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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Familia Michoacana 'Associate' Gunned Down By Mexico Police

Jen Sokatch
In Sight

The leader of the Oficina, a criminal organization reportedly linked to the Familia Michoacana drug gang, was gunned down by Mexican security forces inside a house in Aguascalientes, central Mexico.

Nicolas Mora Ovando, alias "El Nico" or "Papa Nico," had been wanted since January on suspicion of kidnapping, drug trafficking and murder.

He was a former police officer and leader of the local criminal group the Oficina, which is linked to the Familia, according to some media reports, while others referred to him as a leader of the Familia.

Security forces found Mora in his house in the city of Aguascalientes with his girlfriend and their two children, aged 2 and 5, as well as her parents. Agents surrounded the house and opened fire.

Mora allegedly attempted to use both his girlfriend and one of the children as shields, while defending himself with a 9mm handgun, but was eventually killed after a gun battle lasting for at least an hour.

Photos: PGJE


  1. There are thousands of criminal gang members in Mexico,most are well known,some in hiding most are not,the different branches of law enforcment in Mexico COULD if they wanted to KILL OR ARREST THEM ALL,most of us know this. What is interesting is when the police target these criminals,one here,one there, you always wonder why and how Mexican law decides which ones to attack.Pecking order of Corruption.

  2. He was a former police officer and leader of the local criminal group the Oficina, which is linked to the Familia.

    I've often wondered what happens to those guy that get fired from their respective police forces for being corrupt. I guess the logical step would be to work for the cartels. It's s no brainer.

  3. Sick bastard used his family to shield his own worthless ass! that right there is a true glimpse of the "trust and honor" you can expect from one of these narco pieces of dogshit once your involved with them whether it be from a romantic aspect a friend aspect or business aspect.

    Good work police.


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