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Saturday, July 16, 2011

CT Training Camp

Recently there have been numerous confrontations between the Caballeros Templarios (CT) and federal forces around Michoacán. During one of the confrontations federal forces stumbled upon a CT training camp.

Forces found few weapons, the CT probably managed to flee with their weapons, but they did recover some live ammunition, camping equipment, hundreds of posters of the Knights Templar (CT), a metal knight helmet, clothing with red crosses, packages of marijuana covered with masking tape; over 20 pieces of radio equipment, three late-model trucks with CT insignia, among other things.


  1. Mexican Drug runners now think they are English Crusaders ,Knights of the round table, Robin Hood, and to top it off they have a pretty good following, all they need now is a Marijuana plant shaped like a crying Mother Mary. The Lunacy would be comical except these idiots will kill people.

  2. Weak!!! This guys actually believe all the bullshit they represent. Wow how dumb could they be? What ever happen to those cartels that kept everything normal and formal and didn't come up with cheesy names haha I just hope this doesn't turn into a trend.

  3. Are they looking for and or protecting the holy Grail?

  4. This is so weird. The mix of barbarian cartel and comic book hero. That makeshift helmet is reminiscent of Monty Python. If they weren't so horrid, they would be laughable.

  5. looks like they are stuck out in the woods with porn mags instead of porn vids... =(

  6. if the photos of the CT cartel training camp give us an idea of what the cartel does in this training camp...i find some of it weird. knight armor? coming book art? and girly magazines...this last picture gives us the impression of a bunch of cartel guys looking at this material in the middle of the woods. i don't know if anyone else shares my opinion that the idea of a bunch of guys looking at nudy magazine seems very gay...a bunch of aroused cartel men in the middle of the woods is scarier than a bunch of angry cartel men driving down a busy city boulevard. -m. caceres

  7. No different that going to war against Muslims but they are doing it for Drugs

  8. Assassins Creed?

  9. The fact they mix religion into the narco cocktail makes them that much scarier. Religion brings out the worst in people.

  10. Just Imagine this "Campamento" with a U.S. Flag, food by Halliburton, Tent by KBR and SEcurity by Bloodwater,
    what really is the difference?
    Same dumb kids dying because a rich guy sends them there. and Narcos are Rich, same as U.S. congressmen are. Same Shit, different scenario

  11. They did so much meth that they think they're in another century :p

  12. @3:35 its ok they probably do it back to back;) so its not gay

  13. According to much of the testimonies collected from prison in-mates and former members, as was in the Italian Mafia, the majority of Narco Cartel members are in fact homosexual. In fact most of these oganizations have what you would call initiation rites where they cover themselves in the blood of their fallen enemies and proceed to engage in all manners of depravity. El Chapo was said to be the biggest queen while inside. She was known to employ very brutal but convenient means to extract information from rival members. But all this is common knowledge.


    Former NM mayor admits to gun smuggling
    Updated: Wednesday, 13 Jul 2011, 6:43 PM MDT
    Published : Wednesday, 13 Jul 2011, 6:19 PM MDT

    Reporter: Crystal Gutierrez
    COLUMBUS, N.M. (KRQE) - The former mayor of a New Mexico border town pleaded guilty to gun smuggling charges four months after he was arrested in a federal sting.

    On Tuesday, Eddie Espinoza, 51, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy, three counts of making false statements, and three counts of smuggling firearms from the United States.

    The guilty plea means the former mayor of the village of Columbus could face up to 50 years in a federal prison.

    In March, federal agents arrested Espinoza and several others, including Columbus Chief of Police Angelo Vega and village Trustee Blas Gutierrez.

    Federal documents state the group smuggled more than 200 guns from New Mexico to the streets of Cíudad Juárez and Palomas, Chihuahua. The documents further state that at times the group used unmarked police cars registered toColumbus to smuggle the guns across the border. Agents had been following the illegal operation for more than a year.

    Federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm and Explosives connected some of the guns to at least eight murders in those cities.

    In May, Espinoza stepped down as mayor. The board of trustees voted to give him a $700 in exchange for his resignation.

    No sentencing date has been scheduled at this time. Espinoza remains in federal custody.

    No other suspects in the gun-smuggling ring have struck a plea deal or gone to trial yet.

  15. i believe anon@7:24 and agree with anon@2:14..the bad thing is not being gay, but that they hide it behind actions that they think make them look "macho"...and anon@6:17, i LOLed for like 5 minutes after reading your comment LOL!
    religion, taken in the wrong context, does bring out the worst in people...
    and hey, they are promoting Transformers, one of the magazines is anyway..

  16. Yeah, I heard La Barbie's got his nickname for other 'unmentionable' reasons.

  17. That gay shit is stupid,I don't think they are.

  18. Probably these guys don't have much to do and no opportunity for a better life. They have at most a poor education. The schools in Mexico are not very good. They as kids play violent video games and when some criminal gives them a chance to 'play' with real 'toys' they go for it. And give them a few pesos, they will have the time of their life.

  19. jaysus stupid...if they were gay..they wouldn't have girly mags ...they would have dudy mags..or whatever you call them

    but for real..these knights templars are more than just a little you a clue as the the desperation in Mexico concerning some sort of security

    these new protectors seek a certain twisted sense of legitimate nobility

    crazy as Mexico


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