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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

El Mamito: "All our weapons are bought in the U.S."

In an interview recorded with officials from Mexico’s Federal SSP (Ministry of Public Safety) and distributed to the Mexican media, Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar “El Mamito” revealed that Los Zetas obtain their arms from the U.S.

“All the weapons are bought in the United States. We used to bring them through the bridge, but we have to cross them on the river now. It’s gotten more difficult for us.”

Rejon Aguilar confessed that Los Zetas have “buyers on the other side” (in the U.S.) who are U.S. citizens that acquire the arms and sell them to Los Zetas. He also admitted hearing stories that the U.S. government was selling weapons.

“What we buy in the United States, there was a time when the buyers, they weren’t our people, they were buyers from the other side, were saying that the American government was selling weapons.”

El Mamito stated that the Mexican government’s efforts had made it more difficult for Los Zetas to get weapons onto Mexican soil but that the Gulf Cartel had no such difficulty. They are still able to smuggle weapons in the trunks of cars through the border crossings.

“We are unaware of what’s happening but you can deduce that if it’s almost impossible for us to buy weapons and bring them in our trunks and they (Gulf Cartel) can they can bring them in freely, with no problems, well there has to be an arrangement, one can deduce that they have a pact with the government, I don’t know.“

This comes at a time when Mexico is urging the U.S. to do more to combat the flow of arms southward, including a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban.

El Mamito declared that Los Zetas do not buy their cocaine directly from Colombia because they don’t trust Colombian drug traffickers. They buy their cocaine in Central America, particularly in Guatemala, which is the responsibility of a private group of “accountants”.

“Drug trafficking is done by a group of accountants who handle everything in private, It is a closed group and only they know whats going on. I don’t know. They could be be bringing in drugs every month or two, with the problems we’re having it could be two months, three months.”

"They are shipping it to the United States, it comes to Laredo but it is a closed group and they have accountants that are responsible for everything," he said.

El Mamito confirmed that the attack on February 15 this year against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents that resulted in the death of Jaime Zapata in San Luis Potosi was due to an error by Zeta gunmen who believed they were members of a rival group.

Regarding the leader of La Familia Michoacana, Jesus 'El Chango' Mendez, El Mamito said he had knowledge that Mendez had sought an alliance with Los Zetas days before his capture.

“He wanted to get close to us, to have a dialogue bcause they had killed all his people and he needed our support.”

“My personal point of view was that he who betrays you once will betray you a second time. I didn’t see it as convenient but that’s my opinion. I don’t know what those above me thought”

El Mamito stated that there was a truce between Los Zetas and La Familia that disintegrated after the death of Arturo Beltran Leyva.

He stated that the current violence between Los Zetas and other drug cartels is the result of treason.

“Los Golfos made alliances and now we are at war with El Chapo, El Mayo (Zambada), Jalisco, La Familia.”



  1. Thanks for the translation Gerardo, because I don't speak Spanish and don't know what he is saying.

    I watch the video and just looking at this guy's facial expression. Compared to every other videos I have seen, this guy is so calm and collected compared to everyone else. He seems disappointed for being caught, but held his composure so well. His eyes didn't shift and they didn't show any fear.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist, but it looks like there is an attempt on the annihilation of cartels. The first total annihilation being La Familia Michoacan because they represent a thorn in the president's eye, and then on to Los Zetas because they make drug dealings look bad with the over excessive violence.

    The question I have is will the annihilation of cartels make its way up to the Sinaloa Cartel?

    Also one other mention I have is the anecdotal evidence of the "accountants" and how they are responsible for buying drugs. I think it is bullshit that he says accountants are responsible for buying drugs. The real job of any accountant is to "analyze, record, and report" that and nothing more. Unless he refers to Z-3 and Z-40 as the accountants then it would make more sense.

    Despite what this pretty boy said, I take it with a grain of salt. Like he said, "He who betrays you once will betray you a second time."

    RIP to all those you killed and tortured albeit some of them might be criminals. I hope Mexico will one day see lesser violence.

  2. The gun nuts are gonna go off in the morning!! AFTER THEY READ THIS

  3. looks scared shitless

  4. Interesting stuff. Please don't turn this layered and interesting interview into a gun debate. That is the most frustrating thing about the comments. For the record, I think it is unlikely the Zeta's buy ALL their weapons in the US, but that's really not a very important issue, at least to me. The point is the buy them, have them, and use them.

    Seems like the Zeta's are having some issues, and they do not have ties with Columbian traffickers.

  5. Fuck the NRA! Those are the sons of bitches that make it easier for the cartels to obtain their arsenal. NRA is just as guilty as these animals.

  6. I was gripped by every syllable he spoke. Some impressions...

    Considering the could have been resistant, he was more forthcoming, docile and compliant than I expected.

    zeta history: Osiel's grip on the Gulf organization might have been tentative. zetas were completely OUT after March 14th 2003, the moment Osiel was arrested. The zeta's place at the Gulf table was directly due to Osiel's relationship. Osiel's decision to bring in the zetas might have been an unpopular decision among everyone other than for Osiel. Seems Mamito's perception was that Gulf (Cos?) wanted to supplant (or bypass) the zetas. At the time of Osiel's capture, was there an existing rupture within Gulf due a perceived zeta threat to everyone within the Gulf organization other than for Osiel? Osiel sought outside help to consolidate control over his own organization?].

    From Mamito's point of view, the centers of organizational power are Chapo/Zambada, Michuacan and Gulf; with everyone else being important but ancillary.

    Alliances sought with the zetas are from a position of weakness and not strength.

    [Is the Gulf taking notes?] Seems Zeta main access to the border (both ways) is Laredo. Their "materials" suppliers are in Guatemala; time for a Gulf "road trip" to Guatemala (either to partner with or kill the zeta suppliers). Monterrey might be easier to get if Gulf can attempt to limit the Guatemalan supply and access to Laredo.

    As far as their weapons purchases: ...what can one say? Conventional wisdom [that weapons and ammo are from the US, and that they are mostly straw purchases] is right again; despite much (stupid and petulant) insistence to the contrary. Zeta Organizational perception of Gulf is that they have an ample supply of weapons (likely due to their easy access to the border and widespread, safe, smurfing). surprise there... "Si es imposible traer armamento..." "...ellos [Golfo] lo traen..."

    He's heard that even the US Government is supplying weapons (Highly unlikely...).

    zetas can be suffocated from the north (weapons) and south (Guatemalan drug supply); and are very close to being suffocated at any time.

    Drug Commerce: "Es un circulo cerrado." ...Seems like zetas continue being hired guns, muscle and cannon fodder...

    Misses his mommy... he, he... (after 17 years; he was very precise with the years since he's seen his mom... wasn't 16 or 18. He's thought about it...).

  7. NRA Scum Bags!.. You are going down just like these ass holes!

  8. Thank You NRA!!! Courtesy of Los Zetas.

  9. VERY good interview... Worthy of Larry King...

    Insightful...into his material knowledge of the organization, its history, and of the man. Body language was of a regular guy who just happened to be a killer and trafficker. Sincere. I did not perceive an aggressive "I've been to prison so I can fuck-you-up" vibe of elusiveness and cold hardness (like an American street gang member, maybe).

    Its hard to believe this interview was conducted by just some "random pelado" with a video camera and a compelling subject! I was gripped.

    Felicidades, Gerardo...

  10. I am the NRA.
    Interesting how easy it is to believe a lie, when that lie supports your bias.

  11. You anti gun nuts are so foolish. You will never get rid of guns... that horse was let out of the barn decades ago. Gun ownerships allows US citizens to protect themselves from criminals and the possibility of a tyrannical government.

    You think a ban on guns in the US will make them magically go away? So shortsighted. Case in point: murder rate in Mexico vs murder rate in the US.

  12. Texas has more weapons and ammunition per capita than any state in the US,SO WHAT,we also have freedom of speech,with media that often exposes corruption and govt incompitance. Mexican academics? complain that Mexico,where guns and ammunition are illegal,is violent becouse of guns and ammunition from the US?? Mexican Logic dictates that TEXAS MUST BE THE MOST VIOLENT PLACE IN THE NORTHERN HEMOSPHERE?? I love the phrase "gun nuts" used by urbanites to describe anybody who wishes to defend themselves and not rely on the state to wipe your ass. ITS THE LACK OF LAW ORDER AND RESPECT THAT HAS made Mexico what it is, Indifference,Incompitence,passive,lazy,etc. COuld this attack on Mexican Status Quo WAKE Mexico UP? TOO MUCH TO ASK ??

  13. "All our guns" ??
    What about the guns from the "Direccion General De Industria Milita."
    Mexico wants to divert blame for all it's problems to the U.S. El Mamito will say what he thinks will benefit him.

  14. You should be directing your anger towards the Obama admin instead of the evil NRA since they are the ones giving firearms to the Mexican cartels. They tried to even cover it up, they have stonewalled all investigations into it, fired whistle blowers, and have been lying about anyone having knowledge over the operation, but the bottom line is that the Obama admin has been caught giving these arms to the drug cartels.

    In fact, they forced gun dealers to sell to people they objected to on the grounds that they were in fact straw buyers. Blaming a group that supports the American constitution makes about as much sense as blaming the ACLU for supporting the First Amendment.

    Or you can be mad about our federal government's prohibition on drugs that creates the massive black market for drug cartels to fight over, just as Prohibition did in America in the days of Al Capone. Of course something like that requires a bit of logical thought that does not involve a knee jerk reaction and repeating what discredited fascist groups like the Brady Bunch or idiot American media tell you...

  15. Its bad enough that 30,000 Americans are killed by gun use yearly, gun proliferat ion needs oversight. gun apologists want to eliminate any oversight. The ATF can be fixed if the NRA stops messing with it.

  16. The fascist ATF organization is of the same mindset as you that gun rights are dangerous and need heavy regulation. And look at what they did! They have FORCED gun sellers who did not want to do so to sell thousands of firearms to straw buyers, who then brought them to Mexico. The same fascist anti-gun types then turned around and called for stricter gun laws because of the ATF policy! When caught, the Obama Admin and Holder have lied, stonewalled, fired an agent who blew the whistle on the entire event, and refuse to cooperate with investigations in Congress. We need to have oversight on the ATF -- which Obama admin is doing their best to stop -- not the other way around.

    Anyway, the 30,000 figure takes into account suicides, which is of course being done intentionally to make the gun violence problem seem far worse. Here are the actual stats, courtesy of

    13,636 murders in 2010

    Of those murders, twice as many people were beaten to death with fists and five times as many were stabbed to death than were killed with rifles! Despite what the fascist groups like the Brady Bunch say, there were a total of 348 (2.55%) of murders in 2010 that took place with a rifle. And yet how often are the discredited fascists in the anti gun groups, media, and government focusing on AR15a, AKs, etc?

    Instead of on what law abiding Americans do, your focus should instead be on the drug policy of America that is no different than the alcohol policy several decades ago that resulted in a similar explosion of violence over drug profits. This time the gangs are in mexico instead of the US.

  17. Also, I forgot to ask you how on earth you think the NRA had anything at all to do with the ATF forcing gun dealers to give firearms to Mexican drug cartels? Please explain that one to me! The ATF has hardly any oversight into its activities, and so far has literally gotten away with murder since at least one of the firearms was found at the scene of an American Border Patrol agent being gunned down.

    The agency is unconstitutional to begin with, but I think examples like this along with Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc show that it needs to be abolished as it does far more harm than good.

  18. Hey guys, I've subtitled the above video in English for anyone that's interested. I subtitled before I read this article so my translation is somewhat different than the one given here (mine tends to be more concise) but the gist should be the same. You can find it here:

  19. Just watched the video. I am from Monterrey. I noticed He's got a weird accent almost Guatemalan. Definitely not norteño.Campechano maybe?

  20. @ 9:29 am
    Please explain how the ATF is unconstitutional . Thanks in advance.

  21. Sorry 9:17am/9:26am....frankly you are an idiot.

    Your rush to support your pro-gun agenda has you twisting the facts into a bizarre place.

    Your allegation that the ATF "forced" gun dealers to give guns to the Mexican drug cartels is skewed. Every day around the world, police agencies allow some criminal activities to continue in hopes of catching a larger fish. That is why it is called a "sting" operation. Not every one of those operations can be a success, but you are not looking at the overall success, but rather picking and choosing what suits your agenda.

    As far as the Constituion goes, let's be clear. The right to bear arms is NOT enshrined in the Constitution!! That is why it is called an Amendment!! Adopted in 1791, it is an example of things evolving over time. That is why the Constitution has 27 Amendments - things change over time.

    So, it is totally appropriate to question the value of the 2nd Amendment more than 200 years on. America was a huge lawless land in 1791, but the same is not true today. And sometimes individual freedoms have to be curtailed for the greater good of society, unless you are saying slavery should return.

    Oh, and the notion that having access to guns makes people safer is ludicrous. Compare the US to any major industrialized Western country (Mexico is emerging from 3rd world classification) and the gun deaths in the US are higher per capita. Take Canada for instance. 10% of the gun crimes per capita and a fairly strict set of laws limiting handguns and semi-auto rifles.

    So get your facts straight. The US is not Mexico - conditions are vastly different. Comparing the two countries on any level is like comparing apples to oranges. But compare to similar countries and the US crime stats don't do so well.

    And for all you gun nuts, let's be really clear. This isn't a Dirty Harry movie. That AR-15 you have has never been used for anything other than target practice and to make you feel macho. But unless you are highly trained, you will be hiding under the table like the rest of normal society when the shit hits the fan

  22. Wow! Here we have a serious interview video of a Zeta member and most people seem to only care about gun debates? LOL!

  23. Thank You again NRA for helping us obtain more weapons from your country than any other! pinches Weros pendejos! 5th amendment mis wevos "Courtesy of Los Zetas"

  24. Las Zetas dicen "Muchas gracias Senor Obama y Senor Holder por la operacion "Fast and Furious"

  25. AHH! Another Left-Wing Liberal that loves to skew and change the constitution to his/her likeing. Okay, I`d like to Change the 1st amendment. I think people SHOULD NOT be allowed to say whatever they want, especially when it pertains to degrading this country, or anything I find offensive. Are we in agreement? How many times when you open your news and read about the killing down the road does it turn out to be an AR-15? Be serious, not many, if ever. It`s always a handgun. Maybe not in Mexico, but int the USA, 9 out of 10 shootings are committed with a handgun, not an AR-15 or an AK-47, so stop the Liberal fear mongering and be a realist. I have a friend that if it weren`t for his CHL and the gun he has in his pocket, his mother would`ve been killed right in front of him at their pawn shop. Luckily for him and not so lucky for the criminal, he had it, was trained in it`s use, and applied as neccessary. Take your arguement out somewhere else. If you think taking guns away from Law-Abiding Citizens is a good thing, well, put a sign out in your yard stating that you`d rather "talk them out of robbing you" and that you don`t believe in guns. See how long you own all your possessions. I just don`t understand liberal thinking. No, we cannot all get along and sing songs and roast marshmallows.Some people have beliefs different than others. It doesn`t make one party right or wrong, just that they don`t agree. I don`t have to be tolerant of behaviour I find offensive to me. It`s my right. So quit jamming your liberal, socialist, unrealistic ideas down our throats.

  26. Anonymous at 10am:

    First of all, read the reports that CBS news and others have covered. The same law enforcement types you mention who engage in stings repeatedly objected to this policy because they knew it was crazy! There were multiple ATF agents and gun dealers who repeatedly objected to this plan, saying it did not seem to have a coherent objective other than giving firearms to Mexican drug cartels -- while at the same time certain politicians were using that as proof that gun laws needed to be changed. ATF agents were threatened with emails that if they did not go along with this plan that they could always go to some local police department.

    When the whole plan blew up in the face of the ATF, they then rushed a press conference after arresting a few low level people. When whistleblowers emerged that reported this, the ATF/Holder/Obama all lied and claimed nothing happened. Investigations were stonewalled, and they refused to speak to congress about the issue. Once the media began covering it, everything fell apart and suddenly no one remembers who authorized it.

    The reason I bring this up is because they have the same fascist view of firearm ownership in the hands of citizens and the constitution as you, and all of the above were citing "gun violence in Mexico" as a way to increase the power and regulation of the ATF over firearms since the direct approach is extremely unpopular with the majority of the American population. You are the one who can't wait to twist the facts around supporting their own warped and discredited views, which is why you are the first to throw out insults.

    As far as your point about the constitution, it is hilarious to see you attempt to make the point that people do not have an individual right to a firearm (where you are disagreeing with even our supreme court) because it was written a long time ago. The exact same arguments could be used in favor of ending any of the other restrictions on the power of the federal government such as those relating to speech, searches without warrants, cruel and unusual punishment, not having to answer questions, etc. Why should you have the ability to criticize the government? It is just a mere amendment, written over two hundred years ago! It sure would change things for "the greater good" to take away liberty for those bad people who say mean things about the government when we could all just be getting along.

  27. Part 2:

    Interesting how you are saying the average person does not need to own firearms unless they are highly trained, and you probably think with your lack of experience that it includes the police, right? If you had any experience with firearms and the police and even most members of the military these days, you would know just how funny a comment like that was. Then again, you are probably the type who believes that a civilian AR15 is an "assault rifle," don't you?

    Lastly, as far as your rant about gun crime rates, you do know they have been dropping every year, don't you? Just like how in the states where CCW laws were approved and the same Sarah Brady types you get your info from were predicting skyrocketing crime rates, but instead the rates kept falling. WHy is that? I am sure you are all about banning those evil AR15s and AK civilian clones for all the gun crime they represent, what with a whole 2.55% of murders and all!

    You don't want to make a comparison between mexico and the US for crime rates because it does not suit your agenda. The problem is there are a great number of variables at play when attempting to compare crime stats. If the mere ownership of firearms led to crime as you suggest, then Switzerland would look like Somalia, and all of the states that have enacted laws allowing conceal carry would have seen an explosion of gun crime -- as Sarah Brady and countless other groups falsely predicted -- instead of it falling in America. Your problem is that you are looking at the symptom and attempting to place blame instead of looking at the cause.

    Do those other nations you mention also have a major drug war creating insane price levels in the black market right next door? No, they do not. We saw a massive spike in crime during Prohibition for exactly the same reason. End the Drug War and crime rates will plummet, just as it did after our first insane Prohibition was ended.

  28. By the way, if the Drug Cartels were to thank America for anything, it would be for our insane War on Drugs. Keeping drugs illegal creates a massive black market, and a sky high price that enables the cartels to make vast amounts of profit. This represents the money, and thus the power, they all fight over in Mexico and in America. The only thing that could be done to them is what we finally did to all of the Capone era gangs -- end Prohibition and take away their money.

  29. For whatever reason the first part of my post did not go through. Anyway, here is one of the many stories to show that you really should read up on the subject at hand before calling anyone else an idiot!

    And if you knew anything about law enforcement stings, you would have agreed with the large number of agents on the ground who objected to this. It is not an "allegation" that they were forced to send over the firearms, it is already established and documented fact. Remember, these people share your pre-conceived views on firearms and were hoping to use this as a case to further your shared fascist views on individual firearm ownership.

    Why do you think Obama, Holder, and the ATF are all claiming they had no knowledge of this operation taking place?

    By the way, you do also realize the Clinton Admin attempted to find a link between gun laws and crime rates, and failed to do so, right? They didn't publicize it, but they were very disappointed when their Justice Dept studied it and admitted that there was zero correlation with laws and crime.

    So sorry, but when you claim our gun laws cause crime are you not only falling for the "correlation is causation" mistake that those unfamiliar with studies and stats constantly do, but you are disagreeing with the Clinton Admin, hardly some rabid pro gun group.


  31. Obama en conjunto con Eric Holder y el ATF mandaron miles de armas a Mexico, no el NRA.
    Obama's admin conspired to have cartels kill as many people as possible. I really do hope that those responsible get extradited to Mexico and rot in a jail over there. Im am one of those "NRA nuts" as some of you say and I accept the fact that a black market exists in Mexico for american guns. When the government severly resistricts law abiding citizens from owning guns, guess who ends well armed? Criminals. If I lived in Mexico I too would be shopping the black market and I would take as many scumbags down with me as possible. The government in any country feels ashamed when they find dead criminals killed by armed civilians who are defending themselves. As much some of you hate us (NRA), it's funny how Bill Clinton and Obama have been the most successful gun sellers in history. They promised to restrict gun sales and we responded by buying boat loads of ammo and guns. We are more armed than ever and all you gun grabbers can do is cry yourselves to sleep.


    NRA Member
    SCI member
    Miembro de club de caza y tiro de Guadalajara Jal Mex

  32. @ J
    Please don't turn this layered and interesting interview into a gun debate

    So what should we comment about? How good looking he is? The title of the " article" is a quote from el mamito saying that they get their guns from the U.S. Oh but let's not talk about that. Come on J, freedom of speech

  33. No mamen, El Gobierno de EU vende armas?

  34. "July 6, 2011 9:58 AM
    Anonymous said...
    @ 9:29 am
    Please explain how the ATF is unconstitutional . Thanks in advance."

    Gun laws (as well as drug laws and entitlement programs) are said to be constitutional under the "regulate interstate commerce" clause of the US constitution. The purpose of this clause was to "make regular" commerce between the states; i.e. establish free and fair trade. It does not mean to establish pension programs, healthcare systems and bans classes of good, especially when the banning/regulation of those goods are explicitly forbidden by the 2nd amendment.

    So the fed gov has no authority to enact gun laws so any agency who enforces those laws is unconstitutional.

  35. "By the way, you do also realize the Clinton Admin attempted to find a link between gun laws and crime rates, and failed to do so, right? They didn't publicize it, but they were very disappointed when their Justice Dept studied it and admitted that there was zero correlation with laws and crime. "

    I doubt that. If they did not publish it how do you know about it? Your statement contradicts facts. Now they probably failed to find a correlation and causation between incresed gun laws and decreased violent crime because violent crime decreases when gun laws become more liberal. Their assualt weapons ban had no affect on vilent crime and violent crime actually went down after the ban expired. Violent crime consistently goes down in communities after citizens are allowed to exercise their natural rights and defend themselves.

  36. Mexico does not submit data for tracing for the majority of cartel firearms, less than 30%. These guns come from their own corrupt police and military and from gun dealers in Central America. There is no reason for Americans to submit to more strict gun regulations because of what happens in Mexico.

  37. Why does everyone keep suggesting he said the US government is selling the guns? I don't remember reading or hearing that part.

  38. @ regio(montano)

    The US government is not selling guns to the cartels but it,( ATF) and not Obama personally,allowed guns to flow south into México y eso es veridico.

  39. At 5:48 on the Video he says the U.S. Government sold them the weapons. or People from the U.S. Government.

  40. Clearly el Mamito is making this whole thing up as part of themaster plan by the hidden money men and the iluminati trying to destroy the US from within

  41. It would be interesteng to see who the Brokers who move the merchandise are, CIA?

  42. I live on the border (Mcallen, TX area) and I can tell you I have personally been at the gun counter at my local Academy where there was a lady purchasing 3 CAR-15's who was obviously a "straw buyer". I asked the sales guy if this was normal, and he said it happens on a daily basis, and other than performing the required paperwork, there was nothing to be done. This has been happening for years and years. Anyone who claims that the cartels and zetas are not getting weapons from US buyers is simply out of touch with reality. And to those who blame the current administration, the previous administration had direct, intimate knowledge of this problem and did nothing to combat it either.

  43. i am retired, and live on a sixty acre farm in a texas county that spands seven hundred sq.miles with a population of about eight thousand people. we have a sherif and four deputies,two dps troopers,and two game wardens. I worked in a prison for ten years where the worst of the worst were housed. I have seen the violance these people are capable of.The point I would like to make is that if you take all the guns from all the people [good and bad].you would be at the mercy of the thugs like the ones in prison that i guarded. they would come into your home, and do what ever they want,and you would not be able to stop them. We have a great sherifs department, but they cant be every where at one time. they may be 30 miles away. call 911 and wait for the deputy.when he gets there he can call for an ambulance if you are still alive. If you have a gun the deputy will be calling that ambulance for the thug that broke into your home to rob you. God created all men Colt made them equal.

  44. Fuck the NRA! Those are the sons of bitches that make it easier for the cartels to obtain their arsenal. NRA is just as guilty as these animals.
    July 6, 2011 3:41 AM

    Have you legally bought a gun in your state? Doubt it

    Do you know your state gun laws? Doubt it

    Do you know what the NRA is and does? Doubt it

    Do you know how hard it is to buy a gun in the US? Doubt it

    Anyone who has bought a gun in a gun shop knows how hard it is to buy a gun for someone else. First, you input your info on the application, full name, address, phone, SS, then they call the FBI to check you aren't a criminal, if you are, then no gun for you and gun store clerks call ATF. Even if you do buy a gun and then sell it again, they still end up with the strawbuyer aka the guy who inputed his info in the application. You can't control what other people do with their property. You can't tell them to do this and do that, you CAN'T control them. Criminals will always do what they want.

  45. Of course, I was just personally and selfishly more interested in comments like the guy up at the top breaking down his words and analyzing Zeta's organizations strengths and weakness, then the tired back and forth about gun control. It's just such a knee jerk thing with so many posters here.

    To the Anoymous at top, that interested me too, 'closed circle' of drug trafficking, then what was Mamito doing? Kind of adds another element to the whole Zeta's are elite cocaine traffickers in their own right. Are they really? Buying product in Guatemala seems second rate, quality and price wise.

  46. @ Santiago

    Está más o menos tu traducción. No se te vaya subir a la cabeza pero está dos tres la neta

  47. Gimme a fucking break with the "blame the U.S." bullshit! Wake up...the drug war in Mexico is about MONEY, GREED, and POWER!! It's fucking criminals committing crimes against their own people! Mexico needs to own up to it! It's not Americans fucking beheading, dismembering, torturing, and dumping human body parts in the streets for all to see!!! I could careless, where the drug cartels get their weapons because they have billions of dollars to buy whatever the fuck they want. I mean how are these fucks managing to purchase armored/bullet proof luxury SUV's?

  48. Wow! The Zetas get all their guns..exclusively from the U.S! Oh..and he heard some of the purchases were made directly from the U.S. government! This guy is a classic piece of shit! You morons are on here arguing about "who's responsible.." here's a thought maybe this sorry scumbag is! He betrayed his country and for what..half of the other OG Zetas are much for "Special Forces".

  49. @ 8:31 he never said that some of the purchases were made directly from the U.S. government. You obviously don't speak spanish or saw a bad translation he said that some of the buyers in the US said that the US government sold the guns to them

    @ 8:17

    I know the drug war in Mexico is about MONEY, GREED, and POWER!!! I see it when I go down to Monterrey.... Yeap.... You'd love it down here... The people... The city... The life...


  50. uh, look at the headline here, what did you expect people to speak about?

  51. What on earth is going on with the ATF's Fast and Furious program shipping weapons to drug cartels courtesy the US Department of Justice and the ATF?????

    ATF Director Melson suddenly going rogue with his interview on July 4th (NOT a business day) with his own attorney but no government attorney present, and now Mexican Senators demanding extradition of US DOJ employees for Acts of War? I would say "follow the money" but it still doesn't make sense.

  52. so now he is the pilar of truth and information?

    all narcos talk when apprehended, talk and talk and talk, and stupid people believe it as fact the jokes on you as intended.

  53. Santiago..excellent! I just added it to my Mamito post on forum..

  54. July 6, 2011 9:58 AM
    Anonymous said...
    @ 9:29 am
    Please explain how the ATF is unconstitutional . Thanks in advance.

    Because it violates the 2nd Amendment by infringing.

    BTW I served 20 years in the military, have worked with firearms, worked in the industry and I know this guy is a liar because no dealer would dare risk such transactions because the cost of being caught is far to high, and if you do sell firearms illegaly, you will get caught, because they all do.

    If you look up the legal definition of "Infringe" it means the government can make no laws that prevent the people from being armed, this includes levying taxes to cause firearms to not be affordable to the average American.

    The 2nd Amendment falls under Natural Law that is not a right or a privilege but a Human Right that can not be controlled by the Government.

    Human have a right to eat, speak freely, ask for redress of Government and to bare arms, these rights are undeniable.

  55. July 6, 2011 8:42 AM
    Anonymous said...
    Its bad enough that 30,000 Americans are killed by gun use yearly, gun proliferat ion needs oversight. gun apologists want to eliminate any oversight. The ATF can be fixed if the NRA stops messing with it

    Wrong, it's 16.000 a year as per the FBI.

    The biggest killer in the USA is heart disease 1 in 6 Americans die from it each year, than you have botched Surgery that kills on average 1 in 20 people per year, Falling, Drug Abuse, accidents involving a motor vehicle, suicide, industrial accidents.

    You have a 1 in 15000 chance of being harmed by a firearm and most firearms deaths occur from suicide, cop shooting a criminal, and gang related shootings.

    Your chance of being killed by a firearm is not much more than your chance of dying from a plane crash and if the current trend continues, you may be safer with a Gun than Flying.

  56. Wow I'm impressed. We have a bunch of U.S. Constitution scholars on here.

    Portions of the Patriot Act were declared unconstitutional in 2004 See
    That's at the federal level. State laws can be declared so also. See
    One of the roles of the appeals courts and supreme courts at both the state and federal level is to rule on the constitutionality of a law.

  57. I'm beginning to think the Zetas are the ones who are more disciplined in their style of work.

    It looks like the U.S. government is helping these other cartels because Zetas don't respond to U.S. influence. They run their own program.

    It is disgusting that cartels are being held out to blame solely for these horrific crimes while the U.S. is happily, knowingly, and intentionally handing over arms to these criminal organizations - knowing that these arms are being used to kill innocent people.

    This guy in this interview comes across as very disciplined. Def one of the select few.

    The U.S. Gov't is no different than those cartels that kill so many people. They are contributing directly to these murders.

  58. Wow those were some softball questions for el Mamito. This is what I would have asked him if I were interviewing him:

    1.Mamito, how many people have you personally killed?

    2. How many people, that you can remember, have you ordered assassinated?

    3. Why the decapitations and chopping up your victims?

    4. Who is your imediate boss and how do you communicate with him?

    5. Approximately what is your monthly salary as a drug trafficer?

    6. Who is in charge of recuiting young kids and why is it also popular to recruit young women?

    7. Why was there a slaughter of more than 180 people in San Fernando? Who gave the orders? Who is personally responsible for that massacre?

    8. How many Zetas including zetillas are on your payroll in Mexico? In the U.S?

    9. Where is el Lazca and Z-40?

    10. You have a Mother?


  60. 12:00 Totaly agree. These are lame questions. He should b put in a hard position while being questioned. "Vicente just complained about his jail treatment in the U.S, will you also be complaining?"

  61. Not one word about the fact that weapons found at the scene of the agent's murder and his wounded partner were from the Fast and Furious gunrunning program of our own Department of Justice!

    That scandal has disappeare d from all media - makes you wonder just what else is going on that will never come to light.

  62. Ever heard of cocaine and heroin? I don't think the Zetas really care much about consequenc es or what they make their money from. Take away pot and they simply move to something else.

    To get rid of groups like the Zetas we have to get rid of both corruption and the never ending demand for their product. Good luck with that....

  63. Man I wish they would have caught el verdúgo Aka Lazcano

  64. U.S. Government Agencys are so arrogant and stupid at going after the Mexican Cartels. Good Luck

  65. Its U.S fault... ppl say "we buy guns for our proteccion" its okey but I KNOW PPL FROM TEXAS WHO HAS MORE THEN 6 RIFLES or handguns.. thats fkn insane.

  66. 1) Mexico does not submit guns for tracking unless they have reason to believe they may have come from the US. This skews the figures.

    2) The average age of the "US guns" recovered in Mexico is 14 years. This tends to support the next point.

    3) Most of these guns - according to US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks - are coming from corrupt military in Central America (remember the war in El Salvador?) , and from the Mexican military (as many as 150,000 Mexican Military members have deserted to the cartels - usually with their weapons).

    4) Many, if not most, of the guns recovered in Mexico (i.e. a full auto M16's) are not sold though US retail channels. They were sold to foreign countries - but they are all counted as "coming from the US.

  67. Nice how the U.S. is complaining that Iranian weapons are killing U.S. soldiers - but nothing is said about U.S. weapons killing innocent Mexican citizens.

  68. Thank you J.

    Yes, if we could just get a small break from the gun debaters and the marijuana legalizers who hijack every post on every comments section of every blog. From to the Wall Street Journal, if an article even mentions guns or mj they hijack the whole thing and nobody else can say anything. Good point J.

  69. Why do so many of you believe this guy? Not all but it seems like a good many of those responding to this article seem to believe everything he says. El mamito is a crook and a murderer who is out for himself. He will say anything that he thinks will help him.

  70. Of coarse they come from the United States...where else would they come from. The US is the biggest arms dealer in the WORLD and that is a FACT. Wherever there is a war in the world, there is a nosy ass country (USA) behind the conflict. Sad but TRUE!

  71. This whole war on drugs is just crap!!! Okay, let's see this on a goverment perspective. The government has a tree of authority, obviuosly begining with the president and vice president and so on. What happens if the president is killed? He is replaced by the vice president. What happens if he is killed? They will vote in who will take his place. The point is that it is the same thing with the cartels! It is so ignorant to say that they are winning because of all of the kingpins they have either captured or killed.

    It just makes things worse for that particular area in which the kingpin has fallen, because they are now vulnerable, cause they are fighting internally to see who is going to take the throne. But they will decide and here we go again. New boss, same game, being played over and over.

    It is obvious this war scene is for el chapo. Proved 100% that calderon is opening the ground for chapo. Opening up the field so chapo can move in and control all of the border and mexico. It cannot be more obvious, almost seems like a joke.

    It gets me pissed off the see obama throwing money to situation when calderon is probably giving a percentage to his partner, el chapo. Everyone open your eyes! This is going nowhere. God bless.

  72. GUNS from the US can be found in every conflict or war going on presently!! The US government is helping out these cartels willing and knowingly!!

  73. Man, the comments on this post are all over the place.
    What's up with that? Who are all these trolls?

  74. We got Our gun's an We're ready for the desmadre.


    1. Don't smuggle a deadly product across international borders.

    2. Don't believe ANYTHING put out by narco subhumans (detained or not)or Mexican law enforcement [sic]. Soft ball questions and self serving answers. What crap.

  76. Yes, if we could just get a small break from the gun debaters and the marijuana legalizers who hijack every post on every comments section of every blog

    What should we talk about besides guns and marijuana? Immigration?, socialism ? Cupcakes?

    I don't see how people talking about marijuana and guns from the US are not pertinent here.

  77. @ July 6 8:10
    What about the guns from the "Direccion General De Industria Milita."

    Where do you think they got their guns from? That's right the U. S.

  78. No wonder "El Mamito" was caught, he had a price on his head of $5 million USD$$ hmmm...

    and to think he was captured about a month after his birthday....

  79. "I noticed He's got a weird accent almost Guatemalan. Definitely not norteño.Campechano maybe?" hes from Sabancuy, Campeche.


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