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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Fabulous is no more, when Killed in Garcia, NL

At around 20:00 hours on Wednesday there was a confrontation in the town of Garcia, Nuevo León, between police forces known as the "Grupo de Reacción" and several gunmen. Authorities had noticed several suspicious men aboard a Toyota pickup truck that resulted in a shootout in street Portal de la Sierra.

The violent incident resulted in three gunmen killed, the bodies of the unidentified men were taken to University Hospital for an autopsy. However hours later it was learned that the men belonged to the Zetas and one of them was a leader of several plazas.

Jorge Domene Zambrano, a spokesman for the State police, confirmed that during the shootout in Garcia, Fernando Rodríguez Hernández, better known as "El Fabuloso," Rodríguez Hernández is accused of carrying out two attacks against the mayor Jaime Rodriguez.

Brigadier General Juan Arturo Esparza

The sicario killed was a leader of the Zetas in the towns of Garcia, Santa Catarina, El Carmen, and Mina, all municipalities in Nuevo Leon. It is also believed that El Fabuloso also participated in the attack that killed Brigadier General Juan Arturo Esparza who at the time was head of the Department of Public Safety in the municipality of Garcia.


  1. Le fue fabulosamente al güey. ( al sicario no al general)

  2. how about a photo of fabby

  3. Fabuloso is probably a reference to the popular household cleaner. Kinda like Mr. Clean.


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