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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Los Caballeros Attack the Federal Police in Michoacan

On July 2, 2011 an intense gun battle was registered in La Piedad, Michoacán, as members of the Knights Templar or Los Caballeros Templarios attacked the base of the Federal Police in the town, spilling blood on the streets, sending fear among the residents in the community.

The sicarios blasted the police building with a hail of gunfire that were travelling in about 50 trucks, were armed with long guns and grenades and were identified to be members of the Knights Templar by several sources.

Initial reports indicated that the armed group was attempting to execute Miguel Angel Rosas along with 30 elements of the Federal Police who were sleeping in the police building.

The gunfight lasted for about an hour that sent panic among the community that heard the loud sounds of the detonation from grenades and fully automatic gunfire. Scattered on the ground at the scene were over 5,000 spent casings of ammunition. The place was practically destroyed.

During the confrontation three gunmen were killed, they were identified as Fabián Cortez Ríos, 23; Epigmenio Hernández Infante, 30, and Pedro Cortez Ramirez 18. Seven unidentified federal police officers were also killed and three others were wounded.

This incident is said to have triggered a wave of violence in the last couple of days in several municipalities in Michoacan, the area in essence has become a war zone.


  1. wow, this video at the end is terrifying!i cannot imagine being able to sleep after hearing this in a neighborhood where i live..

  2. Kinda repetitive to keep saying this, but yes, this is insane. I don't know if it's arrogance or desperation that keeps CT and LFM going at the Federal Police.

    I had a discussion with someone the other day that follows the narcos in his own way (with very closed mind and stubbornly held beliefs) told me Michoacan and Morelia, Apezetgian etc are all safe, and I was sensationalizing the events there. Right.

  3. The next Federal base in that area won't have big spacious windows, eh?

  4. See what LA TUTA did,attack the federal government and you are asking for it.Now they are right on your trail SOB.

  5. On BDN site yesterday, I noticed the toothbrush and the letter "J" I am assuming are imposed on the last photo in this group. Anybody know if these were "official release" photos or from a bystander?...just curious.

  6. J....I also have friends in Morelia (a professor at the UdeMichoacan). Educated, trained and lived in Canada & US.

    Now that he has gone back, everything is "fine", "safe" or "we don't talk about it".

    Burying your head in the sand is part of the problem in Mexico. This inaction is what has allowed for decades of corruption that lead to the rise of the cartels.

  7. This story is over a week old I was wondering when you guys were going to report this. Thanks! Also you said there was "Seven unidentified federal police officers were also killed." All the reports I read it was saying it was three officers wounded but their wounds were serious. Only Blog de narco reported seven officers dead. Is it true or not? I don't trust blog de narco. Thanks for the info.

  8. The judge who released la Tuta should be taken out and shot. Execute him for allowing this murderer to go free.

    Everyone realizes that la Tuta was captured by authorities and subsequently released.

    Stop the nonsense. Take the judge out onto the street and execute him in public. Let others know that future acts of treason against the Mexican Gov't will not be tolerated.

    These thugs need someone with commitment. Someone who is willing to let these criminals know real justice.

    It is about time Mexico is taken back from these petty criminals. Show some guts.

  9. @ 5:43pm uhmm Im pretty sure those are dead Federal Officers in the photos posted.

  10. @July 11, 2011 7:25 PM

    What are you talking about? La Tuta was never arrested!!!! Please explain.

    @July 11, 2011 7:52 PM

    Really? Is your IQ level that low? Do you even know how a Federal Police uniform looks like? I'm guessing by your answer its no.

  11. @ 10:38 PM...If your going to attack others and use an IQ as a measure, which I doubt you even know yours, use correct grammar. "Do you even know how a Federal Police uniform looks like?", is not even correct English. You may have a GED but it is doubtful you have anything more. One of these articles mentioned that some of the officers may have been sleeping in the building at the time of the attack. I suspect they could have been sleeping in their civilian clothes. I have seen many photos of federal officers and many times they were photographed in plain clothes. Also, in case you didn't know, lots of the photos in many of these articles are archived photos and not even really of the actual event.

    There are way to many comment bashers on this site. People cannot make a simple comment without people like you trying to run up their ass for no apparent reason.

    Make comments and opinions and quit bashing others jerk. Your stuff has nothing insightful.

  12. @July 12, 2011 12:59 AM

    Someone got butt-hurt jaja. Well I know three languages Spanish, English and French. I'm from Mexico so considering I know how to read, write and speak in these languages I think I do pretty good. Now tell me if you can do that? Prob not jaja. So that explains the mistake.

    Second "One of these articles mentioned that some of the officers may have been sleeping in the building at the time of the attack. I suspect they could have been sleeping in their civilian clothes."

    Its a police station not some hotel. And if you actually visited or were familiar with this area, like I am, you would know this building is too small to even house any type of beds or barracks. Third they were there to kill Miguel Angel Rosas to send a message to the government, the agents that were there to protect him, would never be in plain clothes.

    "Also, in case you didn't know" these are the actual photos from the attacks. I actually read from many newspapers and blogs, and not just get my information from one source unlike you.

    "There are way to many comment bashers on this site. People cannot make a simple comment without people like you trying to run up their ass for no apparent reason."

    There is a difference between making a simple comments and stupid comments and your comment was obviously stupid. And if you can't handle a little criticism or heat than get out of the kitchen, its that simple. Oh and please tell me how your post was insightful? jaja. Because it WASNT!

  13. Wow alot of fully automatic fire in there, you could totally tell when everyone had to do mag changes though lol.

  14. Texcoco Mex said

    As far as I know a Mexican police uniform have a Mexican flag on both sides left and right arms, and the body armor has police printed on the chest.


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