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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Los Zetas May Attempt to Overthrow Mexican Government in 2012

Former DEA and CIA Operatives: Los Zetas May Attempt to Overthrow Mexican Government in 2012 (Using U.S. Government Weapons)

By Carmen Álvarez
Translated by Mario Andrade
Los Zetas use the border crossings of El Paso-Ciudad Juarez and Palomas-Columbus (both locations along the Texas-Chihuahua border) to supply and stockpile military type weapons, which would give them ability to disrupt the 2012 elections, according to the El Paso Times.

“Many of the weapons have been stored in safe houses. I think Los Zetas are storing them for the upcoming elections of 2012,” said Robert Plumlee, a former CIA pilot who has testified before Congress on drugs and weapons trafficking research.

The report is corroborated with an interview with Phil Jordan, former director of the DEA in El Paso, who stated that the stockpiles, which include anti-aircraft missiles, are transported from a Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. The consultant added that the criminals set up (phony) companies to buy weapons directly through a State Department program.

U.S. analysts warn of narco-attack in 2012
The Border Patrol personnel and U.S. intelligence services have recently learned that Los Zetas have been purchasing properties on both sides of the border to store thousands of high-power weapons that were discovered to be part of five or six shipments that left the same airport where the DEA has its air operations center.

Phil Jordan, former central intelligence operative and director of the DEA office in El Paso, Texas, and a former CIA pilot, Robert Plumlee, said Los Zetas transported the high-power weapons to El Paso-Ciudad Juarez and the Columbus-Palomas border areas to reinforce their troops for battling other cartels and possibly disrupt the 2012 elections in Mexico, El Paso Times reported yesterday.

“I believe Los Zetas are storing weapons for the election season (2012). They probably want to be included as part of the (new) government, “said Plumlee.

“The agency responsible for investigating arms trafficking has just confirmed that Los Zetas have been smuggling weapons through this region, and Laredo, which was new to us,” said Diana Washington Valdez from El Paso Times.

She mentioned grenades, grenade launchers, antiaircraft missiles, body armor, radios, GPS devices, and night vision binoculars, among other items.

Washington Valdez reported that Phil Jordan and Robert Plumlee, who has been called to testify in many U.S. congressional investigations, as well as other sources, reported that some of the weapons were purchased in Dallas, Texas, and being sent by plane from a nearby airport in Forth Worth to the Carrillo Fuentes (Juarez) cartel.

“There is an airport over there is called Lions (Alliance –ed.), but the irony,” said Phil Jordan, “is that there is also a DEA aviation headquarters at the same airport. Who knows how long they have been doing this under the noses of the DEA, because the shipments and the aircraft used by Los Zetas left the same airport,” he added.

Washington Valdez said Jordan, Plumlee and other sources were consulted for several months when the rumor of the weapons stockpile began, and compared these events to the time when the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) not only went to war against the cartels themselves, but also the very government of that country.

“One of the weapons shipments was found in a warehouse in Juarez, which was later relocated to a ranch on the other side of town, and other weapons were moved to another ranch further deep into Chihuahua,” she said.

Weapons purchased in the U.S.
She also stressed that Jordan and Plumlee, who participated in high-profile operations during the Cuban Revolution and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as well as other sources, reported that the stockpiles of weapons are not only held at real estate properties that Los Zetas have purchased on both sides of the border, but in other locations throughout Mexico because it was found that a private company is taking advantage of the Direct Commercial Sales program under the U.S. State Department, which allows businesses to purchase high-power weapons which the U.S. exports worldwide.

“According to these reports, some Mexican businessmen who took advantage and authorized the use of that mechanism, arranged for these weapons to be delivered to the drug cartels,” she said.

The global arms report, Small Arms Survey of 2011, from the Institute for International and Development Studies in Switzerland, said that Mexico was the number one importer in the world of RPG’s, and “under-barrel” grenade launchers, with 1,429 units being imported, followed in second place by Latvia with 250.

World imports of this type of grenade launchers rose to 1,912 units.

Diana Washington announced that she’s also expecting new revelations from a U.S. federal investigation that took place in the Dallas area, which she will publish in a book.

“I’m waiting to confirm the details related to this case of weapons trafficking because what is striking is that the weapons were stockpiled and not used in the current war between the drug gangs,” she said.

Recent U.S. actions against Los Zetas
Both U.S. and Mexican authorities are on high alert and coordinating actions against Los Zetas in order to disable or damage their organizational structure.

On January 24, 2011, the U.S. embassy in Mexico reported that former Mexican military member Rogelio Lopez, who was trained in that country (Ft. Benning), was recruited by Los Zetas to assassinate former Deputy Attorney General Jose Luis Vasconcelos.

On July 3, 2011, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), issued a warning to its citizens with the recommendation not to travel to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, particularly during that weekend, and especially on July 4, due to a potential threat from Los Zetas.

On 4 July, the Federal Police arrested Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar, third in the command in the criminal organization known as Los Zetas and allegedly involved in the killing of U.S. agent Jaime Zapata, last February.

On July 6, 2011, Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar, aka. El Mamito, said the weapons used by that criminal group (Los Zetas) to be used against their opponents are bought in that country (the U.S.) and are even sold to them by the U.S. authorities.

On July 11, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the United States (BATFE) announced that firearms dealers will now have to disclose the names of customers who purchase semi-automatic weapons.


  1. LOL.... Yea right. This article smells like a conspirators wet dream.


  2. dirty zetas infesting their way up north. GREAT! it's just a matter of time when these dirty roaches try to take over juarez. they may be able to take over mexico but the U.S. would annihilate them. FUCKEN HATE LOS ZETAS!

  3. I can see it now, the Mexican embassy with zetas coming to the white house for talks on gun control and the waging drug war in Mexico, of course they would be on their best behavior........... It'll never happen.

  4. This is crazy so are they admitting zetas and allies are coming out on top?? Because if they are saying overthrow the goverment then that means they have alot of influence, this is something they should be saying for the Sinaloa cartel.I looks like those zetas and allies are r
    coming out on top

  5. So just what is this garbage of an article about? It is a feed of US disinfo channeled by way of Jack Blood over at (no, I don't make this stuff up!), a 'translator' called Mario Andrade (supposedly) who is an in house guy, and a mysterious nobody named Carmen Alvarez, that the best i can see is a sportswriter over at Excelsior, who now occasionally writes some inconsequentialities about 'narco' happenings. But just who the hell is she, anyway? Why is she supposedly credible and knowledgeable? In fact, she really isn't.

    This sort of conjecture and chisme in this article definitely isn't credible...

    “Many of the weapons have been stored in safe houses. I think Los Zetas are storing them for the upcoming elections of 2012,” said Robert Plumlee, a former CIA pilot who has testified before Congress on drugs and weapons trafficking research.'

    Say what? My Neighbor, Chepe Chayote, has more credibility than this! And the shady US based disinfo just continues and continues...

    'Phil Jordan, former central intelligence operative and director of the DEA office in El Paso, Texas, and a former CIA pilot, Robert Plumlee, said Los Zetas transported the high-power weapons to El Paso-Ciudad Juarez and the Columbus-Palomas border areas to reinforce their troops for battling other cartels and possibly disrupt the 2012 elections in Mexico, El Paso Times reported yesterday.'

    Key word for Carmen's sources is FORMER. All her sources seem to be farmers, in fact! Reread the article slowly for yourself and check! And what is all this sudden interest in Mexico's presidential elections all about. Never was such interest in them before... by anybody inside the US almost. Now it's scare story time though for the US press, I guess. Zeta zombies are coming to eat PAN! Scary!

  6. Well they can try but I think el chapo and el PAN will hold their ground. Funny how the northern states are in PRI control. Hmm.

  7. As much dope and guns as the cia runs, yeah, they must literately tripping over Zetas and patriots and scoundrels of all kinds. Thanks for the warning. What a mess, eh?

  8. I dont believe they are trying to disrupt the election as much as they are trying to re-equip and re-supply. The Zetas ranks have grown thin battling almost every other cartel day after day, month after month. They found a easier way to procure/smuggle guns then finding straw gun buyers thats all.

  9. We need to CLOSE that border, DEPORT illegals and criminals and STOP non-white immigration.

  10. @ Snow Walker: Go back to dreaming your wildest dreams and get some education white buddy.

  11. First you were walking AK-s and Ar-s during Fast and Furious,
    now you are walking Stingers?

  12. There you have it people! NRA & ATF supplying the drug cartels weapons stockpiles!

  13. Diana Washington will have a book out soon. fiction? or nonfiction?

  14. Fearmongering propaganda

  15. The NRA has nothing to do with anti-aircraft missiles you idiot.

    and to the other comment you are a racist democrat troll. We do need better border security and more deportations, but I don't care whether illegal aliens are white, brown, green or yellow. They should all be deported. There should be no sanctuary cities where gangs and their cartel allies can operate safely.

  16. Snow Walker, be kind.

    I love my mexican brothers and sisters -- and not just the pálido ones -- my tan and brown mexican brothers and sisters too. We are all fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, flesh and blood. We are all very much together in this fight against the savage mexican drug cartels. If you were in this fight you would know.

    You have a lot to learn Snow Walker.

  17. I agree that this is only paranoia and alarmist stories like this will only muddy the waters. Bottom line: The Zetas have no political ambitions. At the root they are businessmen who are only out for profits. In the end this is really about money, money, money. If the Z's have any interest politically it would be which politicians will take brides and look the other way - in essence, going back to the old PRI days. I think the PRI is the party to beat in the 2012 election cycle - people see the PAN as having only worsened things with their relentless pursuit of the cartels. Politically the PRI has to talk big on security during the election while at the same time blasting the PAN's Drug War (kind of like Obama had to do with Iraq & Afghanistan in '08). But in the end the winning party - whichever one it will be - will have one hell of a mess on its hands with this Drug War. But one thing is for sure - the Zetas won't be occupying any political offices.

  18. The article is nothing more than over speculation. Indeed, if the Zetas were going to take over the Mexican Gov't it will be through bribery and corruption (covert). The Zetas are to unorganized and their ranks are filled with to many undisciplined foot soldiers (lack of a better word). There is a reason why Zetas are being caught by the gov't and eliminated by rival cartels in record numbers...their ranks are filled with low level street criminals and misguided/problem teenagers (females included), who think the "Zeta" reputation makes them invincible! Wrong! Plus, there is a rumor there is an ongoing power struggle between Lazcano-Z3 and Trevino-Z40 over the leadership of the group.

  19. Ese Pinche BoliO Snow Walker (6:08am) no sabe nada! Es un Pendejo Estupido!!!

  20. 6 08 unless your 100% native american u have no room to talk mam. Hope you know the chances of your daughter marrying a black man or son dating a latina are very likely. And somewere down your fam lines someone will cross race lines. Diversity is what makes this country great. No ones going anywere, if you don't like it GET OUT

  21. @July 21, 2011 8:50 AM

    "people see the PAN as having only worsened things with their relentless pursuit of the cartels. Politically the PRI has to talk big on security during the election while at the same time blasting the PAN's Drug War (kind of like Obama had to do with Iraq & Afghanistan in '08)."

    Of course you can't have results right away. Now it's taken 5 years. Give it 5 more years and say they was wrong? Come on, this has been coming decades ago.

  22. @8:50

    I would have to disagree that the Z are businessmen. They are more like opprotunists trying to make a fast buck where ever they can fit there shoe in. A real businessman would see that a war with cartels does not have any profit value. In fact I don't think there profit margin is anywhere near what the other cartels are doing. There just like roaches eating shit where they can then running when the lights come on. Hopefully soon all the cartels will call a truce and commence to squash out the plague of los zetas, this will be the only way to get rid of them once and for all. The Mex govt by themselves do not stand a chance against the z unless they issue a shoot on site order. The z also have no ambition of overthrowing the govt there only ambition is to stay alive for one more day, to kidnap, rob and rape the poor defenseless people of Mexico.


  23. Zetas overtake the goverment? Seriously? The Z's and their supporters are the rejects of the rejects in the criminal underworld. Yes they have supporters but they are not organized well enough nor are they bigger than the Sinaloa cartel which is the most dominate criminal organization in not just Mexico but most likely the world. For Mexico to be run by a bunch of Z's it would take alot more than Chapo and Don Mayo to not be around but a lack of US support as well. Which we know will never happen. Mexico is a valuable partner in trade for not just the US but many other countries. Mexico has problems right now but things will change.

  24. All you here is zeta news now, think the governments rallying support to take them out. Everyone hates zetas. Marines went into zacatecas and did a hurting on them. Some say as much as 500died,doubt it. But they killed of a lot down there. The gov needs to keep goin after these scumbags

  25. lol I don't put too much in this, or Phil Jordan, that guy is a blowhard and will say almost anything to keep his hand in things. I liked Diana Washingtons book, 'The Killing Fields' for what it was, but I honestly think she is out of touch, and grasping for straws, with some of her recent stories.

  26. @July 21, 2011 11:26 AM

    I agree that the Priistas bear a lot of responsibility in creating the monster that the cartels have become in their decades long "don't ask, don't tell, just accept the bribe" policy. And if the PAN plays their political cards right, they should remind the Mexican voters of this fact.

    I personally believe that Pres. Calderon has done the right thing - and, to me, the right thing to do was to check the cartels. They had just become too powerful for their own good. Yes, it's been a bloody four and a half years - I know b/c I've lived through it firsthand. And now we have most of the cartels bloodied pretty badly and with the populace caught in the middle and growing increasingly tired of the bloodshed. To generalize greatly - my experience in Mexico has been that most Mexicans detest the cartels and what they've done to their country but, at the same time, also detest the necessary government-initiated violence it takes to get rid of them. I've yet to wrap my brain around this conumdrum but it's what I've consistently seen.

    I believe the next administration should (as Obama has done with Iraq & Afghanistan) stay the course but look to a more long-term solution. The challenge is, as Nietzsche famously said, is this: "he that seeks to battle monsters must watch out that he himself does not become one." God help the next president of Mexico ... he (or she) is going to need it.

  27. It is far-fetched to think that the Zetas want to overthrow the government.
    But it is 100% reasonable to assume that they would utilize violence and the threat of violence in order to score concessions from the next government. The Zetas prefer offering "plomo" to offering "plata" in order to get their way on a local and state basis. Why would they NOT want to do the same thing at a federal level???

  28. Former CIA and DEA agents are saying this,wow then I'm guessing they have better information then we do but why overthrow the government when you could just buy it zetas,beltran,carillo,CAF are gonna win this 2012 election. also CAF has a working agreement with beltran leyvas in Sonora And with the Sinaloa cartel in Tijuana and Mexicali I guess CAF is playing it neutral .

  29. give it time before they ban the showing of Once Upon a Time in Mexico...

  30. @July 21, 2011 1:07 PM

    After publicity around the world it's not so cheap anymore to buy politicians and other necessary elements.

  31. the guns come to a airport were the DEA is based sounds suspect they had no idea? right

  32. So, who is selling these Missiles?
    we know who the buyer is, but who is selling them?

  33. Awesome, then all of their people can come seek asylum in the U.S. I hear there's a presidential election happening in 2012...

  34. In 1980, the cocaine cartel decided to directly take over the government of Bolivia, and rule as a 'military government' rather than sit back and rule indirectly while prospering from their businesses. Like many members of Mexican cartels, they came from the military, so they looked the part - no incoming US president would question the motivations of right wing anti-communist hardliners in uniform. They only lasted a year in power, but manage to kill quite a few. Still, that seems like a ludicrously unlikely strategy in Mexico, where indirect rule doesn't seem to have much of a down side.

  35. Los Zetas would be more inclined to put a socialist government into power which is why the Marxist Obama has been sending arms to them.

    Just like Chavez arming FARC.

    Same story, different characters.

    You can set your watch to the antics on these communists...

  36. Buggs,

    Would you have your staff increase the editorial discretion dial a few notches, please? A man of your experience should be able to discern from it that this article is pure c... ...conjecture. It is the second article (that I see) where these theories (and the usual suspects around the EP Times) are espoused.

    I now consider myself a part of the BB community and a zealous promoter of it as a first stop for the latest news on any narco violence events and politics. I understand that some on your staff might be admirers of Diana Washington Valdez; but this article's plebeian scaremongering makes the it appear ridiculously off the mark with its conclusions.

    This article is unworthy of the BB.

  37. The narcos will definitely meddle in all elections. But they don't want to be a govt. Are you kidding? Be responsible for delivering utilities, street cleaning, vaccination programs, etc. No, they do want to control the govt so they can suck more money out of the people.

    Remember - they want to take EVERYTHING from you and after they have taken everything you have or ever could have, they will ask for more. You will beg them to kill you because you will want your life to end.

  38. Texcoco Mex said

    This is all BS.

  39. This alarmist bullshit is hilarious. They cant throw CDG from Monterrey let alone Tamaulipas and now they are supposed to overthrow the government, lol.

  40. Why would they want to overthrough the Gov when they have already bought it. they are just fighting over whos is going to control it.

  41. this is for "snow walker". you deport illegals and you die of hunger cuz i could promise you your white ass wont want to labor all day in the sun to grow and harvest food so shut up you rasit !!!!!!puro michoacan !!!!!!!!!

  42. This article is idiotic.

    zetas want to elbow their way into a plaza with access to the border. They're not a political movement interested in graft; its too much work for this group of perros holgazanes.

    Its as if I can almost hear the zeta leadership assigning government plazas. Can you?

    Raymundo alias "La Mosca" - Assigned to JAD
    Gabriel alias "El Tata" - Assigned to Secretariat of Education (SEP)
    Juan alias "La Chinche" - Assigned to City Health Dept
    Jose alias "La Loba" - Dog Catcher
    Maria Tiburcia alias "Pimpollo" - DIF
    Marco Antonio alias "El Mako" - Street Sweeper
    Jaime alias "Jaimito" - SEPOMEX (Postal Sec)
    Carlos alias "La Tuna" - Sec de Pesca

    Ja, Ja, Ja.

  43. i say, there is nothing to worry about, well, as far as them overthrowing the government in Mexico..because the government willingly assists them..well for a generous cut of, this is already done..nothing different from where it is now :P

  44. This sounds like a conspiracy theory lol, that said I don't doubt they will try to go back to the way things were where they bribed their politicians in order to keep operating like how it was before.

    Former DEA and CIA Operatives: Los Zetas May Attempt to Overthrow Mexican Government in 2012 (USING US GOVERNMENT WEAPONS)

    Holy shit!! How the fuck do they get American Government weaponry??? And brain dead people keep in mind that the ma and pop gun stores don't sell Gov. weapons and neither does the gun shows despite all the media bullshit.

  45. BB has already shown a connection between al gore and enrique pina nieto. From his reputation the Mexican People do not need this man as president. Someone needs to clarify the U.S., Gore, Nieto money connection.

  46. So Los Zetas and Gulf Cartel have met up with Hezbollah and Hamas, Brazillian Guerillas, Venezeullans, FSB, GRU, KGB, MSS 1'10, Chechynians rebells and mob, and are helping AQIM and other Red Army types. But, I presume that Los Zetas are also united with Crips gang members from the West Coast Crips, and Crips in EU Arabia, play both sides of the fense and the French Algerian youth movements in France have an occult following with Violent Islamic Extremeists that call them selves Raki or Kira, such is the refference to NTM songs with Preaching of Combat messages about hashid culture and youth movements against the west or trying to survive in society. But the youths are supportive of Crip gangs with Los Zetas, like B Reals lyrics from Cyprus Hill, making refferences to Los Zetas activities in Mexico with other types of vattos and banditos with the Mexican Mob and other types of mafiasoes, and criminals for hashid culture. But, THE DOD Joint Chief of Staffs stated that the next U.S. Domestic Terrorist Insurgency would be from gangs in America, but I would have to say that they would be more for a push and shove Red Army style of government which I am not for, because at the end they are just an international criminal organization trying to steal every bodies freedoms and liberties away to extort the public for Iranian Contras and help out the Evil Empire to set up a totalitarian government like a bunch of weasils.

  47. So, what about small arms dealers in the Black Market scene in Mexico and in Organisation American States, or cartels selling guns and other types of weapons with RED Army types of guerrillas and rebels, mercenaries or paid assassins from government agencies, or from International Crime Sindicates, Criminal Organizations or gang members or minute men arms dealers and drug and weapons traffickers selling at small arms and other types of weapons marts or does any body know where there are any vigilante black market arms dealers whom are for the U.S. or does any one know of any tailors in OAS zones or any case officers or field office case handlers whom are doing any Def Con work shops in remote locations in North America with Central and South American telecommunicati9n gateway manuals and with and recruiting people for private ops or running any agent aquisition and employment with CIA Project MKULTRA Black Ops Program?


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