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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mexico judge sentences teen hitman, "El Ponchis", to 3 years

Associated Press

A Mexican judge on Tuesday sentenced a 15-year-old U.S. citizen to three years in prison for organized crime, homicide, kidnapping, and drug and weapons possession.

A judge gave Edgar Jimenez Lugo the maximum sentenced allowed for a minor in the central state of Morelos, said state prosecutor Jose Manuel Serrano Falmerol. Jimenez was tried in a state court because Mexico does not have a justice system to try minors at the federal level.

Authorities say the teenager confessed to working for the South Pacific drug cartel, led by reputed drug lord Hector Beltran Leyva, and to killing four people whose beheaded bodies were hung from a bridge in the tourist city of Cuernavaca.

Jimenez, known as "El Ponchis," was born in San Diego, California. He and a sister were arrested in December as they tried to board a plane to Tijuana, where they planned to cross the border and reunite with their mother in San Diego.

The teenager has been in a juvenile detention center in Morelos since his arrest and will serve his time there, Serrano said.

The two siblings allegedly worked for Julio "El Negro" Padilla, a reputed drug trafficker who authorities say has been fighting for control of the drug trade in Morelos. Morelos was formerly under the control of the Beltran Leyva gang, which broke up after alleged leader Arturo Beltran Leyva was killed in a shootout with Mexican marines a year ago.

The battle among remnants of the gang has caused an unprecedented spike in violence in Morelos and in neighboring Guerrero state, where the resort city of Acapulco is located.

Stories of a hit boy, maybe as young as 12, spread after a YouTube video appeared in November with teens mugging for the camera next to corpses and guns. One boy on the video alleged that "El Ponchis" was his accomplice.

A relative has said Jimenez was nicknamed "Ponchis" by his family because he was a pudgy child.

When he was handed over to federal prosecutors, the boy calmly said in front of cameras that he participated in four killings while drugged and under threat.

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Video of El Ponchis Executing 2 Victims


  1. A worthless piece of shit. Some will blame the cartels for manipulating him into this etc etc. Kids are drawn to guns, sex and violence...they make bad decisions and some people are evil At 15 even with enemies in school, I knew not to murder them...a school fight is one thing. This kid is a waste on society and worse yet after his 3yrs, he'll come to the USA and produce more crime, more worthless children and probable STD's

  2. give him life, this little shit!

  3. That's it? Just three years? Sheesh! I think he deserves more than that

  4. This guy will get his when he gets out, hope he gets tortured the way he used to do it.

  5. Texcoco Mex said

    This is one of the things I hate about Mexico 3 years is nothing for what he did.

  6. What goes around will come around, when this little monster kills again the blood thristy judge who gave him only 3 years will be the one responsible. This little shit will get his one day for sure. I hope hes killed in prison.

  7. Hey guys, just to let you know in the interview he states that he was basically kidnapped by El Negro and forced to sell marihuana under threat of death. He also says that he was drugged and then forced to kill.

    Obviously he's done horrific things but let's not forget that he's just a kid. He didn't do those things because he's a psychopath, he did those things because he was drugged out of his mind and threatened with death. He's basically a Mexican version of a child soldier.

    What this poor kid needs now is to be somewhere he can be taken care of and where he can receive a butt load of therapy and psychological attention. Hopefully he'll be able to have a somewhat normal life eventually.

  8. There are probably plenty more of these pinche Gang Bangers from LA, Surenos, Nortenos and Avenues that are ACTIVELY border jumping and working with the Cartels. Its a matter of Time before the Wheels of Justice Roll over them. A lot of these punks are US Citizens doing crime in MX and then slithering back to their snitch infested Barrios.

    Once these Chvalas start talking, (As they always do) word on the street spreads like wild fire. And these Gems end up in the Klink.

    These kids are nothing but PUNKS! Nada Mas!

  9. This kid needs more time in jail and some counseling. 3 years is nothing,but then again mex jails are no heaven. As we just saw in juarez, he might not even 3weeks without being Miller

  10. @6:48
    No one cares about the worthless Noodles gang, they are not involved in this trade only border gangs like Logan Heights so please check your sources and this little piece of shit will be killed as soon as he hits the streets his cartel is about done and maybe the Sinaloa cartel or the Gulf cartel or LFM might want to show off his body by mutilating it who knows?

  11. It took a 6 month trial and 1 week to deliberate just to give a 3 year sentence and the judge fined him the highest amount of $450,000 american dollars which he will never pay.

    This is considered a maximum sentence and punishment in mexico for a teenager who kills, tortures and beheads people, including innocents for money and records these torture sessions.

    And what sentences did they give the rest of ponchis' gang? Since he was the leader and only recieved a 3 year vacation, i'm guessing the other teen conspirators recieved harsh community services.

    What a joke mexico's judicial sysyem is! Mexico is run by changos. Even they give monkeys a bad name.

    Congratulations el ponchis!

  12. 9 27 he might not even make it 3 weeks without being killed I meant. In the last comment. Needed coffee!!!! At work

  13. Hey Santiago,

    Since your full of excuses for this "poor kid," maybe you should volunteer to take him in after he gets out! Gimme a break, this "kid" was caught boarding a plane bound for California, to visit his mother..that doesn't sound like he was being held againt his will! I have no doubt this piece of shit was abusing drugs but betcha it was by choice not force. His crimes are amount of counseling/therapy can help this human waste. Bottom line, he should have been tried as an adult (even though Mexico doesn't recognize or practice such law) and sentenced to life. It's weak minded people like the reason why DTO's have managed to thrive..

  14. Hey Santiago, so if every sicario caught uses the excuse, "I was forced to use drugs and I was forced to murder and dismember my victims under threat of being killed," does that mean they get a "pass?" or leniency? Point is all these assholes who get caught cry the same excuse, sometimes you just have to be held accountable for your crimes regardless if your a "kid" or and adult. Three years is ridiculous for multiple murders.

  15. I'm no expert, but, this does not look or sound like "El Ponchis" from other pictures and videos I've seen.

  16. @July 27, 2011 8:30 PM

    I'm sure he was drugged and made to act like him.

  17. 8 30 that's him. You're refering to the pic of a kid with lighter skin and a afro. That was someone else in there group. They always show pics of him and confuse them.

  18. They fined him $450,000 american dollars???? the F**K is is going to pay that???

  19. @7/28- 3:50AM,

    The fine is a bigger joke than the sentence, for one thing he is a juvenile..he's not financial liable for shit, the fine is probably more of a symbolic measure, after his sentence is served he will be deported to the United States, where I'm sure he will be picked up by authorities.

  20. Well when he gets out, he will probably have to kill a shitload of more people to pay off his debt. I'm accepting donations from anyone who wants to help poor ponchi's when he gets out. You can each send $100.00 to:

    Save el ponchis fund
    123456 no mames ave.
    San diego, c.a.

    Together we can help this poor lil' victim of mexico's influential drug war.

    But seriously, the news of ponchis is making its rounds on the U.S. news channels. This story says a lot about mexico's judicial system and how religion plays a factor and is just begging for teenagers to become cartel murderers. Expect to see many more teenage cartel murderers in the future.

  21. i belive this little kid should get killed


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