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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hooded Commando Disarm State Police Officers

Authorities in Michoacan admitted that last week 21 police officers of the State Auxiliary Police were disarmed by an armed commando.

The uniformed officers were on their way to provide security at a rodeo in the community of San Miguel del Monte, located south of Morelia, when they were surprised and overcome by hooded men armed with AK-47s.

The gunmen conducted individual searches of every officer and one by one, they were stripped of their weapons. The officers said they could not defend themselves for fear of being executed, and that the armed sicarios were in a very angry mood, so they felt they would be slaughtered if they fought back against the illegal action.

After the police reported the incident, forces from different agencies conducted operations in an attempt to locate those responsible for stealing the weapons from the police, but the operation was not successful in locating the sicarios.

In total; 21 police officers were disarmed, the sicarios stole six rifles type Uzi and twenty one .38 special caliber handguns. The weapons are now in the hands of organized crime.

Source: AIM


  1. What a rag tag disaster down there. I'm surprised they let them live. A lot of weapons down there are gov issued.

  2. It sounds almost as if the polce officers were willIing to give up their weapons without a fight. Don't they have any safeguard against being ambush? The nonprofessional conduct is really quite impressive.

    But then what do I know. I'm not a cop and I have never been ambushed.

  3. Lets see 21 .38 super hand guns and 6 uzzis vs lets say 15-20 armed men with ak47, grenade launchers, ar15, barret move on the officers can't fight if its not fair...their life is more important than 1500 pesos a month. Believe me ive been in the worst parts of mexico

  4. Nice" don't wonder why things are the way they are.

  5. Stupid cops .....

  6. Such big balls you guys have calling them cowards and stupid. You'll should go show them how it's done, but you won't do shit but talk about it. Those cops were very poorly armed, they might as well have had sling shots. I am sure the NRA would say they needed better guns, and I agree with them.


  7. They did the smart thing it would of been a turkey shoot. I'd bet at most those men had a 9mm or maybe even revolvers.

  8. @July 26, 2011 1:15 AM (-ET)

    Yeah. Exactly my opinion.

    Calling those cops cowards childish and retarded.

    Guys, they was ambushed by many rifles. I would like to see you get overpowered by situation like that and starting to play cowboy. :D

    I bet you haven't never been even close to situation like that.

  9. wow its a fuckin miracle they were not executed! in fact I am baffled why they didn't execute them. Good they they them live though.

  10. If these guns are recovered, will the ATF report them as coming from American gun dealers?

  11. The officers knew when to hold the cards and when to give u the cards and run.

    You can do much with criminals armed with AK 47th's

    It is a miracle they still alive and that were not beheaded.

    They need more training and better weapons in order to be able to sustain a fire fight.

    What is happening in mexico will come to the USA..

    Wake up and be ready for the firefight of your life. There are no rules in this fight...


  12. Some of these comments are hilarious, 90% of American cops would have done the exactly same.

    They were ambushed by attackers who had superior firepower, element of suprise and were holding just about every single card in their hands, these cops would have been massacred.

    Atleast now these cops live to fight crime an another day, well hopefully.

  13. before you call them stupid..and cowards...they had six 9mm uzi's and 21 38 specials revolvers....against how many ak47's?..and like the one poster die for a little pay..

    and know there will be no revenge for you...

    to be an honest cop in a crazy thing to do ... it is easy to be a billy bad ass when you don't have an ak stuck in your nose

  14. Something doesn't sound quite right about this story. An armed group overpowers these police officers and then what..? Takes a few guns and leaves? More likely they just sold the weapons willingly and made up a shitty excuse.

  15. So who stole the weapons? La Familia Michoacana or Caballeros Templar?


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