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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Authorities Warn About Mexican Cartel Operations in the US

From the archives:
June 30, 2011

Authorities warn about Mexican cartel operations in Harris Co.

By: Samica Knight

Mexican drug cartels are expanding their illegal operations into Harris County. The sheriff and local lawmakers are expressing serious concerns about an escalation of violence in the Houston area.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia says we could see the same level of violence as Mexico if something isn't done to combat the cartels' expansion.

Authorities say they want the public to be aware that the Mexican drug cartels are here in Harris County and are becoming more advanced.

Congressman Michael McCaul, who is also the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, says he plans to go back to Washington to ask for more money for Harris County to fight against those dangerous cartels.

The Congressman and Sheriff Garcia have teamed up today, both discussing how cartel activity is spilling over into Harris County and influencing local gangs, increasing violence, human trafficking and drug trafficking. And the sheriff says through the influence of the Mexican drug cartels local gangs are becoming more sophisticated.

But both the Congressman and the sheriff said with cartel members targeting law enforcement like the murder of ICE agent Jaime Zapata and the shooting of an HPD officer last year, it's time to act to protect Harris County.

"The Zetas, which is probably the most brazen, most violent drug cartel out there, they're here. We know Gulf Cartel are operational here in Harris County and a lot of the others like La Familia, so not only are they here, but they are instrumental with the gangs here," said Congressman McCaul.

"We'll put their butts in jail. We don't want them in Harris County, we don't want them to bring harm, we don't want them to deteriorate our quality of life, and with the support and backing of Congressman McCaul, we're going to keep Harris County one of the safest counties in America," said Sheriff Garcia.

The sheriff says Harris County has some operations in place to prevent violence here, like working with Mexico to get better intelligence. The congressman says he wants to find federal dollars in Washington to help out.


  1. Old old news. They have been in Texas for years. Does anyone really think otherwise? The only difference is that here in the U. S. They are not stupid enough to cut peoples heads off and post narcopintas or narcomantas and display the bodies

  2. I agree, you can actually see certain vehicles escorcting loads of drugs or what not because its always a late model truck/svu in front, a shitty looking car behind if not a van... followed by another truck like 2 cars behind. Its so noticable 2 cuz the guys dont hide it and its usually a group of them in the 1st truck while theres only 1 guy in the van that just looks straight ahead even when u stare at him.

  3. They are already here especially in Texas

    In San Antonio they busted Zetas working with the Bandidos motorcycle gang with a large stash of crystal meth a few months ago

  4. True. Sounds like the elected are just trying to get some money from poor U.S. government. If Harris County has it bad, what about all those other states and border towns on the U.S. side that hasn't been asking for more funding? I'm sure their gang infiltration rate is just as bad if not more. I don't mean to be heartless, but sometimes I feel like I can see a schemer. Oh well, I hope they get some funding, but not too much since officials might waste them on "over priced" guns, laser pointers, and bullet proof vests.

  5. Ugh, Mexican smugglers have operated in the US since they first started smuggling contraband some 100 or more years ago yet these retards keep popping up proclaiming that 'TEH CARTELS HAVE ARRIVED!!!'

  6. Of course they "operate" in the US. What did we think they just haul their drugs to the border and hope an american dope dealer stumbles across them?

    And what's with this "targeting DEA agents"? Don't they mean "targeting people who drive suburbans?"

  7. @ anon 11:45

    Your post is barely intelligible

  8. Oh My God!!! The cartels are really here!!??

    Give me a f*cking break, these low life punks have been operating here for decades. Hell my barrio up here in Amarillo, TX went from being puro Chicano to straight-up Little Mexico filled with these narco putos!

  9. That sheriff is probably one of them. It's getting like Mexico in Texas. Not too many cops in S. Texas except Mexicans. They only hire their gang buddies.

    I bet the cartels are laughing at how stupid we are. They take over our country and we foot the bill, give them jobs as cops and border patrol.

    Fox is guarding the hen house folks.

    What can we do to stop them?

  10. They always want more money. How about some ACTION! These guys are already at work all day doing NOTHING. How about working some ops you lazy bastids. You dont need money, you need ACTION

  11. Zeta seems to have infiltrated the North Side
    Gulf has always been everywhere.
    There have been strange deaths. A year or so back, a guy in body armor with an AR15 was found shot to death on east side of Houston.

  12. The sicarios will never operate in the Houston area. Only the distributors operate there. just another news story to gain support for the republican party.

  13. hmmmm que se me hace que este Sheriff Adrian esta lindado con La Familia Mich - cuando el gringo los menciono luego luego trago saliva @1:56 y se le ve nervioso....ya lo verán, al rato sale que estaba involucrado...

  14. Duh! This is absolutely old news. Now let's do something about it before Houston becomes totally infiltrated, corrupted, and drug ridden. Getting the US to take a real stand against cartels would be brand new. PRIORITIES. That is the problem. It isn't a "priority" for the US government. It almost isn't worth commenting except it makes me so furious, I can't just be silent.

  15. They just saying that to get more funds taking advantage of the recent situation in Mexico. The cartels been in the US from the beginning but more low-key. This is a business and the US is the biggest costumer so it's common sense for the cartels to be in the country. Don't blame Mexico for everything it's the American drug addicts making them powerful. Thanks junkies. Oh yeah and last but not least not even all the money in the world is enough to buy PEACE and TRANQUILITY

  16. ofcourse they're here,we still dont never hear about any activity.the gulf has been operating here because this is their main hub.probably got those seccs operating for em but theyve never caused any harm to the people they just move hella coke and tens of thousands of dollars up and down little mexico

  17. San Antonio is less than 100 mile straight up the Interstate from Nuevo Laredo which is the Zeta strong hold. Austin and Dallas are just right up I 35. I was in some of the barrios there 20 years ago and noticed 80% of the people there didn't speak English. San Antonio has been the hub for narcotics since Fred Carrasco ran it in the 60s and 70s. He was a for real cartel gangster himself. There is a book about him called "The Heroin Merchant." I knew his crew. Good luck finding it because it has been out of publication for years. He was killed during a hostage style escape attempt in Huntsville (TDCJ). More drugs flow through San Antonio going north that San Diego and Miami have ever seen. And nobody knows nothing or says anything. The Zetas have been running retail drug distribution outlets in Dallas for years complete with any drug you are looking for and look outs posted in 3 block radius in all directions.

    Amarillo. I'm in Lubbock which is a neighbor 120 miles south for those who do not know. Our barrio has changed too. We have the traditional Arnett Benson that is 100 % latino but aging has forced a change but for the most part, that has less Mexican nationals. Other area are almost all Mexican national. On almost every block of these neighborhood, someone has a Hummer of $80,000 Cadillac Escalade. Funny, the houses are only worth $25,000 though. They do not speak English either. If you ask the Texas Syndicate or EMME who has the drugs, they will quickly tell you the wet backs. It's been this way for 15 years. It hasn't always been that was as I was in the business from 68 to 88. I cleaned up 22 years ago and since have gotten a bachelors, and 2 masters and worked for the state for 20 years.

    Houston is big and it is bad ass. Dallas is the same and probably sees more drugs flowing through than Houston. But by far, San Antonio is King for drug trafficking to out source all over more than anywhere in the US. I guess, that is why we never hear about it. They are the best. Juarez, Sinaloa, CDG, Zetas, they all live there. Why do you think Sinaloa fought the Gulf/Zeta foundation for the Nuevo Laredo Plaza 6 years ago. Houston doesn't deserve this extra money anymore than any of the other cities in Texas. This is not even mentioning the Juarez Cartel/Barrio Aztecas alliance in El Paso.

  18. pay for it yourself texas!!! your open border policy has finally come back to bite you in the ass!
    thank god we have the u.s chamber of commerce running our border security policy!!!!jajajaja

  19. @6:54

    Exactly. Here in the barrio in Amarillo you see young kids in their late teens to early twenties driving around in brand new Escalades, Camaros and Challengers. Waaaay too flashy, they might as well flag down a cop and tell them they're illegal and sell drugs for a living.

    Not only that, but what's really upsetting is that they move into our barrios (which is okay, better brown than black) and show NO respect to the people that lived here generations before they arrived. No wonder the tension between Chicanos and Mexicanos has been steadily rising over the last 10 years or so (here in West Texas that is).

  20. It's been this way for 15 years. It hasn't always been that was as I was in the business from 68 to 88.

    Agreed if not longer.

  21. Zetas are in Bexar and Atascosa counties too.

  22. While some of you complain that Houston, San Antonio and Dallas has seen the drug cartels for years, I have to ask: did you call your Congressman/woman and demand they pass the bill that would have made santuary cities, which Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are, illegal and a violation of both state and federal law? Hell, no, you sat back as the Texas Democrats screamed discrimination if sanctuary cities were abolished.

    So if you were a drug runner, where would you feel more confortable? In a barrio in a sanctuary city like Houston, or in a city where the cops have no problem checking your immigration status when you are arrested? Duh!

  23. I have to admit as a middle aged, middle class, citizen I did not see or care as long as it did not affect me. And the press helped keep the info out of the public eye. Well now it is too big to ignore any longer. I do think we have a majority of law enforcement and politicians involved in the drug trade there is just too much money involved. We need, no we HAVE to start to dig them out and get rid of this cancer spreading all over the country, and it may be too late to save much of what we know as a country. But if we don't try we will end up just like Mexico.

  24. I used to live in Katy. Now I live in Brownsville. Surprisingly the people here are polite and caring. Even the gang members here are more honorable. I feel safer here then I do in Harris county. However I stay armed everywhere I go and I think this is why these cartels will never be as successful here as they are in their unarmed society in Mexico. As for the local coward american gangs. Its time we mop the streets with their blood.


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