apperantly nacho was getting a little too big for Chapos liking and suddenly the army gets a tip as to where Nacho can be found. Chapo alligned with CDG to battle Los Z, and sudenly the Army starts knocking down CDG, how many hits did CDG take one after the other, La Familia gets broyght intothe equation and suddenly all attention goes from CDG to La Familia, La Familia starts taking hit after hit. Now CDS was a part of the Carles Unidos pact, but yet Sinaloa never hit th way La Familia and El Golfo did. After El Teo left Tijuana to side with El Chapo, he falls. After almost a year of being untouchable El Teo and El Muletas fall as soon as they become associates of El Chapo. Seems to me that El Chapo is common denominator in all of these situations. NOw im assure that the Mexican Army did their investigations and were probably close to bring any of those guys down, im not taking anything away from the Mexican authorities, but what a coincidence that after YEARS of evading arrest, everybody falls as soon as they eneter into an agreement with El Chapo Guzman.

    Question now is, how long before Chapo gives up El MAyo Zamabada, possible as revenge for what Zambada Jr. is bringing into light?

  26. wow, I work a few blocks away from where Zambada is locked up. anyway, this explains the face of disgust he has when he was presented to the Mexican media at the time of his arrest. he has a look of someone who was betrayed.

    Similarly, La Barbie had a smile on his face when he was captured and paraded to the media. it later turned out that he was smiling because the federales told the press that he was captured because of their operativos/investigations when in reality La Barbie had turned himself in. there ya go.

  27. The U.S. Government doesn't want to get rid of drugs. Where would all the people who "fight" drugs get jobs if the drug problem was under control? There are hundreds of thousands of people, judges (state and federal), law enforcement (state and federal), prisons and the employees, jails and employees, attorneys (prosecutors and defense) who would all be out of jobs. Where would these nitwits find jobs? Drugs keep these people employed and getting rid of drugs would get rid of hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs.

  28. well eventually the US/DEA will backstab El Chapo and bring him down only to have El Mayo take over and the story repeats itself over and over. Makes you wonder if Amado Carrillo was also making deals with the US/DEA back in his day.

  29. U really think the US government keeps drugs around to keep cops employed? Idiots. The fed govt doesn't give a shit about cops or border patrol or prison guards. U think the conspiracy is to keep unemployment down? Hah you can do better than that!

  30. @ John you forgot Marcos Arturo Beltrán Leyva
    who instead of going to prison or ratting on his friends died in a hail of gun fire

  31. This is a great. Borderlandbeat just gets better and better.This information is crazy, so if what Vicente a leader of the Sinaloa cartel who was at the top, same level as chapo and mayo is saying is true then he pretty much ratted chapo and his dad out.Let's not forget that his dad was the one that that gave him power and that position after Alfredo Beltran leyva was arrested.So Vicente Zambada Niebla pretty much took mochomos spot for the Sinaloa cartel, a betrayal to the Beltran leyva family cus chapo wanted mochomos territory,and now Vicente zambada is snitching on chapo and his dad after being arrested maybe chapos in his last phase and now he is trying to eliminate Los zambada.Either way this is crazy chapos not too happy with Los zambada thanks to this I wonder if he will take action against his father who knows.

  32. @4:18Pm that's true you gotta admit arturo Beltran leyva was either crazy or had mad balls I mean the guy had alot to lose he was a cartel boss and had alot of power and money he could of just turn himself in and make an agreement with the government probably by snitching,but didn't take it.If that was you guys in his spot you know you wouldn't shoot it out with 200 Marines and you only had 6 bodyguards,200 Marines against 7 bodyguards/sicarios, INSANE!!!!

  33. I really doubt this is true. I love all the conspiracy theories, are a funny indeed. Many people believe that if chapo and mayo are ever captured/killed that will be the end of CDS. False. It would be a nice show for the Mexican government to make these arrests, but CDS would not cease operations. For all those who believe the non-sense that the mexican government protects sinaloa, why is Vicente in jail now?

  34. Anon 3:43.....No, unemployment is already high. What they are saying is that legalizing drugs would make the unemployment situation worse, bc cops, prison staff, parole officers, drug counselors, rehabs, etc. rely on drug offenses to employ workers. No drugs= less employees needed in these fields. Therefore our govt. keeps drugs illegal so the jobs will continue to exist. Got it?

  35. @ 3:28 AM...What are you talking about. Amado Carrillo hated the DEA. Amado gave El Chapo "his" blessing after Chapo escaped and even assisted him. Amado was FOR SURE the "boss of bosses." He was not a rat and would have cut anyones appendages off one by one for implying that. What are you getting at about the Cardinal. That was the AFO Ramon trying to hit Chapo on a typical Chapo double cross. Amado had nothing to do with this. And Chapo would not have hit Amado brother if Amado was alive. Amado lived right across the river from the DEA and he despised them. He even killed the head of the El Paso DEA's little brother just to send a message, "don't fuck with us."

    Niebla is telling the truth. There is no doubt about it. And it is with his father and El Chapo's blessing that this motion was filed. Who do you think is paying for his dream team. He is just snitching on others, not them. Niebla is one of the new generation cartel leaders that "anything goes." He is just like Beltan Leyva's guy, what's his name, the Gucci boy from the US that snitched. But, you have to give it to Amado's son, Vicente, he is hanging tough, old school.

    Nacho wasn't snitched on, El Chapo ordered a hit on him. Didn't y'all see the photos and the setting. And the drop (pistol) conveniently laying by him. Lets see, he is gonna shoot it out against the military with just him and a revolver. And where was his 30 deep security force.

    El Chapo is a cheesy little snake. Those are the ones that pay in the worst way. I can't wait. The Sinaloa Cartel will continue without missing a deal without him. He isn't the master mind of that empire, 50 men including Calderon are. He is there token mascot.

  36. El Chapo needs a new coat too. He has been wearing that damn thing for 10 years. Someone help him out please.

  37. The funny thing about this is that all the sinaloa dick riders are nowhere to be found on here. All of a sudden they dont got one thing to say about their beloved CDS. No words on them defending them now? jaja Their gonna start finding out of there rat of a cartel and what they did to get where they're at..

  38. Well, without addressing much of that post, Vicente Cariilo Leyva is in Mexico, not the US. If they lose in the US, it's the Supermax, where Javier Francisco Arellano & others are. Not somewhere these guys want to end up.

  39. It's how all you idiots talk like you belong to a cartel. You guys act like fans of a football team cheering on ur cartel cuz you have no lives. All of you who are on here backing one cartel or another all wish you lived that type of life. U guys act as if it part of a cartel which it not. For those of you who say you are or that you've been in the game for 20 years are full of shit. If you were in the game you would have more important things to be doing than to be on here posting comments. So once again, all of you bitches who wish u were part of a cartel, just stop wishing. If you haven't joined one yet it's cuz u don't have the balls. You will never have the balls so that's why you guys fantasize of this life by posting comments on here. I feel sorry for u all. You can come back and talk shit to me all u want, the fact is none of u live this life. Regardless of what u come back at me with I'll still be laughing at u poor bitches. Lmfao at u dumbasses. The more replies I get the more in going to laugh.

  40. @ J...You are very right about that J. It doesn't seem that we are pressing extradition on him very hard either. It was rumored early on that he might get charges dropped in Mexico due to lack of evidence. That might have been a mistake by his lawyers as we would have pushed extradition then. Time will tell but it seems his lawyers are working right at this point. It sure would be shitty if we found out that he was one of the people Niebla fingered.

  41. I dont know much about anything (like Forrest Gump said) but if any government on either side of the border is going to be on the side of any mafia kingpin its bets bet would be El Chapo. No capo is good in my opinion but Chapo moves his merchandise throughout the Mexico and the U.S. but he isn't out extorting innocent people, kidnapping or killing them , I am from Sinaloa and people from my small town have been killed by people associated with the Beltran Leyva organization which are allied with the zetas. Kidnappings, robberies, assaults, extorsions are normal operations for the zetas and beltranes. Chapo comes from another generation of traffickers, there was honor for those people, unwritten rules like respecting women, children and people outside of the drug business. If any government helps Chapo is because they know that things will be better for civilian people in the regions he controls. He traffics drugs and thats his business, not robing from people who have made their money in a legitimate manner.I hope that Chapo comes out victorious in this war , my people's well being and that of whole Mexico (and maybe the U.S)will be better off if this happens. Just an opinion from somebody who has been personally affected by the drug war.

  42. 2:13 AM
    Your trying to make it seem like el chapo is so loyal and clean when it comes to the drug business. Your trying to justify it by saying they don't kill women and kids, no mames. What about the war that has been going on this past years have been because his moving in to other plazas being the major cause of death in border towns, so there's no kids and women dying there? Its just the cost of business right. Didn't you read the report that one of their own kid was saying that they've been snitch for the past 10yr plus. There's no honor with them, shitting on the next man because they're not man enough to stand on their own. No loyalty.

  43. Tony 8:51 PM
    Hey stupid no ones trying to live or be like them. Unlike your white ass, a lot of people that do come on here are effected by the situation that's going on in Mexico. It's not that they're cheer leading, most of them, on a cartel. It's that they have seen what a certain cartel like the CDS has done to their city or state by moving in to take control from another cartel that has been establish and prefer for it to be how it was when the other cartel was running it. You don't think people would rather have no cartel in there town but that shit ain't happening. So they get use to a certain cartel. It was peaceful as it could be and people where use to that way of living. They just kept to them self's and didn't fucked with the rest of the population. If they come on here preferring a certain cartel its because they want what was ones there life in that town back to what it was. Just something to think about because your comment made me laugh

  44. The United States Government is just as corrupt as any other government. Money talks bullshit walks!!

  45. @August 1, 2011 9:50 PM i'm pretty Sure ABL hated Kidnappings, robberies, assaults, extorsions. if you don't believe me then look at the link i posted it up its a narcomata signed by him. i'm pretty sure he had he's share of doing some fucked up things but that doesn't make him as bad as El Chapo is. and in Sinaloa they will never get rid of the Beltrans thats like trying to get rid of any other major drug family in sinaloa they been there for years and they'll keep being there for years to come. they still hold some of the major plazas in sinaloa. Btw the Zetas work for beltran not the other way around

  46. Blah, Blah, Blah...someone should have offered Zambada-Niebla some "cheese with that whine!" What a fucking arrogant dumbass, hello!! You were a mid-level lackey in the Sinaloa organization at best, after you lived out your usefulness (snitching on other DTO's) you were disposed of like a piece of trash.

    BTW, let's not bullshit ourselves here, everybody knows or should know, if the Mexican Gov't truly wanted to capture all the drug lords of the various cartels..they could. These dudes own multiple businesses (money laundering) and properties, they live in or at least own large posh and extravagant palaces that every local knows about! It's fucking ridiculous...these guys are protected because they pay large amounts of bribe money (monthly installments) to top gov't officials for protection. Bottom line, if your not going to seize property (tangible), assets, bank accounts, etc..than you will never stop these guys.You dismantle a cartel by putting a stranglehold on their money..without money no bribes/supplies/pay- protection..there..drug war solved! I mean would you risk your life to be a cartel member, if you weren't getting paid? Problem is no one in the position to do anything about it has the courage or the moral/ethical fortitude to do the right thing!

  47. @3:24 yeah man true La Familia Michoacana had been on a roll and was doing damage to they're enemies and were asked by the Gulf to come and help out and once they entered the alliance you started hearing about them getting arrested but even then the LFM was killing federal police and soldiers that was a sign that this cartel was like no other

  48. fuck all chapo haters fuck you and ur zetas if chapo is still alive i because he knows how to work not killing kids or abusing women fuck all you haters arriba el chapo guzman bola de putos

  49. Arriba sinaloa y los beltran leyva los pesados le pese,a,quien le pese.

  50. All you people posting this shit are fuckin idiots..drug cartels don't care about honer all they want is power and money and well do anythything to be at the top. The only way chapo is going to die is of old age ..arriva el cartel de sinaloa taking over mexico..haha

  51. August 5, 2011 10:41 AM
    yea will rat on the next man cause his a bitch snitch. They snitch there way to the top what a great job. Keep snitch on everyone because that's the only way you can get to the top. If your gonna be in that game. At least have the balls to go down for your own shit. Ratting on the next person so you can get off. Shows the balls you dont got. Arriba el cartel de los Snitches(sinaloa)

  52. @6:38 completely right and to the Sinaloa Cheerleaders please remember how they snitched they're way to the top and let's not forget they backstab everyone from they're rivals to friends and what do you know even family (mayo jr)

  53. 10:28...mayito was talking to much he got wat he deserved ....arivva el cartel de los pesados puro culiacan sinaloa compa.!


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