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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Drug War Run Amok: The Story Of How The Mexican Army Tortured And Jailed Shohn Huckabee

Photo:Julian Cardona/The Wall Street Journal

By: Robert Johnson/Business Insider

There are two vastly different versions of what landed west Texan, Shohn Huckabee in a Mexican prison.

This week a Mexican judge will rule again, on which one is correct.
The two stories go like this: the Mexican military says border guards spotted Shohn, 24 and his buddy looking nervous on their way back into the U.S. in December 2009.

When their vehicle was searched 100 pounds of pot in two suitcases was produced.
Americans, however, say the men were returning home from Juarez after getting Shohn's truck repaired on the cheap.

Shohn, who was recently married and had his own construction business, was run off the road by soldiers, dragged from the car, and in a move common to the military in Juarez, had his t-shirt pulled over his head to blindfold him.

From there the pair were driven to a military base and tortured with electric shock, mock executions, and beatings while authorities searched for information on cartel figures the two had never heard of.
The first time they saw the drugs was the following day when they had to pose for military photographers next to the cache.

Regardless of which is correct, both men were convicted and sentenced to five years in Mexican prison.

Shohn's father Kevin believed his son's story. So did the El Paso city council and Senator Kay Baily Hutchison who both asked Hillary Clinton to launch a formal investigation.

The Wall Street Journal lists three Mexican witnesses who contradict the army's version of events and went on record saying they saw the military plant the drugs. One witness was killed before trial and the other two have disappeared.

Waiting for a verdict on his appeal this week, Shohn is realistic:

"Well, I'm just waiting. I'm hoping it comes out well," he says. "I couldn't even count the number of cases in here where the military has put drugs on people," he says. "Out of 200 people in our area [of Cereso], there's 60 or 70 people easily where the military framed them, tortured them and threw them in here."

Renown civil liberties lawyer Gustavo de la Rosa Hickerson is fighting for Shohn's release and word on his appeal is expected any day.


  1. Ala verrrrrrga! Si se queda en el bote esos Mexicanos le van a meter la riata. Esos Mexicanos son puros maricones.

  2. "One witness was killed before trial and the other two have disappeared."

    And someone are asking why people don't speak out loud.

  3. Why would they plant drugs on this particular man? Why? I dont get it. It doesn't make sense. Not that it is not feasible, I just don't see the connection to this guy.

  4. the little shit is guilty, why waste so much taxpayer money on him?
    but he is white right? so not guilty?

  5. Only a FOOL or someone with a death wish would go ANYWHERE near Mexico!


  6. Just because he is an American doesn't mean he is innocent,he messed up and now he must pay the consequences.Stay home my fellow Americans,Mexico is NOT FOR YOU,and Shohn my friend,are SCREWED.

  7. And he keeps waking up w a burrito in his @$$ !!!

  8. What MOTIVE is there for the Military? Sounds like our boy may have attempted to cowboy some pot across under the nose of a Juarez suppier,who dropped a dime on our hero the moment he got paid for the dope. This has happened hundreds of times over the last 40 yrs. very common.

  9. I wonder if he is related to Mike huckabee?

  10. Guess this Barbie is getting spanked by a different Ken

  11. this just doesnt make sense , im not assuming he is guilty or innocent. why would the military have a motive to frame this guy unless he was there "doing business"?

  12. I'm Rican and I know why he was busted, he was poor and he was white.

    If he had been a rich white senior citizen spending their cash like it was going out of style this guy would not have been touched.

    Mexican hate Black people, white people and us Puerto Ricans and everyone south of their border.
    Biggest bunch of racists in the world.

  13. I agree something is not right here; sounds fishy

  14. When are people going to learn? Stay out of that shithole Mexico! "Lo barato sale caro".
    He supposedly went to get his vehicle fixed for a bargain price, but it is going to cost him an arm and a leg to get back to the USA. It sho wasn't worth it.

  15. I feel sorry for the dude but I agree 100% with Santiago del Rio; lo barato le salió muy muy caro.

  16. Pinche WerO Pendejo!

  17. I think he is guilty. Juarez is the most dangerous city in the world no one would go there to get his truck "fixed" He went to get "fixed " and "fucked up"

  18. Another american, Carlos Quijas was arrested with Shohn Huckabee, both are U.S. citizens, but the article only focuses on Huckabee.
    Why is this? Is it because the author of the article thinks Shohn Huckabee is an innocent white American man trapped in dangerous Mexico, while Quijas is rightly suspected. Who counts as a U.S. citizen here? Whose life is more valuable here?

    i'm italian-american

  19. this mis-direction of attention is a large part of the reason nobody hardly knows anything about the war in mexico..which is affecting more people and is right next door..

  20. i don´t get it. The mexican military took him to the military facility searching for information but they also did put the pot on his car?

    drug trafficking is not that simple, lots of contacts are needed in both sides of the bridge in order to pass drugs (or weapons) and right now is almost impossible.

    Two of the biggest mafias in the wolrd (Juarez cartel and Sinaloa cartel)are battling to control the drug trafficking between juarez and el paso, and both american and mexican governments are spending a lot of money in border security in that particular place.

    if those guachos were part of a cartel, then they would be too stupid to plant their drugs on an american citizen, it draws much attention for nothing.

    that poor guy wanted to buy cheap pot and now he is facing the consequences. he's just another victim of marijuana prohibition and he will graduate as a criminal from a mexican prison in a few years. very nice...

    Get your medical marijuana certification, (it is easier than getting a fake ID to buy beer), and then plant your own weed. God bless America and their laws.

  21. Update: U.S. citizens in Ciudad Juarez prison lose appeal against drug convictions

  22. when your life is threatened in Mexico better take it to heart..before you take one in the heart


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