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Friday, July 1, 2011

Federal forces and Zetas wage daylong fight in Fresnillo, Zacatecas.

A five hour long shootout between members of Los Zetas and Mexican Marines on Friday in the community of San José de Lourdes, Zacatecas left a toll of 15 gunmen dead and 17 arrested. San Jose de Lourdes, a community of 5,000 inhabitants, is located in the municipality of Fresnillo, where Los Zetas have created one of several strongholds in Mexico’s central altiplano, or high plains.

The Naval ministry (Semar) reported that the shooting began when a unit of Marines conducting operations in San José de Lourdes was attacked by a large group of gunmen from a safe house.

The shooting wounded six Marines, who were all reported out of danger.

The fighting began at 6:00am and as of 7:00pm Marines were still conducting house to house searches in search of more suspects in San Jose. Residents of the community reported a large amount of explosions from grenades and heavy weapons during the fighting.

Between 8:00am and 11:00am gunmen hijacked buses, large trucks and passenger vehicles and used them for “narcobloqueos”, or blockades, on the main roadways in and out of Fresnillo to obstruct vehicular traffic and limit the movement of authorities.

Shooting was reported in the afternoon in the important religious center and pilgrimage site of Platero, also in the municipality of Fresnillo, where the church of the Santo Niño de Atocha is located.

Units of Federal Police and Army troops reinforced the Marines, manning checkpoints and searching the central bus station and hotels throughout the municipality.

According to the statement from the Naval Ministry a large number of arms and ammunition and several vehicles were also confiscated during the operation.

Initially the fighting in San Jose de Lourdes was reported as a street to street battle that began when a Marine patrol intercepted a large convoy carrying over 250 Zetas, but this version of events was later denied by Zacatecas’ State Attorney General, Arturo Nahle Garcia.

In his statement Nahle Garcia explained that the number of 250 pertained to the number of armed Zetas believed to reside in the municipality of Fresnillo.

The Attorney General revealed that Los Zetas have a headquarters in Fresnillo and use the city as a center of operations. He stated that the criminal group is also present in other parts of the state.

“Without a doubt, Fresnillo is important to them (Los Zetas), they set up camp here 5 or 6 years ago and it is only recently that we have begun to fight them with the help of federal forces. It seems that previously their presence was tolerated.”

One of the Zetas killed in the battle with state police in La Lobera, Jalisco this past June 14, where the 6 young female Zetas recruits were captured, was a mid level Zeta commander based in Fresnillo.

“Comandante Ardilla”, Heriberto Centeno Madrid, led a cell of approximately 50 sicarios that operated out of Fresnillo and was considered one of the most dangerous men in Zacatecas at the time of his death.

It is not known if intelligence gathered at La Lobera and from the interrogation of the Zetas captured there led to the location of the safehouses attacked by the Marines in San Jose de Lourdes.


Zacatecas en linea images courtesy of Osvaldo Martinez.


  1. yeah . have given orders to fuck these zetas up before i come back to Mexico...this squirrel...and his nest of rats are all fucked...thats why so many zetas are gettig hit,,,i am tired of them..they made a big mistake when they pissed me off


    but it is really good to see them all getting fucked up...someday it will be great when they are all gone..and then just good honest homicidal maniac smugglers will remain


    15 - Dead
    17 - Captured
    ?? - Injured

    00 - Dead
    00 - Captured
    06 - Injured

    Way to go Marinas!

  3. do Mexican marinas say siempre fi?..and urah!..they should

    nice score card..everytime i ever went to Zacatecas..i didn't like it ..had some weird experiences ...negative vibes kinda thing...thought it was not very friendly...and creepy...the last time i was there about two years ago..i decided it was my last i know why..infested with the fucking Z

  4. Yea,well call me when they are doing this to El Chapo. Until then, it means very little!!!!!

  5. Comandante Ardilla was the POS who escaped,along with 53 others,from the Zacatecas state prison in 2009

  6. It's now up to 22 dead zetas so that's good.

  7. It must suck to only be 1.64M tall. I guess thats why you need guns to compensate.

  8. I agree with brito. And screw this other guy

  9. yeah ...
    lo k tu digas anonculero

    posing as what? ..a guy who has been to zaca and thought it was creepy

    yeah she is a regia ..the prettiest women in the world..tu celoso?onan..sounds like it

    fly ...better watch out ..i got one of those electric fly swatters ...ZAP... dead fly..jajjajaja

    WE ????...what?... you got another anonymouse in your pocket?

    keep it up little bitch and i am gonna make you cry

  10. Damn brito they/he/she/it told you

  11. I heard that they killed Peinado's brother in Sonora. Any truth to that? Is it true that El Chapo is number one on US's Most Wanted List after Osama Bin Laden got caught? Any intel would be nice, thanks!

  12. @ anonass

    more upper class than you ...but that don't take much..and i am not Mexican ...American thank you ..

    you got an insecurity complex don't you?..

    don't feel lonely ..there is a girl for you ..just look for that neon sign that says OPEN

  13. @ all the negative anymoues

    STOP PICKING ON BRITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously you guys are bored and have nothing better to do. He's a nice guy trying to do what is right. Enough already. Ya basta!

  14. this mis-direction of attention is a large part of the reason nobody hardly knows anything about the war in mexico..which is affecting more people and is right next door..

  15. pff these deaths doesnt mean shit they will replace them and send them to fight for control again Zacatecas is heavily contested zetas dominates north/east zacatecas and Cartel de unions dominates west/southwest

  16. @ 4:54 am
    Cartel de unions? What's that? Never heard of them

  17. i mean Carteles Unidos a alliance of Sinaloa, Gulf and la famillia cartel.

  18. A bit weird how many assume Chapo Guzman is the #1 Most wanted in the United States after taking out Osama Bin Laden. Actually hes not even on the Top Ten. If you guys have the chance make a search for him on the website and you'll be surprised. Thats why he will never be caught.

  19. I'm very sad to this subject!! My best friends was killed in this lil battle. He came to Texas when he was very young. We grew up together like brothers. He's has children here in the US. He went to prison 9 years ago and was released just a lil over a year ago an deported back to Mexico. Not bn able to come back to the US and not bn able to make $ in Mex he turned to the alternate lifestyle and ended up dead!:( he went in a blaze of glory

  20. RIP Jesus Alberto Elizondo you will never b forgotten. We all love you brother..

  21. Alberto "el gallo giro" elizondo u fought like a true soilder bro

  22. Drug dealing is never gonna end

  23. I pray that Mexico rises above all this. I am proud of being Mexican. But sad of what has become of this beautiful land.

  24. What a waste of life .. I been ther and I know you don't have a choice many believe one chooses that lifestyle.. Far from the truth.. When they ask you to join them there's one answer YES SIR..those that say no disappear an or made examples of for the next one that's asked to be reminded there's only one answer they'll accept. Been there lived it...


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