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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Knights Templar Invoked by Norway Suspect, Mexican Cartel to Cloak Horror

By Joshua Rhett Miller
A group of medieval knights created nine centuries ago to protect Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land are now being referenced by a Mexican drug cartel and the self-confessed mass murderer of last week's terror attacks in Norway to "cloak the horror" of their own deeds, a medieval historian told

The Knights Templar were created in 1120 by roughly a dozen knights following the First Crusade, which left the area now known as Israel quite hazardous for Christians who fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem.

"The roads in that area, particularly in the roads of Jerusalem, were dangerous with Muslim raiders and general violence, and very often Christian pilgrims would be killed or robbed by Muslims," said Dr. Paul Crawford, associate professor of ancient and medieval history at the California University of Pennsylvania.

To combat that threat, Crawford, who has studied the Knights Templar for two decades, said the group was formed to use its military training and vast resources to protect the helpless pilgrims.

"This was an innovation of Christian society up until that point -- using military skills to protect the helpless," Crawford told during a phone interview Wednesday. "It was a chivalrous concept; the powerful should protect the weak instead of exploiting them."

By the mid-12th century, Crawford said the Knights Templar became a major element of defense for the kingdom of Jerusalem against Islamic attack. But in 1307, Crawford said hundreds of Knights Templar in France were arrested by orders of Philip IV, king of France from 1285 to 1314. They were charged with dozens of crimes, from heresy to blasphemy to sodomy, Crawford said.

"Philip the Fair," however, had no authority to do so, as the Knights Templar answered only to the Pope. But by 1312, Pope Clement V had dissolved the Christian military order and its grandmaster was burned at the stake by Philip IV two years later.

Eight centuries later, Anders Behring Breivik, the man who confessed to last week's bombing and shooting attacks that left 76 dead in Norway, alluded to two other "cells" of his network, which he referred to in a 1,500-page manifesto as a new "Knights Templar." In the document, he describes being invited to join the group, which he said is dedicated to "anti-jihad" and claims members held meetings in London and the Baltics. Afterward, he said, the members vowed not to contact one another and to instead plan their "resistance" as individuals.

Halfway around the globe, in Morelia, Mexico, an organized crime group calling itself the Knights Templar has recently distributed 22-page booklets announcing its fight against poverty, tyranny and injustice. A copy obtained by The Associated Press depicts knights on horseback bearing lances and crosses, vowing an "ideological battle to defend the values of a society based on ethics."

Crawford said Breivik and the Mexican crime syndicate blamed for murders and drug trafficking are "grossly abusing" the ideals and glamour of the original knights.

"A drug cartel in Mexico for goodness sake and a lone murderer in Norway are trying to appropriate a glamorous and admirable image to cloak the horror of their own deeds," Crawford said. "In neither case would the original organization approve of what is being done and made of their memory."

Crawford said the "bastardization" of the Knights Templar likely stems from the original order's fascinating, sudden and violent end.

"It's natural for people to be interested in them and to be attracted to them," he said. "Because the fall of the Templars was so dramatic and so difficult to understand even at the time, it appeals as an event to the sort of person who is drawn to conspiracy theories and mysteries -- and even the occult."

The modern International Order of the Knights Templar (OSMTH) -- a Christian order with no ties to the church and an accredited United Nations non-governmental organization -- has quickly distanced itself from Breivik and the Mexican cartel. In a statement posted on its website, the organization deplored Breivik's "senseless acts" and reiterated its mission as building bridges worldwide for peace and understanding.

"Christ's message is one of love, understanding and tolerance of all peoples in the World," the statement read. "How Anders Behring Breivik so misunderstood Christ's message is beyond reason or belief … Mr. Breivik is NOT NOW and HAS NEVER been a member of OSMTH."

The grand commander of the order, U.S. Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Bob Disney, told the organization has entities in 16 countries and is in the process of finalizing four additional delegations. It also maintains permanent delegations at the United Nations in New York, Geneva and Vienna. Disney said OSMTH officials have not received any threats in response to the perceived connection to the Norway attacks or the Mexican crime syndicate.

Crawford, meanwhile, said he expects the message of the original Templars to continue to be usurped and used maliciously.

"Oh dear, I hope not, but it's been going on from at least the 18th century," he said. "It's not going to stop. The only thing that those of us who are Templar historians can do is to keep telling the truth. But there are these people who want a glamorous cover for their misdeeds, so we're stuck with it."


  1. I don't think the knights would agree to lend their name to meth dealers and renegades,
    I think the bible said something about false prophets, like beware of them.

  2. CT are a very strange and mysterious drug cartel that will kill you and chop you up in pieces while wearing cult like robes that's scary, LFM used to just chop off your head and torso

  3. California University of Pennsylvania is located in Pennsylvania and not CA. I think it is important to verify that it is in fact a real place and not made up, as to give more credence to the analyses made on the Knights of Templar to those of Callaberos Templarios and the Norway shooter.

  4. the knights of templar name is just a part of propaganda....... the norway suspect has nothing to with this cartel. foxnews= shit.

  5. Ohhhh, they're not the real templar knights!?!? Wow thanks for clearing that up Fox news, I would have never figured it out! Fucking idiots....

  6. LOL I don't think Fox News was saying they were or are the real Knights Templar, but rather that they are hijacking the name. They began by explaining who the KT really were and what their mission was so that hopefully you could learn enough to understand the difference, guess that didn't work! lol

  7. The original Knights Templar of the crusades are sometimes described as being very shrewd bankers (lone sharks) of their time. The group came up with a clever idea for securing monies for rich nobles, in the form of promissory notes, which allowed the nobles to travel to the holy land without having to carry valuables. A fee was assessed based on the amount borrowed and the KT began to amass great wealth and power throughout France and Europe. So much so, the King of France of the time (Phillip IV) pressured the Pope to arrest and investigate the KT for heresy, as a way of escaping his debt to the KT. The date of the arrests throughout France was October 13th 1307 a Friday, some believe the date spurred the modern day superstition of "Friday the 13th" being unlucky.

    What started out as religious charitable organization (protection of the Christian faith) morphed into a greedy, money hungry, power hungry, organization, who at one time held power over Church and Kings of the time, which ultimately lead to their demise. Proof money is the root of all evil!

  8. Its funny that for 1000's of years a. some things never change. And b. Some things come full circle. Be it for drugs, religion, etc, we can always justify murder. And now our modern re-inventors of ethics even are using old-school (almost ancient) organizations to link themselves as modern day freedom fighters. I'm surprised Bush didn't dress our soldiers up like KofT to fight in the middle east. And drug cartels using it to brainwash civilians into thinking they're the "good guys"? They profit off of poison, and murder their competition. And that Norwegian ass-clown....trying to liberate the world of muslims in the name of Christ? As the saying goes....
    Dear Jesus,
    Please save us from your stupid followers.

  9. I love how they claim the cartels and that Norway jerk are tarnishing a noble group. I agree that cartels are horrible, and that religious extremist is as well. But, to claim the Knight of Templar were "noble"?? They were just older versions of enforcers or sicarios who "protected" Christians. Now if I recall, the Crusades were when the Christians spread Christianity and many battles were fought and lives were lost. This all sounds similar to a cartel to me. And the Norway guy? It sounds like he had a "mini crusade" of his own according to his manifesto referencing the Knights. There is so much hypocrisy going on here, it makes me puke in my mouth. Jesus would be disgusted.

  10. 11:04 is right, they were nothing but bankers.. Foxnews is just too stupid to look into it.

  11. I can't wait until the Zetas take up the muslim role to attack los "caballeros"

  12. @2:11
    Yeah same here I can't wait until the CT start chopping Zeta heads off and skinning them alive :)

  13. ....THE ONLY TACTIC happening here is that these KNIGHTS TEMPLARS are TRYING TO PASS something off as GOOD, when in fact is EVIL...
    ....ANY KIND of label used to pass of selling drugs, dealing drugs, distrubuting drugs, killing for drugs, is a thing that GOD HATES...
    ...LOVE, doing something GOOD ARE ALL TACTICS THAT satan has been using for centuries..
    ...SO SELLING meth, coke, crack, etc, is not good, but rather SELFISH, AND SELFSERVING...THE DESTRUCTION IT CAUSES IS OBVIOUS...
    ...and one more thing, the saying: MONEY IS NOT EVIL, IF someone produces it righteously, but rather it's the LOVE OF MONEY that's EVIL..LOVING it so much that a person will do whatever it takes..
    ...INdeed, we live in a society that's infused with lies and desception (BABALYON), THAT society can't tell the difference between good and evil>>>

  14. Fox News should just give up!! The only consistent thing about their operation is they are always hopeless and they always get it wrong.


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