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Friday, July 29, 2011

New Narco-Messages threaten U.S. employees in Chihuahua

By Diana Washington Valdez

Two new "narco mantas" that were left in Juárez and Chihuahua City on Wednesday repeated previous threats against U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents and U.S. Consulate employees.

Someone named "Diego" signed the banners that warned DEA agents who work in Chihuahua state to stop meddling or risk being killed and dismembered.

Diego is believed to be the nickname for Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, an alleged Carrillo Fuentes drug cartel capo who is wanted by U.S. authorities in connection with the 2010 shooting attacks in Juárez that killed three people with ties to the U.S. Consulate in that city.

This is the second such warning in recent weeks that cartel operatives have communicated through large banners placed at busy streets or intersections.
DEA officials had no comment.

U.S. Consulate officials in Juárez said Wednesday that the consulate remains open for services.

They recommend that U.S. citizens who travel to Juárez check for travel warnings and information at

The U.S. government issued an emergency travel alert for Juárez on July 15 after receiving information that cartels could target the consulate, the international bridges and the public.


  1. The dea should with mantas themselves. "Idiot juarez cartel members, please try to attack us. We know who you are and you don't know who we are. If you mess with us in a week we will wipe you all of the earth, and you can spend time under water with bin laden. If you guys think el chapos kicked your asses, wait and see what we can do. See you queers soon." Signed DEA

  2. haha its funny how some people think they are untouchable lets see about that ^^^

  3. Before anyone jumps to conclusions based on what you are spoon fed by the media read between the lines. The Sinaloa Cartel already tried this ploy on Chihuahua with a previous graffitti stating much the same thing and singing it as though El Diego had ordered it. A couple of weeks ago in Juarez the Sinaloa carttel also falsified a narcograffitti that claimed the Aztecas had a feud with Diego essentially caliming a split between Aztecas and Linea. A few days afterthat Aztecas were apprehended putting up a narcomanta that alluded to these falsified graffitis and ridiculed the Sinaloa Cartel for this ineffective tactic of trying to create a rift between La Linea and Aztecas and the fake threats against the DEA. The Aztecas caught hanging these banners were subsequently released with no charges pending. Now after the Aztecas murdered numerous Artistas Asesinos and Mexicles working for the Sinaloa Cartel in the local jail massacre this monday this new graffitti appears. It is a tactic that the Sinaloa Cartel is using to incite or rather to fabricate an excuse for a more zealous US government intervention against Juarez Cartel operationsto put their operations under the microscope, so to speak. Since a massive Gente Nueva offensive into the State of Chihuahua 2008, a Mexican military operative in 2009, and a Federal Police presence since 2010 hasn't proved succesful in securing the Sinaloa Cartel an undisturbed smuggling route through Juarez I guess now the strategy is to somehow justify US intervention in hopes of clearing the way for The Sinaloa Cartel to take Juarez. Gente Nueva has essentially abandoned Juarez, the military operation ended when the federa police came in and the fedral police has split into two factions one aiding the Sinaloa Cartel and one aiding La Linea. Three years and counting.

  4. Great, thats all we needed one more Manta telling Gringos to mind their own goddamn business,
    oh and before you go invading Mexico
    Borrow more chinese money, youre 3 days from DEFAULT!

  5. @5:11, what a great story, did you think of that all by yourself? jaja why does everyone on here get so jealous of CDS! Did you really say la GN has given up and left ciudad juarez??? Keep trying to sound like you know k onda en la plaza de ciudad juarez


  6. I did hear of a rift between the aztecas and juarez but I'm sure it was a lie or exagerated. La linea would b dumb to do so becouse the aztecas have provided a lot of foot soilders. And I doubt cds left juarez, there going to keep going at it for a while. CDS hasn't been able to completly take over and the juarez cartel hasn't been able to kick the CDS out of juarez or chiuahua

  7. DFL, A friend & supporter of the D.E.AJuly 29, 2011 at 9:43 AM

    Oh yea. That will scare the D.E.A. I'm sure they will pack up and leave.
    Thoses fucking asswipes mess with any agents and they will be turned into fried toast. Thoses messages are nothing more than some dumbass teenager talking shit. The D.E.A is the United States Goverment- dickheads- Fuck with uncle Sam and they will pay the price for the rest of pathtic lives. They are not like thier Mexican counterparts, they have the backing of thier goverment and ALL have Big Balls and more brain power than any worthless gangbanging traitor punks, like those who leave such stupid nonsense. LOLOL!!!
    On behalf of the Great D.E.A- to thoses ignorant assholes- Chinga tu Madre, Bitch!!!!
    Bring it on!! We'd love to fuck you up, putos!!!

  8. Diego need to go back to school and learn how to read and write

  9. Debt crisis, cartels, corrupt state local police - it doesn't matter, the US military culture of building every kind of weapon you can imagine no matter how much "debt" we have will always allow us, for better or worse, to CRUSH any state in the known world, people don't seem to undrstand hkw many rednecks there are in america, each havin kids in the military and eah with their own small arsenal...the DEA are just toy robots, wait till seal team 6 drops into Juarez....

  10. Lol if juarez cartel knows was best theyl worrie about chapo instead of the dea remember the dea is not a mexican agency . Theyl fuck it up for vicente real quick they know alot more then these dummie sicarios know thats for sure. Ask vicente how the cia got his brother amado this isnt a conspiracy they made sure amado didnt wake up from his surgery. On the same day that was an anniverssary of the killin of a dea agent by the juarez cartel they made sure amado died. I doubt chapo orders those banners hes not that ignorant he dnt want the usa to realy go after his ass. As far as our debt thats jus a write off wat is china gona do if we dnt pay? Invade us? Lol funny.


  12. @7/29 6:10AM,

    Dude, shut up u dope, if I were u I wouldn't worry about the U.S. going into default...ur no economist and ur probably watching to much CNN. As fas as the U.S. minding their own business...with pleasure, couldn't agree more, the U.S. should totally abandon Mexico and treat Mexico like Cuba or North Korea! Trust me, when I tell u, no American wants to invade that shit hole! Before you go criticizing another country, take a could look at Mexico..and ask yourself..would I want raise a family, let's say in Juarez or start a business there? It's funny, I've never known anybody, who would risk their lives to migrate to Mexico!

  13. That's really impressive and shows such a high level of sophistication, when you issue a threat against a Federal Law Enforcement Agency of the U.S. with spray paint on a wall! It's a nice touch to issue the threat in Spanish too, knowing the primary language of the United States is English. Furthermore, signing it with just one name "Diego" is over the top...scary. Yea, the DEA is running scared and will probably close shop in Juarez now because that "Diego" guy is one bad ass MF! Not! Yea start killing U.S. Federal Agents or targeting American move, just ask the Zetas, who were involved in the Zapata murder.

  14. It is pretty obvious to me that CDS is very concerned that their protection and front line defense (federal police) are leaving Juarez. These banners are another attempt by the GN to heat up the Juarez Plaza.

    I guess El Diego operates the Juarez sector and JL the state. I haven't heard much on JL lately although you never really did. Anyone know anything?

    5:11 AM...Well written and on target.


    2006, El Chapo is coming to take over
    2007, he is here look out
    2008, Juarez Cartel days are numbered
    2009, It is all but done, merely sweeping up the remains of Juarez Cartel
    2010, Oh, maybe not done yet but mighty Chapo can do anything
    2011, Dirty Juarez Cartel still hasn't given up to mighty Chapo


    The Tijuana Cartel folded to CDS. I've said forever that Juarez is a different bred. You cannot take that plaza, not even with the president's help.

  15. @11:12

    Did DFL hit a soft spot there buddy? Whats wrong you can't get your illegal valiums anymore. Poor You.
    Amen, i second DFLs crazy but accurate thoughts!
    God Bless The D.E.A and God Bless America!!

  16. obviously if these mothafukkas know D.E.A is their its because they 1 got tipped off or 2 (which i doubt) that they have been spotted.i doubt any kind of (HALCON or any other type of lookout ) could point out a D.E.A agent . so somebody is throwin em under da bus .D.E.A operatives are exteremely well trained but even still they are humans and can be touched . just saying their s no better spy than the one who cant be seen dea should never have had told mexican authorities of their activities in mexico not if they want to accomplish anything down their ......mexican raised in the us

  17. Some of you guys are such idiots. Do you honestly think the U.S. is going to invade it's 3rd largest trading partner because of some dead DEA agents? What did the U.S. do when ICE agent Zapata was murdered? They gave him a nice funeral, that's all.

  18. Texcoco Mex said

    Anon July 29, 2011 11:47 AM It's funny, I've never known anybody, who would risk their lives to migrate to Mexico!

    Is funny you mention this but as far as I know there is 2 million American and Canadian property owners and about 3.5 million baby boomers retiring in Mexico. Even the U.S has invested money in Mexican Hospitals so they will accept American insurance. If you don't believe me read this ( Baby Boomers Retire to Mexico For A Better Health Care Experience )

  19. I thought the same, that GN sprayed that message, I just didn't want to say it first.

    It's not about the DEA invading Mexico, or Juarez, it's about putting more heat on the Juarez Cartel.

  20. Texcoco, Americans retiring or owning second houses in mexico isn't exaclt comparable to a mexican paying a coyote his life savings to cross a desert into amercia. Trust me, americans are not looking to invade mexico. Most of us don't want to be there for anything more than a taco & a beer, and even that has gotten too dangerous.

  21. What's up with spray painting this graffiti. Don't the cartels have email?

  22. @Culichi Jealousy has nothing to do with the analysis made by 5:11. It is a fair assesment of the situation based on what is out there I too heard about the mantas being a diversion tactic by GN. GN, military, and Federales al servicio del CDS three years plus is a fact. CDS still fighting for three years plus to take la plaza en Juarez is a fact. Since you know something about la plaza en Juarez tell us how much longer its going to take CDS to take la plaza en Juarez so relative peace returns to the city. You dont have to give an exact date, just an estimate. At the risk of sounding sarcastic will it be days weeks months years decades centuries milenia, but seriously will it ever happen or will CDS have to keep on killing youngsters que se alinean con LaLinea/Aztecas based on the simple principle of defending territory from invaders because if thats the case it will definitely take years to wipe out every kid turned thug turned sicario from the western hills of Juarez.

    I guess you missed the point of my comment, the key phrase is "..risk their lives.." and living in Juarez. I'm pretty sure the Americans and Canadians you speak of weren't extorted, robbed, held against their will, when they entered into a planned retirement community made up of mostly Americans and Canadians, in Mexico. In fact, these people are well protected and wealthy, as compared to your average Mexican citizen. If you noticed, there are not a lot of headlines, if any, dealing with these people being victimized by the DTO's. Why is that you think? Apples to Oranges my friend...

  24. LOL, just read on "BLOG DEL NARCO" this asshole has been caught! What a fucking idiot, I guess he can make is threats in person! What a dumbass!

  25. Wow. This is getting weird. This all can't be a coicidence, but all of it happening at once is pretty crazy to me,

    the narco messsages
    the riots
    Feds Withdraw
    Feds stay
    new narco graffiti
    Diego apprehended. by the Feds.

  26. Lol they caught him already

  27. You see people, the whole point of these narco graffittis for the the Sinaloa Cartel gain the upper hand in the battle for Juarez. The Sinaloa Cartel forged these narco grafitis to put the pressure on La Linea. Promptly, the Federal Police either through intelligence gathered from the DEA or of their own accord directly intervened in the operations of La Linea and busted a security house in Chihuahua City where Diego was hiding. The reports as of yet are unconfirmed but as of Friday night this operational capo for La Linea was flown out of state and will be presented in Mexico City this weekend. If in fact Diego approved these narco grafitis then he must have been suicidal which I doubt because no one would have placed their trust in him to command an operation of basic preservation which is one that is being fought in the state of Chihuahua by La Linea since without this smuggling route La Linea is basically nullified as trafficking organization. My guess, is that the Sinaloa cartel has thrown La Linea a curveball that they will have to adjust to or face further decimation and impending operational desitegration as a major cartel capable of importing major weight into the US. Coincidentally, this friday night a number of miraculous busts have been reported on southbound travel at the ports of entry in Ciudad Juarez. Mexican military busted a shipment of $36K bound for Juarez in one bridge and 2500 rounds of various calibers in another. I say miraculous because this hardly happens on the Mexican side of the border when southbound traffic is involved.

  28. He didn't make those threats though, GN did that and signed his name. He killed Federal Police though. I bet they beat him so bad they don't even put him on camera. There is trouble in Sonora to because they busted Sinaloa's Nogales Plaza boss Palma. I wonder if the BLO make a move on them there now? It is likely.

  29. HAHAHA fuck la linea its over your bitch diego got caugth i heard dora found him and turned him in to the feds shows how pussy la linea is you guys been around for the longest and you your last leg fuck la linea and los zetas if we get rid of those two we stop the blood shed

  30. I hope they turn this coward into the dea so they can interrogate him and torture him and cut his penis off

  31. Omg! they caught el Diego.La Linea must be done.Haha you guys should hear yourselfs.Yea Diego got caught o well I'm guessing there's not like 20 more guys ready to take his place.La linea is a group of sicarios they are not that important Vicente carillo and el JL are the real deal, and have been for awhile.So the logical answer here is not much has changed the CDS is still on the governments nuts and still trying to take ciudad Juarez. My guess is Juarez still belongs to CDJ.

  32. The DEA pointed this piece of monkey shit, Diego, out to the Mex. police!! Great Job!!
    Anyone out there want to threatening The Good Boys and Girls over at the DEA? Watch your dirty mouths or they will get you to!!!LOLOLOL!!!!

  33. How about that catch of the plaza boss of the CDS in Nogales.Well beltrans have alot if influence also in Nogales my guess is things should be about ready and the commandos are cleaning up the city.So much for CDS operating in Nogales.This catch however is still very weird it breaks all popular beliefs of CDS and government working together,an important plaza like Nogales should not be put in risk this was not ordered by chapo but by rivals.So maybe beltrans want this plaza for themselves? But why bring more heat if they already ran most of Nogales idk it's very confusing I think Sonora is the state were chapos top ppl have been hit the most.Is somehow Hector Beltran behind all this?who knows.I guess we will never know.

  34. The good boys of the DEA ??@ DFL. Don't you mean the corrupt boys of the DEA? Haha sounds a lot more realistic.

  35. @8:32
    The DEA boys and Girls and all of Americas Law enforcement and Military are my heros. Unlike you i am a normal human. You on the other hand are a silly asswipe who thinks a worthless dope dealer is something big when in fact they common criminals that are as worthless as you are.

  36. @DFL when did I write that a drug dealer is big Or cool in my comment? I'm pretty sure I didn't.Also what's a " normal human" according to you DFL???enlighten me please. I'm curious to the way your mind processes ideas,information haha even though I already know your gonna reply something dumb,simple with lack of meditation, or thought.

  37. i think he was captured EL DIego

  38. Soy inutil Diego_________________


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