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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gulf Cartel arsenal seized in Zacatecas.

On Wednesday, July 6, a Mexican Army unit, armed with information from an anonymous tip, seized four vehicles and an arsenal with Gulf Cartel (CDG) identification marks in the municipality of Tepechitlan, Zacatecas.

According to initial reports from the federal prosecutor’s office in Zacatecas in charge of the investigation, the suspected gunmen fled the scene, abandoning their vehicles and equipment, when they saw the troops approaching their location.

The official Sedena (Defense Ministry) press release included the following inventory:

15 assault weapons (AR-15 and AK-47)

4 fragmentation grenades

7,601 rounds of live ammunition

15 ballistic vests

274 magazines

16 sets of tactical gear

4 vehicles, 1 of them armored.

Marine operations continue in Zacatecas

Marine operations against Los Zetas continue in Zacatecas and resulted in the arrests of at least 22 gang members and an unknown number of deaths.

Early Thursday in the municipality of Cañitas de Felipe Pescador, 22 members of a Zeta cell that specialized in the theft of cargo from railroad cars belonging to the FerroMex line were arrested by a Marine unit.

Weapons and vehicles belonging to the gang were also seized.

In the municipality of Rio Grande a convoy of 100 Marines patrolling Federal Highway 45 intercepted a group of Zeta gunmen at approximately 8:00pm Thursday, resulting in a pursuit and intense gunbattle on the highway between Fresnillo and Rio Grande

An undisclosed number of gunmen were killed and vehicles and weapons seized in the shootout that included a high volume of gunfire and grenades by both the Marines and the criminals.



  1. Armed by the United States.

    Nice how the U.S. is complaining that Iranian weapons are killing U.S. soldiers - but nothing is said about U.S. weapons killing innocent Mexican citizens.

    Looks like the U.S. has it out for Zetas - and they are arming the CDG - who come across as the ones committing the heinous acts to portray the Zetas as the gruesome killers.

    Either way though - Both groups along with the U.S. Government - nothing but serial killers - murderers - Disgusting vile groups. All of them!

  2. Its only a matter of time before Gulf gets both of there feet in Zacatecas, La Familia Michoacana had there foot in Zacatecas fighting Zetas for it for a while but let it go now its CDG to take it for themselves let's see how Zetas react

  3. Why are these pictures so small? Do you only have these resized ones?

  4. Hopefully they take out the Zetas in Zacatecas..

  5. Let's see . . . Mexico generally prohibits its citzens from keeping and bearing arms, and the result is that armed criminal gangs get guns anyway and then use them to terrorize the unarmed populace.

    Obviously, we should copy Mexico's policies here in the US. It's not like we have 300 million guns laying around or anything.


  7. Zetas stronghold in zacatecas seems to b slipping. CDS goes in a lot thru their durango side. And now cdg has people it seems. Seems like they will fight zetas were ever they are. Zetas can't keep fighting in so many fronts. Torreon is a key city that they are loosing also

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hope this is only just one narco's li'l weaponita stash or CDG have a very feeble chance of doing anything much more or for much longer in Zacatecas or anywhere else for that matter.

  10. Damn, CDG is everywhere across Mexico.

  11. It's funny how some love to blame the US for everything especially the guns. If the guns exist in the USA, why don't we have the violent crime issue right here at home being that our guns are so easily purchased???

    Should we be attacking Mexico and Mexican government for their drugs coming into the USA or their criminals?

    Stop blaming the US for the corruption, lack of jobs, lack of security that exists in Mexico. Also don't forget that many of the guns are purchased in South America. Where there's demand, there's supply. Eliminating all guns going south of our border won't solve anything!!! The violent criminals will always find their way...Sure it sucks that many of the guns orginate in the US, but what about the machetes used to sever the body parts of people all across Mexico???? Hmmm

  12. One other comment to make. Those on here keep ranting how the Mexican government is supporting CDG etc etc....If so, why the bust...One of many!!! Those saying this are probably the same numb nuts pointing fingers at the US.


  14. I think ppl r saying that the US gov supports the gulf more than the mexico gov supports the gulf

  15. "the suspected gunmen fled the scene, abandoning their vehicles and equipment, when they saw the troops approaching their location"

    I call BULLSHIT! Every story seems to say this when it involved the CDG! how in the hell do they escape on complete FLAT LAND? Its BULLSHIT! They are ALLOWING them to escape!

  16. After the rumor of Lazcano and Ivan Caballero Z-50 being in Zacatecas for Comandante Cententos' funeral i believe C.D.G took the opportunity to hit the Zetas where it hurts the most.Or they are simply trying to take over the plaza.

  17. Hey " J " did anything happen in Sinaloa today?

    Guess not, it never does!


  18. That is a fair point, I'll concede, that seldom are groups of Sinaloa cartel gunmen arrested in large amounts, or seemingly at all. But, I don't know if massive large scale corruption is the answer, or Calderon and Chapo being in business together. I mean, either the theory is sound or it's not, if Calderon is in with Chapo, when did this occur? If the Gulf cartel was the strongest in Mexico 5 years ago, why didn't they get the deal?

    I think people have made Chapo and Sinaloa into a mythical force.

    To the issue at hand, money talks, and Chapo and Sinaloa are on top right now, sure. Does that mean a massive conspiracy? One that is 'known' or suggested throughout Mexico and in mexican communities in the US? Doubtful to me. But, I only speak for myself.

  19. Yeah sure they get all their guns from the USA. What about all those hand grenades in the picture? I'm sure that's all they get from South American arms dealers right? Just grenades, nothing else. Sure.

  20. BB why do you post these comments that are obviously from cartel supporters/members that contain nothing but curses for other cartels, cheers for cartels and curses for US/Americans/gringos?

    I thought you did not want to be a "narco blog".

    Example: 3:00 pm,10:44 am, 10:05 am. Also, 10:05 am is the same guy posting anti-US curses on other articles. He consistently misspells "retarded" with two Ts.

  21. Have to agree with J on this. Everyone likes a nice, neat and tidy explanation for the fucked up world. Calderon really is doing a lot of the right things but Mexico has been so bad for so long that it's not going to get fixed in one sexenio. The other politicians do not help at all when they nit-pick criticize every little thing. The police system does not work, the justice system does not work, the public health system for christ sake barely works. This in a country rich in natural resources and human resources. Yet opportunities are few, poverty is widespread and the smart, resourceful people are leaving the country.

    Another thing - there have to be many more guns in the US than in Mexico but the US does not have the same level of violence. I think it is because US systems and govt institutions function pretty well.


  22. @ ZaK Rayner

    Good day sir. Me my mum and my flatmates agree with you about the colour of the body armour. Bloody hell, I think this drug smugulling buisness is bollocks. Having tea now are we? cheers!



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