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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mexican army frees 20 kidnap victims in Monterrey


The Mexican army has freed 20 people who had been kidnapped in the northern industrial city of Monterrey.

Soldiers found them gagged, bound and huddled together in a tiny make-shift shack in a northern neighbourhood of the city.

Some of the hostages said they had been held for 11 days while their captors tried to negotiate ransom demands.

The man guarding them was arrested and two long-range weapons and ammunition were seized.

They said the kidnappers had asked for between $1700 ($20,000 pesos) and $4700 ($50,000 pesos) in ransom.

Monterrey, Mexico's richest city, has seen increasing levels of violence in recent years, which the authorities blame on a bitter turf war between the Zetas and Gulf drug cartels.

Photos: Grupo Reforma


  1. Were these people being held by Zetas, CDG or by some opportunistic criminal elements?

  2. @ 6:35

    According to el Norte the mexican military found this place because there was a guy outside walking around that had a grenade. When the apprehended him he told them that there was a Zeta safe house nearby with hostages.

  3. Legalize drugs and the criminal gangs will stop kidnapping,RAVE ON you brilliant PROGRESSIVES. Law and Order without it a disarmed public is TOTALLY at the mercy of whoever Takes Control. Mexico does not have to be a shit hole, the MANAGMENT historically has set the place up for failure,while I understand the govt is crooked,still Calderon at least is making the biggest SHOW Mexico has ever seen. The next Pres will make or further RETARD Mexico.

  4. @ 6:35

    I read on BDN that it was the Zetas holding them.

  5. They were being held by a lazy ass who doesn't want to work for a living.

  6. This is really sickening that this is going on there. Hearing about these senseless kidnappings has me convinced that the drug war should have never been started in the first place. I hope everybody rescued is OK and that nobody is traumatized.

  7. @ 6:56 your so right !! @ 7:57 Your an Idealist !!

  8. Imagine you are poor, struggle to learn, struggle to start a business, take risks to see business grow, experience success, and then a sicario tells you you have to pay him and his masters protection money. And the day you miss a payment you are kidnapped and held in a rat hole. And then you find out your kidnappers are local police working for cartels. This scenario happened over and over, to rich and poor alike, until Calderon took action and the cartel bosses themselves started kidnapping the kidnappers to keep the GOM off their asses. This mess in Mexico was overdue. To leave things the way they were was unacceptable. The hell we see today would have been even worse. Mexico must keep fighting this war. There is no alternative. The GOM must face the evil that lurks within and destroy or weaken the cartels. The GOM will never get rid of all organized crime but they can definatley teach them a lesson they will never forget.

  9. A small time operation to be sure. Had the kidnappers been police or federal the prices would have been much higher.

  10. Good work military! they saved 20 lives as we are sure they would have all died even if the ransom had been paid and probably died in a slow gruesome way if they were held by the Zeta's.

  11. Es zierto 3:26 comoquiera los hubieran matado ,collecting the ranssom or not ,eso animales para eso solo sirven ,huevones arrastrados,creo que para ellos es el mejor negocio ,dealing drugs es solo para sacar algo extra ,pero ya le allaro como chingarse al pueblo trabajador,. EL CRIMEN ORGANIZADO SOLO CON VIOLENCIA SE ELIMINA...ADELANTE FUERZAS ARMADAS(EJERCITO,MARINA Y FEDERAL) sigan combatiendo a los criminales!..DIOS LES BENDIGA, CUIDE Y PROTEJA...

  12. Am I the only one who noticed the "13 trece" tag..?...

    What's that all about...?.kinda weird...

    Didn't think surenos were operating in eastern Mexico..pieces of shit..

  13. ther are alot of mexican gangs the are 13 ..

  14. M S 13 is in mexico dumdass

  15. el tejaban de seguridad estaba marcado como “Trece North Plaza”.

    It has nothing to do with MS 13 or sureños it just happened to be 13. Colonia Hidalgo is in the northern part of Monterrey near Ruiz Cortines and Manuel Barragán

  16. @2:10

    YOUR the dumbass....ms13 isn't all over Mexico..

    Wtf u talkin about..?.


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