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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

American Student Found Dead in Nogales

Reporter: Ileana Diaz
KGUN9 On Your Side
An American student has been found murdered in Mexico. Juan Carlos "Peque" Navarro, 21, was found shot in the head in Nogales, Sonora. His body was left on the side of a road. Investigators said evidence points to the possibility that Navarro may have also been tortured.

Family members and friends in Navarro's Nogales, Ariz., neighborhood were shocked and saddened by the news of his murder. Family members said Navarro was a good son and brother who had made some mistakes in the past, but was in school to give his girlfriend and their unborn child a better life.

"They were good people," Dr. Richard Von Kazmeirz said of Navarro's family. "They weren't pillars of the community, but they were one of the extensions. And the boy was trying to do well, and he did good in school."

However, some believe it's what Navarro did when he wasn't in school that got him into trouble. Police said he was visiting Nogales, Sonora, last week when he was shot, tortured, and left on the street. Family members wouldn't disclose any other details surrounding Navarro's death, but Dr. Von Kasmeirz told KGUN9 News it's not likely the attack was random.

"The cholos confide in me every now and then, and I don't snitch on them, but anonymously I will say there was some underplay there," he said. "There was like, a conspiracy. It was a planned job."

Dr. Von Kasmeirz said that Nogales residents are watching and listening and are aware of the border violence, but he doesn't believe Navarro's death will raise the level of fear in his neighborhood.

"Surprisingly, no," he said. "Very few panic at such a situation."


  1. Probably at the wrong place at the wrong time.


    Poor dude but really? Come on he was probably up to something shady

  2. He was shot once in the head and wrapped in a blanket and dumped in colonia Kennedy.

  3. Of course he was a "good" kid, no one is bad. Looks like his past finally caught up to him.

  4. Dang! Love goes out to his family, as well as wife and kid.

  5. So this guy was obviously Hispanic, but I love how the media only portrays INNOCENT Hispanics killed in Mexico as "American". What about when Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez was captured? About 95% of the media only referred to him as US-born or US-citizen. Why wasn't he "AMERICAN"?

  6. poor guy. i've visited nogales several times. its a quaint lil' city and a fun place to party. it's sad that he had to die in vain. just another incident of mexicans preying on americans. r.i.p

  7. Apparently 'The Peck' had this going on in his background...

    'In August 2008, Navarro and Garavito’s brother, Rueben, were arrested after Border Patrol agents found them loading 136 kilograms of marijuana into a car near Rio Rico. It was Navarro’s first and only serious brush with the law, court records show, and he was eventually sentenced to time served after pleading guilty to a reduced charge.

    Documents filed in the case by defense lawyer Jeffrey Bartolini noted that Navarro was a high school graduate and current college student with only a disorderly conduct incident in his past. Bartolini cited “numerous letters” sent to the judge in the case showing that the incident was out of character, and noted that Navarro’s family was suffering “numerous financial difficulties” at the time.

    Garavito said Navarro had put the conviction behind him – “You make mistakes in life and sometimes they make you stronger,” she said.'

    Well perhaps he really hadn't changed that much???? The above was from the Nogales newspaper, this side.

  8. Ardent: Thanks for the detailed information on the murder victim.

    "Execution and torture" manner of death does look like a targeted hit on a person still involved in the criminal world.

    Let this be a warning to alll those youngsters who drift into the narcoworld.

    Mexico Watcher

  9. Well we don't know why exactly this fool got mercked but if dude was running with killaz and rapists then fuck him and good riddance. Either way, why would you be going down there for? SMH

  10. texcoco mex said

    esta cabron

  11. Texcoco Mex said

    The narco life is full of betrayal and one thing is for sure ( Money is changing MF and will make a biatch grow nuts ) I know a lot of cowards who man up only in a group and thanks to the money they got from selling drug and credit card fraud.

  12. robbery?....mebbe had some money and was trying to do it one more time take care of the novia with the bun in the oven

  13. Peque was a great guy ! Don't assume or make him look he's a bad guy . I had him in class I would talk to him and hang out with my friends he's a loving person and he will always be loved and he was smart and if he did bad decisions well he is just human like all of us we all make mistakes and We all learn from it ! he was just at the wrong place and wrong time . I wish I could atleast tell him hi that day I saw him .:( .


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