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Saturday, July 30, 2011

"El Güicho" Paid 1 Million Pesos to Each Officer for His Liberty

A Chapo associate escaped from the under the hands of the PGR.
Guajardo Hector Hernandez, "El Güicho," the boss of the Pacific Cartel (Cártel del Pacífico) that had been previously arrested last May, is alleged to have paid about a million pesos (Approx $85,264 US) to each of two ministerial police agents who in exchange helped him escape on Wednesday from a medical clinic in the city of Mexico, where the PGR had transported him to treat his wounds.

Federal officials confirmed that the information of the pay off was provided by two other officers from the agency known as the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI). The two agents had been assisting in the custody of Guajardo Hernandez and were subsequently arrested after the escape. The other two officers who were paid off were with Guajardo Hernandez in his room and are now fugitives.

Guajardo Hernandez was being hospitalized as a result of injuries he suffered when he was arrested in Mexicali on May 9, 2011. According to a police source the escape happened on Wednesday at about 1930 hours.

The first declarations from the ministerial agents provided the data on how much the boss of the Pacific Cartel paid the two agents. Guajardo Hernandez has close ties to his leaders Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada and Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. The agents went on to say that "El Guicho" gave some million pesos to each of the two agents who were guarding him in the room of the clinic.

Corruption within the AFI has been one of the problems faced by the PGR in recent years and is one arm of the institution that the PGR has sought to permanently purge from this administration.

The AFI was one of the arms of the PGR whose heads were replaced by the Attorney General Marisela Morales after taking office.

Guajardo Hernandez, was arrested by the State Preventive Police in Baja California, and was turned over to SIEDO, who in turn turned over to the AFI.

Guajardo Hernandez inherited control of the plaza from Teodoro Garcia Simental, "El Teo", who was arrested in La Paz, Baja California Sur, a year and a half after he planted a seed of violence in the north part of the state that resulted in multiple homicides that included executions of police officers - and many kidnappings.

After the arrest of "Teo," Guajardo Hernandez became a priority for federal authorities. The PGR accused him of crimes related to organized crime, aggravated murder and aggravated kidnapping. The PGR had offered three million pesos for information leading to his capture.

The arrest of "Guicho" occurred in Mexicali, where the vehicle he was travelling in was intercepted and he fled from police. The State Preventive Police managed to confront him, wounding him during his capture. Before being transferred to Mexico he had been admitted to the General Hospital of Mexicali.

This week as a result of his injuries, "El Guicho" was in a private medical facility in Mexico City, guarded by four ministerial police officers.

According to the information obtained, two of the officers went with "El Guicho," but it's not clear if they are in the company of the "El Guicho" or if they eventually went on their own accord. The other two agents remain in custody of the PGR.



  1. Incredible. So for one million pesos they opened the door and probably helped him escape.So am I the only one that's getting the idea that Alfredo Beltran might not be in jail nomore.Last heard of him was that he had been murdered in puente grande but then the government officials of jalisco denied that he was dead.How easy is it to escape jail in Mexico??? I have no idea but el guicho sure makes it look easy.What's up with the Mexican government? Alot of ppl say it's all because of Genaro Garcia Luna, anyone that could provide information, I will appreciate it.

  2. Not happy about this, I hope he just goes to Sinaloa or lays low, and doesn't return to Baja and start trouble. Everything has been ok for awhile now, Guicho and Tigre and Chairs are the ones causing all the problems.

  3. El Diego gets caught, also Chapo´s El Macario is arrested in Sonora, now this guy escapes, perhaps to fill the place left by el Macario?.

  4. Alfredo Beltran might pull a Chapo and brake out before he is handed over to the American Government. That's if he is still in Puente Grande.

  5. "Guajardo Hector Hernandez, "El Güicho," the boss of the Pacific Cartel (Cártel del Pacífico)" + "...who is close to his leaders Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada and Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman." = CDS + Pacific Cartel = 1 cartel?

    Maybe stupid question, but...

  6. Well as i was sitting here thinking what a horrible slap in the face to every hard working Mexican this is, which it is.
    It is also a major Embarasment to the Government in the eyes of the world, and that is a very good thing.
    It exposes it to one more failure as a Government, clean up the AFI or do away with it.
    I Cannot believe they had AFI anywhere near this guy, AFI is as corrupt as Transitos, as Corrupt as Munisipales, Why wasnt SEDENA in charge? wonder how high up the payments go.

  7. Sounds like pretty simple economics. They offered 3 million for his capture, he offered 4 million for his release.

  8. More of the same...again...and again.

    There is no justice in Mexico, one set of cops does their job, and another erases that work.

    They should kill the cops who do this, publicly. Send a message that traitors will suffer death, no trial.

  9. He escaped but this will bring alot of heat to him and his friends. I expect more arrests.The Mexican government can't let this go unpunished.

  10. The dumbest government in the world. Greed has reduced this already fucked up country into a complete laughing stock. Shame on these people.

  11. @8:57
    thats what i was thinking.. he paid a a little more than they offered for his capture to be freed. he must of majored in Freakonomics



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