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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seven Caballeros Templarios Cartel Members Arrested in Michoacan

Seven people linked to the Los Caballeros Templarios drug cartel, including the boss of a group of gunmen employed by the criminal organization, were arrested by the Federal Police, the Mexican Public Safety Secretariat said.

Faustino Pacheco Torres, who admitted taking part in the shootout with police that resulted in the death of La Familia Michoacana cartel boss Nazario Moreno last year, was among those arrested.

The suspects range in age from 19 to 36, the secretariat said.

Los Caballeros Templarios is a gang made up of former members of La Familia, which mainly smuggled synthetic drugs into the United States.

La Familia, based in the western state of Michoacan, has been severely weakened in recent months by infighting and government operations targeting the gang.

Michoacan has been experiencing a wave of drug-related violence blamed on the break-up of La Familia, which was considered one of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartels.

The La Familia faction led by Jesus Mendez, who was arrested last month, has been fighting the group led by Servando Gomez and Enrique Plancarte, who formed Los Caballeros Templarios in March.

The cartel began unraveling after Moreno’s death, officials and analysts say.

Moreno, known as “El Chayo” and considered La Familia Michoacana’s ideological leader, was killed in a shootout with Federal Police in December 2010.

Pacheco was in charge of a group of gunmen who worked for the new cartel in Apatzingan, the city in which he was arrested and one of the areas in Michoacan where drug traffickers have a high degree of control.

Apatzingan has been the scene of numerous drug-related killings in recent years.

The Federal Police seized several firearms, four white tunics with red crosses on them and 20 books containing the cartel’s code of conduct in the operation targeting Pacheco.

Los Caballeros Templarios, like La Familia, requires members to adhere to a code of conduct and portrays itself as working for the good of the community despite its criminal activities.

Michoacan is on Mexico’s Pacific coast, which is used by smugglers to bring drugs into the country.

The drugs are then smuggled via the Pacific corridor or through central Mexico into the United States, the world’s largest consumer of illegal drugs.

Source: EFE


  1. Humm real Spiritual looking hombres, this is really the only work they could do and it's far from any good.

  2. La familia michiocana was considered one of mexicos most powerful drug cartel wow!!Now thats just exaggerated,that cartel literately had influence in about 5 states and I think it's less then 5 but seriously the government makes everything bigger then it really is just because they started targeting that cartel and wanted to make everyone believe that it was one of the big cartel.haha that's funny,why don't they say it's one of the smaller cartels operating in Mexico.I mean we will still give em credit

  3. I'm sorry but when everyone in mexico talks about michoacan all you can think about is "indios de mierda". We all know alot of them don't know how to read so remember "la tuta" is these guys teacher. Even zetas in san fernando aren't that stupid.

  4. i dont get it when mexicans refer to other mexicans as "indios" as an insult. aren't most mexicans mixed with indigenous blood?

  5. Who other than the most virulent racist thinks of Michoacan as being nothing more than a state full of 'Indios de mierda', whatever such a stupid racist term would ever mean? I think of it as a state that the old PRI dictatorship utterly destroyed in its beautiful countryside, and the PAN certainly has done absolutely nothing to ever help the situation there.

    Michoacan is totally representative of the multi decades long failure of elite US and Mexican government policies' failures in creation a sustainable agriculture in Latin America. Instead there is only chaos and desolation throughout Latin America's rural areas.

  6. im from michoacan and i disagree wit all of you it was once a beautiful place to live in yes there is fear there now but not all of us are stupid and made of shit our people were the reason why mexico is a country cuz of our victorys and yes it has been a sad and shame that it has turned out this way but really the only reason y there wasnt that much violence was because federal authoritys let them do there buisness but now they decide to enforce the law now they get hell so stop saying that we are shit cuz im a god damn so called indian of shit as you stupid peole say and im detective in fact stop being so rasits !!!!!puro michoacan !!!!

  7. forget all you idiots who are just talking crap cause u can id like to see one of u step to michoacan and say what you are saying online and see what becomes of you. 100% MICHOCAN


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